James & Juliet prepare for their weekend.

Not waiting for an immediate answer, Megan removed her finger and continued her massage, alternating from light brushing on the insides of Julia's thighs, high up near where Julia's pussy began, to more firm kneading of Julia's bottom. As Megan continued her massage in this fashion, she would explore cautiously the area between Julia's buns, lingering a little longer each time. Each time she brushed by the button that was the opening to this back passage, Megan found Julia a little more relaxed and could feel the button opening and beckoning her red tipped finger. Finally, Megan whispered the proposal in Julia's ear, and Julia consented as Megan slowly ran her finger deep in Julia's bottom. Unexpectedly, Julia came and could feel the waves of pleasure pour over her as Megan moved that wonderful finger lightly inside her. For her part, Megan too was expended and she lay beside Julia with her arm around her. The excitement and anticipation had been very draining for her.

With the dimness of the room, James was not quite sure what had transpired, but guessed that something beyond what was expected had taken place. At any rate, he was very relaxed by the massage he was receiving except that it was becoming more and more difficult to lay on his stomach. Although he had shifted somewhat so that he could lay on his erection, the combination of his cock against the futon and Diane's hands on his thighs and ass were making him very horny.

Just as he was wondering how he could continue like this, Diane gently rolled him over. With James lying on his back, Diane applied some oil to his chest and began to give him an intense massage on his chest and stomach. After a few minutes, this massage moved lower, running from James's navel, along the sides of his hips and then to his thighs. As this path of the massage was repeated over and over for the next couples of minutes, James got harder.

Concluding that the mood and the time were right, Diane asked, "Julia, would you mind if I applied a little oil to James's penis. His skin seems a little dry, and it's the only area I haven't massaged yet. I think it needs some attention". Julia was not quite certain how she felt about this, but had her self enjoyed the orgasm that Megan's massage had brought. Also, she reasoned, what Diane was proposing was only a type of massage, wasn't it. "I think that would be fine" Julia said. " I wouldn't want James to suffer from dry skin.

With permission granted, Diane generously applied oil to James's cock, stroking it slowly as she worked the oil in. While she was giving him this intimate massage, Diane applied oil to the pouch that held James's balls and lightly massaged him there as well.

It had been some time since Diane had been intimate with a man, and as James came closer to a climax, Diane could feel her excitement growing. Glancing over at Julia and Megan, she noticed that they had renewed their activity. Shortly after Julia had assented to Diane's suggestion, Megan whispered to Julia that she thought Julia should also have a front massage and began massaging Julia's breasts and tummy with oil. With Julia distracted by Megan, and with the dimness that grew as the fire faded, Diane saw her opportunity to act on the impulse she was now having a very hard time fighting.

With James about to come from the hand job she was expertly administering, Diane, without warning, moved over James and took him deep in her mouth. Unable to control himself, James came immediately. Diane discreetly continued to work on James with her mouth, until every drop had been dealt with. Satisfied that her impulse had been fulfilled, she put her mouth to James's ear in apology. " I'm sorry I got carried away, please don't tell Julia or Megan, it's just that its been so long since I have been with a man, I didn't realize how I would react. It was wonderful".

James said nothing, and silently hoped that Julia was not aware of this final development.

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