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Spencer photographs Heidi's feet, then more afterwards.

They were easily the kind of feet I saw in my dreams.

I took a few shots from the same angle as before, then she removed the other shoe. The Sperrys must have been new, because they didn't look worn out and there no apparent foot odor. In fact, her feet were very clean, but that wouldn't last out here. After a few more shots, I had her get on the table of the bench for some shots of the tops of her feet and some cross legged shots. My interest were those magically soles of her, which could transform from smooth as silk to sexy, deep wrinkles that I imagined my tongue exploring intimately.

My mind wandered back to our conversations online and how they had escalated to this point so quickly. Heidi was a hard-working girl, studying to become a doctor and trying to keep up with 21 credit hours is no small feat (pun intended). It was either keep up in class or work for money. She needed some cash for Christmas shopping later this week. I took a huge risk and offered her $150 for about 100 shots of her feet. Once again, she surprised me by almost immediately accepting. Heidi even suggested we meet over Thanksgiving week break, and I accepted that.

The fun at the shelter kept going for a good hour or so. We tried different poses, some of which I suggested and others she thought up and she became more comfortable as we progressed through shots. In fact, she was the one who suggested we go on the playground for more variety. The sun was out on this surprisingly pleasant November da., so I kept her feet in the shadows. Those turned out to be the best shots: soles scrunches, toe play, cutesy ballerina shots and shots of her feet in the air. I surely died and went to heaven.

We went back to the shelter for the last part of the shoot. Heidi took out a pair of sexy heels out of her magic bag and put them on. While I've never been a huge heels fan, this girl knew how to work them. I took about 10 shots of her feet in heels, then it was time for the last barefoot shots. I did a lot of angles from above her, to get the true beauty of her soles. The purple polish made her toes look like kid's lollipops, and I was starting to develop a massive boner just staring at them. By now, Heidi was no longer being shy around the camera. Although she requested that there would be zero face shots, her feet did all the talking. They were playful, sexy, cute, and noticeably dirtier now. She had walked back barefoot from the playground and walked inside the shelter the same way. Dirt had collected on the pads of her feet and her toes had a little bit of sand in them.

Finally, the shooting was over. I couldn't think up anything else and I had promised her about 100 shots was the max. I gave her the money as I told her I would. What I realized though was that this didn't satisfy me. I wanted to worship her feet, show her what it was really like. Heidi had been so curious during our chats online. I knew I was taking another huge risk, but I felt it wouldn't hurt.

"Heidi, I have another idea if you're interested in more money," I told her.

Heidi was brushing off her soles, getting some of the dirt off. She looked up at me. "Ok, what's your idea?"

I carefully explained what I had in mind. She had seen some videos out of curiosity of foot worship, but she still looked a bit shocked after I explained to her what I wanted.

"I don't know Spencer," she said nervously. "What if we are seen? I mean, we've been lucky so far, but that could change."

I shook my head. "We won't be seen. Besides, it's another $100 and you said you wanted to know what it's like."

Heidi thought about it for about a minute, with me pleadingly egging her on. Either from my constant bickering or her own free will, she accepted. First though, we felt it would be smart to move to another shelter.

A few minutes later, we found an identical shelter closer to my car.

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