My wife watches me give my first blowjob.

The liquor loosened us up and the conversation quickly turned to sex. Now Jan was sitting right beside Steve. Probably on purpose, she had let the hem of her dress ride up her leg, high enough to expose the dark band at the top of her sheer nylon stocking. Steve kept glancing at her thigh while we talked.

Jan did most of the talking, telling Steve that in addition to his having his way with her, he was going to have to "let Jim" suck his cock. She placed her hand high on his leg, while she told him that she could hardly wait to take him between her legs. Steve glanced nervously at me and we locked eyes. I nodded and he seemed to relax.

By now Steve's--and my--cock was fully erect and the outline of his stood out in relief on his jeans. Jan placed her hand on his bulge and said, "Why don't we take this up to the bedroom?"

We all got to our feet and followed Jan upstairs to the bedroom. She got things started by removing her dress. Then she stood proudly and let Steve get a good look. Her bra was one of those that cradled her breasts from the bottom, leaving her nipples exposed. She wasn't wearing panties; the vee of her pubic hair was framed by her garter belt and her thigh high stockings. She stood before Steve and breathed, "Do what you want, Stevie."

Immediately his hands went to her breasts, fondling them through the bra. Jan unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. He started kissing her breasts and sucking the nipples. Jan looked over at me and winked.

I began peeling off my clothes. While Stevie was sucking Jan's nipples, she pressed up close to him and backed him up to the bed and sat him down on it. She dropped to her knees, removed his shoes and socks, then unbuckled his belt, and opened his jeans. She tugged his pants off and then stood and gazed at him.

Naked now, I moved up close to them. Steve still had his snug fit boxers on. At the tip of the outline of his hard cock, was a wet spot. Jan told Steve to take everything off. He got the Tee shirt off in a jiffy. As he removed his boxers, he rolled back, his legs in the air. As his boxers slid off his legs, his cock and balls and asshole came briefly into view. "Mmm," said Jan.

Except for his armpits and his crotch, he had practically no hair on his body. A "smooth" twink. In my cock sucking fantasies the owner of the cock I was sucking was "smooth." Was Jan reading my mind?

He tossed his underwear aside and lay with his butt on the edge of the bed. His nicely shaped circumcised dick pointed to the ceiling. Jan nudged me and mouthed, "Go on."

I stood before Steve, staring at his cock and balls. He spread his legs and I dropped to my knees. A large drop of clear fluid emerged from the tip of his cock. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, thrilled by the feel of his cock in my hand.

Then his balls suddenly drew up and Steve grunted. His cock was still in my hand and I felt it pulse. A streamer of white stuff flew from the tip of his dick. I followed its trajectory. The leading part landed in his hair with a thin, wet trail from his cheek to his pubic hair.

I quickly lowered my head and had the head of his cock in my mouth when the second jet of his cock cream hit the back of my throat. I felt seven more forceful jets of cum skid across my tongue as Steve grunted and growled. I kept him in my mouth for a while. His semen had a strong, fresh taste that, in the heat of the moment, was very enjoyable.

When I slipped my lips off his cock, I held his cum in my mouth and rolled it around, savoring the taste. It felt thick at first but quickly became thinner as it mixed with my saliva. I finally swallowed it, hoping to get another helping.

From my kneeling position between Steve's legs, I saw that he was flat on his back, his chest heaving, arms thrown back over his head.

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