He took a first step but something held him back. Adam looked around and only when he felt an invisible hand fall on his shoulder, did he realize it was Merlin having a hold on him. Closing his eyes, he took a few deep breaths and relaxed his posture, signaling to Merlin he was back in control. The pressure on his shoulder went away.

With great effort he managed to focus on a different part of the club and move away from the pair that were still locked to each other's face. Scanning the floor, he tried shifting his interest to finding Chasey DiSarbonne. Adam toured the room completely without finding the man in question. He bit back a curse, he wanted this show started, preferably yesterday instead of tonight.

Making his way to the bar, he ordered another bottle of beer. Leaning against the bar, he appeared relaxed to the starting crowd, his eyes constantly scanning the room. Not much later he felt someone next to him. A quick sideways glance showed it was Chasey.

"Well, hello there. Aren't you back fast?" the vampire said with a Texan drawl.

Adam turned towards him.

"Really, a Texan accent? Doesn't that clash with the name a little?"

"Not really, it amuses me, that is all. But tell me, since you're back already, I can assume you had a nice chat with your Alpha?"

Adam looked around. "Could be, but that isn't something I want to discuss in the wide open for anybody to hear. So if you have somewhere more private we can go, be my guest." Adam didn't leave Chasey with much choice but to leave this crowed area.

"Follow me, my office is in the back. We can talk shop there," Chasey said while extending his arm, pointing towards a dark hallway next to the bar. As he followed Adam, his eye caught a little red head. His blood lust bubbling inside of him, he grabbed her arm and he drug her with him, knowing Sue knew what was expected of her.

Adam had a puzzled look as he saw the tiny redhead entering behind Chasey.

"It's OK, she knows when to hold her mouth," Chasey said with a smile.

Inwardly, Adam cringed at all of this. There was so much secrecy around this gang but on the other hand, they must have one hell of a reputation to be able to talk so freely around others about sensitive details and deals. Another plan was forming in his mind, maybe they could whisk away this girl and see if she would talk or maybe if Merlin could do some mumbo jumbo on her to spill some details.

Focusing back on the woman and Chasey, he saw she was already on her knees, her head bobbing up and down in an all too familiar fashion. He couldn't help but roll his eyes at this.

"Maybe once you get your 'fix' we can talk seriously?" Adam said in a bored tone.

"Oh but we can talk. Our little Sue here knows what is wanted and expected. Don't you, little one?" Chasey asked her.

With eyes filled with fear, she slowly nodded before turning back to the vampire and his exposed cock.

Adam was more than convinced that a lot more was going on with her and made a mental note to have her followed and see if they could sway her to talk freely to them instead of Merlin having his magical way with her. For now, he just had to temper his rising anger and focus on what he really was here for.

"If you say so," Adam started. "My Alpha has a perfect building that could be set up almost exactly like this. He's being positive so far and has given me the freedom to act on his behalf to make a deal. I'd like to know how things are run, who knows what and how you get a hold on the less voluntary food supplies without raising suspicion to yourself. And how you handle people like her," he ended nodding towards the still kneeling Sue.

"How we keep her in line is easy. She's addicted to our blood, she gets a weekly dose. In turn, she can visit here any time and any vamp can feed off her. As to keeping her mouth shut about anything else. Our little darling here has a sweet little one herself and she prefers her to be alive. Don't you?"

Adam shivered.

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