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Ta'tan'ia betrayed again, and winds up back in bondage.


The Zoloz nodded their heads in agreement as they contemplated what they could do with half-a-million credits, and a couple of hundred blaster carbines.

"The schutta's right about one thing though," Dirc began. "After the warehouse shootout, it's going to be a while before the cops leave us alone."

"Five hundred thousand credits buys a lot of eyes looking the other way," Torch countered.

"So as it stands, who knows if or when we'll be able to get another shipment from our source. Lieutenant Kintra sends us one, and we don't have to touch it until we feel comfortable," Cyllir explained. "We don't have to trust her very far for that, whatever else shavit she's up to."

"I don't feel right doing this without Quinn," Dirc complained.

"I know, brother," Cyllir told him. "Everyone of us knows the Zoloz come first though. He's trying to take as much of the weight as he can for the club. If it wasn't for that kriffing Jedi, we would have been at the warehouse with him and everyone else. Quinn will understand."

The Zoloz nodded their heads in agreement.

"One more thing," Torch began. "The schutta said they had someone at the New Coronet spaceport to make sure everything gets through. If he can get blasters through for the Empire, then he can get other stuff through for us. That could sure come in useful down the road."

"If she's not lying about that too," Dirc countered.

"Well, the worse that will happen is we get fifty-thousand credits in exchange for an Imperial name," Cyllir said, trying to spin it back positive. "Hopefully we get a regular supply of blasters at great prices, maybe we get other stuff too."

"It's not like the Imp is a Zoloz or anything," Koda said. "Hell, he's not even a friend. We just made one deal with him, and look how that turned out."

That seemed like as good of point as any in favor. Cyllir paused several seconds, then asked, "Anything else?"

"So we're going to give him up to the Imps and Jedi?" Dirc responded.

Cyllir had been gauging everyone's reactions during the entire conversation, first with the Imp, and then with just his brothers. He was confident he had the votes. Jahn, Cris, Bey, and Little J had died at the warehouse shootout. Nine more members of the New Coronet chapter of the Zoloz had been arrested in the aftermath.

That would leave them short of muscle for an operation this big, but between the other New Coronet chapters, and all their brothers that pretty much lived out in the swamp-where they were currently hiding out as well-they could take care of that. It also helped that Torch had taken out a bunch of those frakking Blood Riders, especially Ringo. Without him leading them, they shouldn't be much of a problem in the future.

For a situation like this, the club could vote without their brothers that were locked up. The remaining ten members accepted the Imperial schutta's deal by a vote of seven-to-three. Only Dirc, Grinder, and Lonn dissented. Cyllir activated the comm, to tell the Imperial schutta the news. He was also going to ask her about Torri. He'd really love to get her back.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Stormie glanced up from watching Ta'tan'ia, and accepted the comm call. It was Cyllir.

"We've decided to accept the deal," he told her.

"Great," she replied with relief. "Just send me your account number, and I'll send you your credits."

Cyllir nodded his head towards someone just out of his holofield.

"However, I don't want you to tell me who your source is just yet," she told him. "I want you to tell Ta'tan'ia." She thought another few seconds, then changed that. "As a matter of fact, can you get a message to Quinn?"

"Possibly," Cyllir answered cautiously.

"Can you to get him to tell Ta'tan'ia who the source is?" she asked as the account number appeared on her screen. "That way, Ta'tan'ia will sense my surprise as I hear it, and won't suspect we're working together."

"I can see that," Cyllir agreed. "Give me a few hours. I'll let you know when we're ready."

"Okay," Stormie replied as she sent him the

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