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She hopes for another lesson in etiquette but gets much more.

"Please, allow me", as I grabbed hold of his belt, loosening it.

"Well, if you don't mind" he said smirking.

I pulled his jeans down from the waist while caressing his bulbous ass on the way down to his massive, hairy thighs. He had a happy trail which I was all too happy to kiss all the way down to his fun spot, while caressing his balls through the fabric. He began to softly moan as I caressed his ass with one hand, balls with the other, while kissing and licking his belly. When I reached the waistband of his boxers, I slowly pushed them down to his knees as his cock sprang forward into my face- which I gladly engulfed with my mouth- as he let out a sigh of relief. He was wearing navy blue boxers with little white anchors on them and his rod stood at full mast. It was impressive really. He wasn't super long- which I liked- but the girth was something to be reckoned with. The head was bright reddish-purple and the shaft pink and veiny. He was a man's man so any manscaping done was minimal- which I also liked. I began to swallow his length as I continued to caress his ass and thighs. He placed a hand on the back of my head and gently urged me onwards, which was a nice change of pace from our last meeting. But knowing him, this soft and gentle stuff was bound to end soon. I licked his shaft while caressing and rolling his berries between my fingers like Ben-Wa balls. He continued to moan as he stood, feet planted firmly, head tossed back in ecstasy, while occasionally looking down to enjoy the show. I spit on his cock and gripped it firmly with my hand, stroking his pole.

"You look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth" he grumbled, as he continued to caress my head. I looked up and smiled as I took him in all the way to the pubes, tongue out, licking his shaft all the way down. I could feel his dick dripping with precum down my throat when suddenly his grasp became more firm and insistent. I immediately coughed and gagged, forcing him to let up a bit before he began pumping in and out of my mouth with speed. Every now and then he'd shove the head into my cheek, poking it out as if it were a lollipop, before shoving it back down my throat. I thought, "Why do guys do that? What pleasure is derived from it? Oh well- I guess I'll never know." My mouth stretched to accommodate his width, being careful to avoid tooth scrape. He quickly pulled out and slapped my face with his dick a few times before shoving it back down hard. As I gagged, I spit on his shaft again, which seemed to drive him apeshit, as he started drilling my face with his member. Faster and harder he plowed until tears began to form- then he knew he had to let up. He slowed to an almost crawl as I recouped what little breath I could. He smiled at me- and I should've known that wasn't it. Deftly in almost one move he shoved me backwards while holding onto my waist to turn me over. This man has turned me into a goddamn acrobat! I steadied my place with palms on the floor and ass in the air. Before I could even turn to look over my shoulder at him, he had plunged deep inside me. I yelped while grabbing a fistful of Snuggie, biting my lip.

He grabbed my hands and tied them behind my back with my soaked thong. He balled up his boxers and stuffed them into my mouth. If I didn't know what was coming before, I sure knew it now. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "you're mine now". I know what you're thinking, he was just going to pound me until I screamed, right? Well, I was thinking the same thing. But this man was way more skilled than I had ever given him credit for- until now. I waited for him to begin whatever he was going to do when he got up to get some ice from the fridge- "aw shit" I thought. He stood over me, dick dangling, thighs tense, smiling with this bowl of ice in his hands- so obviously one cube wasn't enough. Again I thought, "oh shit". I followed him with my eyes as far as I could as he kneeled behind me.

"Do you know what I'm going to do right now?" he asked as if I could respond.

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