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They get together for a permanent threeway.

We had music playing the wind whipping thru my hair felt great and for now I was in charge of the boat while Max and Fred were drinking a few beers. As the sun began to set we are just east of Bimini and we decide to anchor for the night. Once this was done I got a glass of wine and sat down with them. Max puts his arm around me and kissed me and thanked me for taking the wheel and letting him and Fred have a relaxing afternoon. I told him that I was happy to do it but that he owed me big time.

And I grinned at him. Fred who has been reading, looked up, amused at how we relate to each other. Max told him that he ought to thank me properly for the great afternoon of sailing. He walked over to me and hugged me and thanked me. I look over his shoulder and see Max grinning at me. I know what he is thinking and I glance down to see a bulge forming in his short. Fred is not releasing the hug and I winked at Max while pressing into Fred with my chest. I finally break the hug and move over to Max and rub the front of his pants and tell him I need help in the galley.

Max eagerly follows me and once we are down below he grabs me and tells me that he wants me to seduce Fred to show him a night he won't soon forget. I tell him that I don't know about that. He tells me that he loves me and that I would be giving him his favorite fantasy and making Fred a very happy man. He tells me that Fred has told him he would love a chance to get at me. I tell him to stop and go back out and entertain our guest. I come out with a tray of sandwiches and more beers for them and wine for me. We eat and nothing further is said until Max says to me remember our bet last week. I think back...yes I remember. Well you owe me for that and since you haven't paid up I'm collecting right now. I look over at Fred and he looks amused. Damn I won't get support from him.

Ok I say what is it you want? You know what I want and now get to it... I tell him that I think we need to discuss this further. He says: "ok."..then proceeds to tell Fred that he wants to see him fuck me. Fred looks at me and tells me that he would love to fuck me and indulge Max at the same time. I'm speechless they both stand up at the same time and walk towards me. Fred wraps his arms around me and begins kissing me Max just watches and I can see him smiling at me. Fred is a great kisser, lots of tongue and then he slips his hand to the back of my head and grabs a hand full of hair and gently tugs at it. I melt nothing turns me on more then having my hair pulled while kissing.

The air is getting cool and I want to move this to the cabin. I grab his hard cock thru his trouser and pull him to the cabin. I look back and Max is beaming. I proceed to take Fred's pants down and admire his cock slowly stroking it, licking the head and telling him how I'm going to enjoy fucking him between licks. He just groans at me and pleads with me to stop teasing him and let him eat my pussy. I tell him that he can suck my pussy all he wants and in one swoops he has me on the bed and is pulling my shorts down and drives his tongue to my now drench pussy. He immediately finds my clit and sucks it hard he enters me with two fingers and fucks me as he is licking me. within minutes I am cumming in his mouth and he just keeps sucking for all he's worth. He then tells me that he is going to fuck me till I beg him to stop. As he climbs on top of me he sucks my nipple and then the other one he is lightly biting them alternatively. All I want is his cock inside me. I ask him to please fuck me and

he just smiles and tells me to beg.

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