Fun at the adult book store.

Bending to check the bottom shelf caused her skirt to ride up exposing the bottom of her ass. After she had done this a couple times she found a pair she liked. They were little strappy three inch heals in back pleather.

She sat down and let me put them on. Knees no where near each other I got a great look at her bare pussy. The shoes didn't fit well so I went to get another size. She stayed where she was leaning back on the bench. A couple of guys were checking out boots and caught a glimpse up her skirt, I saw them squat down and pretend to look at shoes on the bottom shelf but it was obvious they were checking her out. Stacy took a deep breath, pushing her tits tight against her shirt, and spread her legs fairly wide. I couldn't believe she was doing this but she looked straight at the guys before running one hand up her thigh casually pulling her skirt up to her waste. After a second of this she pulled it down and sat up closing her legs. I decided now was a good time to return with the right size shoes.

We did end up getting the shoes and Stacy said it was time to stop by the adult store. This isn't one with glory holes or a theater but has a great selection of hookerwear and toys. On the ride over she put on the new shoes.

When we got to the store she told me to stay outside for about five minutes so she could look around. She also said I was to pretend I didn't know her when I did go in. Sitting there watching her walk in was very hard, so was I for that matter. After what seemed like hours but was only five minutes according to my clock I went in.

At first I didn't see her but eventually saw that she was looking at underwear. I was kind of surprised since she hadn't been wearing any but the ones she held up were so small I'm not even sure they would cover her bald pussy. They all seemed to be just a few strings and a tiny triangle of fabric. She went over to the clerk and asked him which one he thought would look best. At first he was a bit flustered but once she explained that she wanted to look slutty he warmed up and started flirting. I couldn't hear everything they said but it was clear that he was suggesting she model them for him.

Stacy didn't even go into a dressing room, she just pulled the first thong on right in front of him and pulled her skirt up. She hadn't covered her slit all the way and the clerk just knelt down in front of her. Reaching out he slid his fingers under the sides of the thong and positioned it so her slit was covered finally. She nibbled on her lower lip obviously enjoying his attention. Pretending not to like the ones she had on she asked if he would help her get the other pair on. Stacy still held her skirt up and allowed the clerk to pull off the thong which was now obviously wet from her excitement. The next one was just strings and was a bit small for her. Once he got it up to her waste the front disappeared inside her obviously excited pussy. The clerk ran his finger down the front centering the string in her pussy causing Stacy to moan.

By now she had attracted the other three guys on the store. I was hanging back a bit watching in amazement. She decided to buy the string underwear and I saw the clerk stuff the other pair in his pocket probably for later. One of the three near her made a comment to his buddy about what a hot slut she was. This caused her to turn around and ask him what he said. Confidently he repeated himself and she just smiled walking over to him. She reached out and slid her hand along his hard Jean covered cock.

Obviously she liked what she felt there since she turned around and asked the clerk if there was somewhere with a bit of privacy. There was a changing room so she walked the guy over to it his friends following. She sat down, legs spread and pulled her t shirt over her head exposing her tits finally. Then reaching out she unzipped his pants and pulled him over by his hard cock.

Stacy sucked his cock until he exploded in her mouth.

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