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Repurposing a security camera can be quite revealing!

"How's this for a Virgin69er Chrissie!" I said to myself.

I wondered how many repetitions of my caterpillar-like move he'd be able to take before he exploded. "Let's find out," I thought, as I started a second slide over his erection. He groaned something that sounded like 'Oh God!'

This time I slid right back onto my haunches so that my swollen lips slid over his bristly chin and met his mouth. I shuddered as his tongue flicked out and started licking and probing, hungrily, urgently. I squirmed to position the delicious tongue-flicking at just the right spot on my clitoris. God it felt good. I must say that one of Brendan's finest qualities is what he can do with his tongue. He says it turns him on at least as much as it does me, though I cannot understand how that can possibly be. Nevertheless, there's plenty of evidence that licking me off turns him on!

I moaned loudly... that's something else that seems to heighten his response. Deep in the back of my mind I was wondering whether it would be picked up on the camera and would heighten the voyeuristic responses too!

Enough of my own pleasure! I reminded myself that I was planning to see how many caterpillar moves he could take, so I returned to my original pose, each time sliding all the way back to smoosh my crotch into his mouth, and pause while he tongued me. On the third stroke, he groaned loudly as my breasts slid back past his cock and my swollen, throbbing clitoris neared his lips. His straining cock flipped up as it was released, purple at the end and twitching rhythmically. "I'm coming!" he groaned loudly.

That much was obvious. I arched my back to keep my body raised up off his cock, to be sure it wasn't obscured from the camera. After a couple more twitches, a thick creamy spurt of semen shot out, and then another, landing forcefully amongst the hairs on his stomach. I felt hot breath on my clitoris as he emitted a long groan of pleasure and exhaustion.

Climbing off, I knelt beside him on the bed and surveyed his post-orgasmic body. His cock was still partially erect, with threads of sticky semen trailing from the tip into his pubes. An arousing sight... for me!

He smiled up at me, his expression a mixture of pleasure and wonderment. "I'm definitely shopping by myself every weekend," he murmured.

"Oh, I'm not done yet," I replied. And nor are you!"

He was languid and compliant after his orgasm, and didn't resist as I pulled his arms up over his head, found the loose ends of his red-and-black ties hidden under the pillows, and tethered his wrists.

He looked at me with a quizzical expression. "What do you think you're up to?" he asked. It wasn't really a question, and I wasn't planning on telling anyway!

I stood up on the bed between his legs and peeled off my body-stocking, rolling it down over my stomach, hips, thighs and legs. I smiled to myself, thinking: "This is a bit like rolling on a condom - in reverse!"

Straddling his body again, I lowered myself down onto his hips, facing his head this time. "Bring your knees up," I ordered. "I need a back rest". He instantly did has he was told, with an expectant smile.

"Like this?" he asked. "Is this to your liking?" I could tell from his tone that he was getting into the role of being submissive. And I could tell from some slight pressure against my coccyx that he was aroused by it.

I remained silent, and leaned forward to retrieve my vibrator from under the pillow. It was my big one; the one in the shape of a good-sized cock, with settings for controlling the intensity of vibration and rotation. It even has a red glowing light in the tip. I switched on the light.

I spread my legs apart and leaned back against his thighs, so he could get a good view of what I was about to do with my vibrator. And the angle should have been about right to give an equally good view to the camera. I hoped so anyway, but I also knew if I thought too long about who and what they were watching, I might back out!

I teased his lips with the tip of the vibrator.

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