He comes to Indiana to celebrate her belated birthday.

I rock against him. I adjust myself so my ass is pressing against his dick. but he still has access to my clit.

I move my hands off his, putting them on the armrests of the chair for support. I start grinding against him again. He's getting hard. I lift up to adjust him, so his dick is pressing right against my clothed pussy. Now, I'm really grinding into him.

Making him rub me without being inside me. I'm getting wet. I can feel it. Wonder if he can too?

I push his hands away from my clit, getting up, I turn around and pull him up. I smile up at him.

"Want to fuck me?"

"Helll yeah!"

"Then do it!"

My panties are now off, i'm completely naked and he's looking at me like he's going to devour me. I LOVE that! Or fuck me to death. I LOVE that, too!

He pushes me onto the bed, as i'm scooting up the bed, he's making his way up me. Stopping at my pussy. I lay still as he flicks his tongue across my clit.

Moaning, "Oh baby, that feels good."

He continues licking my clit before shoving his tongue inside me. I'm wet and getting wetter by the second. Gaining confidence as he thrusts his tongue in and out of me, I start moving against his tongue and I reach down to play with my clit, rubbing furiously and moaning.

I start moving faster than he can keep up with. So, I slow down, still rubbing my clit furiously.

"I said fuck me. Please fuck me!", I say breathlessly.

He doesn't listen. Once they start eating pussy, it's hard for them to stop...

He replaces his tongue with his fingers, using his tongue on my clit, so I remove my hand. My eyes are closed and I'm moaning louder than I usually do. I'm reaching down and shoving his head closer to me.

"Ahh, god! Please fuck me!" "Are you listening to me?"

No movement other than what he's doing.

"I will take that as a no.", I say with some force, since I am trying to breathe normally.

He finger fucks me hard and fast

Harder Faster

Ooh, and he goes deeper.

Faster Harder



"Oh, please, baby..fuck me!"

He stops and starts moving up my body.. licking, kissing.


"Oooh, that feels GOOD!"

I reach down, lifting my hips, and slide him in me. My wet, hot pussy is now completely full.

"Ahhh! Holy hell!"

He kisses me, passionately. I taste myself on his lips and I continue kissing him..Licking his lower lip and sucking on his tongue before gently nipping it.

At least he doesn't flinch away. He's had it happen to him before. He liked it.

He's fucking me hard.

Harder Harder

My hands are on his sides. Gently digging into his skin. I'm moving against him just as hard, or attempting to. Lifting and lowering my hips. Over and over again. God, he really does feel good inside me!

Harder Harder

Harder Harder

He speeds up

Faster Harder

I grab his hips and force him down, forcing him deeper.

"Oh dear god. Do not stop!"

He doesn't. At least he listens to THAT.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me! Just like that"

I'm panting and moaning between those kisses of his. He tastes good outside of having ME on his lips.

I start rocking back and forth. Trying to flip us over. I want on top!

And on top I go! Wee! Oh, how I love to ride!

Sitting up, I move fast and hard. I slide down his hips which forces him even deeper.

He moans! YES! YAY!

Harder Faster

Harder Faster

Eyes are closed, I'm fucking him with all that I have. His hands are on my hips, helping, moving me faster and harder. My hands are on my breasts, grabbing..massaging. Hard then gentle.

He moans again I moan.

That moaning of his is driving me harder, turning me on even more. Leaning down, I prop myself on my hands to spread my legs even wider, again driving him deeper. I kiss him, he kisses back. I nip his lip before grinding into him.

My orgasm close. I can feel it. I can't hold it not that I really want to. I really want to cum on him. I want him to feel it..REALLY feel it.

I can't sit up, if I do I will lose it. I drive ahead, breaking my limits just to give him this part. It pays off.

"Ohhhhhhh my god! I'

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