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She had no other choice.

"And the bush! That was amazing!"

"Bush? What do you mea...oh."

"Sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you. It's just that the girls where I come from all shave that off, or most of it." He was grinning at my discomfort.

It was almost merciful when he finally took me home, he parked the car and shut it off. It made a big hiss when he did. Then he leaned over and put his hand behind my neck and kissed me.

My first real kiss! I felt his lips and then his tongue came out and poked at my mouth and I pulled back in surprise.

"What's wrong?" He asked me.

"Nothing. I just never...."

"Good grief, you are not only a virgin but you have never been kissed either?" He started laughing. That made me a little bit mad.

"No. I haven't."

"That's funny, you are probably the only one your age left in the whole world." He grinned at me.

"I have to go now, thank you for dinner." I opened the door and slid out. He leaned over towards me as I started to close the door.

"Hey Sally! You might think of losing the brush, the guys are already calling you bigfoot!" Then he laughed, started the car and took off with a roar.

I went up to my room and sat there on the edge of the bed and cried. I thought for a long time. I decided that Jonathan was just not a nice man. I was going to have to deal with him because he was in my class but I made up my mind that I didn't have to put up with him.

I also didn't want to be teased.

The next day I bought a razor and some shaving cream, I went home and carefully trimmed my pubic hair. I tried to make it heart shaped but it came out a short triangle. The triangle got smaller and smaller as I tried to make it look even, it was really hard to do. Finally I gave up and cut it all off.

Now it stung a little and looked red, I showered and dried myself and used some powder, that helped.

Jonathan didn't say much in class, we were studying medicines and dosages all the next week anyway so there were no more embarrassing incidents. I was glad when Terry was assigned as my partner, I wasn't sure I could have stood it if it had been Jonathan. I did notice Jonathan kept looking my way.

I also checked out the other women in the class, and in the halls. Most of the time in class we all wore those ugly green smocks but out of class the other girls all wore pretty blouses and shirts. None of them buttoned up the back like all of mine did, and all of them were way shorter too.

I decided to go shopping.

There was a little clothing store about 10 blocks from my apartment, and older lady ran it and a younger man worked there too. I was looking at the racks of blouses when he walked up to me and asked if he could help. He had a really funny way of talking, plus he moved his hands around a lot.

I told him I was looking for some blouse and skirt combinations, he looked me up and down and led me over to a nearby rack. He picked out several outfits, told me to go back and try them on. The first skirt I put on was way too short, it was above my knees. I tried another and it was the same. I heard him call out asking me if I needed any help just as I was pulling off the third one.

"No, but these are all too short." I said through the curtain.

"Put one on and let me see, honey. Marti!! Come over here and give me a hand!" He yelled, at the older woman I assumed.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped out. They both stood there, the man clapped his hands.

"Perfect, sweetie! You will knock them dead in that. Here, try this blouse with it." He handed me a thin blouse, I stepped back and put it on.

"I can see right through this." I protested.

"Come on out, it's the style." He said. The older woman looked me up and down, nodded, that made me feel better.

"You will need a different bra, that one looks huge." She said. She headed off across the store and was back in seconds with a matching bra that was soft and trimmed with lace. It was mostly just a sling.

"Try this." She handed it to me.

I stepped back and stripped, put on the bra and the blouse and came back out.

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