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...tightens a couple of friendships.

"Yes," she whispered, still not taking her eyes off of it.

"Why don't you come here and suck it?" I asked her. "You can get it nice and wet for me, so I can slide it right in to Toni's hot pussy."

"Mmmm," she moaned, as she got down on her knees and took my cock in her hands.

"Did you like Toni's pussy?" I asked Maria as she slid her tongue up the length of my shaft.

"Yes, I did," she answered. "Toni's pussy tastes nice."

I slid two fingers into Toni's pussy, and I told Maria, "Yes, she does have a tasty little pussy. Maybe I'll cum deep inside her, and you can taste both of us."

"That would be nice," Maria responded, and then started to suck on my cock. Toni was probably the best cock sucker that I had ever had the privilege of ever being with, but Maria wasn't far behind!. The woman had a mouth that felt like a hot, wet velvet glove.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes. Toni, on her knees on the bed, big tits pressed firmly against the mattress, with my fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, and occasionally teasing her tight little asshole, while Maria was on her knees in front of me, sucking my cock, getting it ready to replace my fingers deep inside her best friend.

After a couple more minutes, when my knees were starting to get weak from Maria's talents, she pulled away from me, and told me, "I think that you should be ready for Toni now."

Toni moaned hearing that, and as I gathered my wits, I stood behind Toni and started sliding my cock head up and down her steamy slit.
"Do you really take that thing in your ass?" Maria asked Toni as she lay down on the bed, softly speaking into her friend's ear.

"Oh, yes," Toni moaned. "I love the feel of his cock in my ass."

"Damn," Maria responded. "I can barely get that thick thing in my mouth. I can't imagine what that would feel like in my ass."

I slid as much of my cock into her at once as I could, and Toni gasped, pushing back at me. "Oh, yes!" she moaned, loudly. "Honey, this cock feels great no matter where he puts it!"

I started sliding my cock in and out of her hot pussy, getting a little deeper each time. Toni was gasping each time I pushed and got just a little deeper. Maria lay there next to Toni, her hands between her legs, watching, as I finally bottomed out in Toni's pussy.

Maria, with no prompting from me, climbed higher on the bed and placed her wet pussy in front of Toni's face. As I continued sliding in and out of her wet hole, I grabbed a handful of Toni's hair and pulled back on it.

"Look at that baby," I said. "Look at her pretty little pussy. Doesn't that look tasty?"

Toni didn't say anything, as Maria slid a little closer to her, and I released her hair. Toni lowered her face to Maria's pussy, and slowly stuck out her tongue.

Toni slowly slid her tongue up and down the length of her friend's wet slit, returning the loving caresses with her tongue that Maria had given her, as I increased my speed while I continued fucking her.

"Oh, baby, that feels SO good!" Maria gasped as Toni flicked her tongue across her clit. She was squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples as she watched Toni lick her wet pussy, and I fucked her friend. Our eyes made contact just as Toni slid a couple of fingers into her tight little hole.

"Oh my god! Yes!" Maria gasped loudly. "Oh, sweetie, you are making me feel soo nice!"

I slid a thumb down Toni's slit, wetting it, as I continued fucking her harder. Soon, she was moaning, sliding her face from Maria's mound.

"Oh, yeah, baby," she groaned. "Fuck me baby. Fuck me good. Slam that big cock into me!"

Maria reached down and pulled Toni's face back to her pussy, and I slowed down, but took longer strokes. Toni groaned loud and long, and Maria must have liked the vibrations, because she yelped and pulled Toni's face in tighter.

I slowly slid my slickened thumb to Toni's ass, and started to rim her tight hole, spreading her juices and rubbing them in.

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