She must punish her slave for rudeness.

Already the warm water begins to fill you.

"You had a lot to drink tonight, didn't you, baby?" I murmur, "you're going to have to get rid of that pretty soon." Your eyes widen even more as you realize that the enema will not be a simple one. You suddenly notice that your bladder is straining and just as your ass is filling.

"I don't like it when you drink alcohol, baby, it makes you forget the training I've given you in being a lady. You snuck into bar without my permission."

The bag is emptying and your tummy is beginning to pouch out. I flick your clit with my forefinger. "Tighten up," I instruct and pull the tube out of your ass, quickly replacing it with the dildo, after dipping it into your liquid heat. Tapping on the dildo, I murmur, knowing you can hear me, "Don't let this fall out, if you do, you'll be sorry."

I pick up a piece of ice, drawing it up your inner thigh, and smile, then push it into your hot cunt. You immediately tighten more. I add another piece, knowing the first is already melting inside of you; you shriek behind your gag. Feeling your hips squirming, I slap your thigh, "Be still, you can't push the ice out without pushing the dildo out, but to make sure, I'm going to make sure that its not going to come out until I want it to."

Reaching into the bowl, I pull out heavy black upholstery thread, that I've scrupulously unwound, sterilized and wound again, already threaded onto a thin needle. I prick the skin of your labia, blood wells into a tiny droplet. Your cunt tightens; melt water is already dripping from it, drawing the needle through and out, to prick the other side, then cinching it closed. The cunt I've spent hours worshipping, gapes and flinches as more crimson blood oozes from your tender skin. Your screams are muffed behind the cock gag.

"You were upstairs begging for male attention, you whore. You were kissing every male you could get your hands on. Every one of them pushed you away. You want something in your little cunt, bitch, you can have it." I shove the last piece of ice deep inside you and lift the needle to penetrate you again. Hot liquid pours from you as you piss into my hand, losing control in your agony. Savagely, I growl and slap your thigh, then wipe my hand over the flaming area.

"With this pussy sewed shut, you won't be able to get a cock in here." I close one more stitch. "This is my pussy, you little whore, no one touches it without my permission." The needle digs into you again. "You have been told about offering your body to others. It is in our contract that only I may offer you to another. You may never do it yourself." I tighten your labia closed over your cunt, dripping with pinkish water, grab something from the bowl and stand.

Lifting my hands to hold yours, looking down into your pain filled eyes, my forehead drops to yours. I kiss your nose, just as I do in times of loving play, knowing it drives you nuts, but still makes you giggle.

"You gave your body to me, to love and to punish. You are mine, now and always."

One hand glides down your body, opening the single button on your vest to caress your breasts. Gentle fingers tease them to peaks, then my mouth follows, sucking greedily on my property. You taste of heaven on earth, your texture is silk, your scent is sweat and honey. I stand. In each hand now, is a clover clamp. I open one and close it on your nipple, pulling the string then treat the other to a kiss before clamping it, too.

"Your breasts may never press against another person's body in lust, little one, they are mine." I pull the strings again, tightening the clamps. Your moan fills me like music.

A single finger traces down your breastbone, over your painfully full tummy, sliding down into your treasure, still closed.

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