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I discover something about women and a woman.

He held onto her thighs as he shagged her slowly and deliberately; his full length ball-deep into her. Although I didn't have a good side-view, I could just detect the swelling and movement of her abdomen as these two men penetrated and shagged her, both together but not in rhythm.

The two leg-men moved to her hands and held them down either side of the bed, towards to floor. And other guy came and straddled across her belly, with his feet on the floor either side of the bed. He bent forward and grabbed her breasts, one in each hand, and pressed them together. Although I couldn't see from my position, from his movements I could tell that he was shagging between her breasts; taking advantage of the whole-body lube job.

By now, the woman's body was shaking with all the male movements. Her hips and shoulders were lifting and falling with their activities. I could sense that her chest and torso were both swelling and wobbling with all the hands on her.

The two leg-arm-men were out of my view for a minute or two but then they returned and one of them was carrying a belt of some sort. It was about 4inches wide. He knelt down at the side of the bed and fed the belt between the woman and the butt-shagger; at her waist level. The other guy pulled it through and they fiddled with a strange buckle of some sort. Then they both lay on the floor, each on his side of the bed, and placed their feet against the bed. With no prelude, they both leaned back and tightened the belt onto her waist. I could tell they were really reducing her waist by a big margin and wanted to go look. I didn't but I strained my position as far as possible to get a view. The belt was stretched out by 12 or 15 inches, so I guessed that must have been the reduction in her waist.

The woman began to make a noise as her waist shrank in the belt. Noises in her throat and the deep-throat guy pulled out of her as she made a sort-of gulp, like a big swallow or a combined cough and breath at once. Just the one sound she made and then laid back her head onto the low pillow, opened her mouth and got ready for him to shag her throat again. There was no indication of rebellion or desire to stop anything that was happening.

I was becoming amazed that any woman could take so much stimulation and body movements and the tightened waist. But I had to admit Harry had been right; she was asking for it and enjoying it in her own special ways.

A few minutes had gone by as I watched and got even more excited, with my own erection straining inside my jeans. Then the two belt-men came again and lay down to squeeze her waist even smaller. She made no sound but her body was lifting and plunging, with the men shagging and holding her. While I was wondering and watching, one of the belt-men turned over and faced away from the bed. Reaching behind, he took her wrist and pressed her hand towards his anus. I was even more amazed to see that the woman shaped her hand into the duckbill shape, as if she knew exactly what was happening and what was required of her; although her eyes were closed, her throat full of a man, and her body squeezed into an hourglass.

Slowly but intentionally, the guy pressed her hand into his body until I could see that her wrist was covered by his sphincter. And he kept pressing against her straightened arm until her forearm began to disappear into his bowels. Before I could concentrate on his progress, the other belt-guy did the same on the other side. Because I was placed more-or-less in line with the bed, I could see everything that was happening to these two men. Within a few minutes, both were impaled on her arms and she was deep inside them; almost to her elbows it seemed to me.

Now her body was tumbling about with all the movements, with six men enjoying her at once.

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