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The adventure continues...add Pam to the mix.

This pushed us both over the edge and I felt his cum squirting against my cervix as I went into a shuddering orgasm, writhing and thrashing about on top of him as I came hard.

Once our ecstasy had subsided I lay gently on him as he cuddled me close, sharing sweat from our exertions. Within a few minutes I was asleep, still with his penis inside me. I vaguely felt him roll me off him and cuddle me before I drifted off to sleep once again.

The following morning was much like the previous. We woke early, made love, doggie style this time, then swam, showered, ate breakfast and drove to the venue for another day of the same. It was harder today because all we really wanted to do was sit on the beach and be together, but it was necessary for us to attend, even though our thoughts were very much with each other elsewhere. Lunchtime and the morning and afternoon breaks made welcome changes because we could sit and chat, but we had to be careful with what we said and how we behaved in public; we didn't want others to realise how close we had become.

After we finished for the day we drove a short way down the coast where there was reputed to be a clothing optional beach. Once we found it, with several naked people sunbathing in the late afternoon sun, we stripped off and swam naked, enjoying the wonderful feeling of the water against all of our skin and the unrestricted movements of our bodies through the water. We stood in chest deep water and cuddled, holding each other closely and, as we kissed, I felt his penis press between my legs, ready for another adventure. I parted my legs and helped to ease his penis into my vagina, lubricated by both my fluids and sea water. Once he was inside me, I wrapped my legs around his hips and supported myself with my arms around his neck, my breasts pressing hard into his chest. As I was mostly submerged I was almost weightless enabling him to move inside me, stimulating my clitoris and sending wonderful sensations throughout my body.

"Oh darling, just keep doing that. It's so wonderful, so relaxing and sweet."

"Mmmm, I'm pleased you like it. You're as light as a feather because you're almost floating in the water so it's really easy to move together with you," he replied. "What else would you like me to do for you?"
"You probably don't need to hold your hands under my thighs because I can support myself with my legs and your penis, so you could just caress my breasts and nipples, which would be wonderful please."

He changed position so that he could do this, noticing that a couple of people on shore were watching us intently. Let them, I thought, they're probably just envious that they're not here. As soon as he began caressing my breasts and nipples I began moving gently, feeling his penis move slightly in and out, rubbing gently across my clitoris. I heard myself making soft sounds of enjoyment in his ear, which seemed to turn him on even more.

After another five minutes of increasingly active movement I whispered "I'm about to cum." He slowed down the movement, probably trying to hold me in the pre-cum holding pattern for as long as possible.

"You bastard!" I whispered, attempting to increase the stimulation but not managing this.

We continued like that for several minutes as I felt my breathing becoming increasingly ragged as I strived to reach my climax. So close, so very close. Our duel had only one possible conclusion. As the feelings increased to an unbearable level I sucked in a huge lungful of air and pressed my face into his neck to muffle my scream. I came hard, thrusting against his crotch to seek the last iota of stimulation for my clitoris as I once again trembled and shook in orgasm. He held me tightly, holding my head above water as I gasped air into my lungs.

"Oooohhhh, darling, you're just the best lover," I murmured into his ear.

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