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Teasing can be fun.

She began to talk and she just talked. It gushed out. Her husband had had an extended illness. He died in her arms.

"I just don't know how to go on. It happened near Valentine's day."

"Near?" That was five months ago." I said.

"No it was a couple, I guess you are right." She said. "I just didn't know the time had passed so quickly."

The time had gone. We had talked for three hours.

"I guess you missed your next appointment." I said.

"Looks like someone else I need to apologize to." She said. "I need to get back to the office, I really enjoyed talking to you."

"Well we will talk again, when you get me a house or an apartment. Now remember, I need two bedrooms." She smiled.

She stood up and thanked me for talking to her.

"Bye Louis."

I stood up and reached for her hand and shook it lightly. "Bye Danielle."

I didn't know if it was me or her who made the first move but suddenly we were hugging. I then looked deeply into her eyes and eased in for a kiss when she pulled back and patted me on my chest and said, "I...I should go."

We both walked out of that house.

She then said, "I will give you a call tomorrow to set up our next appointment."

"OK...I will look forward to it."

"By the way, where are you staying?"

"You know that extended corporate housing place on Deder and Main."

"I know you want to get out of that place." She joked.

"That's why I am talking to you." I said.

She smiled and walked away. I had to admit that I wanted something more to happen in that house, but it was for the best. I mean with Carol, Mary, and Barbara, why add another one to the mix.

I still couldn't deny that there was something about that petite frame in that business suit that was calling for me. I thought about rushing over to her, but then I thought better of it, and drove back to my suite.

When I got back to the place, I put away the rest of the groceries. Cursed myself for not remembering that I had ice cream and now it was melted across my counter.

I threw one of those microwavable dinners into the microwave and turned on the television to Black Entertainment Television. When I sat at the couch with my dinner in a bowl I heard a knock at the door.

I jumped up to see who it was. Nobody knew I was staying there. I looked through the peep hole and saw it was Danielle. She still had on that business suit.

I then put down my bowl and opened the door.

"Hello Danielle, what..."

"I realized that I probably should see your residence to help me find a new place for you." She smiled.

"Well then come in."

She then turned to me and said... "I think I need to see the bedroom if I am going to be able to find you the perfect spot."

I raised my eyebrow and said, "That sounds good to me."

I really enjoyed talking to Danielle, but I gotta admit, that I was really going to enjoy what was about to happen back in the bedroom.

As I led her back into the room she threw off her jacket and tossed it on the back of my couch. She also shook loose her high heels. I pointed to the room and said, "Well here it is, I think that you probably should get a closer look if you are going to be an effective real estate agent."

She smiled and walked back there. And then sat down at the end of the bed. I looked at her. She stopped as if she was in thought.

She then said, "I haven't been with a man since my husband Fabrice died."

I quickly said, "Nothing has to happen unless you are ready."

She said, "I didn't say I wasn't ready. She stood up and slowly removed her blouse as she stood up. I looked at her. Her functional bra held her small tits. She unzipped her skirt and then slowly worked it down. She then looked at me and asked, "Am I in this by myself."

I said, "Hell no." I then took off the shirt that I was wearing and threw it to the side and moved towards her. Her milky white skin provided a strong contrast to my dark brown.

She still had on her panties and bra while I had on my pants.

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