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A little unintentional voyeurism takes a turn for the best.

With shaking hands Pete undid the buttons down the back of Mrs Marble's dress. She waved both arms and miraculously the dress top fell to her waist. Pete licked his lips at the sight of the sexy black bra - holes all over it showing glimpses of white flesh. He felt his cock thicken and Mrs Marble groaned in approval.

Pete grappled to undo the three hooks and watched a swollen white tit dropped from under her armpit. Blue veins ran in a network through it and the bloated nipple was almost as big as his thumb - it looked revolting. But what now? How could he shift his body to mouth that nipple without throwing Mrs Marble out of work? Pete grabbed at the tit and hooked it; it came straight at his mouth as if on a weapon guidance system. He licked the nipple once and stared; it honestly looked to be asking for more. He began licking the nipple and working his fingers into her flesh. Surprisingly he felt his indifference turning into hunger for least he wanted her to appreciate what he was doing to this big beauty of hers. He reached under and began sliding his palm over the other one and suddenly he was jizzing into her mouth hard enough to fire his face and make him grunt repeatedly. Holy cow! What had he done to Mrs Marble?

"Wackadoo - what does your mom feed you on, super enriched straight protein?

"Just ordinary meals I reckon. Er, what now?"

"You run into the bathroom and fetch a towel and then we talk."


Mrs Marble smiled sweetly. "I'm sorry Pete. My specialty is sucking cum out of young men. The other is reserved for Mr Marble."

Pete's disappointment showed and Mrs Marble sighed. "Bring my phone from the kitchen."

She wiped her mouth and thrust the towel under her panties. "You're very good Pete, you made me ejaculate without touching me down there. It's never happened to me before."

"How - what did I do?"

"You attacked my breasts with enthusiasm, raising my sensitivity until my body had to release its sexual tension somehow so dealt with it by way of orgasm. It was simply beautiful. Thank you darling."

After tidying herself Mrs Marble said although Pete hadn't said what he was mooning about, she sensed it was his desire to experience other females.

"Is that right?"

Peter nodded - he wanted sex plus tuition.

"Well, as I indicated, that's not for me. Let me call my younger sister."

"Shannon - it's Belle. Remember that young man working in my garden when you called the other day, dressed just in shorts and footwear and you said you'd like a piece of him?"

Pete couldn't hear the sister's voice.

"Yes, nicely developing torso and unruly blonde hair - that's him. His name is Pete and he soon turns nineteen. He's had a heart-to-heart with me and I've learned he wants to experience older pussy."

"No Shannon, you know I'm not promiscuous like you. Would you like to take him in hand?"

"Excellent what about this Saturday - Ted's going fishing all day isn't he?"

"I thought so. Well this way you won't have a boring day. Go to our beach house but take food - there's plenty of liquor there. Is 9:00 too early for you? Good, make a big day of it; he looks eager."

"That's fine Shannon. His name is Pete Pitt and he'll arrive in my car. He's a very nice young man. Plunder him darling - it's what he's seeking."

The pleased looking Mrs Marble, catching Pete's eye by straightening her bra, asked Pete had he followed the conversation. He nodded but said he was playing a club championship tennis match at 11:00 on Saturday.

"Well, you'll have to decide which is more important in your social development: less than ninety minutes of tennis or all-day sex."

"Where is your beach housing Mrs Marble?"

"Good boy."

* * *

Nervous Pete had an idea what to expect: he's been told Shannon was twenty-four, had been divorced for two years, was a lively high school music teacher, an artificial blonde but there was nothing artificial about her body although she wasn't quite so large as Mrs Marble 'up top.

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