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Alex continues her journey into the world of BDSM.

"Very good, Cunt," Suzy praises her.

Tiff steps in front with a smile, "When you perform your duties correctly there will be rewards." She reaches for a clothespin and twists the nipple it is attached to. Simultaneously Suzy slides the big purple vibrator between her legs and across her clit. Bang! Kari erupts in a powerful orgasm. When she subsides Tiff asks, "Did you enjoy that, Cunt?"

"Oh Yes Ma'am. Thank you, Ma'am; may this Cunt have another, please?"

"Not right now. You must only orgasm when told to do so by your owner."

Kari is released from the ceiling. She can barely lift her arms they are so numb. She doesn't resist as Suzy places the collar around her neck and then chains her to one of the floor bolts. The clips are removed and she is left naked and alone. Silently she cries.

Later, Kari only knows that the sun is setting from the color and slant of sunlight through the blinds; she assumes is that same day Suzy comes back in. She had heard the two talking in the other room but had been unable to make out what was said. Suzy kneels next to Kari, pats her head and sets a bowl of salad in front of her. Suzy goes out and returns with a small padded floor mat. She lengthens the chain so that Kari can move about a bit then leaves; closing the door behind her.

For three days Tiff and Suzy teach Kari what is expected and punish her when she disobeys, or is too slow, or forgets. The punishments become more intense. Kari's body starts to take on the look of one big welt. Each instruction period is followed by supervised practice. Correction of failure is swift and sharp. Soon her jaw is sore from the slaps.

At first, in the morning of the second day after a nights rest she had protested. All that got her was gagged again. By lunch time she knew better and no longer argued and so had been spared the gag. Except for the collar and restraints she was naked the whole time. Always Suzy brought her meals in the same bowl without utensils which she had to eat without hands. During bathroom breaks she was chained to the toilet and cleaned like a baby afterwards. She is crying most of the time now.

Throughout the experience her sex drive becomes overwhelming. Even if the others hadn't tormented her breasts, her nipples would have been hard the whole time. Her pussy feels puffy and hot and she can often feel her juices leaking. Involuntarily her body had frequently jerked to get a hand to accidentally rub against her clit. It was driving Kari crazy with need.

Whenever a set of behaviors had been taught, practiced and learned Kari had been chained back to the ceiling and her pussy tortured with that vibrator until she was pleading for them to make her cum. Inside she feels shame at succumbing to the desire for climax, but she does it anyway. By Saturday night, she supposes it is Saturday, Kari thanks Suzy for the food and when Suzy touches her hair she leans into the touch. Suzy lingers for a moment before leaving.

The following morning Kari is awakened by the sound of furniture moving. She opens her eyes to find two men, one large and beefy and the other black and wiry, moving her furniture out. Suzy stands next to her and Tiff directs the operation. Kari almost hollers for them to stop but catches herself in time. Both Suzy and Tiff watch her closely. The men seem experienced at moving even though they ogle her nakedness all the time they are in the room.

"You have your mat and bowl so you won't need any of this junk anymore, Cunt," Suzy tells her.

"Thank you Mistress," Kari recited without thinking.

After the last piece is gone the four of them stand surrounding Kari. The hungry look on the small guys face frightens Kari a little. "Since it is this Cunt's stuff you moved she's going to pay you, right Cunt," Tiff prods.

"Yes Ma'am." But Kari is at a loss how she can do that. She assumes since Tiff and Suzy have taken her purse and wallet they will just charge it to her account.


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