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Bobby calls Amber Fargo.

Sorry if I smell."

"It's fine I don't mind it."

He looked right at me when I said that. I felt myself blush and I looked away, out the window. I immediately regretted saying it. I looked towards the front and then too josh and he was looking at me with a smile. The rest of the ride was in silence. When the bus stopped for the second time we both got off.

"Here's twenty, just call me when you got it and I'll pick you up."

"Alright peace out."


We went down different streets. When I got home my older brother Dennis had just gotten off work. He was 21 and I'm 18. He was in his room so I went to talk to him.

"You know where Tommy is?"

"He went to the skate park a couple of hours ago. Why?"

"I wanted to get one for a friend."

"Just put the money in his drawer and grab one from the jar."


I did what Dennis said and left the money in my other older brother's drawer. I didn't want to call Josh right away. So I ate and played some video games. About an hour later I called him. After one ring he answered.

"Hey Angel, ready for me to go?"

"Yea I am, I live right behind the apartments."

"Alright I'm on my way."

"Ok I'll be outside. Bye,"


We hung up and a couple minutes later Josh pulled up. He had a big smile on his face. My smile was immediate and I got in his car.

"What's up Josh."

"Hey Angel,"

We got to his house in less than four minutes. We got out and walked to his front door.

"We can smoke here?" I asked him.

"Yea, my parents aren't home and won't be home for awhile. My older brother is out somewhere, but if he came he won't care. He'll probably just ask to smoke too."

He opened his front door and held it open for me to enter first. I couldn't help but look down as I passed him. He shut the door behind him. I turned to him and handed him the little baggie. He took it with a grin and thanked me.

"C'mon my room is over here."

I followed him down the hall until we were in front of the last door on the right. We walked and his room was really organized. He had some posters up of some bands and sports teams.

"You can sit on my bed, imma go grab an apple."

Soon he was back with an apple that he made into a pipe. He sat down next to me only a couple inches away from me. We started smoking and soon the room was pretty cloudy. I was already feeling the effects and I could tell josh was too. Judging by his red eyes. I was looking at his eyes and didn't realize that he was looking back. I was definitely feeling the weed.

"What?" He asked,

"Oh, uhh sorry I was just zoning out."

He laughed a little and asked,

"So how long have you been smoking?"

"Since freshman year."

"Man really? We could've been smoking together all the way back then."

"Yea, when did you start smoking?"

"The summer before freshman year. My brother got me to try it. I hit his little pipe a couple of times and I was gone." We both laughed and he went on with the story. "Yea, I was liking it but at the same time I was freaking out because I was laughing so much and I couldn't stop." While he told me I was quietly laughing and he had big grin on his face. He hardly broke eye contact with me.

"I remember just being around my brother made me crack up so much. I went to my room to try and stop laughing but for some reason he followed me. I told him to get out and finally he left me alone. I got under my blankets and was finally able to stop laughing."

We laughed at his story for a little then he asked me if I wanted to watch some tv. I agreed and soon we were both laying back on his bed watching That 70's Show.

"This is one of my favorite shows." I told him.

"Awesome it's one of my favorite too."

We watched for awhile and I started to doze off. I couldn't stop it and soon I was asleep.

I woke up later and my head was slightly rising and falling.

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