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Class reunion unites him with his first love.

You'd kiss beneath my soft round breasts and nibble down the sides of my ribs, biting gently at the side of my waist. I'd be sighing and moaning and begging you to give me more, please kiss me somewhere! I'd tug at your shoulders to urge you up to my mouth. You'd finally work your way farther up, stopping to lick my collarbones and nibble on my neck and behind my earlobes, driving me wild for you.

You'd lean back on one elbow, next to me on the bed, and trace my body lightly with your fingers, making me wait for the kisses I'm so desperate for. My skin would be flushed with pleasure, my eyes beseeching you to give me what I want. Then you'd give in, and lean over to kiss me gently -- but I'd pull you into a deep long kiss, pushing my tongue into your mouth and sucking yours into mine. I'd hold your head in my hands while I kissed you roughly, and then I'd wrap my leg over your waist, flip you over me onto the bed on your back and push your shirt up and over your head. While you finished taking that off, I'd undo your pants and kick them down off the bed so I could admire your huge cock, licking it up and down and taking it deepdeepDEEP into my throat, licking the shaft while the head is deep in my throat. You'd groan with the effort not to come yet. You'd reach down to try to pull me up for a kiss, but it would be my turn to be in charge.

I'd sit back on your legs and then lean forward to pin your arms back to the bed by leaning on your elbows. I'd lift my body up and slide down to capture your erection. Slowly, down a little and then slightly back up, then down a little more... inch by thrilling inch... until you were completely inside me. Then I'd sit still, tormenting you by squeezing you from inside but not allowing you to move. I'd lean down to kiss you, and kiss you, and kiss you, sucking your lip into my mouth and biting it... until you couldn't stand it anymore, pushed my hands away from holding you down, and reached down to take my hips in your hands and rock me on your cock. I'd moan - mmmmhh, mmmmhhh oohh - and rock against you in my own rhythm. You'd catch my rhythm and grind in deeper, pulling me forward for maximum pressure on my clit and holding my hips down tight to yours. I'd work my foot under your knee and keep you inside me while we flip over so I'm under you, kissing all the while.

Suddenly you'd pull your face back and smile wickedly at me, letting me know you were about to do something to tease me more. You'd pull out of me, leaving me immediately wishing that you were back inside, and kiss down my chest and stomach until you reached my clit. You'd pause, look up at me to make sure I was watching, lick my clit gently, and then with more pressure, while keeping your eyes locked with mine. You'd lick me in a cross pattern: up and down and sideways with your pointed tongue until I lost myself in the pleasure and had to close my eyes and arch my back to bring my clit closer to your mouth - you'd lick harder and then suck a little, and then push fingers inside of me while I came.

While I was still quivering and panting from that orgasm, you'd creep back up my body, kissing my lips and then pushing your tongue deep into my mouth while you slid your cock back where it belonged, bringing me back to the brink of orgasm again. We'd explore each other's mouths, the taste of me enhancing the kisses, as you drove into me deeper and deeper. My legs would be wrapped around your hips, holding you in close in case you thought about leaving me again. But you'd be too involved this time to think of teasing either of us anymore. You'd pull away from my kiss to brace yourself on your hands while you slammed into me, rocking side to side with every other stroke, making sure you reached every nerve ending I had... until urgently I'd grab your hips and pull them close, close, so close, and beg you to stay still a second. I'd hold you deep inside of me -- for seconds that seemed like minutes, we'd remain still, poised on the brink of eternity...

But you'd pull back

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