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Slowly he reached further into her, so much so that he made her moan.

With confidence he slid in a second finger and little by little he moved his hand back and forth, Olivia was spread out in the back of the van, she had the seat belt in her mouth and was biting it robustly to stop her from screaming with pleasure. Meanwhile, outside Harvey had finished but Lucy had only just begun; he had not expected that he would not be able to stop it from trickling out, especially seen as though Lucy was giving him a firm, grasp, helping hand.

Harvey walked back towards the Van with Lucy following closely behind; his smile was more radiant and satisfying than ever; and even Lucy was competing with a cheeky grin. Harvey grabbed onto the door handle and out of his eye corner he noticed that Olivia was in the middle of something. He briskly opened the door and both Thomas and Olivia, sat up and acted surprisingly suspicious.

They drove on for another twenty minutes before pulling up to an unoccupied, stately home. As they entered Harvey and Lucy ran off hand in hand upstairs, to discover a welcoming four poster bed. They screamed downstairs to Olivia and Thomas "Upstairs is out of bound for tonight, we'll see you in the morning".

Thomas and Olivia laughed and explored all of the rooms downstairs. That was until they reached the indoor heated swimming pool; that was big enough to keep the Titanic in. It had a huge diamond and mosaic tiled encrusted floor and they were both taken back by the sheer wealth that radiated from it. After fetching a drink, they sat on sun lounge's and laughed about nearly getting caught. The glimmer off the pool, shone into Thomas' eyes and Olivia was drawn to them like a moth to a flame. They sparkled a sky blue colour and Olivia could not resist his charm any longer.

She stood up and walked towards Thomas gradually climbing on in the best position possible, she let down her hair that was firmly put up in a bun, and Thomas watched as it tumbled down to her shoulders. As she leant into to kiss him her hair tickled his face and made him sneeze comically. She ripped the warm shirt from his upper body, he gasped in shock at her sexual advances. She took the Ice cubes that cooled her cocktail and sensuously placed it on his neck and slid it down the middle of his chest. He was deeply moved by this and the heat that exerted from his chest caused the ice to melt rapidly, Olivia supped up the liquid that flowed from the ice.

He closed his eyes only to think up his favourite fantasies, in which he wished Olivia could perform with or for him. He peeled off her t-shirt and plucked away at her bra. He kneaded he breasts like dough and massaged his compassionate opinion into them. He kissed the top of one of them and left a Hickey in a raspberry coloured shade, his name was there for all to see, similar to a notch on a bedpost, but somewhat more personal and deep.

He stood up with Olivia's legs clasping around his waist, she had one hand holding onto his dark brown hair; the other palm was smothering his shoulder blade.

He was walking towards the large open, walk-in pool steps, her upper torso pressed into the crevice's of his six pack. Their firm, cerise nipples met and it appeared as though they were kissing too. As he trod into the warm water he appeared confused, Olivia giggled when she noticed him staring down at his sodden socks; but they carried on into the pool.

He took her thong and glided it along, down her legs. He released it like a rubber band and it covered the vision of the pool statue that watched in awe. He spread her legs and dove in at the deep end of Olivia's person, and the miracle began underwater. He looked up between her inviting thighs and wedged his tongue inside her treasure chest of pleasure; he sure struck gold in this one. Olivia cupped the water in attempt to hold back her desires, she licked her top lip as her Merman fluttered his magic and floundered about.

As he surfaced both from the treasures and the water she pass

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