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Not everything imagined is always what it seems.

Just as I raise the spoon to my lips, there is a ratatat on the door. I grab a towel from the bathroom, briefly conscious of the fact it barely covers my modesty.

I open the door, OMG! It's him, my spunky neighbour. He looks even cuter close up, even though he is currently grimacing.

"Woman, you have to cut me some slack!"

I look at him perplexed; this is our first conversation, what have I done to him? Speechless I step back holding the door open for him to come in.

His eyes stray over me, mentally stripping away the towel and he groans dropping his head in his hands.

Nervously I reach out and touch his hair, it is just as soft as it looks and I can't prevent my errant hand from stroking it. He looks up.

"Do you have any idea what you are doing to me? You come bouncing in day after day, all high titties and firm ass looking so damn fuckable, then come up here and, and.. fucking cum! Loudly! Do you know how that leaves me?"

I am beyond mortified! He knows? He hears? Oh fuck! I'm going to have to move...Hang on... Did he just say I looked fuckable? My eyes drop to an obvious bulge in his board shorts. I let the door swing shut behind him, and taking a deep breath, I drop the towel.

He takes in my body. "You are so beautiful," he sighs huskily. He reaches a hand towards my face, and moving in, gently kisses me. His dry lips move across mine, his tongue tip tickles them apart, and the kiss becomes deeper, more passionate. My arms slide up under his shirt, caressing his firm young body. I tense and he senses it, leaning back to look me in the face.


"I'm old enough to be your mother, I don't even know your name, no one but my ex-husband has seen me naked it 20 years, and we're neighbours for god sake, we will have to look each other in the eye after today." It comes out in a single garbled rush.

"Ok; One, you are old enough to be my older sister at most," he is stroking my sides as he speaks, his hands sliding up and down, gently and all too briefly grazing the underside of my breasts. "Two, my name is Sam, three, I think you look sensational naked, and four, if I don't fuck you in, like the next 2 minutes, my balls are going to explode, I swear." His puppy dog look was so incongruous compare with his words I burst out laughing.

I reached for his face and lean towards his lips, as we meet I murmur;

"You'd better get fucking then Sam, hadn't you, I don't want to feel responsible for any harm that may befall you otherwise."

He pulls me into his erection, so I can feel how eager he is for me and I flood with arousal. Bending, he sweeps me up as if I weigh nothing and carries me through to the bedroom where he throws me unceremoniously onto the bed, as I straighten myself he strips, scattering clothes without taking his eyes from mine. They mesmerise me, those eyes, so full of lust.

He starts to slowly crawl up the bed, stroking and kissing, he is getting closer to my pussy, and he starts to slide my legs apart. He gently nips the inside of my thigh then licks the back of my knee, oh god, who knew how good that could feel. Licking the other knee and nipping up that thigh I am squirming with anticipation. How am I supposed to go back to my vibrator after this?

Butterfly kisses float across my muff, I have never been one to shave other than bikini line, but Sam doesn't seem deterred. I suddenly realise my fantasy wank has come true. This tousled head is between my thighs and he is so making a meal out of me, Jesus H, perhaps I should have fed him first the way he is... scratch that; this feels.. fucking phenomenal! I stop thinking, and just enjoy the sensation.

His teeth are grazing across my clit, he is literally, and gently munching on me, it is beyond erotic, it is totally fucking dirty! Suddenly a finger delves into my slit, angled toward my g spot.

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