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He & his step-sister have a lot of fun together.

I was totally rolling and feeling great while I was running to the beach...the sun had just set and the sky was still glowing. There was nobody at the camp area b/c its a private ranch that my dad's friend owns and when I got to the beach it was totally empty too. I had run so hard that I was really out of breath and I was light headed again. This time I felt like I was going to faint.

Since I was breathing really hard and was really sweaty (it was in the 80s all weekend when we were camping) I took my sports bra off and layed down on the beach. I was very high and if not drunk I was close to it...the beach was perfect though and while I was laying there I 1st noticed that I had on a see through white lace boy short panties instead of my running shorts. I laughed about it because I was so messed up and sat there and watched the remaining sun light disappear into the ocean. I could see my pussy easily through the panties since I was swollen and so wet from being in the tent with Sarah and her man. I was in the zone after a bit and while I was sitting there, 2 hispanic farm workers from the ranch walked up to me as I was sitting there. I was so out of it that I thought it was my friends at 1st and was really overly friendly to them lol.

They layed down with me since I asked them to come over to me and before I realized who they were, they had their hands all over me and were making out with me and taking their clothes off...and my panties too lol. I didn't know what to do and I tried to stand up after I started to make some sense of everything, but as soon as I did - I felt like I was about to faint again. I got a head rush and don't remember what happened until a while later when I woke up on my back in the bushes near the beach on a big blanket. 1 of the 2 men was on top of me between my legs and deep inside me and he was kissing me really hard. They had taken off my panties on the beach before I fainted, and I kept thinking about where they were for some reason. I asked them and at some point 1 of the guys gave them to me...after I had them in my hands I remember feeling really happy lol.

I was still really high and confused and actually was turned on by the sex after I got my panties back. I had been really wet before I went on the run since Sarah's bf was making out with me and kissing my chest and fingering me. So when they pulled my panties off on the beach I was soaking wet...I remember thinking it was hot that Sarah's bf came to the beach to make out with me when they 1st layed down with me on the beach, but when I was feeling the 1st guys cock and making out with him - the second guy pulled my hand over to his cock and I was shocked. He had been going down on me before he came up and was making out with me and pulled my hand over to him, so I had thought he was my friend Sarah until then. That's when I tried to stand up and fainted.

So once I had my panties back and had some time to think while I was awake, I ended up really enjoying the 1st guy while he fucked me for a long time. I was so high that they all had their hands and mouths on every part of me, it turned out that there was 3 guys working there together - 1 of them was inside the ranch house and came outside to join the other 2 after I fainted. While I was being fucked in missionary by the bigger of the 3 guys, the other guys were holding my arms down and feeling my chest and all 3 were taking turns making out with me.

The bigger guy came really hard inside me and to tell the truth, that made me cum hard too.

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