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hicks? What are you, kid, some kind of fucking love machine? Not that I didn't teach ya all you know, right?"

"What can I say? I do okay." We knuckle-bumped.

"Then there are the UCLA girls," I flaunted.

Doug groaned. I grinned and continued.

"So all summer, every other day, I was back with Rachel, a little at work and more for fun. But her pissy little sister Ruth was at the street cart nearly every time, and more than willing to dish a load of verbal shit on me before leaving in disgust. What's with little sisters?" I shrugged.

Doug shrugged back. "Yeah, mine are nuts too." As I knew, all too well.

"Jill and I started at UCLA this semester. Hey, it's close, and cheap. We still live at home. She's a junior in an advanced business program. I'm a freshman with a full load for my geography major and business minor."

"Geography? Why geography?" Doug looked puzzled.

"Real reason? It gives me a good excuse to travel everywhere." I sipped my cognac.

"Anyway, Jill still runs her business every day; I'm only in on weekends now. I honcho the fair-festival-park side of it. We promoted a couple vendors to run the street cart network. Which means I no longer see my vendors regularly. My sessions with Rachel (and Deborah) and my other hot girls have tapered off. At least Ruth isn't there to curse me, so there's some small relief."

We lay back and watched the eye candy saunter past us. Damn, are they ALL ex-cheerleaders here? Doug has nothing to complain about.

"So what are your plans now? You and Jill doing any more long business trips?"

"Yeah, over Christmas break, we'll head south again. It'll be a long, fast run. All the way to Guatemala first, for a load of jade, raw and carved. Then just north to Chiapas state for amber. Then back to Taxco for silver and finished jewelry. We won't have a lot of time for touring or playing. Just a quick logistics run, and to check in with the suppliers and artisans."

"Why do you guys drive the whole way? Why not just fly down and ship stuff back?"

"'Cause this stuff is valuable! Too much chance it would be 'lost in transit'. Jade and amber and many kilos of silver, are you shitting me? I won't tell you how, but just be aware, we have ways to make sure everything is okay when we bring stuff back. Security is part of the game."

Doug refilled our snifters. "You guys sure must like taking risks. I'd be nervous, no I'd be scared shitless, crossing borders, hauling treasure, dodging banditos and federales, and drinking the water. Did you two get all the guts in the family?"

"Yeah, Jill has a pair of big brass ones, doesn't she? I'm just along for the ride." I took another sip and looked at Doug.

"Of course, a 'quake or tsunami or meteor strike could wipe you out right here. Or maybe just some sloppy drunk driver. Everything's dangerous. Life is a terminal disease. Nobody gets out alive. I don't have time to be scared, just careful."

We toasted life and returned our eyes to nubile female bodies barely contained in bikinis or less. Ah, I love warm Southern California autumns and winters!

-- 1984 -- Summertime Again

Six years passed. Jill graduated UCLA and started an MBA program across town at USC while still running Thunderbird International (TBI). We still took regular trips south into Latin America, but also east to the Atlantic and north to Canada, as TBI expanded and morphed into a larger network.

I drifted away from the Shapiros. (Rachel moved to Chicago. Deb divorced Alex and ran off to La Jolla with her tennis coach.) I skirted serious relationships with a couple of UCLA girls -- separately, and together -- but we never reached the next stage. Just as well. Prenuptial agreements were not common then. My little head could have led me to disaster.

I graduated UCLA two years after Jill, then spent another two years there doing grad work. I could have finished sooner but Jill had shoved me deep into TBI's affairs. No, I had not expected my passport to list my occupation as 'businessman', but now I are one!

We were nominally co-owners, 6

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