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nowing how hard it was for her to concentrate on anything but the sensation of the egg inside her he asked, "What will you be ordering tonight my sub?"

Katie smiled as she struggled to focus on the various menu items to choose from.

He continued to slowly raise and lower the intensity of the egg making it nearly impossible for her to sit still. As he played with the controls he watched the look on her face slowly change from one who was composed to that of a woman that wanted nothing more than to be fucked each time he intensified the stimulation within.

By the time the waiter had arrived she was on the verge of an orgasm. As he told them about the menu specialties and wines Ken turned the intensity up to its highest level. Katie let out a little shriek and stiffened trying to compose herself. The waiter asked if she was ok, and she just nodded. "I think I just need more water, can you get that for me after we place our order with you?"

"Yes ma'am. I will do that for you. Are you sure you are ok?" He asked once more.

"She'll be fine," Ken interrupted, "she just gets excited and out of control at times. Isn't that right Katie?"

"Yes Master," she said without thinking. The waiter just starred at the two of them not knowing how to respond. Their eyes met his before he awkwardly left for the kitchen with their order in hand.

Ken broke out laughing but Katie was in no mood to laugh. She was about to cum and began pleading with him to turn the intensity down.

"You are going to make me cum in just a minute if you don't turn that off," she hissed

Ken just looked at her with a blank stare, but Katie snapped back, "Turn that damn thing down now!"

Surprised at her response he handed her the control and Katie shut the egg off. She sighed in relief and then apologized for her outburst, trying to justify it by the urgency of her oncoming orgasm. Ken felt ashamed and apologized for not being sensitive to her in such a public setting.

"Here, you can play with my pussy from across the table," Katie said as she handed him the controls. "You know how much I like you making me feel good in this way but I need you to be more careful as to how close you bring me to an orgasm. Remember, you promised that you wouldn't embarrass me."

"Yes Mist.... yes Katie," Ken stuttered. "I'll be more careful."

"What did you call me?"

"I called you Katie. Why?"

"OK, I must have misheard you."

For the remainder of their dinner Ken raised and lowered the intensity of the vibration, but never brought her quite as close as he did earlier. Throughout the dinner he leaned across the table to watch her expression change as he played with the intensity. She did her best to meet his stare each time but as the egg worked its magic she but would eventually succumb to the waves of pleasure it brought to her and begin to pant with pleasure.

She felt like such a slut each time he brought her close and it seemed with each successive wave her desire for sex intensified. Oh how she wished they were alone so he could fuck her senseless. He was making her so horny and he seemed to know just how much she could take before her posture and appearance attracted the attention of others.

But the two of them enjoyed their time at the Inn, chatting and playing for almost two hours. The wine and food was every bit as good as the reviews indicated and the bottle of White Zin relaxed them both. By the time they were ready to leave, they were both feeling the buzz of the alcohol. Katie's seat was soaking wet too. As they walked out the door and said goodbye to the hostess, she was ready for more.

"Let's walk over to the falls, the water sounds so beautiful," Katie said as the started back toward the car.

"It's dark girl, we won't be able to see anything."

"That's ok. We can just sit on a bench and listen to the water. They looked beautiful from the table. Can we?"

"Of course we can, but you should have mentioned you wanted to do this and we could have left earlier and gotten here while it was still light."

They made their way over to the b

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