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Husband wonders what went wrong.

I swear that I will obey you completely to the best of my ability."

Needless to say, I was not expecting such a request at that moment. I stayed cool but silent as I looked back into her eyes as deeply as she was looking into mine. It was an effort to keep a lock on my emotions at that moment. I knew I needed to listen to Reina and to watch every expression she made very closely.

I can see her heart and her soul through her eyes. That is the very first thing that caught my attention when we first met. She has told me that no one has ever been able to do that with her and that her entire sexual and emotional "self" just shivers in uncontrolled excitement and anticipation whenever I do that.

At this very moment, I could see a plea of deep yearning and secret desires that she has never confronted or even dared talk about. I could see the love and trust that she gave me without qualification or condition. I could actually feel her emotional fear and her physical sexual arousal at the same time.

When I finally decided on what it was that I needed to say, Reina already knew that she was about to learn the meaning of total submission to another person's will and absolute obedience in acting out that will without hesitation and without the ability to exercise her right of personal choice. "Personal Choice" was no longer a part of her existence.

Clothing for Reina was totally banned nearly two years earlier. She is not allowed to enter into the house any further then the 2' X 3' throw rug just inside of the front door entrance while wearing any clothing or jewelry of any manner, shape, or form.

There is a wooden chest next to the throw rug with a sturdy hasp and a combination lock. Reina knows the combination but is absolutely forbidden to open the lock without my permission. Stripping naked and putting everything on her body into the chest and then locking it is a ritual she must perform whenever she enters the house.

This ritual is never altered whether she is alone or accompanied by a friend, a neighbor, an acquaintance, or a perfect stranger. If she brings anyone into the house, she is to strip naked as required. The only exception to the latter requires Reina to have my permission in advance to be fully clothed when inviting another person or persons into our house. This has led to a number of extremely interesting situations, a couple of which led to some very interesting results. (I will certainly be telling you about this in later chapters.)

This routine is one of Reina's "Slave Laws", as I like to call them. She has 12 of these laws that she must obey without fail. She is fully aware that the violation of any of these laws, which I have framed in glass and hung on the wall over the headboard of our bed, will result in a punishment period lasting no less then 3 hours but more then 24 hours. During this time period, she will experience only the pain of deterrent. There will be no pain of arousal or stimulation of any kind.

Reina is required to kneel at the head of the bed with her hands locked behind her head every morning after she awakens and before she is allowed to get off of the bed and read the entire list five times out loud. She must then kiss the glass covering her list of laws and say "I swear my vows of obedience", with a loud voice, five more times. I often watch her perform this daily ritual. You would be amazed at how intense she often gets while doing this morning routine.

I have been so impressed on a number of occasions that I rewarded her by allowing her to masturbate herself to an orgasm.

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