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Meg forgot about her pussy, here was something much more interesting.

Facing Zelfar, Meg stooped slightly so she could slowly tug on his member. She was engrossed with it's feel and reaction to her touch. She studied it closely, curiously. Zelfar did not have a foreskin, like animals did. His penis was smooth with the head being round, like a battering ram.

Zelfar moved forward to meet Meg's tug. His cock did not want to leave her hand. He stared at her beautiful face, her pouting lips. He politely placed his hand on her breast. Meg did not object, after all, she was fondling his privates. Zelfar needed to find a better spot, away from the door. He slowly moved to the wall furthest from the door and leant against the wall.

Meg held onto his penis as he moved back, concentrating on tugging on his organ, like she did on the farm with the bull and horse when preparing them for breeding. Her lips started to tingle. She pursed her mouth. This was strangely erotic, it played on her erogenous zones. Meg leant forward a little more, she was getting the hang of it. There was pre-cum collecting on her hand, it helped her hand slide along the shaft. She was creating a slurping sound, like she had in her pussy. Her breathing became heavy.

Zelfar stared at Meg's face. Her face came lower and closer to him as he rubbed her breasts. He marveled at her areola and large round nipples. He pinched her nipples and rubbed them. He missed doing that to Shandalar and these tits were way bigger than his wife's. He cautiously lifted his mouth to meet Meg's. He gently rested his bearded mouth on the corner of her mouth. Meg closed her eyes and slightly parted her lips. Zelfar politely touched her lips with his tongue. Meg lowered her head for him. He slid his tongue into her mouth and grabbed her head for a passionate kiss.

The elf's tongue played in Meg's mouth. She felt a hand on her bum cheek. She wondered how Zelfar managed to reach that far behind her, given that he was in front of her. There were now two hands on her bum cheeks, spreading them apart. Meg twisted her head and looked behind. In the dark, Theoden had joined them. They didn't need to be quiet anymore.

Theoden was aged and had given up ever being able to fondle a young maiden again. The bum he was looking at was a trophy indeed. He got on his knees. He licked his experienced lips and put his old tongue to use, licking Meg's anus.

Theoden's tongue was much bigger than the goblins'. The width and wetness sent a shiver up Meg's spine. She arched her back to give the tongue full access. Theoden ran his tongue down to her pussy cleft. She was still fresh and perfumed from the nights wash. He then went about licking her like a dog licks a bitch. He tasted her pussy and teased her clitoris.

For a moment Meg had to stop tugging on Zelfar's dick, the stimulation on her holes was too intense. She pulled away from Zelfar's sloppy mouth and started breathing heavily, bent over with her eyes closed. Her hair falling over her face.
Zelfar reached forward and grabbed two big handfuls of Meg's breasts. This was no longer a polite encounter. Zelfar massaged Meg's breasts very roughly. Her body moved with the force of the massage. He was grabbing those tits hard enough to leave hand prints.

Theoden was also getting quite bold. He stuck his tongue deep into her vagina and then transferred the juice covered tongue to her anus. He licked the wrinkled hole, coating it with his spit. His mouth had built up a wad of saliva. He let it drip on her anus before slowly shoving his fat tongue into Meg's rectum.

The penetration of her rectum caused Meg to lower her head further, so that her bum would be raised for attention. She kept lowering her body until she found she had to get on her knees so the elves could administer to all her needs. She was still holding Zelfar's cock. It was now at her eye level.

He reached down and continue massaging, rubbing and pinching her breasts, but now he angled his dick towards Meg's mouth.

Meg went back to tugging on his precum soaked pen

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