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A story about a brother and sister who find love, maybe.

Stacy had been sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water, chatting awkwardly with some of the other impossibly young guests, when Annie suggested that she get a treat inside the cabana.

"A treat? What kind of treat?" Stacy asked, intrigued but not at all suspicious. The query prompted a barrage of stifled giggles from the young women who overheard it.

"You'll just have to see," Annie winked.

Stacy made her way to the cabana and peered inside. She saw a small group of women smiling and talking happily. When they noticed her presence, they waved for her to enter.

"You're Annie and Carla's new neighbor friend!" One of them shrieked. "Hey, guys... isn't she adorable?!" The other young women giggled.

"Come in and hang out with us!" Another one exclaimed. Stacy entered and sat in an empty chair, curious as to what this "treat" might be. On a footstool sat a plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries. Were these the treats that Annie was talking about?, Stacy wondered. There were three women in the cabana aside from Stacy herself. One of them had long black hair and gorgeous olive skin. Another was a brunette with curly hair and a muscular figure. The third was a curvy, short blonde.

All of a sudden, they stood up and grabbed Stacy by the shoulders and legs. That's when Stacy noticed that the piece of furniture they were sitting on was not a couch but something that resembled a rack. She screamed for lack of a better reaction. After a short struggle, the women overpowered her three to one, and Stacy found herself bound hand and foot to the upholstered rack on which the women had been sitting.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Stacy protested. The only answer she received were a series of giggles. There was some giggling coming from outside, too, from the party guests who heard the altercation inside.

"She has a nice body, don't you think?" the brunette said to her friends as she stroked Stacy's thigh. "Do you all want to see more of it?"

"Yeah!!!" The brunette took a pair of scissors and began snipping away Stacy's bathing suit.

"Stop! I can't believe what you're doing. Stop!" Stacy screamed.

"Don't worry.... We'll have another bathing suit for you to go home in. Hubby won't even notice the difference. They never notice these things, now, do they?" the blonde said.

Snip, snip, snip. Off came the pieces of fabric that used to be Stacy's bathing suit. The women pulled them from Stacy's body until they were all gone. Then all three women looked her over while Stacy lay naked and trembling.

"So... hubby must be a very lucky man!" said the dark haired woman. "Does he get to touch these tits?" she asked, moving her hand over Stacy's breasts, making her nipples perk up. "Does he get to touch this pussy?" she continued, running her fingers through Stacy's bush. Stacy squirmed. Down, down, down, the fingers went until they encountered evidence of Stacy's arousal. The dark haired woman held up her fingers, the tips of which looked like they had been dipped in peach nectar, and her friends cackled.

"Mmmmm... looks like we have a winner here," the brunette said.

"What are you going to do to me!?"

"You really want to know?" said the dark haired woman. "Well, we're going to show you!" Instantly, the dark haired woman got into the chair in which Stacy had been sitting when she entered the cabana. She slipped out of her bikini bottoms and extended her gorgeous brown legs out to either side, spreading them and draping them over the armrests. The blonde woman made a beeline for what the dark haired woman was offering. Kneeling in front of her, the blonde plunged her face in between the dark haired woman's thighs and began to mouth and tongue her.

Stacy couldn't believe what was happening to her.

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