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First it sounded like a drive-in movie.

It was sad to find out that it was only a very small part of the man she had come to care for and rely on so much. She gave him a sad smile.

"So what does that make me in this group of egotistical men?" she asked curiously, wondering how Lucas really viewed her.

He smiled softly, his expression turning warm. "You are our Temperance, Summer," he answered quietly. "You may be new to us but we need you so very badly. We need a clearer voice to help us make the right decisions. The S__och__n are fractured, Summer. When Nathaniel left, it quite literally had us reeling for a couple of centuries. No one has ever left us before and we didn't know how to deal with it. We have become hardened in our ways and we need a fresh pair of eyes to get us back on track." He didn't tell her everything but he told her enough. The rest she would find out soon enough.

Summer contemplated his words with a thoughtful expression on her face and then she nodded her head at him. "What about Nathaniel? What was he when he was here?"

Lucas sighed again and ran a hand through his hair. "Nathaniel was Zeal," he answered quietly. "I told you he was one of the best of us. It was his zeal which made him so. Once a judgement was pronounced he was the first to offer his services to execute that judgement. He believed so strongly in what we do that sometimes it was hard to rein him in. That was until he decided one day that he didn't want to be one of us anymore."

Summer tried to picture Nathaniel as a zealot. He had definitely shown signs of being very determined when she had met him. She wondered what could have possibly turned him from being so dedicated into wanting nothing further to do with the S__och__n. It must have been something very important to him.

"I'm ready to return to the meeting now, Lucas," she announced quietly. If she was Temperance and the group needed her so badly as Lucas said, then it was up to her to learn all that she could to try and help them.

He accepted her decision without argument, relieved that she was calmer and apparently more accepting of everything. Together they returned to the meeting room. This time Lucas didn't leave her side immediately, instead he took her hand and steered her over to a chair where a tall, dark skinned man sat. He was young in appearance but completely bald. To Summer's eyes it looked like a natural occurrence rather than a preferred choice.

"Summer, this is Harlan," Lucas introduced her. Given her recent disappearing act, she was surprised when he answered her smile back with one of his own.

"An honour to meet you, my lady," Harlan said with a slight twinkle in his green eyes before he turned to survey the room quickly. "That is how one behaves like a gentleman," he tacked on with a wide grin and Summer found herself laughing even as her cheeks reddened slightly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Harlan," she smiled and let Lucas escort her to the man sitting in the chair beside him.

"Kincaid," the man said, brushing his long brown hair back across his shoulders, his brown eyes were intent on her face as if he was trying to size her up. She had no idea what decision he came to but his features relaxed slightly and his mouth almost quirked into a little smile.

"And I'm Anton," a voice said from the left and Summer turned to find herself looking into a pair of hazel eyes which were twinkling slightly as a hand appeared in front of her.

"Anton," she smiled, accepting his hand and starting when he raised hers to his lips and brushed it gently with his mouth.

Anton was dark haired, not quite brown and yet not exactly black either. He wore his hair shorter than the others, it merely brushed the bottom of his collar though it was all one length and slicked back from his forehead. He did not share the same exquisite beauty as the others in the room but Summer found herself liking him immediately. He was handsome more in a human kind of way, whereas the others were almost angelic in appearance.

"Come, sit with me, Summer,"

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