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Dennis finds a new older lover.

In her diaries, all I could see was Carol talking about how much she enjoyed fucking people that I dislike.

I really despise her now, to be such a slut and to treat me with that much contempt. I had to read more and see if she had changed what she thought of me. Carol in one passage said that she didn't understand why she stayed with me and treated me so badly but when she calmed down after fucking someone, she thought that I was a safety net who wouldn't do anything dangerous and she loved the risk and the danger. Carol had a split personality and loved the safety of life with me, but loved the excitement of fucking around. So Carol continued to fuck around while at college, and right under my own eyes but I was too blind to see. Carol only came when fucking people that would upset me if I found out because the other guy was a rival in some way or I disliked, if she fucked someone that had no connection with me, then it was not the same.

In our final year at college, according to her diaries, Carol decided that she wanted to settle down and realising that I was going to qualify and become a teacher the following year and so would be on the good career path. I had often declared my love for Carol, but when she broached marriage, I said that we were too young. So Carol decided to that if she was pregnant that I would automatically propose, so she came off the pill. She still fucked around, but I didn't know but a month later, Carol told me that she was pregnant and what should we do about it? Carol knew that I was only ever going to say one thing and she quickly accepted. We then had a summer wedding, just after we graduated, but before Carol was fully showing.

At the wedding Carol seemed to have a really great time. Reading her diaries told me a different story. Carol wanted to be naughty but knew that she couldn't without risking too much, so, after being put up to it by Ian, set up my elder brother's partner with Jordan. I remember the next morning that my brother was still hungover and didn't remember much from the night before, his partner seemed as fragile. Now I know why. After the wedding, his partner visited us a couple of times to see how Carol was I thought, but now I realise that Carol set her up to fuck Jordan regularly. My brother and his partner broke up within 6 months of the wedding, they had been together for 10 years and lived together, they even talked about getting married in the run up to my wedding.

Carol seemed to settle into the life of being a loving wife and mother brilliantly, but from her diaries, told a different tale. We still lived in the student area, where we had lived for the past couple of years. Some of the neighbours were jocks and a pain in the neck, trying to work full time and with a young child meant that I had several arguments with the neighbours about partying in the middle of the week. Once I took John to Cumbria for a weekend to give Carol a break and she went out with some friends around where we lived. Carol bumped into Ian and was chatting away with him, when a couple of the neighbours came over and complained about my attitude. Carol went on to full flirt mode and Ian encouraged her to carry on. Carol bragged in her diaries that she would do anything to cut down on the parties and when one of the jocks suggested that she fucked them, Carol took them back to our home and fucked them over the rest of the weekend, and for the next three months, when we moved elsewhere Carol gleefully opened her legs to these jocks. Once when I had an argument with one of the jocks, they bragged about fucking Carol, but I thought that it was just an attempt to get me to lose my temper. How trusting I was.

The last two times that Carol was a slut, Ian was around again.

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