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When we were back in our room I noticed that there was a door located in the same position as the one in the next room. It was locked from our side. I was sure the matching door on the other side was the same. I motioned for Angie to be quiet and stealth fully eased our door open. I was right; there was another door behind it that could be opened from the other side to make the two rooms into a suite. Angie was trying to stifle a giggle as we leaned our ears against the door. Suddenly it swung open tumbling us into the room. I caught my balance but Angie stumbled and fell grabbing one of the woman's legs as she fell. She managed to pull the woman out of the chair. Angie landed on her back with the woman straddling her face, her pussy shoved tight against Angie's mouth. The man, who was holding onto the doorknob and laughing, said he was just going to invite us over since we seemed to be enjoying the show from outside. Angie was squirming and trying to get up, although all she was accomplishing was to grind the woman's pussy around on her face.

We helped the girls untangle from each other. I have to say the woman was even prettier up close. She introduced herself to us as Peggy and said, "this is my husband", although if she mentioned his name I did not catch it. We tried to apologize but Peggy just waved us off and said there was nothing to apologize for.

I was getting real uncomfortable standing next to a beautiful naked lady whom had just caught us ease dropping on her lovemaking, with my wife standing next to me. Angie was a real trooper though. She told Peggy that she had a great body and was impressed with her cock sucking abilities. I was turning red by then. Peggy thanked her and apologized for sitting on her face without asking first. Angie said that it was no problem, she was the first pussy she had tasted since high school, and that she tasted good. Now this came as a surprise to me. While watching porn movies at different times I had mentioned that I would like to see Angie with another woman, but she always changed the subject. Angie told them that we were here for three days for our 25th Anniversary. Angie and Peggy stood there chatting as I became more uncomfortable and aroused. Peggy's husband went back to watching the news on the TV. Angie told Peggy that she wanted to make this trip the most memorable one of our lives. I thought it was well on its way to being that. She also told her about her problem giving head and that she had planned on finding someone to give me a blowjob while on the trip.

By then I was scarlet and stepped back into our room. I could not believe that Angie, who was normally reserved and a little shy, was talking so openly about our sex life to what had been just a few minuets ago a complete stranger. Not knowing what else to do I started to unpack our bags. In a little bit Angie came back to our room. She left both of the doors wide open. She walked over to where I was hanging up our clothes, reached around me and grabbed my dick as she whispered in my ear "I need to be fucked RIGHT NOW". She then turned me around, undid and dropped my pants and boxers around my ankles, took a hold of my cock and pulled me towards the bed. I glanced at the open door as we passed it. The couple in the next room was at it again. Peggy was on her hands and knees just inside the door and looking straight at me while her husband was behind her, also facing me, with his dick buried to the hilt in her cunt. His banging had her tits swaying. It was one of the sexiest visions I had ever scene.

Angie pushed me back on the bed.

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