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Wife unknowingly sneaks into her husband's black boss' room.

As I watched Ellen a movement brought my attention back to Janie as she reached back to her panty and pulled it back and scratched her left butt cheek. As she scratched she pulled the panty higher and higher until it found its way into her butt crack. At this point Ellen noticed or pretended to notice and told Janie she was showing too much and needed to cover her rear end. With much relief on my side Janie gave Ellen the same story she gave me in the kitchen. That seemed to satisfy Ellen and we went back to what we were doing; Ellen watching TV, me reading the newspaper, and Janie doing whatever it was she was doing. I was mystified at her actions.

As the evening progress each movement resulted in the same thing. The panties were pulled into Janie's butt crack and the hem of her night shirt moved higher and higher. But now there was a difference. Janie's legs I noticed were wider apart. I could see the outline of her pussy lips against the panty material as thin as it was. I also noticed that Ellen had changed positions facing away from me and her hand seemed to be inside her robe. She was fingering herself, I was sure of it. What's good for goose is good for the gander I hear so I let my hand slide under my robe and into the boxers. My hard-on had started a long time back and in just a couple of strokes behind the newspaper I was at full staff again. Here we were, mother, father, and daughter in a very strange situation with no one saying a thing.

Suddenly Janie rolled on her back and with her knees in the air her nightshirt continued its way up. With her legs slightly parted I had a great view right to her pussy. Off course it was somewhat covered by the panty. With no concern with her parents near her she slipped a finger into the panty leg and pulled both sides toward her pussy exposing almost all she had to offer. The game was getting better all the time. I checked on Ellen and noticed she had raised one leg and her robe had fell back exposing her leg up to the upper thigh. Her hand was inside her and it was obvious she was fingering herself underneath. Janie continued to pull her panties and they started to disappear into her pussy lips then her fingers found their way in also.

So here we are. Ellen is finger fucking herself, I'm slow stroking my cock and becoming more obvious about it, and Janie is fingering her pussy and giving us a great show. I rustled the paper to get their attention and said I was going to the bathroom and did anyone want anything. The girls said no and I hurried to the bathroom to take a piss. My real reason was to loose the boxers. I needed more freedom. When I returned Ellen had allowed the robe to fall away exposing her breasts and she didn't try to hide the fact that she had her fingers in her pussy. I followed by allowing my robe to fall open as I sat down. I no longer bothered with the newspaper. We were now watching Janie like she was a TV program.

Janie said she needed a pillow or cushion and got up to get one we keep behind the sofa. As she walked behind the sofa she hooked her thumbs in the waste band of her panties and pulled them down and kicked them off. Taking the cushion she returned to her position on her back. She immediately pulled the nightshirt up and returned to fingering herself. My cock could not take much more of this. I had put one foot on the ottoman and spread my legs to a good jack-off position. My balls were swinging freely as I continued to stroke my cock while looking at my daughter's pussy filled with her fingers. Ellen was now playing with her nipples with one hand and finger fucking herself with the other. Her legs were spread for all to see. Her nipples were standing hard as she rubbed and tweaked them. Janie had now pulled the night-shirt past her breasts and was following her mothers lead. I continued to jack-off with long controlled strokes. I had gradually slipped lower in my chair with my robe wide-open jacking-off while looking at my wife and daughter fingering themselves.

I was afraid I

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