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Be careful of strangers.

Her stomach was not exactly flat anymore, because of the recent good news. She was pregnant with their first child, only about 3 months along now. They had already picked names; Valentino Douglas for a boy and Valentina Lisette for a girl, nostalgia from the first day they met, which was significantly the day they were sharing now; Valentine's Day.

He finally made it to the steps, embracing her in his arms. She smelled so good, 'Sensual Amber' she called it. He'd never known her to wear anything else, and he would scent it on his clothes when he was working. No matter where he went he thought of her.

"I love you." He heard, capturing his lips with hers. He silently thanked God this wasn't a practical joke from Him.

"I love you too. And I'm going to make love to you all day long."

With that promise in mind and heart, he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. Work would definitely have to wait. But when you're the boss, work waits for you. The door closed with a soft click as he placed her on the bed. He wasted no time starting the day's activities off, leaning down to kiss the small place where her boobs met inside the bra. She graciously lifted her body up to receive more kisses, and he took the opportunity to reach under her and unclasp her bra. With a swift press of his fingers the hooks opened and he pulled the small garment from her body. No one would know where it landed until later that day. Her smooth, brown breasts were capped with deep brown nipples, like milk chocolate. Subliminally, he couldn't think of a better kind of chocolate to taste on Valentine's Day. He kissed one breast, and then the other, at the tops and then the bottoms, until he finally placed his lips around her nipples. Flicking his tongue at the hard nub made her squirm underneath him. He pinched the other nipple between his fingers and worked in tandem with his mouth. She writhed and he glanced up, watching her gratefully accept his pleasures. He switched sides, giving attention to them both, and her hands started to pull at the buttons on his dark green oxford shirt. He wore this shirt because she loved how it really brought the color of his eyes out. Subsequently, he owned a lot of shirts the same or near the same color.

"Please, let me take your shirt off. I want to feel your skin."

He leaned up on his arms and stared down at her playfully. She bit her lip, following it with an arousing lick as each of his buttons came loose. He focused on those lips and his cock begged to have them around it. He kneeled for a quick second, tossing the shirt to who-knows-where, resuming his feast. He sent a blaze of kisses down her stomach, affectionately placing his ear to her belly. He couldn't hear anything but he always wanted to try, fascinated that their child was just on the other side of her skin. It was a fruitful moment in his life, one he would've never imagined he would have in a million years. "If you can hear me in there, I love you too. You're one of the best things that ever happened to me." He said, giving her stomach another kiss.

Looking up at his wife, he was met with her tears. He leaned up, kissing each of the tears that had fallen. When they kissed this time, he could feel her taking his belt loose, then his jeans button and finally the zipper. Her legs wrapped around him, pushing his pants and boxers down. He helped her by pulling them down and kicking them off to the floor, deciding to take her panties with them. And with a sudden push, he landed on his back.

The first thing he noticed was that his cock was immovable, reddish and purplish from how turned on he was. The second thing he noticed was the hungry look in his eyes, which didn't help his hardness at all. But he knew what would and so did she.

He motioned her pussy to come hither.

She crawled up, her breasts dangling and bouncing together, and turned to she was facing his feet, pulling her legs to straddle his face.

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