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A passionate interlude.

She was to be part of the visionary Impact team.

The Impact team combined the most talented and brightest members of the firm, who met regularly to discuss and decide on the direction of the company. Zara entertained notions of getting there someday, but to be invited now was astonishing. Apparently she represented part of the fresh new talent and direction Mr. Cristo wished to take the company in.

She sighed, thinking about him again. She had told Dean about what transpired in that deserted corridor a week ago, and remembered his response.

"Zara, I can't believe you let the guy practically dry hump you at the office!" Dean exclaimed.

"If you raise your voice a bit louder am sure Smith's can hear you up on 4th street," Zara remarked dryly seeing the scandalized faces of the people around them at her favorite coffee shop.

"Oh," He said with an amused smile playing at his mouth. I could have made it juicier if I'd known we had and audience. She punched him playfully.

She jerked into the present as the real Dean approached her desk.

"Do you want to take an extended lunch with me?" He offered her an arm, surveying her knee length black pencil skirt and white shirt.

"I wish," she sighed. "I have to go to a meeting with the Impact team in a half hour.

"What?" He said, shocked. "Are you serious Zara? Why didn't you tell me? That's amazing."

"I only heard today. It's strange isn't it?"

"You deserve it Za. I'm proud of you." He knew she did, though he wondered at the motives behind the offer. He was shocked at her story about Cristo and from then on had a heightened awareness of the man. Zara had been oblivious to it wrapped up in her work, but he had observed Cristo's visits to their department and his seemingly incongruous and frequent glances at Zara. He could feel the jealously soaring through his veins.

The damn guy could have any women he wanted, and reports were he got exactly that too, so what he wanted with Zara was beyond him. Though watching her retrieve a manual file from a low shelf next to her desk, her calves tensing and her shirt dipping slightly at the top, he thought he knew. He left her desk thinking of a boardroom he knew was empty and a certain brunette in tech support he thought he could persuade to have "lunch" with.

A half hour later, Zara arrived at Alexander Cristo's office. Most of the team was already gathered. They were the top echelons of the firm, most of them experienced and old. The youngest member was about 8 years her senior, Robert St. Claire. They all exchanged greetings with her civilly enough. She sensed hostility from a few of the fourteen members, with indifference from the rest save two members. The indifference stemmed from the uncertainty they all had about their place within the firm.

Even though the takeover by Cristo boded well for the company, the future of the staff placement was uncertain. It was sudden and no agreements had been reached. The two members who had greeted her warmly was a powerhouse of a woman, Clara O' Brian who was a director at the firm and Robert, the youngest member. The former was appreciative of the spark she sensed in the younger woman, reminding her of herself, and the latter was more involved in thoughts about what lay underneath her clothes and sparks between the sheets.

She however, was oblivious to it all, and even more so when Alexander Cristo walked into the room.

His body was once again sheathed in a power suit of charcoal grey. He exuded power, and even though his eyes glittered with intensity, there was a calm about him that was unnerving. It was like the ocean before a storm. She chided herself on her inappropriate poetic references and listened to his deep, attractive voice as he outlined their purpose. He introduced her, commending her on the initiative she took and his hope of the valuable addition she would make.

As he said her name, she felt herself go warm.

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