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Grandma tests new feelings when her grandson moves in.

He busied himself by pouring two more glasses of champagne and placing the bottle back into the bucket of ice so it would stay chilled. When that was done he sighed deeply and took a sip from his glass staring out the window his shoulders slumped in dejection.

"Baby", he heard her speak softly behind him, her voice making him jolt upright. She reached her hand out to touch him, but stopped an inch from his back.

"If you touch me there's no going back because I won't be able to stop myself from loving you", he spoke without looking at her and then stood stiffly waiting for her to decide. When he felt her hand touch his back he exhaled the breath he hadn't realized he was holding. He turned around slowly her hand never leaving his body just sliding gently along him as he moved. When her hand was over his heart he pulled her tightly into his arms and lowered his head stopping when his lips were a breath away from hers. She looked deeply into his eyes while she slid her hand up from his chest and placed it on his cheek. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. She ran her thumb once across his bottom lip before placing her lips on his and kissing him sweetly. He stood there not daring to move, afraid she might still decide that she couldn't go through with her decision.

When he felt the tip of her tongue caress his bottom lip he inhaled deeply and thrust his hands into her hair and pulled her head back. She gasped at his sudden movement and he took full advantage of her open mouth by placing his tongue into it. He kissed her deeply, loving her with his tongue and lips sucking gently on her bottom lip and letting her suck in turn on his.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him when she felt she could no longer stand. When her knees buckled he lifted her in his arms and walked quickly to the bed, he slowly lowered her to the mattress and covered her body with his. He ran his hand up her leg under her skirt until her could feel the warm skin at the top of her thigh highs. Then he slipped his hand underneath her and gently squeezed her backside. She moaned softly against his lips and clenched her fingers in his hair. He kissed her longingly and then slid his lips across her cheek and then down her neck where he could feel her pulse beating madly. His hand slid out from under her skirt and he placed it on her hip letting it glide along her narrow waist and then slowly up her ribcage until it was stopped by the curve of her full breast. He raised his head and looked deeply into her eyes as he placed his hand on her breast. He lifted it gently and then pressed down on it. She arched her back and he squeezed her breast running his thumb back and forth across her tightly puckered nipple.

His hands shook as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse and spread it open. Her bra was made of a flimsy white lace totally impractical to support her heavy breasts, but very sexy and he loved it. He leaned down and kissed her deeply because he knew she had worn white because it was his favorite. His cupped her breast feeling the rough texture of her bra and then the silkiness of her skin as he released her breast from the confines of the lace. He ran his fingertips across the rippled skin of her areola and then he pinched the nipple rolling it between his fingers. She gasped so deeply that she sucked the air out of his lungs and into hers.

He lifted his chest off of her so he could unclasp her bra. He pulled it away from her and revealed two very pale creamy breasts topped with delicate rosy nipples. He lowered his head and licked her nipple to get it wet and then blew on it to make it harden and pucker. She arched her back and moaned softly.

He grabbed at the collar of his shirt and pulled, pooping buttons off in his haste to remove it.

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