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'Sorry, I just needed something,' he said, and rubbed her wet lips.

He put his hand down between her legs, and pushed his fingers around the dildo.

'I'm protecting you down there,' he explained.

He eased the scrapper along the floor board, trying to leaver up the dildo.

'It's coming!' he announced.

'I think I am too!' she moaned.

'That's it, watch out!' he said, as she slowly toppled forward.

He caught her in his arms, with his face in her breasts.

'Kiss my nipples, please!' she told him.

He was used to manhandling her now, and so was she. She lay on top of him, staring at the floor over his shoulder, while he sucked on her nipples. It felt as though his cock was in her, and that he'd given her a second orgasm. The hardness inside her was huge! It was no wonder she'd had another orgasm. Before and after an orgasm, she enjoyed her nipples sucked, and he was doing a good job.

'Thank you, William, you can stop now. As you must have guessed I had another orgasm, and needed my nipples sucked,' she reluctantly admitted.

'Yes, I know. That's okay. Anything happens in Mrs Barns bedroom, stays in Mrs Barns bedroom,' he said.

'After giving me two lovely orgasms, you must certainly call me Amy. Anything else feels weird,' she said.

'Okay. I'm going to move you off me now. I don't want you to move or do anything, let me do all the work. Okay?' he asked.

'Alright. So far you've done all the work and I've enjoyed it. Am I going to enjoy the rest of it?' she giggled.

The sound of her voice surprised her. She sounded like a silly young girl. As an old married woman it was ridiculous.

'What must you think of me?' she asked.

'Someone in need of help, who is trying to cope with a difficult situation. It must be very embarrassing for you,' he said, from between her ample breasts.

'Are you all right in there?' she almost laughed.

'Nothing I'd like better than to be here with you, Amy. Especially here,' William smiled up at her.

'I take it you're a breast man?' she asked.

'Yes, I am,' he admitted, with a big smile on his face.

'How do mine compare with, with, err, your girlfriend's,' she asked, trying to sound neutral and disinterested.

'I don't have a girlfriend at the moment, but these are very nice, Amy. Very nice indeed,' he said, and licked her nipples.

When she didn't complain, he tried to suck as much of a breast as he could into his mouth. He had his arms around her, holding her close. She didn't push away, as the look of total enjoyment, of complete bliss, warmed her.

'I think you deserve to enjoy yourself, after, well, making me cum so much,' she said, with a certain warmth in her voice.

'Mmm! They're lovely,' he said.

'Go ahead, enjoy,' she calmly said.

It was awhile before he stopped. He hadn't enjoyed an orgasm, but he had been close. If she could have reached him, she would have played with him. After all he deserved it, and she still needed his help. She was off the floor, but still impaled by the dildo. She no longer cared what he saw of her body, or what he did to her, she was past being embarrassed. He was no longer her son's friend, he was now her lover, of sorts.

He slowly and gently moved sideways, while holding on to her with his arms and legs wrapped around her. She wondered if that was necessary, until she slid onto the floor. Her vagina hurt for a moment, until she was flat on her back. She dare not move, or even blink. A dose of reality, experienced as pain, washed away the foolish feelings of a moment ago. It was silly thinking of this boy as her lover. He must think she was an old fool!

'Lay still, for a moment,' he told her, although there was no need to say it.

She lay naked, flat on her back on the bedroom floor, panting. He massaged her legs, as if she had cramp, or maybe he thought he could compensate for the sharp pain inside her. It had already receded, but she wasn't going to tell him that. It was nice, especially as his hands worked on her thighs, getting closer and closer to where she wanted them.

His fingers nudged the dildo

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