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The story of my MIL, my wife, and me.

Those boobs felt so great that all I could think about those boobs and getting jerked off or maybe even laid. I felt her hands around my neck and as we kissed I reached back for on of her hands and guided it to me crotch. She got the idea and started rubbing me again. I pulled back from our kiss and undid my pants. I slide them down along with my boxer shorts.

My dick was jumping all on its own I was so excited. Judy reached for it and started to jerk me off. After a few strokes she stopped and kissed me. We licked each others tongues. She leaned back again and stroked me a few more times. It felt so great feeling her soft tender hands squeeze on me and stroke it up and down. She stopped again and kissed me once more. This time I reached under her little skirt. She had her legs closed and I pushed my hand between her legs. She opened them up so my finger tips could touch her panties. I could feel how warm her soft pussy was though the front of her panties. It was so hot. I reached around the side of her panties and could feel her soft short girly pubic hair. I was looking for her hole to put my finger in. I reached slowly down further and further and found the warmest wet spot. I slid my finger in and it felt like warm silk. It was so soft, tender and warm. I fiddled with her pussy a little not really knowing what to do. I wanted to have sex with her so bad. At this point she was lying on the backseat and I was laying on my side. Half on her and half next to her with my finger in her little pussy. It was so tight to the touch. I wiggled my body between her legs. My pants were down to me knees, so I was having a little trouble trying to line myself up with her. As I did I had her panties to the side and as we were kissing I pushed my dick towards her pussy. I was not hitting the hole; I was just rubbing my dick over her soft curly hair. I could feel the wetness on my dick. Then I reached down and tried to line myself up better. I got my dick right to her whole and start to push. She stopped kissing me and pushed me back little.

"O you are not ready yet?"

She responded by asking, "Can I just give you a hand job?"

I nodded yes. So I leaned back and sat in the seat. She scooted back and I got a glimpse of her pussy hair peaking through her little white panties. She was so fucking hot. You could barely see any pussy hair there; it was such a light shade of blond like her hair. It was only a second or two, but I remember that sight like I was staring for hours. She grabbed my dick with her hand and started stroking me again. It was so nice watching her little hand stroking my dick. She was not looking at my face; she was just staring at my dick. I felt my balls tensing up. I new I was close. All I could think about was cumming. I jumped my ass up off the seat and starting squirting over and over. She was still stoking me and my cock was feeling so sensitive. I had to reach my hand down and stop her from stroking anymore. She pulled her hand away from dick. She had some of my cum running all over her fingers and I could feel the warm cum running on my dick. She was looking at her hand and I could tell she was thinking of what to do with it. She wiped her hand on my pants and we both laughed.

We continued dating for a few weeks. I would take her home everyday after school and we would go out on the weekend's one or sometimes even two times. Finally the night before the big party Judy invited me over. Her mom and dad would be out and they assumed she would be too since she had been out almost every weekend with me. I was pretty sure I knew what this meant. I was so excited. I nearly wrecked my car heading over to her house I was in such a rush. I got to her door and rang the bell. When she answered I knew I was right about thinking tonight was the big night.

Judy answered the door in a short pink T shirt that exposed her flat belly and cute little belly button.

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