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Bro's new girl likes anal, sis decides maybe she does too.

"Not gonna be a problem, Nick." The man's voice was rough and full of sarcastic humor. He ripped off my blindfold and I had to get my eyes to readjust to the light. When I did I could see that there were probably 20 or 30 guys crowded around me in the dingy little dive bar, the bar tender looking stoically on as if this were a regular occurrence. The ring leader came closer to me and placed the blindfold in my mouth after the hand was removed. I panicked as he ran his hand up my leg and up to my pussy, knowing he would find my secret there.

"Well well well, little princess over here came prepared for this... no panties under this hot little skirt. And my my, a wet little pussy too!" I closed my eyes tightly. The no panties... I was planning on surprising Nick at what I thought was going to be a nice dinner. I was admittedly wet from the motorcycle ride over here but was ashamed to admit the situation was adding to my already well lubed situation. The boss pushed me down onto my knees then bent down to look me in the eye.

"Now, you're not going to get away and I think you'll enjoy this a lot more if you cooperate. Me and my boys are going to have a bit of fun but if you bite any one of us, I'm gonna put your little ass in chains over the bar for every slimy guy in the place to use as he pleases." At this I started to cry in humiliation but he ignored my tears and went to work on his belt and zipper. I only had a second to take a deep breath before he took the blindfold out of my mouth and shoved his cock deep inside my mouth. It wasn't like Nick's at all, his was much thicker, and much longer. Before I could react I felt him grab the back of my head and begin thrusting his hard cock in my mouth, the tip hitting the back of my throat. I was gagging and choking, the tears flowing down my face, and my mascara running.

"Yes that's it you little whore, you like getting your face fucked? Keep choking if you do!" The room erupted into laughter and as he pulled from my mouth, strings of saliva stringing from the tip of his fat cock. But my mouth wasn't empty for long. Another cock found its way into my mouth while the leader looked on, slowly stroking himself as he watched the other biker fuck my face and maul my breasts.

"Oh fuck this slut's got a tight little mouth, warm and wet mmm!" He groaned and thrust his cock all the way into my throat and held himself there for a moment. "Bobby come give this a try!" With that encouragement a tall black man came ambling over to stand before me. There was an impressive bulge in his pants and I could, humiliatingly, feel my pussy clench at the thought of what he might do to me. Without further ado he pulled his pants past his massive black cock and put in my mouth. Much bigger than the previous, I felt another hand lift me up off my knees so I was bending forward sucking the big pole.

"Get her ready for this big cock" Bobby demanded from above me, slowly pulling his cock out till just the head was in my mouth. He looked down at me to watch and I tentatively began worshiping the head with my tongue.

Another hand reached up my back ripping the dress off my body throwing it to the side. I felt hands probing my pussy and my asshole.

"This bitch is about as hot as it gets" The leader growled from behind me "I guess she actually likes this!" he declared with a loud laugh. "Come fuck her with that thing Bobby, I want at that hot mouth again." With that Bobby pulled from my mouth and moved behind me. With a hard thrust his huge pole was in me to the balls and I squealed as it stretched my tight pussy. Taking advantage of my open mouth the leader slammed his cock into my throat and the two me took up an alternating rhythms. Before long I began to spasm around the huge cock thrusting into my pussy. Bobby groaned, slammed home, and I could feel him swell as he spurted hot cum deep inside me. When I moaned my orgasm around the leader's cock he grunted, pulled from my mouth, and shot his cum all over my face.

From there I was at the mercy of the rest of the gang.

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