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A gay male story.

"I'll look forward to your next message then." Victoria smiled.

Dave stumbled out of the office and found his way to his own desk, his head spinning. He hardly dared to believe it; she actually seemed to be enjoying the attention. Somehow he managed to get through the day after he got his mind back onto his work. He went home and turned on his computer; he had mail. Victoria had replied to Saturday's message. He sat and tried to think what to write back, but nothing came. When he'd thought she didn't know who was sending them it had seemed easy; now however he just couldn't think. A long forgotten piece of advice came back to him. "Write as if you are talking." Where had he heard that? At school.... And then he remembered; it had been Victoria. He smiled to himself and began to type, a totally different sort of message to the ones he had been sending.


Victoria was wondering if she had done the right thing by encouraging Dave, but his messages had been witty and intelligent and fun to read, although that last one had been a bit near to the knuckle. It was the teacher in her, the one that couldn't cope with a class, but could recognise a talent for writing however it manifested itself. There was a ding from her computer, she had left it on with the e-mail alert enabled and had sat down to look through some reports. It could be from anyone, she thought, after all lots of people have my e-mail address. Nevertheless she felt her heart beating a little faster as she hurried over to her machine. This is stupid she told herself, I should not be applauding him, but he has such a sweet way with words. I don't remember that from my days teaching him, I wonder how he developed it. It was from Dave. She opened it up. It was a bit longer than usual. She began to read....


The e-mails passed to and fro between them for many months. Sometimes Dave just wrote messages or replies, but sometimes he included a story he'd written. Victoria looked forward to reading those. More and more he asked her advice on what he called his 'long story'. It was something he'd been writing on and off for many years, but he was close to finishing it now, well the basic storyline anyway. Victoria was more than happy to suggest alternatives or additions. There was a huge info dump in one chapter that he wasn't happy with and she tried to think of some way to spread the information out without destroying the pace of the rest of the piece, but nothing came to either of them, so it stayed in.

Then one day Dave got a message asking him to come round to Victoria's flat. Puzzled, he typed a quick reply and then made his way over there. He rang the bell and was let in.

"Thanks for coming over Dave. I have some things I need to ask you and some information too." Now his curiosity was piqued as well. Victoria showed him into the lounge and went to make coffee. "The first thing I need to know is are you happy at the company?"

"Well, yes, I suppose so."

"Good. Then there is a post coming up that I think you should apply for. You can do the job, and I want to make your position safe."

"Why? What's happening?"

"They want to make some changes, and some of the jobs in your office are going. But if you get this new post, you'll be all right. Here are the details and an application form. Just don't mess up the interview, because I won't be there."

Dave had a nasty suspicion forming in his mind.

"Why not? What's happening to you?"

"My post is going completely. But I don't mind because I want to go back to teaching."

"You do?" Dave asked in surprise. "Why?"

"Yes. Helping you has reawakened my desire to teach. I want to try teaching again, all the problems I had before should have gone."

"Oh, I don't know. The boys will still stare and the girls will still see you as a threat, you're still a looker you know." He grinned.

"Thank you for that unsolicited praise.

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