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Why Black Love will never die.

She knew that it would kill her tonight and so she ran all through the forested area.

A chuckle caught her ear. It was toying with her. It was so close. 'Go away' she begged repeatedly. She felt it behind her and she tried to make a last ditched effort to zigzag but it was pointless. He grabbed her, she fell to the ground on her back and a scream left her lips. It was quickly muffled by a hand as a dark voice whispered into her ear. "Hello little human. Let's play a little game..."


An angry growl escaped the lips of Pheonix Maine. He was the head of the Maine Company in the business district of New York and a very serious deal had gone down the drain. He knew that his competitor had deliberately sabotaged his investment and he wanted blood. He looked at his clock within the massive office that served also as a room on the nights he stayed over to work on particularly difficult deals. He had to get out of there. There were humans working for him and he did not trust himself around them. Besides a certain hanyou needed to learn where his place in this world was. He was so angry that he could feel his inner youkai raging to come out. He knew that he was dangerous tonight. It was one of those times that his control slipped while in the human world and from the gasps of the security guards he knew that his youkai had shown up from the reddening of his eyes. He snarled at them as he stepped out of the building.

Pheonixe was a beautiful man. His silvery hair hung down his back in a tight braid. He had the features of an aristocrat. Many who had seen him thought that his uncanny beauty was something to envy and desire. He was tall and built even though many who saw him though he looked lithe. Combined with his unusually crimson eyes these made him into a man that many women desired. Many had not been ashamed to state their desire. He found such easy conquests a bore and he mainly as a principle ignored them.

Right now though he needed a fight or a good fuck. Anything to get rid of the anger. He walked out into the night. The stares came. He ignored them. He had no reason to care what they thought. He was looking for a target. The one that would give him a nice challenge. A delightful scent drifted over the night air. It completely overpowered the stench of sweat and bodies and a canine grin formed on his lips. It seemed it would not be a battle of strength but a battle of pleasure that night. He knew he shouldn't go after this woman but her scent enchanted him. It was so familiar. He needed to find it and so he walked into the park. He could feel his control slipping with each step he took into the darkened park. He had not had a good hunt in so long. His prey seemed so hapless. He had been following her for a good five minutes and she still had not seen him. He knew that she was nervous being there on her own. The crime rate against women was well known to all females. She was taking a risk that night and she would definitely learn from her mistake. She would think twice about walking in the dark alone after tonight and his smile grew.

She was beautiful.

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