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The demon man, standing at nearly seven feet and built like the trunk of a tree, dwarfed their master as a cat would dwarf a mouse. Black lips pulled back into a sneer as his crimson eyes settled on the man with disdain. Pointed teeth ground together between clenched jaws for a long moment before he responded.

"You don't seem fit to be anyone's master," the demon spit as he continued to glare imposingly upon the drunken man.

"I assure you, sir, that I've paid good money for these slave girls. They are my property. When you first came you told me you had no intention of interrupting our way of life, only of finding the sorcerer man, who you found, and you still have not left us," their master stated bravely, though the panic in his wide eyes was unmistakable.

"Please," Kristasia begged the demon, though she doubted she would find mercy in his eyes. "Please, he'll hurt us. Please, she's just a little girl. I'll do whatever you want, but please, don't make us go back to him."

"You have nothing I want," the demon responded callously as he glared between the two slaves and their master.

"Yes we do!" Lonnia cried suddenly, her cheeks still wet with tears.

The demon's head snapped rather suddenly to look at the little girl. His crimson eyes focused on her like a snake eyeing its prey.

"Don't listen to them. They've disobeyed me and now they're scared to receive their punishment. They're nothing more than unruly slaves. Return them," their master ordered, his voice taking on a tone that the demon man seemed to keenly disapprove of.

"You do not give me orders, you mortal scum," the demon hissed as he took a step forward, his clawed hand resting on his sword hilt. "Say one more word and I will end you now."

Their master took a large step back as his jaw went slack and his eyes widened into an expression of terror.

"What is it that you have?" the demon demanded as he turned back to the child.

Her large blue eyes were wide with panic and wet with more tears as she studied the demon man. She eyed his gray skin tinted purple by the veins of blood pulsing just beneath the surface, his mess of black hair that fell around his head like a draping of feathers and his pointed ears that peaked up from beneath it, his crimson irises glaring out through narrowed slits, the long jagged scar that cut his left cheek down to his jaw, the black claws that still gripped his sword hilt, and his entirely imposing figure.

"Child, what is it that you have?" the demon repeated, softening his voice as he took a step closer to Kristasia and Lonia.

Kristasia eyed their master, then the demon, and then their surroundings. Snarling dogs still stood by her master's heel, waiting for her to run. The fiery red portal was just before them. A camp full of demons who had come out to watch surrounded them. They had but one chance at escape, and that chance was entirely unsettling. She didn't know what was beyond the portal, only that it was a place containing creatures like the ones before her. Still, she decided that she might find more mercy at their hands than at the hands of the disgusting pig behind her. Before the demon could come any closer, Kristasia grabbed up the child and dashed towards the portal.

"Wait!" the demon cried out from behind them, but it was too late.

Kristasia and Lonia passed through the portal and into a world like nothing they'd ever seen before. The ground was of red dust, iron ore, and black rock. Towering walls of sheer cliffs and rock rose up all around them. It appeared that they were in a canyon of some sort. No plants, trees, or water could be see, but off to their left, where the cliffs parted, was a river of molten lava. The stink of sulfur pervaded their senses and Lonia began to cough. There was but one path ahead of them that wound around the corner of the jagged cliffs. Kristasia grabbed the child's hand and they took off down it, not bothering to wait for the demons to find them.

"What is this place?" Lonia asked as they carried on a steady pace.

"I don't know," Kristasia wh

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