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Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a male figure standing outside her bathroom window, which was located at eye-level directly behind her shower. She acted as if she were alone and continued the show, knowing that some naughty, naughty person was watching her every move just a few feet away.

Sandra began getting more verbal, moaning and groaning. She arched her back and worked her long, skinny fingers in and out of her hairless pussy from behind, giving her audience of one a doggy-style view to her finger fucking.

"Oh yeah," Sandra said as she fucked herself.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned louder and louder.

"Oh God, here it comes fuckkkk," Sarah pretended to talk to herself.

She came all over her hand, her juices running down her arm. She brought her hand to her lips and licked all of her juices off.

She noticed whoever it was already gone, but she knew he had to have been masturbating after watching a show like that.

Sandra finished washing up and got out of the shower to dry herself off.

Feeling satisfied with her first exhibition act of the day, she got dressed and headed off to where she worked at a dry cleaning company.

The day seemed to go on and on forever Sandra thought, bored with her job.

Finally, her replacement came in 10 minutes late at 3:10 PM and Sandra was able to check out.

Relieved, she headed home in her dumpy little Ford Escort. She tried to concentrate on the road, but her mind kept wandering deep into her thoughts.

She was thinking of what she would do tonight to expose herself. She wanted something fresh, something new, something totally trashy and sleazy.

Later that night, after Sandra watched Wheel of Fortune and finished her TV dinner, she decided to go for a little walk and think some more about what she could do today, still completely clueless.

She walked down the block and suddenly the idea of a lifetime came to her! She remembered that Old Man McGinte and his wife had a rather nice looking garden in their backyard, so she decided this is where she would perform today's act.

She slyly crept into their backyard, closing the gate behind her. She decided she would lay down in the middle of the garden in front of the backyard picture window and the windows that peered out from the kitchen to enjoy the 'fruits of her labor', if you will. She pulled off her jeans and her t-shirt and was now laying in the muddy dirt with just her satin-red panties and matching bra.

"Edgar I'm making asparagus salad," Elaine told her husband.

"I hope you like..." she trailed off as she looked outside her window only to see a young, attractive woman running her hands all of her body.

"Oh my!" Elaine cried.

"What's the matter now Elaine, did you cut yourself, again?" Edgar asked as he made his way over to the sink.

He started to say something else when he noticed she was looking out the window. Curious, Edgar looked too.

He almost had a heart attack! He had not seen that kind of action in 40 years when he and Elaine were younger!

Edgar and Elaine watched in silence and in awe as the young girl began stroking her hands all over her body and running them through her hair.

Sandra was just thinking about how kinky she was, getting off while people her grandparents ages were watching.

Although Edgar was turned on by what he was seeing, he had respect for his wife and was about to go out and tell the young lady to get a move on when all of a sudden she pulled down her panties and took off her bra.

Spreading her legs, she began running her fingers over her succulent pussy lips and slowly worked her middle finger in and out of her wet lips.

"Oh Edgar," Elaine moaned to her husband as the two watched the young lady play with herself.

Sandra ran rubbed her hands in the dirt then rubbed it all over her young, sexy body as she continued the show.

She ran her hands over her breasts, turning them a muddy brown color. She then picked a carrot out from the ground and started fucking her pussy with it.

Edgar and Elaine could not believe their eyes!

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