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A couple plays in Vegas.

He had fallen for her a long time ago, observing her at various events. Apart from her penchant for practical jokes and spritely energy, the thing that he was attracted to the most was that she was kind. And her kindness wasn't causally related to anything. She was kind out of the goodness of her heart, and that just made him want her more. And so when Yvonne kissed him back, his heart soared.

The kiss was gentle. He swiped her lips with his tongue, asking for permission, and she didn't hesitate. She opened her mouth, and as their tongues met, the intensity of their kiss increased. But Daniel was more focused on pleasuring Yvonne, to make her forget the events of the evening. Breaking the kiss, he went south, kissing her neck, which drew out a sigh from her. That spurred him on. He found that gentle nips on her earlobe and neck drove her crazy, so he concentrated on that, while simultaneously trying to get the both of them naked.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, he stopped, and slowly undid her dress, revealing her beautiful, beautiful breasts. As he slid his hands up her sides, he couldn't help but marvel how smooth, like a velvety leaf, her skin was. His hands roamed all over her body as his lips tended to her nipple, gentle bites eliciting even more sighs and moans from her. Her hands threaded in his hair as he continued his ministrations, and when she moaned his name for the first time, it drove him crazy. He placed his left hand on her panties, and there was no doubt left as to how wet his actions had made her. They were soaked in pussy juice. He helped her get his panties off, but when he tried to finger her, she closed her legs. He looked up at her questioningly, and she simply said, "You're still clothed."

He took his clothes off, and once again joined her on the bed. This time, she didn't resist. He pushed a finger inside her, searching for her clit, all the while leaving a trail of kisses over her unblemished, goddess-like form. He used his other hand to massage her breasts, teasing her nipples, but not exactly touching them. She groaned as he left her hanging. "Daniel... please... Don't tease me. Touch me. pleaaaseeeee!!"

He smiled as he continued to tease and torture her, just one finger flicking her clit, which was not nearly enough considering the state of arousal she was in right now. He claimed her lips once more, but before she could indulge herself, broke away again and bit her near the nape of her neck, marking her, claiming her, yet not showering her with the attention she wanted, nay, needed. She groaned in frustration once more, and this time he relented. He added a second finger inside her, rubbing her sensitive nub as she squirmed in pleasure. He also pinched her nipple, and then latched onto it, feeding on it as if he had been deprived of it for years, as if he was someone starved, and her nipple was his sole source of nourishment.

She was close. Her body had already begun the ascent to the peak of pleasure since he started teasing her, but now that he was positively ravishing her, she could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and her moans let him know too. And just in time, he added a third finger and sucked on her nipple so hard that she couldn't help but scream her pleasure as her body bucked and thrashed in pleasure underneath him and she came and came.

He removed his fingers from her snatch and brought them up to his lips, tasting her. "Delicious", he said simply, and then kissed her once again, letting her recover from her high temporarily. Temporarily, because he was not done worshipping her yet. Their snogging session lasted a while, passion slowly increasing once again, Yvonne getting revved up once again. She wanted him inside her, but presently, Daniel had other things in mind.

He broke off their kiss and stared into her entrancing blue eyes, whispering, "Beautiful!", before going down on her.

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