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Their relationship enters a new phase.

The action made me fully erect, surprising me. I'm not gay, had never been more than mildly curious. My erection began to ache as I unzipped my brother's pants and pulled his limp dick out over the waistband of this shorts. He lifted his ass, I caught on and pulled pants and shorts down for him. I turned my attention back to the TV screen as he reached down for his limber dick with his cast encrusted arm.

"Damn it.", he muttered after several minutes. "Besides the anti-depressants, I think my diabetes is keeping me from getting a hard on and I can't even get a good grip to coax it to life."

"Huh?" I asked, I'd been transfixed by the young woman blowing "father" and "son" on the TV screen.

"I can't get it up.", he said. "Is there any way you could jack me a bit because I can't even get a grip?"

"That's sick!" I replied even as my bulge strained against my jeans. "I'm not gay."

"Hey bro!" he about shouted as he locked eyes with me, "Don't get pissed man, I know you ain't gay. It's just that it's been more than a year since I tossed a load, since before the accident, and it's frustrating to not even be able to get a woody."

I looked down involuntarily, the tips of his finger were trying to stroke the limp flesh tube. Without thinking beyond my increasing aching member, I reached over and gingerly took his meat in my hand. It was soft and pliable though it twitched a bit at my touch. He withdraw his cast covered arm as I began to slowly stroke the slowly hardening tool. I turned my eyes back to the TV as I unfastened my belt and loosed up my jeans to give my raging pecker some much needed room. We watched the action on the screen for several more minutes.

"This ain't working.", my older brother said after a while. "I don't suppose you'd consider maybe kissing it and licking it until it gets hard?"

I didn't want to do that disgusting thing. My mouth was terribly dry as I sipped a mouthful of soda. Despite myself, I found myself on my knees with my head between his legs, staring his semi-hard snake right in its one eye. I used my shoulders to open his legs a bit more, his breath caught from pain from one or the other legs, both of which had taken hits in the car crash. "Sorry.", I apologized, my breath a hot breeze on his shaft.

My tongue flicked out, the tip touching a man's dick for the very first time. His member again twitched in my hand, encouraging me to lick it from tip to hairy nut sack and back up. I heard my brother groan, the sound made my lips open to inhale his slowly filling pecker. Thinking of how I liked my ex-girlfriend's mouth on my dick, I made a "v" with my tongue and used it to maintain pressure on the underside of his dick as I pumped it in and out of my mouth. Slowly his dick engorged and I let it flop from my mouth, though my hand continued stroking it.

"Oh please don't stop!" my brother pleased. "Please, it's been a year. I won't cum in your mouth. I'll blow you when I can. I'll pay you fifty bucks. Just suck me off please?"

I looked him in the eyes as his dick slid back into my mouth. He didn't know it, but I didn't intend to stop sucking him. I just needed him to ask as I'm not gay, I'm just helping him relieve his built up sperm retention. I bobbed up and down on his shaft, hand matching the motions of my mouth, as my other hand gently cupped his balls and caressed gently. A drop or two of nasty tasting pre-cum leaked out in my mouth, I focused on the task of helping my older brother with his problem.

"Oh man I'm gonna cum.", he breathed heavily. "Please don't stop, let me cum in your mouth. Please? My wife never would. I'll pay you. Oh man oh man..."

As I felt his nut sack tighten up and his dick throb, I knew he was about to blow his load.

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