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Hotties convince him to recall when he lost his virginity.


"I'm going to help you take off the rest of your clothes," said Van, "and we'll see how things progress after that."

I'm sort of like, "What? What?" I mean, how far did he intend to go? Take off my clothes? What would happen after that?

The dress that I was wearing was a simple slip on. While I'd been standing there wondering what was going on Van had been lifting it up. When I felt the tug at my arms I'd just naturally raised them while stewing over what Van and Jenny had said. So it was that I found myself standing there clad in a bra. There was no way I was going to turn around to let Van undo it, but I found out I didn't have to. Jenny got out of her chair and came up behind me and unclipped it. She went back to her seat and Van slipped the bra down my arms and off.

Well, it was obvious that I wouldn't be able to let things progress much further than this, but would it really hurt to let Van possibly kiss me? Even let him touch me a bit more. I shivered a little at the thought and just stood still.

It was a case of, oh my god, he did kiss me. What shook me was that he didn't kiss my mouth, he kissed my breasts. My nipples, of all things, and then his mouth just went grazing across my breasts, covering them with little butterfly kisses, stopping every so often to nibble on a nipple. Nibble on a nipple! That sounds so weird, but it felt wonderful. I just let it go on for a bit longer.

His mouth moved up over my breast and I found myself tilting my head to the side as his hot breath trailed across my throat. His mouth was hot on mine and his hands were now continuing the teasing of my breasts. I was standing there, not moving, apart from where my hands were clutching at his shoulders.

His mouth trailed down again, taking over the torment to my nipples while his hand slid further down my body. I almost shrieked when his hand closed over my pussy again, this time starting to rub back and forth along it, massaging it. I was going weak at the knees and I was sure I was just going to collapse onto the carpet in a liquid heap.

I suppose the thing that stopped me collapsing was finding that I was leaning back against the arm of the couch. I hadn't even noticed that I'd been turned around until it was behind me. It was I felt, almost time to call it quits. You could have too much of a good thing.

I suppose it was a little na__ve of me not to realise that, if one hand was manipulating my pussy and his mouth was tasting my breasts, he was left with a free hand and it would also be doing naughty things. It just wasn't doing them to me, which was I overlooked it.

The moment when I found out what his other hand was doing was when the hand on my pussy spread its fingers wide, spreading my lips at the same time. His free hand then guided his erection, which it had just set free, in between my parted lips and into me. I suddenly found myself with a cock making its way into me, and it was a bit bloody late to say, so far and no further.

Van just eased himself into me. While a tight fit, his cock seemed to have no trouble making its way down my passage. There had been a sting and a slight hesitation when he broke past my hymen, but the sting wasn't bad enough for me to cry halt, and the hesitation wasn't long enough to give him time to change his mind. He just continued sliding smoothly into me.

Just like that I was an ex-virgin, having an affair with another woman's husband. Although I'm not sure if you can really call it an affair if she's watching him take your virginity. I had enough self-control (barely) to be able to toss Jenny a glance and she was watching and smirking.

Seeing as how I'd been too stupid to realise how deep in I was getting I decided that since I was committed I'd better make sure I was totally committed. In for a penny, in for a pound, sort of deal. I knew vaguely how I was supposed to respond, so I waited until Van started to pull out.

Initially he just held himself still, cock buried deep inside me, almost as though he couldn't believe that I'd let him go that far.

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