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She experiences her best friend Beth.


"I want to, I will. Tell you what, make love with me in your wedding veil, and I promise to fuck your brains out wearing your wedding dress someday soon."

"You bastard, you rotten bastard, I love you. I'll think about it."

Greg posed Laura all afternoon. He had her changing outfits almost constantly. He did take a few with cum running from her mouth. Now she was sitting on Greg's desk facing his chair with hands on her knees. Nipples had been twisted and pulled taut, and that was obvious. She wore only the sheer black, boy cut panties Dan loved so much and smeared lipstick. Greg had just choked her hard with his cock but spewed his load in her outer mouth. Laura looked at her lover sitting in his chair and snapping pictures as fast as the camera would cycle. Cum dripped as she gasped to breathe. Click, click, click, click.

Twice Greg moved his model to daring locations. He took a stripping series of pictures at her desk in the outer office. The final shot of the series showed her skirt neatly folded on one side of her desk, her blouse and jacket draped over her chair, and Laura bent to the computer wearing full pinup lingerie, stockings and heels. The second series had her stretched out on a walnut table in one of the conference rooms at the end of the building. Laura wore only her veil for this series and Greg made her masturbate to completion as he took pictures and positioned her veil. Click, click, click, click.

Laura heard the guard making rounds somewhere behind them as they returned to Greg's office. She didn't dare look and never knew if or what the guard saw. Once private, her command to Greg was simple, "Fuck me now!"

"I'm exhausted, let's pack up, go home and see how good a photographer my lover is; fuck once or twice, and then see what we want to do this evening." It took almost an hour to pack and get home. They decided to fuck at once before looking at the pictures. A quick preview of the day's pictures was followed by a light dinner at home. What Greg wanted to do was make love to Laura on their bed wearing the wedding veil she wore when she pledged fidelity to her husband.

Laura's mind was still active as she drifted toward sleep. Dan and I have made love, really beautiful love many times. Greg and I have made love before, made love as only true lovers can. I have never been as loved, kissed, thrilled; and returned that much love as Greg and I just shared together. I am glad Dan put the veil in with my things; I must thank him. Laura closed on Greg, kissed his lips with love and fell asleep with lips together.

Light through drapes woke Dan. When he realized where he was and who he was with, he wanted to make love to start the day. His hand traced the bright blue satin line from shoulder, over the woman's breast, and down to her hip. Her kiss was instantly ready and tender; she became fully awake immediately. Last night she had been more demanding of Dan in her bed. This morning she allowed very slow and complete exploration. Everywhere Dan touched he stimulated. She knew she had selected well when she chose Daniel as her lover for this period of life.

Dan and the mistress of the house sat together at the large kitchen table. The bay windows gave a view of the garden, but mostly that meant fall leaves on the ground. "In spring, eating breakfast here must be heavenly." Instead of a verbal response, Dan felt her hand gently trace his cheek. Dan sensed that meant agreement. Twenty minutes later Artsy and the other woman joined them. They held hands as they approached and it was quite obvious they just made love. Breakfast was quiet time.

In the den conversation shifted to schedules. Artsy had to be at work at two. Neither older woman was committed. Dan admitted he was totally free because Laura was posing for her lover, "No telling if she will be home today, let alone when. I really don't expect to see her until late tomorrow." The older woman's friend wasn't as familiar with Dan and Laura's situation so Artsy gave a three minute thumbnail sketch.

"Since I am the business pr

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