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Jason knows he has Julie hooked on him.

His partner is well developed in the boob department.

Denise whispers in my ear, "He's got a nice thick cock, just like the one I'm holding. Do you think they'll fuck?"

Just as she completes her thought, we watch the couple move up against a rock and he lifts her leg with his hand. Standing hip deep in water, he positions his cock at her entrance and pushes inside her pussy. Denise squeezes my shaft as we watch. It looks like the gentleman bottoms out and holds her tight. My cock throbs in Denise's hand. We watch as she keeps her leg high and is pressed against the rock. We see him piston in and out of her pussy.

They rock their hips back and forth. The movement of his cock appears to rub against her clit as the waves roll around the rocks. Their position is not far from the beach and we realize they now have a few people watching. He grabs her ass and pulls her hard against his hips.

Denise can't take any more of our voyeurism, she is so turned on.

"Rob, take me home and make love to me. I need to feel your hard cock deep in my pussy, just like her. I don't want an audience; I just want it to be you and me."

Denise releases her grip on my cock and we wade back toward our place on the beach. We spot our towels and move through the waves to the shore. It doesn't take long to pack our backpacks. Denise doesn't bother with her bikini; she just throws on her cover-up. I pull up my shorts and we head back to the parking lot.

In short order, we are back at our houses. I head straight for her swimming pool, while Denise pulls our sandwiches and beer from her backpack. She arranges our food on the table and joins me by the pool. I move next to her and lift her cover-up over her head, releasing her enormous boobs to my gaze. She reaches down and unsnaps my shorts. We are both naked in her backyard.

I place my hands around her giant orbs and press them together. Denise leans in to kiss me and grabs my cock again. I love the way she handles me. I suggest we jump in the pool and pretend we are at the beach with an audience watching us. Denise likes the idea. I hold her hand as she steps down into the shallow end and I follow her. We move to deeper water and embrace. Her boobs mash between our bodies as our lips touch and tongues begin to play.

I smile,"Hey neighbor."

"Hey neighbor. Rob, I am so horny right now. Watching that couple fuck behind the rocks really turned me on. They had to know people were watching them. I don't know if I could make love in public like that. Could you?"

I plead the Fifth Amendment and decide now is not the time I want to reveal that detail. I think back to late last summer when my walking friend, Catherine and I joined hips after watching other couples fuck on Avila Beach. Catherine's next door neighbor, Lacy, was with us and got an eyeful as I had my seven inches buried deep in Catherine's pussy.

I touch the side of Denise's right boob. She grabs my hand and moves it onto her erect nipple. Being a confirmed Boobman, I love how big her breasts are. They are rounded with a little sag that comes with her forty-seven years. Her dark red areoles cap them nicely and her large suckable nipples beg for attention. I place my other hand on her left breast and massage both tits as we stand in the water.

I palm her right breast and lift it up for my inspection. I move my head down to her left breast and suck on her erect bud. I push her boobs together to create an enticing view of deep cleavage. I can't get enough of these 34GG melons. I lift her right breast up and move my lips to that erect nipple. I suck it between my lips. I use my tongue to lick all around her crimson red areole and then suck on her nipples again. Denise reaches around to the back of my head and presses my face into her mounds of flesh.

"Julie told me you have a boob fetish and I have to believe she is right. It's all good, your lips feel good and it makes my pussy tingle."

"Well then, it's time for me to take care of your pussy.

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