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He showed us to a bedroom on the first floor; quite a large room with an old fashioned four poster bed and views over the grounds. On the bed were two ribbon tied boxes. "You can make this your base; use it for whatever you want," he said, smiling meaningfully at Christine. "Your outfits are there." He indicated the two boxes. "Should fit you. The people who supply them are very good. I'll leave you to get ready. Make your way down to the library in about twenty minutes to serve drinks." He smiled. "Hope we all have a good night," and he left us too it.

"Better get changed," Christine said. "We've only fifteen minutes." She went over to the bed, opened a box, and lifted out what looked like a burgundy red corset style basque with trailing suspenders. She held it up against her body. "Very nice," she said, feeling the material. "I bet these weren't cheap."

She started to slip out of her clothes. I slowly began to follow suit. As I undressed, I suddenly realized just what I had let myself in for.

Christine was soon naked, and she still looked as good as she had the last time I had seen her: her large breasts still firm with only a slight sign of a droop, large pink areolas, and her ever pointy nipples. Her pussy lips were shaved and looked delightful and quite prominent.

She looked at me as I slipped out of the last of my clothes. "You still look as good as ever. They are going to love you. It's great to be back working together again." She picked up the corset and held it around her body. "Can you fasten me up, darling? I can never do theses damn things."

I went behind her and snapped the clips together. My finger brushing her cool skin sent a shiver through me. Then I opened the other box and took out a similar corset, this time in pale blue. I checked what else was in the box: a pair of stockings, some 5" heels, and nothing else.

I looked across at Christies who was sitting at the dressing table pulling on the stockings. "Is this all we are wearing," I asked.

She smiled sheepishly. "I'm afraid so, darling. That's the way Harry wants it."

"My God, woman; we might as well be completely naked!"

"Come on," she said. "You've done it before."

"Yes, but that was some time ago. I was younger then and less wise. I don't go around showing my bare cunt to strangers these days."

"Don't be like that; think of the money; __500 notes just to let a few old guys get a look at your pussy."

I shrugged. It was too late to argue now, and I guess I needed to make the best of it. I shook my head as I slipped the corset around me and managed to fasten it without help. Then I took out the stockings and sat on the bed to pull them on and attach them to the suspenders. Finally, I slipped my feet into the shoes; they fit perfectly. I walked over and looked at myself in the mirror. Oh, shit, I thought to myself; I look like a whore.

The corset was low cut and did not quite conceal my nipples. The darker pink shape of the areoles could be seen peeking out. I tugged it up to give me a bit more concealment, but there was nothing I could do down below as the corset only came down to my hips leaving my stomach and the rest of me totally exposed.

I felt myself getting warm thinking that I was going to have to walk into a room full of strangers dressed like this. Who was to blame? Christine? Cliff even for persuading me to do it? Or maybe it was just my big mouth. Well, there was nothing I could do now. I checked my hair and make up, not that any one would be looking at that with the rest of what was on show. Christine smiled. "I've got to say you do look sensational."

I smiled slightly. "The things you get me into, woman," I said. "But you look great as well I must admit." The burgundy color suited her complexion, and with her large breasts that seemed ready to fall out and the puffy lips of her pussy so exposed she did look whorishly erotic.

"We had better get down," she said. "It must be about time."

It felt completely weird walking towards the stairs dressed as we were in a house that must have seen some stra

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