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Two superheroes fall in love - but share a forbidden secret.

Dave quickly resumed the spanking and soon had Mabel's buttocks bouncing with every swat of his large hand. I pushed my chair back and sat grinning encouragement to Dave as he warmed to the task of giving his wife the spanking she had needed for so long. He was placing the firm spanks very accurately and, judging by Mabel's cries of delight, Dave was using the right amount of force with each spank. After another five minutes I decided that it was time to move the demonstration on otherwise I could be there all night.

"That will do for now Dave," I instructed, "Stand up Mabel."

Mabel must have been nearing orgasm as she moaned with frustration and gave me a very dirty look as Dave assisted her to her feet.

"Mabel I don't take kindly to dirty looks like that, a good submissive learns to obey without question." I said as I reached out and pulled her back to my chair. "Keep standing but bend over and hold onto the seat."

Mabel obeyed instantly with a moan and a shudder as I stood behind her and spread her legs wide apart. I went to the coffee table, grabbed the paddle and returned to give Mabel a swat on her waiting backside. A loud wail of protest was cut short by the noise of the next whack on the opposite cheek.

"David, a table tennis bat makes a great paddle." I said as I rained short sharp swats all over Mabel's bottom.

I knew from experience that the paddle could sting very painfully so I was very careful not to use too much force. Mabel was crying out loudly each time the paddle landed and David had a look of surprise at the amount of punishment his wife could willingly accept.

"Oh God, amber Sir, amber!" Mabel suddenly cried with a sob.

"Good girl." I said as I stopped paddling. "David, any ice in the freezer?"

David jumped to his feet and almost ran to the kitchen while I assisted Mabel over to lie face down on the couch. She was sobbing a little but when I whispered my inquiry as to whether she was okay to continue she managed a grin and nodded. David returned with a bowl of ice cubes, passed it to me without a word and returned to sit in his chair. Again I wondered to myself if he was really strong enough to look after his wife's powerful needs. But I immediately realised that all I could do was to give a thorough demonstration and let the future take care of itself. I ran an ice cube over Mabel's hot arse cheeks to ease the pain and she moaned as I slid the cold block over the bright pink skin.

I had what I hoped was a flash of inspiration and after slipping a blindfold over Mabel's eyes I signaled David to come back over and stand next to me. I took a latex glove from a pocket and passed it to the wondering farmer. While I continued to ease Mabel's pain with the ice I silently signaled and encouraged David to pull on the glove.

"Stay where you are Mabel but kneel up on the couch when you are ready to continue." I ordered as I placed the bowl of ice aside.

"Yes Sir!" Mabel said as she immediately followed my instruction.

"You are not to cum until I tell you." I said as I took a small tube of lubricating gel from a pocket.

"Oh God, Yes Sir!"

Mabel shuddered as I squirted some gel over her puckered arse hole before signaling David to insert his finger into his wife's rectum. A shocked look came over the farmer's face and he took a step backwards as he shook his head from side to side. I nodded that it was okay and quickly slipped a spare glove onto my right hand.

"David I bet that your lovely wife has a fantasy of being fucked up the arse." I said as I pushed my finger against Mabel's rosebud. "Am I right Mabel?"

"Ohhhhhhh yes." Mabel moaned.

"Just relax and let my finger in." I instructed as I applied more pressure to her tight anus.

Mabel groaned as she relaxed her sphincter and allowed my finger to push it's way fully into her arse. I eased it out, added some more gel and started to gently masturbate her with my finger.

"Oh God, that is sooooo good." Mabel moaned as she became used to the sensations.

I looked at David and saw that he now grinning as he heard and accepted

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