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Megan and Joey goe to the gym.

They were about halfway through their jog when Jessica stopped. She could hear some noise coming from behind the bushes. Her husband was slow today and had some catching up to do. She could hear a distinct noise coming from off the path. It sounded animal-like but what animal makes that noise? Jessica crept up to a tree and peeked around it. What she saw made her instantly wet. A blonde woman was pressed up against a tree, her skirt bunched up around her waist, and a man was screwing her. His jeans were down around his ankles and he was thrusting into her pussy. They looked young, maybe 18 or 19. Jessica could see a sports bag lying on the grass with football gear and the girl was wearing a high school cheerleader's outfit.

Jessica watched as this athlete thrust his cock into his woman while sucking at her perfectly sized tits. Her wetness was soaking through her jogging shorts as she watched them go at it. She thought about how he was taking that girl, making her his. This blonde cheerleader had a hunger which only a man's cock can satisfy. Jess thought about how her husband will do that same to her soon. She imagined how good that girl was feeling with her body pressed against the tree by her lover. How her pussy walls were being stretched by his big, hard cock. The sensations traveling up and down her body as it was being pushed into her tight, wet cunt.

Suddenly she felt the hands of her husband squeezing her own tits. She was so caught up in them that she didn't hear him creep up behind her. She immediately arched her back in response and stifled a groan. His hands traveled up and down her body as she leaned on the tree she was hiding behind. He felt how soaked her shorts were and she felt his hardness pressing against her ass. She wanted to be taken now. She was ready to hand herself over to him. To have the aching hunger in her pussy satiated. He groped her as they watched the blonde's back arch and heard her give out her loudest moan yet. Jessica licked her lips as she watched this girl cum all over the cock inside her. The guy's thrusting got faster and harder. Jessica could only imagine the blonde feeling the heat from his cum inside of her. The feel of his cock pulsating in her pussy as he emptied his seed into her. Jess lifted up her shirt and bra and dropped them to the ground as she grinded her ass into her man, making him harder for her.

The woman dropped to the ground, turned around and leaned on the tree, sticking her incredible ass out at her man. Jessica felt her shorts be pulled down as he came up behind her. She watched as the girl waved her ass back and forth, offering herself to him, to be taken at his will. The man stepped up behind her and pressed her face into the tree as he entered her ass. Jessica could hear the man slapping against her ass as he fucked her. His hands were groping every inch of her athletic looking body. He was fucking her fast and hard, like the slut this girl obviously was. Jessica stuck her own ass out at her husband, knowing that she was just as bad. She was a slut and wanted to be taken like one. Her body jumped as her husband entered her from behind roughly. He was as turned on as his wife.

Jessica and that teenage cheerleader were both being fucked the same way. She arched her back and looked up at the sky as her husband drove his cock into her. He was grasping her boob with one hand and fingering her clit with the other. She could feel her juices pouring down his hand and cock. He gave off a light grunt into her ear with each thrust. The other couple was screaming as loud as they could, the blonde's body in spasm in her lover's arms as he filled her ass with his load. This was enough to make Jessica cum. A second later she felt a warmth in her belly that told her that she was being filled with her husband's seed. But Jessica's hunger wasn't satiated.

She turned around and tripped her husband so that he fell to the ground.

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