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She has a secret, he finds out what it is.

"Um...Nearly two weeks, I live on 32nd street, my mother got promoted and we had to move from Britain."

Chad smiled and kissed Blaine's cheek, he loved being one of the very few outed gay teens in this school, means he could do anything he wanted to Blaine, in the right terms of course. Blaine shivered when Chad's lips moved to suck on his earlobe, Chad lightly bit the flesh and was rewarded when Blaine let out a stuttered moan. Seems Chad had found one of Blaine's sensitive spots.

"Mr Thurston, I see you have already made your acquaintance with our new student, but I must tell you it's rude to make a move on the first day of school." Mr Garrison's voice pulled Chad's head away from Blaine's ear with a grin.

"Sorry Sir, but Blaine looks and tastes so good." Chad replied with a wicked grin.

Blaine flushed deep red and buried his head in his books with a deep groan. The class around him laughed and he flushed even deeper when Chad placed a chaste kiss on his cheek, Blaine batted Chad away with a muttered "Stop it.", Chad pulled away with a sigh and leant back against the girls legs behind him.

"You think he's cute don't you Elle?" Chad asked the girl he was leaning on.

"Oh honey you know I think he is adorable, but if I say anything out of line I will get spanked by Mike." Elle replied with a grin, running her fingers through Chad's honey blonde hair.

"Elle, you love being spanked so don't even try the innocent act on me." Chad said with a grin.

Elle sighed before saying "You know I do, honey."

"All right kids settle down I think we have established that Mr Thurston has decided to take the new student under his wing."

"That's not all I plan to take him under." Chad shouted. The class erupted in laughter while Blaine elbowed Chad in the ribs.

"Today's lesson is all about sex obviously." Mr Garrison yelled and turned around to write on the blackboard in big capital letters SEX AND THE RISKS.

The class laughed and some groaned Blaine included. It didn't help that Blaine was a virgin, he never let Dean touch him or he never touched Dean. Blaine kept looking towards the front of the class, he knew everything about sex he just yet to experience it, Dean had tried to get him into bed, but after the third time he had ripped Blaine's shirt, Blaine had ended it. Which didn't end well, he got his heart broken as well as his ribs, his nose and his arm. Blaine felt the familiar sting of tears and blinked rapidly, but it failed and one fat drop landed on his books and another landed on Chad's had what was still on his thigh.

Chad looked down at his hand with a frown then looked up at Blaine. Blaine's eyes were shimmering with tears that haven't fell. Chad wrapped his arm around Blaine's shoulders and pulled him closely into him, he murmured incoherent words in Blaine's ear and felt Elle put her hand on Blaine's shoulder too, eventually Blaine calmed enough that the tears stopped. Chad was confused but didn't ask anything, if Blaine wanted to tell him then he would.

"Mr Thurston and Mr Rosewood would you like a room or would like to answer the questions?"

"I would prefer a room but I suppose we'll take the questions." Chad replied with a slight smile.

"The average sperm count is 40 million in a healthy male and it also depends on the diet of the male." Blaine said quietly.

"You are correct Mr Rosewood, did you learn this in Britain?" Mr Garrison said.

"I have completed my sex education course in Britain and passed." Blaine replied with a smile.

"I can see your a very smart boy, Mr Rosewood, just don't let Mr Thurston pull you into the dark side." he said with a grin.

"Yes, I am going to suck your blood and turn you into one of the dammed." Chad said in a bad Dracula accent and bent in to bite Blaine's neck, he bit just a bit too hard and broke the skin, Blaine's had went to his neck but found Chad licking at the wound.

"What are you doing?" He hissed.

"Cleaning your neck, I am a vampire after all.

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