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Mom always wanted her daughter to make it big!

Jake was trying to put the sunscreen on Becca as they danced, spreading it on her arms and shoulders as she swayed and shimmied with her back up against him. And Becca is clearly hot for him too - christ, the way she's grinding against him, she got to be feeling his erection pressing against her ass. Amber and Maria were also dancing to the music not far from the two of them, trying to act as if they weren't watching Becca and Jake. Shit, everyone of them is hot for him - I'm sure he can fuck whoever he wants tonight. The way Becca was dancing with him right now, it was easy for Kari to imagine Jake taking her from behind, his huge thick cock imbedded deep in her cunt as she ground against him. I wonder if the others are imagining the same thing, though perhaps with themselves in Becca's place. She turned to find Nicky, and saw that she was dancing close with Rick, and they were obviously getting hot themselves, kissing and touching. And she noticed that Nicky was also catching quick looks of Becca and Jake over Rick's shoulder. She unobtrusively retrieved her bag from the table, and re-positioned it to video Becca and Jake.

The song ended, and "Fire" by the Pointer Sisters came on. How appropriate, thought Kari. Becca had decided that she had enough sunscreen on her upper body, and had turned to face him. She squirted a line of sunscreen on the top each thigh in turn and then moved in close to him. She put her left hand on his right shoulder for support, and then lifted her right leg so that it rested against his left hip. Guiding his left hand to the lotion on her leg, she said in a sexy low growl, "Hmmm ... spread it all over, babe, but don't stop dancing."

They both still moving to the sensuous slow beat of the song, and Jake's hand slid up and down her silky smooth leg and then to her bare ass, his hand slippery hot on her skin. The lyrics of the song trickled into her consciousness - Becca felt like she was indeed on fire. She knew that the others were watching, that she had a boyfriend at school who could be violently jealous, but she could not bring herself to care about the consequences. She pulled herself tight against his hard upper body, and they fell into a kiss.

Jake also passed the point of no return. He had been erect now for most of the last hour, and he could feel a low ache in his balls, despite the release he had enjoyed with Kari that morning. He wanted this incredibly sexy creature and he wanted her now. He kissed her deep, thrusting his tongue into her soft sweet mouth, her own tongue responding eagerly. With her leg still up on his hip and his hands on her ass, he pulled her hips towards him firmly, bringing her open crotch directly against his straining hard cock. The passion of her kiss re-doubled as her body responded to the onslaught of sensation. With no conscious volition, she ground her pussy on his cock in time with the music, using a pelvic-thrusting movement that essentially slid her clit back and forth a few inches on his shaft, only the cloth of their suits in the way of perfect pleasure.

It was obvious to all the watchers exactly what was going on - that Becca was frantically trying to get off right there in front of them, but everyone seemed paralyzed by the scene. Everyone except Amber. She had a reputation as the "group slut", but a more accurate depiction was that she just loved sex - all kinds of sex - and she was really good at it. This was true both physically and mentally: she was very attuned to the sexual energy of a situation, and instinctually knew how best to respond. In this way, she knew that everyone there, even Kari, was ready the party to shift to the next level, beyond teasing and flirting, to outright sexual action. They simply couldn't resist Jake's magnetic pull any more, and, with her harem concept, Maddy had planted a seed that had now grown in each of their minds into snaking vine of unbridled desire.

Amber crossed the short distance to Jake and Becca and, as softly as she c

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