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Halloween Special.

I caught Meg at the bar and while waiting for a drink, I asked if she would care to dance. Smiling, she said "I would love to. I guess if you and I want to dance, it will have to be with each other."

Smiling I said, "You know Meg, I can't think of anyone I'd rather dance with than you."

"You know Bart, I can't think of anyone I'd rather dance with either."

She moved into my arms and we danced more like new lovers than like employee and company owner. We did get some rather odd, 'what the hell?' looks from Sandy and Gregg to boot.

Ch.03 Bart makes a deal

It was Wednesday of the next week when I received a call from Meg wanting to know if I could get away and have lunch with her. She said she had something important to talk to me about.

"Of course, I always have time to have lunch with a company owner," I laughed.

She chuckled, "Okay then, meet me at the Velvet Turtle in thirty minutes."

"I'll be there. Let's see, you'll be the lovely blond lady wearing. . .?

She laughed and said, "Just be there."

As she hung up, I couldn't help thinking how asshole Gregg could ever cheat on his wife. I have always found her to be a very charming, lighthearted woman, but very professional when she needed to be.

Twenty-five minutes later, I entered the Velvet Turtle and asked the hostess if there was a lonely looking, beautiful blond waiting for someone to rescue her.

She smiled saying "I believe I just seated her. Come with me."

I chuckled and said "I'd follow you anywhere," while walking to the table.

I thanked her as she left us.

"Hello, Mrs. . . . ."

She stopped me. "It's Meg. My name is Meg."

Smiling, I said, "Hello Meg. What do I owe this honor to? I hope it's going to be something good."

"Well Bart, I took the liberty of ordering the seafood salad tray. It will take a little while before it gets here, would you like to talk now or wait until after lunch?"

"Whatever suits you is fine with me. We can start now and break for lunch if you like."

The waiter brought a bottle of white wine, poured two glasses, put the bottle on ice, and left saying, "Your order will be here shortly."

"We can talk now and break for lunch if that's okay with you?" she said. "You don't have to hurry today – you're with the boss."

I looked up at her and we both laughed.

I said, "Okay, what's on your mind Meg?"

"Well Bart, there are a couple of things. As you well know, better than anyone else in the company, we want to grow so we're going to expand into Nevada. As fast as it's growing, we need to be there and I'm offering you a new position so I hope that you take it," she finished, letting the message sink in.

She continued, "It will probably mean moving to Las Vegas once we get started, but until then, I think we can commute back and forth. In the near future, you will have to be there to stay on top of things. The position I am offering is vice president of accounting. You will be in charge of all of the accountants and making sure our bills get paid, our money comes in, and our books balance. You will be under the company vice president, which is me. How does that sound?"

I almost said, "I'd love being under the vice president right now" but bit my tongue. I really didn't know her that well, not yet anyway.

Aloud, I said, "Well, it's certainly something to think about. What does this new job pay?"

"Almost double your current salary and has better benefits. You'll get a week off every three months, then two weeks every six months with the vacation of your choice and expenses paid for you and your wife, or whoever you choose to take along," she answered looking at me long and hard.
I almost had to look away. Was she hinting that maybe I wouldn't have a wife to take along on those vacations?

"How could I refuse an offer like that?"

"You can't, or at least, I was hoping you couldn't," she said.

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