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A young employee has his favorite lunch.

This, at a time when ninety percent of Muslim men under the age of thirty living in Canada found Muslim girls boring and preferred to date non-Muslim women.

Mona Wahid was so absorbed in thought that she barely noticed her friend Louis when he silently sat next to her. He said hello, startling her. Mona almost cried out in surprise. Louis laughed. She laughed too, and playfully smacked him on the shoulder. Louis pretended to flinch. At six-foot-four and 250 pounds, Louis Guillaume was one of the biggest guys at Carleton University. Born and raised in the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, Louis Guillaume was as Haitian-American as a Wyclef Jean song. His mother Bernice was of French Canadian descent. The tall, red-haired and green-eyed, alabaster-skinned artist had been visiting the City of Cap-Haitien in the island of Haiti when she met Alec Guillaume, Louis father. Alec Guillaume, who was in the process of moving to America at the time. They became fast friends, and even lived together in the States. Eventually they got married and had little Louis. After growing up in Massachusetts, Louis found himself curious about his mother's homeland of Canada. So he opted to study at Carleton University for a couple of years when he found college life in Boston to be boring.

When Mona Wahid first met Louis Guillaume inside the Carleton library last year, she thought he was Haitian since she knew plenty of Haitians at her old high school in Ottawa's South End. However, Louis spoke very little French or Creole and his Boston accent was THICK. The young Haitian-American giant was warm and friendly. In time, they became fast friends. Louis Guillaume was one of the best people that Mona knew. At a school teeming with horny guys, pretentious chicks and fake people, Louis was genuine. Also, unlike most Christians that Mona knew, he seemed to take his faith seriously. Mona didn't know any Catholics who prayed three times a day. Although she once prayed five times a day like a good Muslim was supposed to, Mona wasn't as religious as she was once. The funny thing is that Louis Guillaume, a guy who wasn't even Muslim, was the person who encouraged her to reconnect with God. How about that? He invited her to visit the Christian Students Association. At first she was hesitant. She was unsure how her Arab friends would react if they knew she was attending Christian bible study meetings. However, Louis reminded her that only God could judge her, not ordinary men and women. So she accompanied him to bible study, and learned a lot about the Christian faith.

To Mona's surprise, the Christian students were quite friendly. They were not as surprised to see a Muslim woman among them as she might have thought. While most of the Christian students were Afro-Caribbean, Caucasian and Latin American, Mona did notice that three of them looked Arabian. Most specifically, two dark-haired, bronze-skinned guys named Salouk and Farouk, and a gal named Salome. Mona found out they were Lebanese Christians. They worshiped at a Maronite church in the east end of Ottawa, where many Arab Christians lived. Mona was quite surprised to see Arab Christians in the flesh. They spoke Arabic and everything! And they were really friendly. All her life Mona was told that Arab Christians were the worst kind of infidels. Worse than Jews or Christians in the eyes of fundamental Islam. Arab Christians were traitors to the Arab way of life, which was mostly Muslim these days. And yet these Arab Christian students she met were really nice. Wow.

Mona Wahid thought of all those things, of the wondrous discoveries she made thanks to her friendship with Louis Guillaume.

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