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Girl gives her man a nice surprise after a night out.

I was facing the wall, sitting into the doggy-style position, absolutely ready to be ridden.

Chris moved up behind me and placed his hand on my hips.

"Relax, okay? Beathe and pain will soon go away."

I believed him and closed my eyes, trembling from fear and excitement. Within a few seconds, I felt his head trying to enter. The second I pushed out, he pushed in and I hissed from pain, grabbing the pillow under me not to scream.

"Relax. Breathe." He leaned in, his hairy chest rubbing up against my back. Chris started a slow rocking motion, burying his manhood inside me inch by inch. He kept it inside and continued calming me down. I finally relaxed and he felt free to start moving slow. It still hurt like hell, but it also gave me this weird feeling that I lacked part of my body, a part that Chris gladly gave to me.

He straightened up and grunted like a mad man.

"You are so tight, dude. So tight" He grabbed my ass cheeks and started moving faster.

"Fuck me", I muttered, "Faster."

The decrease of pain and increase of pleasure made both of us feel better. He started pushing in with all his strength, grunting and calling out my name.

He thrust in me even harder, hitting my prostate every time he would enter. Getting close to cuming, he leaned in to kiss my neck. With his bare hand, he grabbed my dick and started stroking it aggressively fast.

I had forgotten all about the game or the shame. I was literally begging Chris not to stop and he would do anything but stop. Our rhythmic movement ended within a few minutes, when he yelled and came inside me. He stroked me so fast I followed him right after, leaving the already dirty bed covered with my cum.

Chris was so exhausted, he collapsed right next to me, panting and hardly breathing. Personally, I felt better than ever. It was not just physical. He had freed me both sexually and spiritually and I never imagined I could be able to find tenderness in such passionate treatment.

I looked at him. He was still resting, his eyes shut and body trembling. He had taken the condom off and his penis was already softening. His thin lips had gone dry, his muscles had relaxed and his chest seemed even broader than usual. Yes, he was as handsome as ever.

I got close to him and put my head on his chest, my right arm playing with his nipple. I was falling asleep, when Chris suddenly moved to grab his shorts once again.

"Do you wanna smoke?" He murmured.

"I don't smoke"

"Pills?" He asked


"How about some pills?" He asked.

"No, thanks. I do not do drugs" I replied smile.

"Yeah, you're clean. I knew it. But, that's fine. I like cleanliness in babes." He laughed.

"What did you say?"

"Never mind." He muttered and took a deep smoke.

I was pretty sure it was not just a cigarette. It did not smell like it. I felt a little uncomfortable, but I did not say anything. At least he did not pressure me into anything.

Then, the awkward silence came. However, it was broken, once he stopped smoking and got up, pulling up his boxers and shorts.

"Are you going?" I asked.

"Yeah, I am just gonna chill with my friends, babe. I would invite you, but I don't think you know them or would like them" He replied, putting on his shirt. I understood where it was going and I got a weird feeling, as if a ball was stuck in my throat.

"See you at school then." He waved and left, leaving the door open.

I was so full of emotions, I nearly broke down right there: shame, disappointment, betrayal. I felt like a toy that kids threw away as soon as they unwrapped it and saw what it was. Most of all, I felt empty and naked, both physically and emotionally. I tried to cover myself up with a blanket, but that did not help. My anus felt sore and I felt like I had been full, but part of me had been taken away. A tear formed in my eye, but I simply refused to cry.

I stood up, found my underwear and shorts and realized the t-shirt was torn in half.

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