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Mother and daughter both slip further into debauchery.

I dashed to my bedroom and opened up a full-screen view of what he was doing. I was surprised to see that, instead of going to his saved images or a website, he logged into a new user account. I didn't even know it existed, but I saw immediately that this was his treasure trove. He quickly opened up a hentai video. I hadn't set up my RAT to transmit sound, but the subtitles made it clear that the theme was daddy-daughter incest. The video feed from daddy's webcam made it equally clear that he was stroking himself off.

I watched him sitting back, touching himself, and stripped myself down to follow along. As I could see him getting more excited, I felt myself growing much more excited as well. It was so wrong to be watching him doing something so pervy, and my pussy was dripping with the excitement of it. He finished quickly, with me quick in tow, logged out of his special user account, got up, and left the office.


In the weeks that followed, I stepped up my surveillance. Using my USB keystroke recorder again, I got the password to his secret user account. There was a lot of kinky stuff in there: pregnant women getting fucked and having come shot across their round bellies; lots of ageplay and incest videos, pictures, and stories; and a whole trove of BDSM material, with gagged or shackled girls getting beaten and forced into sex, then explaining in little post-feature interviews how much they enjoyed it all.

Beyond my window into daddy's computer, I hid a little Flip video camera in his bookcase. With it, I could record a few hours of video each night, and finally got the whole experience of watching daddy stroke his cock, shooting come onto his belly with his shirt held up, and quickly cleaning himself up again.

I became a bit addicted to watching him, as well as to making my own use of his materials - climaxing hard with my vibrator inside me while watching one of his rough anal sex videos, or deliberately smearing the wetness from my cunt onto the leather of his office chair.


I have always been a pretty sexual guy. I can't have been older than ten or so when my parents gave me an awkward talk about how I had to be more discreet about touching myself when I was going to bed... or when I woke up... or when I had just come out of the shower.

The internet was probably a revelation for all of us, but it was especially so for me. Accessing those first porn sites via dial-up, and eventually realizing that there were repositories of amazingly kinky stories available for free online, not to mention plenty of real people happy to chat about the dirtiest of subjects. Later came DSL and streaming video, BitTorrent, and specialty websites to cater to every taste.

Since getting married, I have always been satisfied with the lively sexual life my wife and I share. Still, there are definitely scenarios and fantasies that I can never share with her. She might let me come on her a little on my birthday, or even carefully fuck her ass for a while after eating her out, but I certainly couldn't tell her how excited I was by the idea of playing with a younger family member, or of engaging in consensual non-consent with an eager partner.

I will confess that I have not been above getting an inappropriate eyeful or two of my own daughter. Even when she was very young, I got a certain secret enjoyment from seeing her in the bath or in a bathing suit. Since she has become a foxy young woman, there have been plenty of times when the sight of her in a skirt and high socks or in a tight pair of jeans have left me hard, and heading into my office for some private relief. She had her string of boyfriends, and seemed to have a perfectly healthy sexual appetite. In fact, my wife had commented about finding a sex toy or two in her underwear drawer.

All that being said, I can only say that I was utterly astonished by what happened one week when my wife was away visiting family, leaving just me and my little girl in the house.

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