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Angel takes it up the ass for her soldier.

They felt good. Warm. Slightly moist. And his breath caressing her gently.

Closing her eyes, she felt the dress slowly slipping off her shoulders as a breeze from the central air conditioner wafted across her bare skin. She felt her nipples harden beneath her bra, partly from the cold wind, but there wsa something more. She could feel it between her legs as John began to knead her breasts and nibble her earlobe. She was turned on, and not only by the motion of John's strong hands. She was turned on by the idea of other people watching her.

Alexa arched her back, burying her ass into John's lap. He was getting aroused too, and she ground her butt into him as he slipped his left hand to her tight abs.

His right continued to massage her breasts, then reached between them and unclasped the bra, which joined her dress on the floor. The feeling of the fabric grazing her nipples as it fell sent a shiver through her body and she ground into John even harder.

He turned her around then and kissed her neck from the front, tugging slightly on her hair to expose more of her neck. Bending at the knee and putting both his hands on her back, he traced his tongue down between her breasts before moving his mouth to her left nipple.

John engulfed her breast, twirling his tongue around the areola as he pulled her into him, she in turn pulling him closer as well. She put her hands onto his head and began running her fingers through his hair.

Her juices were flowing as he moved to the right breast, pulling on it with his mouth like he was going to get milk out of it.

Her breathing heavy and her eyes shut tight with pleasure, she forgot that she was surrounded by a group of men and women, most of whom were now rubbing their crotches.

Had she opened her eyes, she would have seen that Lauren had unbuttoned her blouse and was stroking her right double-D with her fingertips. And Misty had lost no time unzipping the brown-haired man's pants and was caressing his cock. But Alexa did not open her eyes. Instead, she was enraptured by John's touch and lifted his head to kiss her full on the lips.

She began kissing his neck and slid her hands to his crotch, where the bulge she had felt before was growing ever-larger. Unzipping his fly, Alexa reached into his slacks and felt his cock hardening. Pulling to free it, John had to step back to give his member room to move. His half-hard cock flopped into the air and Alexa felt its size for the first time.

Surprised, her eyes popped open. But her tunnel-vision was trained on his crotch and nothing else. It was about 10 inches long and two-and-a-half inches thick. Now semi-erect, it was the second-largest cock she had ever seen - the largest belonging to the aforementioned English teacher.

But now her lust took over completely and she dropped to her knees, pulling him into her mouth with the force of a tropical storm running aground. Slathering his rod with her saliva, she massaged his cock with her tongue as her lips moved rhythmically over the shaft.

John unbuckled his belt, allowing his pants to fall near the pile of Alexa's clothes, then stepped out of them as she cupped his balls with her left hand and stroked his cock with her right, her fingers following her lips closely to accentuate the feeling made by the multiple ridges. From time to time, she lifted his cock out of her mouth and, reaching between his legs to grab his ass and pull him closer, she licked his balls, appreciating their being shaven - not unlike her pussy, which only had a small tuft of hair above her lips.

"He must get these licked a lot," she thought to herself.

Alexa looked up at John, who was looking down at her as well, with a look she couldn't quite make out. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her before turning her around and reaching into the front of her purple t-back panties and feeling the heat coming from between her legs.

She felt his fingers glide between the folds of her pussy and graze her clit.

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