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Welcome To My Space. could you anything for me?" Lorna asked feeling at a loss for words for the most part. How could this creature want to make love to me, she thought. Fep just smiled even more.

'Me lady, I'm a magic creature. I can do many things. I swear, that if we do make love, ye will feel more pleasure then anytime before. I promise, ye that. And if it helps you decide, with me magic I can give ye the gift to fly, for a short time mind ye. And ye will be able to turn invisible just like I do. These can be me gifts to ye, if you agree." Fep finished as he started a quick dance on her dresser. Lorna almost laughed as she watched him.

"But how can you please me? Your so...small?" Lorna said, not seriously thinking of agreeing, but curious in his answer.

"Ah but it's a fairy secret. But like I said, you won't be sorry if ye do, and ye will have me gifts for ya gift. And maybe ye could use those gifts for something, maybe to espy people, or just to have fun." Fep said with an expectant look on his face. Lorna got to thinking; she could use something like that to spy on Roger. Tell if he was cheating on her. And how could having sex with someone smaller then most men's penises, be really cheating. Lorna laughed at the thought he meant to crawl into her.

"Ok, but only if you swear to give me those gifts and that it will feel good." Lorna said, on impulse but also curious with what he had planned. Besides, she was as horny as hell now, thinking and talking about sex. Fep jumped up and flew around the room, leaving a trail of sparkles when he passed as he heard her. Flying, she thought, he is really flying! He came to rest on her bed beside her, full of joy.

"Oh me sweet Lorna, ye have nothing to worry. That and more shall be for ye. I promise." Fep said smiling ear to ear. "Ok me lady, ye must trust me. Close ya eyes. Please, I will not harm ye. It's just ye cana see this trick I do. Tis a secret. Please?" Fep pleaded with her.

"Oh ok. This should be fun." Lorna was wondering if she was being stupid. But it felt good to act, well....... foolish at the moment. She closed her eyes, and shortly heard Fep talking. Casting magic, she wondered? She felt a bit apprehensive. Then he spoke to her.

"Ok me lady. Ye may open ye eyes." Fep said. When Lorna opened her eyes she was shocked at what she saw. Fep had grown , he was about five foot tall and covered in his glowing sparkles. He had lost his wings, but in other ways seemed the same. She noticed he wasn't small at all anymore, anywhere. Lorna gasped, feeling a bit fearful again.

"Nay me lady, don't be fearful. I'm but the same being, just sized better to pleasure ye." Fep said, slowly sitting on the bed. She took a good look at him now. He just wasn't pretty, he was gorgeous. A thrill went through her as she glanced down to his...manhood. It was a bit over average sized, but on his slight frame, it looked enormous. She found herself getting extremely wet between her legs, and her nipples hardening.

"Oh my lord." Lorna said softly. Fep slowly moved toward her, till he was inches from her face. He then leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. She jumped back; his kiss had sent shocks through her. Real shocks, but very pleasant ones. "What was that?" she asked him.

"But a kiss me lady, but I am of fairy, and the effect on humans, well...can be potent." Fep replied, again moving forward slowly. When he moved close, it was Lorna this time that leaned in to kiss him. She could feel the tingles as they hit her lips. She felt her hair, start to move, and swirl about her head. As the kiss grew deeper and more intense, she felt her breasts grow slightly, and then the effect moved through more of her body. Her legs felt alive with energy, and her pussy...well, she felt what she would describe as a small orgasm as it made her shiver and moan.

Fep then took her in his arms, knowing she was his to do with as he wanted.

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