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Finding Whitney and getting my life back.


"Seems only fair," Becky agreed.

"I think Jason's watched the video you did of Charlene a dozen times," Sara said with a laugh.

"And you watched it with me each time, didn't you?" Jason said with a laugh.

"It was very hot," Sara said with a smile. "And Charlene assured us that your massage work is the best she's ever experienced."

"I agree," Denise said. "I've been getting a massage for several years. We only started the total massage recently, so I know what I'm talking about."

"So do I," Becky added. "Add that to the total experience and it's just unbelievable."

"Are you married?" Sara asked.

"Yes," Becky replied.

"Does your husband know that you get these massages?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," Becky replied with a laugh. "He gets off on watching as much as I do getting the massage. And ever since he got one, he's totally into it."

"Well, I can't wait to see it," Jason said. "Shall we get started? What should we do?"

"Who's going to be first?" I asked.

"Sara," Jason replied.

"I need you on the table, face down," I said. "If you could tie your hair on top of your head, Denise will put an eye mask on you and then we'll start."

"Do I need a towel or anything?" Sara asked.

"Only if you'd like one," I replied. "The one thing about a total massage is that all of the rules are the ones that you set yourself. It's all good until and unless you say otherwise."

"Well, I'm sure the towel will just be in the way," Sara said, slipping out of her robe to stand naked.

Incredible would be an understatement. So tall, so slender with gorgeous B-cup breasts with dark, hard nipples knurled into knots. Her flat stomach transitioned to her shaved pussy where her inner lips were easily visible, all wrinkled and furled outside of her outer lips. A fat clit was visible just above them.

Sara settled onto the table and Denise put the eye mask on for her. Sara's inner pussy lips were slightly spread with very little space between her rosebud and her pussy. She had a small, almost boyish ass with high, tight cheeks.

"Should I do anything?" Jason asked as I began to work on Sara's back.

"Whatever you'd like," I replied as Denise began laying out the toys, lubricating each of them just in case.

"That looks interesting," Jason commented, smiling as Denise lubricated the larger dildo.

"My god, you really do have magical hands," Sara sighed as I worked on her back.

I finally got to where it was time to work on her ass cheek and I could see Becky leaning in close with the camera as I filled my hands and kneaded, spreading them apart so that her rosebud and pussy were even more exposed. When I slid a finger down the crack of her ass, over her rosebud and down between and through her pussy lips, Sara sighed deeply.

As I worked my way down her leg, I noticed that Becky's skirt was riding up behind her as she leaned over to get the best shot and that Jason had noticed, now standing behind her as he watched the massage. I could just imagine the view he had of Becky's ass and pussy.

The second time I worked on Sara's ass cheek, as I slid my fingers down through the crack of her ass, I grasped her pussy lips between my fingers and massaged them. They unfurled at least 2" as I pulled on them, spreading her pussy, seeing her glistening, wet hole which I slid my fingers over to gently run onto her fat clit.

"Oh, god," Sara moaned and I felt my fingers awash in pussy juice as she was stimulated.

The 3rd time I worked on her ass cheek, I slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, then a 3rd, and finally a 4th, easily and noisily pumping them in and out of her now-sopping pussy.

I could see Sara's ass trembling when I finished the first leg and then moved to the other, repeating the process. When I was working on her ass cheek for the last time, I reached over and grabbed one of the butt plugs with one hand as my other was busy sloshing in and out of her pussy.

"Damn, this is some massage," Jason said as I slipped the butt plug into Sara's ass and left it there.

"You doing okay?" I asked.

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