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Sarah finally cracks his password on his laptop.

His cock was huge - fully nine inches long and extremely thick, so Leia, relax as she might, still felt as though she had been penetrated by molten metal. She was crying now, sobbing and begging him to desist. This drove him on and he began to piston her savagely. The coupling continued for fully twenty minutes - Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon - until Leia was hovering near unconsciousness, too spent to exhale anything but hoarse pleas for mercy.

Finally he withdrew his shaft. It was still hard and erect. He brought her legs down and mounted her again, this time finding her cunt, wet and slick as it was from all the sex, and penetrating her deeply again. She moaned and her tight cunt peeled back his foreskin. Her tightness and wetness drove him and on and he quickly mounted to a fast tempo. This time her hoarse moans grew louder and in spite of herself, in spite of the pain in her ass, in spite of the voice in her head telling her that this was wrong, she rose with him to a climax and began to come explosively. Her tight cunt gripped him spasmodically, her torso twisted against him, her nipples were as hard as pebbles and her thighs threshed. She gave way to wordless cries of passion. Aablar had never fucked a woman like this. He could not hold back and exploded, pumping gouts of semen into her through three gigantic thrusts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2. Aablar rolled off her and hit the side of her head again with his open palm. Weak and dizzy, her eyelids fluttered and she blacked out briefly. When she came to, she found her wrists tightly bound behind her back with a length of supple vine. Her head rang from Aablar's blows and her ass was a mass of pain. Her cunt felt sore and she saw a trickle of blood mixed in with the copious mixture of semen and vaginal fluid at her crotch and down her thighs. She groaned.

Aablar was covered in his bearskin cloak and was gathering his spear, club and dagger. He lifted her spear and hefted it. With a contemptuous grimace, he put it on his knee, broke it in two and flung the pieces into the bushes. He picked up her deerskin halter, panties and boots and threw them to her. She raised her bound wrists and spoke in the language of the Clan of the Stag - 'I cannot put my clothes on.' Her voice rasped from her throat. She wondered if he would understand.

Her speech was thickly accented to Aablar's ear, but understandable. He nodded briefly and leaving his weapons at a safe distance, freed her wrists and watched her dress. When she stood, he roughly twisted her arms behind her back and bound her wrists again. Then he draped her polar bear cloak over her shoulders and motioned her to follow him.

Leia was young and the veteran of many marches with the Clan of the Stag, but Aablar's pace was faster than she any she had known before. She was soon panting and aching quads added to fire of pain in her ass. As the sun began to set, Aablar slackened the pace and eventually stopped just below the crest of the ridge they had been following since she had become his captive. He expertly tied her ankles together with the same type of vine and left her on her polar bear cloak, grunting, 'I'll be back soon.' His speech was guttural like her Clan brothers, but accented differently, so she strained to understand.

The sun had set by the time he returned. Without a word he unfastened her ankles and motioned her to follow him. He led her to a narrow opening the hillside. Once through the opening, it widened into a shallow cave with a sandy floor. He had spread his bearskin on the floor and took hers from her shoulders without ceremony and threw it on top of his. He arranged his weapons by one wall of the cave and unfastened her wrists. She rubbed them and even in the dim light of the cave she could see the angry red marks left by the cord. She held them out to him, saying piteously, 'It hurts a lot ...'

He merely took both her wrists and re-fastened them just as tightly in front of her.

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