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The tip of Zele's tail appeared before Illa. She kissed it and then she was on her side beside Zele. She held the tail and sucked as her other hand slid to her mound. She was frigging herself in seconds. Zele saw it and moaned.

The sound made Illa shiver.

"Please, Illa," Zele whispered, "Zele knows that you like males, but, ... please, kiss Zele a little?"

Illa stopped and got to her knees. She put her hands on the rock wall above Zele's head. She looked down and smiled, "I think I can, Zele."

They kissed softly and Zele's hips rolled back as she raised her legs while one of her hands held Illa's head gently for a moment. Zele broke the kiss and smiled her thanks.

"Watch now," she whispered.

Illa was on her knees and looked as Zele's tail found her labia. There were already glowing droplets when it moved back for a second. Then the tip settled firmly against its owner and it began to move in an odd, rhythmic way. Zele watched Illa's face.

"It can make its way in a little differently, not like a male does this." She groaned as her head went back a little. "So soft. So slow, and ohhh, so gently."

Illa stared as she listened to the quiet and slick sounds that the tail made as it slid in a little deeper every time that it moved. To her, it was like watching an earthworm move. She'd never thought of it before , but it looked so gently erotic to her as Zele obviously rode her pleasure higher. At one point, she grasped it in one hand and fucked herself for only moments as her other hand just barely touched her clitoris and then she cried out very softly.

Illa knelt there transfixed as Zeel's eyes opened after a minute.

"Miss Zele," she gasped, "that was beautiful to see."

There was a wet sound as Zele slid her tail out of herself slowly and brought it to her face to lick. Illa couldn't help herself and moved to join her.

"Is it as good as a male?" she managed to ask after a few minutes.

"Zele does not think it is, and Maezou agrees," she said, "But it is sooo good anyway," Zele grinned.

"Can I try?" Illa asked.

Zele nodded and Illa lay down facing her. "Illa can move up," Zele said, "One thing that is better about it than a male is that it can reach far." She kissed Illa once gently, "Zele had it inside her sister as we watched you and Thiery. You did not see us, but it was so good."

Zele moved her tail and she helped with her hand to find Illa's lips. After a second, Illa moaned and began to buck a little.

"It is never as thick and hard as a male can be," Zele breathed into Illa's ear, "But it goes where it needs to, and it makes itself fit. Zele is not large either."

"I saw," Illa shuddered for a second, before she reached to Zele and kissed her, their tongues sliding around each other.

"Hold it with your hand, Illa," Zele sighed, "Zele likes that, and you can control it better."

Illa's small hand had the tail instantly and she began to stroke it in and out.

The onyx eyes smiled into Illa's. "Try to tell Zele when you want her to let go. She holds her eggs back for you now," She moved one of her hands to lightly run her fingers along Illa's labia gently. When she judged the time to be right, she touched the small and very erect bud and the effect was instant.

The imp girl bucked harder at the dark one's touch and tried to speak, "Nu, .. nu,.. NOWwwww."

Zele grinned at her friend's pleasure and hissed a little as she let her eggs go. It was an incredibly sensual feeling for Illa, more than enough as she squeaked and wailed into Zele's mouth at the warmth of the flood flowing into her.

"Thank you, lovely Illa," Zele whispered into Illa's ear as she rubbed her belly, "It feels so good to put my eggs inside you."

The imp girl's eyes shone as they opened and she smiled. "It feels so nice and warm. I feel like a super female, if that makes sense. Thank you."


Zele smiled as they sat in the pool again rinsing her eggs off, "It is maybe the same thing either way.

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