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Dominant man & submissive woman come together.

It's your choice, but I would strongly advise being a good girl and doing the latter."

"Yes Daddy." I mumbled, and shuffled off to go get the keys to a conference room in the most obscure part of the library that I could think of. Thank God they were sound proof, but it was still possible for onlookers to see inside of them.

The librarian gave me the keys and told me to have a nice day, and dread filled my every step as I walked back to where he was standing, arms crossed. I had really messed up this time.

"I got the keys Daddy."

"Good girl. Lead the way, it's your library."

I sighed, and led him up to the third floor away from everything and everyone, to the conference room with the least amount of windows.

"Here we are Daddy."

His expression was grim, but I could swear I saw the barest trace of amusement in his eyes when he saw the room that I had requested.

All he said was, "After you."

I entered the room and kneeled immediately, before he had even closed the door. My body was trembling visibly, and he took a degree of pity on me. He sat down in the chair nearest me and pulled me up onto his lap, to my surprise.

"We are going to talk first, Babygirl."

I pressed my face into his chest and I was even more shocked when he wrapped his arms around me. His patented mixture of hard and soft when dealing with me was always so intoxicating.

"I finished up with work early and I knew you were here so I was going to surprise you, and take you home and make you cum over and over until you beg me to stop. And if you are a good girl and take your punishment well, I might still do that. I can't have you deliberately disobeying me Princess. That is not how an owned little girl behaves. Understood?"

"Yes Daddy. I'm so sorry."

"I know you're sorry. But this can't keep happening." He put a hand on my pussy and I gasped. "This is mine, young lady. I decide who touches it and when they touch it. Now kneel."

I was back on my knees before I had even fully processed his command. It amazed me how I could do that at times.

"Now apologize to me for being a disobedient dirty little whore, in those words. And you had better mean it."

I whimpered. "Daddy, I'm sorry that I was a disobedient dirty little whore. Will you please punish me?" I asked as sincerely as I knew how.

"Don't you worry about that, young lady, you certainly will be punished. Stand and strip. And I mean now."

My eyes widened. He wanted me completely naked here of all places? I could say no. I could even safe word. But even as I thought those things I was unbuttoning my shirt and slipping out of my shorts.

"Those too." You commanded, referring to my bra and panties I had left on in a last ditch effort to maintain some modesty. I sighed and unsnapped my bra and kicked off my panties. I folded my clothes neatly and placed the over one of the chairs. Then you grabbed me by my hair, sat back down, and yanked me over your knee in just a few seconds. I couldn't stop the whimper that escaped. I knew how upset you must have been with me, and it scared me.

But that isn't why. I told myself.

As if reading my mind, he asked, "Why am I punishing you, young lady?"

"Because I disobeyed you Daddy, and touched your property without permission."


"Because.... I don't know Daddy."

"Because I love you, and I want you to be the best little girl you can."

"Yes Daddy, I love you too."

"This is going to sting a little, Princess."

That turned out to be an understatement.

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