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Stranded on a secluded beach, stitchless and pennyless.

"Mandy's one lucky cunt. As much as Coach works out, she's gotta be a lesbian," the second voice said again.

"Jesus, what are you doing?" the third voice said. Jenn heard something hit the floor over her heartbeat thundering in her ears, but she neither knew nor cared what it was. The feeling of her fingers working her pussy over, the thought of Coach Green eating her out, with her short brown hair tickling Jenn's thighs was bringing her closer by the second. The tingle had traveled from her clenched and curled toes up her legs, and it had gone from her head down her neck, filling her ears with a light buzzing.

"Holy shit! Someone might come in and see you!" the first voice said through Jenn's fog. She started hearing Coach Green's sultry voice moaning as she strummed her pussy.

"I'm gonna eat your cunt until you cum, Jenn," she heard. "I want to taste your fucking cunt's cum and I want to drink you. I'm going to eat your sweet virgin cunt until your cum soaks through my fucking shirt, clear to my tits. I want you to drown me in your fuck juice, you little cunt," she heard. She bit her lip hard to avoid moaning out loud, part of her mind still locked on the conversation outside her stall.

"I don't fucking care! I need a cum so bad right now," moaned the second voice. Jenn could smell another juicing cunt over the sweet aroma of her own, and her excitement grew.

"Oh god, that's so hot!" the third voice said. "Can I..." she started.

"Yes!" hissed the second voice. "Get your tongue in my..." she ordered, her next words muffled by what Jenn could only imagine as the first girl kissing the second.

The symphony of moans in the bathroom grew, adding to Jenn's excitement. Every sound was a moan or the wet noise of finger or tongue on cunt. Jenn's nipples seemed to hum with the blinding, numbing ecstasy that was building in her body. The feeling was slowly snaking up her thighs like her last girl friend's tongue.

"You want me, don't you Jenn," came the Coach's voice. "You want to eat my shaved snatch and make me cum, too, don't you, you little fuck toy," Jenn let loose a quiet moan, hoping that it was lost in the orgy of noise coming from the three girls not 10 feet away from her.

"Oh my God, oh my God!" the second voice cried out as it broke free of the lips of the first girl. "That's it! Right there!" she panted hard. Jenn could almost see her face clenching up, just as hers was, waiting, savoring, and needing the coming orgasm. Jenn's body began to shake and the tingling sensation picked up speed, covering her abdomen in record time, the flames of need tickling her pounding pussy with their tips.

"Oh fuck yes!" cried the voice in orgasm. Her next screams were blocked by the mouth of the first girl again, but Jenn heard her muffled cum clear as day.

Jenn's body came. Her whole body tingled and twitched and convulsed. Her fingers were a blur in her pussy and on her clit and her cum dripped out of her like a faucet. Jenn's body rocked with her muscles' spastic contractions and she ached for the release of a second hard cum she felt building immediately.

"Cum, you worthless little twat. Cum for me again. Make your little cunt soak my face!" she heard Coach's voice. Jenn could only obey at that point. The next orgasm made the first pale in comparison. Jenn lost the world, there was only the fireworks exploding in her fuzzy mind that echoed those erupting in her cunt. She felt her pussy clench hard and she felt herself cum, the gushing juice washing over her freshly pounded sex, making her body twitch and convulse even more, prolonging the orgasm, making her body squirt a few more shots as the orgasm washed over her in waves.

Jenn came to with the ringing of the buzzer at the end of the classes for the day.

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