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Attractive, shapely white woman meets and befriends BM.

That put me in a bit of a funk and I didn't want to just heat up some leftovers. I took a shower, ironed some jeans and a polo shirt, and made my way out. Where I was going at the time I didn't have a clue until I saw this Italian place. I hadn't had pasta in a while so I decided to try it out. Inside it was rustic, like Rome or something of the "old country".

I was seated at a booth. Families and couples littered the place and I was alone. My waitress came to assist in my selection. Rarely did I see a waitress as rubenesque as she was. Normally waitresses are small, tall, but petite or slim. She was round and full. Of course these thoughts were going off in my head, and my mouth ran normally. I asked her what a newbie should try. Surprisingly, she sat on the other side and helped me choose. For a conservative work shirt it didn't hide much. Her breasts were too big no matter the shirt size. Every time she pointed at something on the menu they jiggled a bit. She wore her hair in large braids and covered them with a bandanna. That is a very adorable look on women, I don't know why.

Anyway, I decided on the ravioli appetizers, and then a steak and shrimp four cheese pasta with diced tomatoes, a lemonade, and cheese cake for dessert. She began to leave and was struggling to get out a bit. Cute, very cute. She readjusted herself after she got out and her plump bottom shook a little. Hard on!

I didn't bring anything with me so I was stuck with looking around. Mostly me just watching my waitress. She brought me my appetizers and I dug in. I hadn't eaten all day and I guess I should've thought something was up when I didn't eat breakfast that morning. She checked on me periodically asking about my experience. She was definitely working for the tip.

When she brought me my entree it was piping hot. Had to sit and wait for a little while before eating. She was worried I didn't like the food. I reassured her I was just waiting for it to cool off a bit. She apologized; she actually stuck out her bottom lip a bit. I laughed, because it was either that or kissing her. She had such captivating eyes, dark and smoky. I began eating and she continued to check on me.

Every once in a while when she turned to leave she'd look back and look down over her shoulder. I guess she knew I was checking her out. I eat slow from what people tell me. I suppose I do. When I was ready for dessert she brought it out, with a little more oomph. And by oomph I mean she gave me those eat me like I'm your dessert type eyes. I saved the dessert, and gave her my number. I paid and left.

She called me an hour after I left and told me to bring the cheese cake. I met her at her apartment and she grabbed the dessert and rushed me to her bedroom. She was wearing only a large t-shirt. In her room I took off her top and finally saw all who she was. She had just taken a shower and was silky smooth. She forced me out of my clothes. She had put the cheese cake on a drawer by her bed. She said for after.

I placed her on the bed on her back. I opened her legs and already her juices were flowing. I dove in and she was already moaning from first impact. She grabbed my shoulders as she rocked her hips upward for a better penetration. She swayed on my dick like a rocking chair with every push. I wasn't pulling any punches that night. It had been too long a while. I maneuvered her onto her right side with her left leg propped on my shoulder. I played with her clit making her choke on her pleasure. I reached around with my other hand and played with her anus. Driving her over the edge she finally came but I remained in motion as her orgasm came crashing down inside her and then flowing out of her.

I was ready to cum myself as I pulled her on top of me, and stabbed inside her walls.

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