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Hotties convince him to recall when he lost his virginity.


She winked as Tim spluttered into his beer, while a mate, half swallowed -half ejected his drink out of his nose. Sally tweaked Tim's bottom and went to sit down. Tim's mates fell about, watching his face turn crimson. Two others were still laughing as they helped the guy half drowning, beer all over his face and tears in his eyes. Tim pulled his wallet out and bought a round. He took the wine over to the table, sensing that he was being set up again. As he put it down, the girls erupted in a cheer followed by giggles and laughter. Reddening he quickly left and rejoined the guys, only to be set on again.

After an hour or so, Tim and Sally said their goodbyes and went back to his car. Driving back they sat quietly until they reached his driveway. Half turning to her, he saw she had copied his move. He leaned in and they kissed. It was a sweet, soft succulent kiss, full of promise. they sat back.


"Mmmm, me too, want to come in," he gestured to the front door. She nodded and they left the car, then wrapped themselves in each others arms.

Once inside, they clung to each other and their lips locked together. Within minutes they were naked in the hallway, stroking, feeling, caressing each other.

"Oh My God!!"

They sat back from one another as Tim's mother stood hand over her mouth, face red, staring at them. Tim hastily pulled Sally's t-shirt across her and wrapped his jogging bottoms around his groin.

"Mum, so sorry, err, this is Sally my neightbour. Mum, Sally; Sally, Mum."

He sat back against the wall and began to laugh, tears streaming down his face. Sally pulled on her t-shirt and shorts, then went to shake her hand. Sarah, mechanically held her hand out and allowed it to be shaken. Sally let her hand go and looked down at Tim. she began to giggle, infectious as it was, soon Sarah was giggling and laughing too. Tim stood with help from Sally and pulled on his bottoms and t-shirt. He pulled Sally into his side and did the same with his mother.

"Not how one should see one's son and his friend, but I am glad you two have met. Shall we have tea?" He walked to the kitchen, accompanied by the two women.

In the kitchen the two women sat opposite one another, both unable to speak, whilst Tim got on with tea making. He placed mugs by them and sat at the end of the table with his mug.

"Well bottoms up, or is that inappropriate?" He grinned.

They laughed and soon Tim had them both chatting and relaxing, the atmosphere so much easier than fifteen minutes before. Sarah and Sally discovered common interests and history. Sarah's husband Jack had died five years ago and she to worked part time, although she did have to go to the office as she was a senior secretary at a firm of accountants.

"I suspect, you're a bit wary of our relationship?" Sally said,

"Curious, not wary, Tim chooses his own friends and I accept that. It's actually nice to see him with a woman, we did wonder,"

"Thanks, not that it makes any difference, but yes I prefer women and Sally and I just kind of fell in together."

"Sorry if I ruined the best chance you had in months Tim."

"Best chance in six years for me, never mind, there's always later," Sally said suggestively.

"Is there?"

"Do you want there to be?"

"You bet,"

"OK, would you guys like me to go?"

"No, Mum, we're only kidding,"

"Sarah, stay, we're just fooling around."

"OK, but don't let me outstay my welcome."

"Mum, you're always welcome you know that."

"Thanks Tim, but I don't want to be that overzealous mother, always popping in and cleaning and tidying. Oh! have you changed your sheets lately by the way?"

"Yes mother, I have, yesterday before you came, as a matter of fact."

"Don't worry Sarah, I'll keep an eye on him."

"Thanks Sally, that's a welcome relief, I do worry about him."

"Boys huh!"

"Yes, do you have children?"

"I have a daughter who lives in Canada, we talk often, and I go to see her fairly often. About twice a year usually."

"Is she married, do you have grandchildren?"


"It's OK Tim.

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