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Abby reveals all.

He walked up a few steps of the aisle next to me while he lectured and I realized he was trying to look down the top of my dress. With the open buttons, I'm sure he could see my bra-less breasts. I innocently leaned over a little further to make sure that he had an unobstructed view of my pretty pink nipples. The cool morning air caused my nipples to poke out like little Hershey's Kisses for the professor's viewing pleasure.

When he returned to the front of the class, I pretended to drop my pen. I got out of my chair and turned around so that my back was to the professor. Then I slowly bent over with my knees straight, allowing the hem of my skirt to ride up and give the professor a good look at my smooth, firm ass. Hopefully, he'll remember this day when he makes out the final grades.

My morning wasn't over yet. As part of my scholarship/grant, I had to work a few hours each week in the library. It was rather warm in the library, so I really didn't want to do anything too strenuous. I was hoping to get an easy job at the front desk. That way I could do some homework while I was there. The head librarian was a mean old lady. She took one look at my skimpy dress and decided that I should re-shelve books. The lady gave me a stack of books and pointed to the area where they needed to go.

There was a table full of nerdy looking guys surrounded by some high bookshelves. I put the books that I was carrying down on the table in front of them and began to look for their places on the shelves. As the guys read their books about space exploration, they gave me the impression that they hadn't come in contact with too many earth girls. They were nudging each other, pointing at me and snickering amongst themselves. I decided to have some fun with these guys.

The first book was on the lowest shelf. As I bent forward to put the book away, the guys were able to see right down the top of my dress. I pretended not to notice that they were watching me, while they pretended to read their books. With three buttons undone at the top of my dress, my bra-less breasts were hanging out for all of the guys to see.

I bent down in front of them to get the next book off of the table. As I leaned way over to look at the catalog number on the book, my breasts were once again on display for the guys. After giving them a few minutes to study my nice pink nipples, I picked up the book and walked over to the bookshelf. The next book was on a higher shelf and I had to stand on my tiptoes to put it away. When I reached up high with the book over my head, I could feel the hem of my dress rise up to the middle of my butt. Half of my bare butt cheeks were exposed to the guys! If they didn't know it before, they now knew that I wasn't wearing any panties!

I stood up in front of the guys and said, "Whew, it is really warm in this place. I'd really like to loosen another button on this dress, but I don't want to offend anyone."

I expected the guys to tell me that it would be fine with them if I opened another button on my dress, but they just sat there dumbfounded. They must not have too much experience with girls.

Finally, I said, "Well I just can't stand this heat anymore, ' and unfastened another button at the top of my dress.

With the top of my dress now unbuttoned below my breasts, I said, "Ah, now I feel much better."

When I bent over in front of the guys to get the next book, they had a much better view of my bra-less boobies. The book was on the bottom shelf again. This time, I bent over with my back to the guys. My dress rode way up behind me revealing most of my bare butt cheeks to the guys. I heard them whisper to each other about how great I looked, but I pretended not to hear them.

As I looked at the next book, I realized the guys were really going to get a treat because I would have to climb the ladder to re-shelve it.

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