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Alison finally accepts she is submissive and is sold.

As I looked around the car park again, I could see the 3 men in their cars all with their car windows wound down, staring right at my girlfriends wet pussy. This turned me on immensely, seeing other men enjoy the sight of my girls slim sexy naked body was more of a turn on than I had ever imagined. It was now quite dusky in the car park, I could just about make out the silhouettes of the 3 voyeurs as I eased 2 fingers into Lizzies soaking wet tight cunt. I knew she was loving the fact that there were strangers staring right at her exposed wet pussy, as my fingers played with her clit & spread her pussy to enable the strangers to see how wet her cunt was. It had gotten darker very quickly in the car park and it was now quite difficult to see in any great detail any of the other men, and I imagined that they would be getting frustrated at not being able to get a good enough view of Lizzies nakedness.

I was in seventh heaven at this point, my eyes were closed as my girlfriend was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime, lost in the moment of what was going on and not wanting to see the reality of it.

I opened my eyes a moment or 2 later to see that the 3 men had now gotten out of their cars and were standing a few yards away from the car window getting a closer look at Lizzies pussy being fingered. As I focused I could see that the men were all rubbing the evident bulges in their trousers while staring right at my girlfriends ever-wettening pussy. This shocked me slightly but also turned me on - we had had public sex before, but never with an audience, well, not that we've been aware of!

I didn't tell Lizzie what was going on behind her, as I didn't know if she'd be turned off by the proximity of our new 'friends'.

I was now getting closer to coming so I decided to stop Lizzie as I wanted to fuck her desperately. As she sat up next to the window by which the 3 men were now standing, I nodded for her to look to her left out of the window. As she looked, she saw the 3 strangers, all with their semi-hard cocks out stroking them while staring at her perfect large breasts. Her mouth just fell open at the surprise of seeing this and she again let out a sexy moan and her hand slowly started playing with her tits as she stared at the 3 strange cocks that were glued to her every move. Her hand then went down to her pussy and she gasped as her fingers met her clit and her eyes closed in pure lusty pleasure. By now I was furiously wanking my cock while watching my woman perform for these guys, and I wasn't the only one wanking - the other 3 guys were right up close to the car window with their cocks in hand pumping furiously, obviously not believing their luck at the show they were getting.

Lizzie looked over at me with a sexy look on her face and I smiled knowingly back at her, both of us totally turned on by this unexpected development. Both of us then jumped as we heard our car door being opened. One of the 3 men, obviously frustrated at not being able to see properly in the dark, had cheekily opened our car door, thereby activating the dim door light of the car giving all of us a clearer view of the proceedings. We were both too turned on to care at this point and I was now sat next to Lizzie, leaning over her and feeling her naked body as she continued to finger herself. The 3 blokes were now all stood side by side in the open door of the car wanking their hard cocks over the sight of my naked girlfriend bringing herself to orgasm.

I whispered to her to ask her if she had ever satisfied 4 men at once before, she groaned and said she'd never done anything like this before, but was so turned on by it all that she needed to feel cock.

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