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Her imagination runs wild after she goes home to you.

" She smiled. "I used to pretend it was your tongue."

By this time her cheeks and breasts were flushed, her nipples red and very hard. Her breathing was ragged, her hips sinuously writhing as if of their own accord. For my part her display had aroused me even further than the video and my memory. My cock was throbbing and twitching - hard with the enjoyment of her performance and with the thought of what the rest of the night had in store.

"Paula, stop." I said. "Make yourself naked for me."

She smiled, and stood. Her hands slide beneath the sides of her panties. Slowly and sensuously shimmying them over her hips, her breasts moving in time, Paula removed her panties. Turning, she bent at the waist, legs straight, and unfastened the straps on her shoes. In this pose I could admire the curve of her hips and buttocks - her aim of course. She stepped out of the heels, and stepped closer to where I sat. Her right foot came up onto the left arm of my chair,and she began to slide the stocking from her leg. In this position her closely-trimmed pussy was open and exposed to me. I could smell her arousal and easily see the glistening of her lips. She loved to show herself to me, and this position was exciting her even further.

Once both stockings were removed, Paul stood before me - gloriously naked and awaiting my instruction.

I stood and moved to the tray by the bed. I retrieved some long, thin silk ties, and returned to her. Automatically she held out her hands to me - palms uppermost - and looked into my eyes with anticipation and total submission. I smiled and softly bound her wrists firmly but comfortably.

As commanded she sat in the middle of the bed. I pulled her hands behind her head, and she lay down - the ties emerging from beneath her body by her hips. I moved her feet so they were beside each hip, and bound the ankles to the other end of the ties. Now, she was helpless for me. Her arms were immobile behind her head, tightening and pulling her breasts upwards. Her legs were spread, her feet drawn up and held by her hips. As she moved her arms or legs, they tightened the bonds on the other. She was open, available and deliciously mine.

Paula's breathing had gradually become more shallow and rapid throughout the tying process. Soft moans were issued periodically as I tested her bonds - and when I slid the blindfold over her eyes she groaned softly "Oh Master!".

I stood back and smiled. The evening, so far, had been everything I had wished. Paula was responsive, submissive and inventive - the perfect sub. Now, we would see if she had learned anything in the last week.

"Paula it seems to me that your nipples were a major cause of your arousal last week."

"Oh yes, Sir."

"I wonder if we should do something to dull their sensitivity somewhat."

"Whatever you wish my Master."

I reached for one of the candles, Paula obviously unaware. Holding it above her full breast, I slowly and carefully tipped it.

"You may feel some heat now, Paula" I warned. Too late to prepare, she realised my intent, and as the hot wax droplet struck her nipple she inhaled sharply. As it rapidly cooled she exhaled with a groan, and arched her back towards the candle, wanting more. I waited. She moaned, anticipating. Again, a drop on fresh flesh. Searing heat, then pleasure. Again and again. Pausing between drops - magnifying the sensation through delay. Over and over, until both nipples were coated with a shell of hard wax, and Paula's breathing was rapid and ragged.

"There, that should serve to minimize their stimulation." I said.

"Oh God Master, you must be joking. They have never been so stimulated - so hard and aching. Please Sir, please - I need you to touch me - I beg you."

"As you wish Paula."

I climbed onto the bed, and moved between her spread legs. She could feel me move, and was well aware of my position. Her moans were almost constant now, and her hips were writhing - seeking some contact.

I bent over her - my face close to her core.

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