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Appalled once more by her thoughts, Millie took her bowl of marshmallows into the kitchen and ran to the safety of her room.

It was eleven thirty at night and Millie still hadn't heard uncle Aiden arriving home from work. The house was always very quiet so the slightest noise could be heard. Another hour passed and the house kept it's gloomy silence. Millie was beginning to worry about uncle Aiden. Granted he was a grown man and could be out until the wee hours of the morning but it wasn't something he did. The latest she'd heard her uncle arrive from work was eleven. He'd always need to be well rested for work. Two more hours passed when suddenly -- Slam! Thud! "Fuck!"

Millie paused the video she'd been watching as she felt her heart race. Fast footsteps and giggles echoed in the house. There was a lazy rattling at her door and Millie hid under the covers.

"Mm, is this your bedroom here?"


"Is it empty? We could fuck in there."

Uncle Aiden chuckled, "Eager for my cock aren't you? God, you're such a little slut."

Millie didn't understand why tears filled her eyes as she heard moan after moan followed by his statement. Why she sobbed after she heard him groan in pleasure telling her to take it. Her heart felt like a big lump in her chest and what she could definitely not understand was why she wanted to be the one to take it.

Pleasure swelled and roiled through Aiden despite his desolation. If only the pain in his heart didn't multiply with each thrust, each caress, each grunt. But he would not stop. He only pounded faster, harder. Making his little tart moan louder. "Yes... Take it!"

He would fuck her because he would never fuck Millie. He couldn't. But he could fuck this girl. She was perfection. A blonde-haired beauty who's full breasts quivered with every thrust. She was every man's dream. Long legs wrapped tightly around him and within seconds her pussy was milking his cock. She vocalized her pleasure with one high-pitched moan after the other.

His orgasm followed a few minutes after hers. He would pound and use her pussy hard until he came and once he did, he collapsed next to her, pressed his lips to her forehead and fell asleep.

Morning came and Aiden was calmly preparing his coffee when he heard footsteps. It was probably his little tart. He found her resting against his chest when he woke up. She greeted him with a kiss to his cheek. Kisses which trailed lower and lower making him grow hard in his pants.

"Sweetheart, I have to go to work and you must return to your husband." This was met with a pout as his hard cock was being pulled out.

"But your cock is so big... I only want to give it a quick suck before I leave."

And before Aiden could feign a protest, his head was deep in her mouth, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. "Fuck, hun, why didn't you suck me last night too?"

She had managed to take his long big cock deep in her throat. His balls were cupped and played with and he grabbed her hair, getting ready to fuck her lush mouth. She was sucking him like an expert little cock gobbler. He grunted out loudly in pleasure and she moaned when he told her he was going to fuck her pussy hole next.

Ah, yes. His head felt right about ready to explode. She was sucking and wanking him hard at the same time. He thrust his hips and made her gag this time as he went deeper down her throat. "I'm going to cum in your mouth and you're going to swallow it all. Aren't you, you little cum slut?" He spoke between grunts and sighs but his pleasure was abruptly brought to an end when he heard another pair of fast footsteps going down the stairs.

He pulled out of his cock lover's mouth quickly. Hoping he would get to make himself decent before Millie saw him. Yet as fast as he tried to be, Millie arrived faster. And the moment he locked eyes with her, he felt the tip of his cock burst. Gush after gush of cum spilled onto his sweet tart's face uncontrollably.

It was an utter disaster.

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