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A silky/Silkeon Fantasy.

Jenna woke startled not knowing where she was. Then she remembered Cayce! Oh my..she flipped the covers back to see herself still dressed. She then tiptoed to the door to see where he was, as she was peering down a hall trying to be quiet a door opened next to her and in all his glory was Cayce! Fresh out of the shower and without a towel. Jenna took in his entire body and let out a small gasp. Cayce stepped out closer to her and again her cheeks turned pink. He laughed out loud at her and she had to laugh too. After all it wasn't as if she'd never seen a naked man before. But Jenna knew she'd never seen a naked man that looked this good! Cayce explained to miss sleepy head why she was here, and that he didn't want to wake her.

Jenna was glad for the sleep, but now what! Cayce excused himself as he passed and grabbed a robe. He called to Jenna to join him on the sofa. He asked her if she cared for coffee, or something else. Jenna accepted the coffee needing something to take her mind off his incredible size. They talked more as he made the coffee and brought her a steaming cup. Jenna watched as Cayce sat and his robe opened around his broad chest. God she thought, he'll think I'm such a naive girl if he notices me. Cayce did notice and pulled Jenna closer, looking into her eyes telling her he's going to kiss her! Jenna melted, her lips parted slightly as she felt the warmth of his lips brushing hers. His kiss was tender and sensual. His mouth didn't want to leave hers as their tongues met and toyed with each other. His strong hands holding her waist and around her head, his fingers entangled in her hair, Cayce moved closer and began to kiss deeper and more passionately. He moved from her lips to her eyes, whispering how beautiful she was. Jenna's head was reeling all of her control was ebbing away. She knew she wanted him in every way.

Cayce nibbled her ears, lavished kisses on her neck, making Jenna shudder. He stopped, looked into her eyes and together they went to his room. He lifted her and placed her on his bed. Jenna started to undo her buttons. Cayces' hands moved hers away as he undressed her. Slowly removing each article of clothing kissing each exposed part of her. Jennas breathing was shallow, she wanted him so bad! Cayce admired her glowing nudity. He leaned down cupping her breast kissing her mouth until her lips were puffy with excitement. Jenna could feel the heat and moistness growing between her legs. Cayces' fingers traced her body and his lips followed. When his fingers reached her thighs, without taking his eyes from hers her gently spread her legs. Jenna followed opening herself widely for him. Cayce knew she was ready and with the tip of his tongue and his hot mouth, he worked his way from her navel to her now wet clit.

Jenna's fingers curled in his hair as his mouth sucked in her clit, and his tongue explored her deeper opening. She let out a moan of pleasure as Cayce inserted a finger and began stroking in and out of her wet cunt. Ohh, Jenna moaned, her fingers now digging into his shoulders her legs wide and thighs squeezing trying to push him deeper. Cayce continued until he made her shudder as she climbed to the peak of excitement. Jenna was arching her back, gasping ..she heard herself exclaim, "Cayce, god, Cayce,..I want to feel you inside me!"

Cayce came up.

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