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Mmmm delicious he thought, as he plunged his mouth onto his daughters seeping slit.

"Ohh yes daddy...lick me!" Cassidy gasped finally feeling her father mouth on her cunt. She could feel as he started licking deep inside her pussy and feel it as he brought his hands up and massaged the sides of her pussy lips. "Ohh shit daddy...that feels ssoooo good!" She said as her hands pulled his head even tighter too her pussy. Cassidy knew she was getting very close, her excitement at her father licking her pussy and the feeling of it actually happening was just overwhelming to her. When she felt him slide a finger into her and started sucking hard on her clit, she shot off like a rocket.

"OH GAWD.....ohhh ggawddd....AARRGGGHHHHHHH!" Cassidy screamed out as her pussy contracted and her orgasm tore through her body. John felt her muscles inside clench around his finger and knew his daughter was having a strong orgasm. He soon had even more proof as his fingers and mouth were soon coated in her gushing juices and girl cum. He began licking her pussy lips and his fingers, lapping up all of her sweet flow. Soon the flow eased, and her body gave a shudder as she came down from her orgasm. John raised his head and smiled up at his daughter.

"God daddy that was great....uumm...I feel much better now. Hehehe...your face is a mess." Cassidy said looking down her body to her fathers face. John grinned at her.

"Hang on a second and Ill wipe it off." John said, trying to find a tissue to wipe her juices from his face. He didn't want to get the smell on his case his wife might smell it later.

"No wait, come here....let me clean it up for you." Cassidy said as she opened her arms and used her hands in a "come here" motion. John smiled at her and crawled up her body so that his face was near hers. Cassidy then took his head in her hands....and began licking her juices from his cheeks and mouth. John chuckled at his daughters cleaning methods. Cassidy smiled at her laughing father...and then kissed him deeply, mixing her juices with his saliva. They're tongues danced for a while before they broke the kiss. Cassidy then felt her father's very hard member against her tummy and wanted to see it for herself.

"Daddy...take off your clothes...I want to see your cock." Cassidy said, blushing now, even after what they had just done. John grinned at his daughter and stood up and began to undress. As he slowly undressed Cassidy started to put on a show for him, running her hands over her body and giggling as she grew more excited in anticipation of what was to come. Soon John had only his briefs on and paused and looked at his daughter, grinning.

"Ready for the finale honey?" John said, as he wrapped his thumbs in the elastic of the briefs.

"No daddy...the finale will be when you take my virginity....this is just the stage entrance." Cassidy said as she smiled at him and waited.

"Well...drum roll then..." john said laughing as he slid the underwear down and his cock was exposed....pointing straight at Cassidy. Cassidy eyes went wide and she gave a huge smile.

"Oh're huge." Cassidy said as she sat up in the bed and sat in front of her father. She grabbed him by the hips and looked into his eyes. "Daddy....can I suck it?" Cassidy said as John looked down at her, grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

"Of course you can Cas....not like we haven't already crossed a bridge." John said as he watched, and felt his daughter wrap her hand around his member and look at it from different angles.
"Mmm daddy.

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