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Rob rents a cottage at the beach for a weekend with Sherry.

And the neck line ... I thought my boobs would pop out at any time." She cupped her breasts and pushed them up. "I never knew I had so much tit."

I tried to think of how to reassure her. Barb started, "Sis ..."

Tina went on. "When you hug me Mark you make me feel wanted and loved." I reached out and held her hand, also. "I felt beautiful all dressed up last night. When we danced I felt real good. Then, in bed, when you played with my tits, I melted." I squeezed Barb's hand. Tina lent over and looked at Barb. "When I saw you dressing tonight, without a bra and that thong no bigger than a postage stamp, I decided it was time for my wild outfit. I got such a charge out of knowing I could drive any man crazy just by wiggling my tush or bending over a bit. I caught you eyeing me all night, Mark. I know I gave this big guy a thrill or two, right?" Tina reached over and patted my semi hard cock. A first overt caress from Tina.

"On the dance floor tonight I was so turned on. Barb those nipples were poking at us all night, even through most of dinner. Then at the disco, I just wanted to kiss and suck them. I know I'm bad and shouldn't say such things ... but that's how I felt. When you were bumping me hip to hip I wanted to turn you toward me and grind against you. And Mark, your hands were all over us, both Barb and me. You grabed my arse. You even felt my bare cheek under my dress.

Barb slapped my hand, "Bad boy." We all laughed.

"You brushed and pressed against our boobs. You brushed us with that damned cock of yours. You bumped and slid our pussies against your thigh and hip. And that look! You made me feel like you just wanted to slurp Barb and me up. I wanted to be slurped. I don't know what made me so excited. You doing that stuff to me. You doing that stuff to Barb. Or, you doing us both. God I felt great tonight." Tina lapsed into silence. I lent over and kissed her cheek. "Am I being bad, feeling like that?"

"Tina, we're enjoying getting to know the real Tina. I know Mark feels the same way. That's not bad. If you want to, you can come over here and kiss and suck my tits now. I'd like that." Barb squeezed my hand and pulled it back toward the slider door.

Getting the hint I stood and announced that I was going in to take a shower, "Anyone care to join me?"

When I came out of the shower the girls were still out balcony huddled together and talking. I could only hear a murmur. In a clean pair of briefs, I turned the lights out and climbed into my place in the center of the bed.

I was dozing off when my women came in from the balcony. Barb slipped her thong off and, with her shirt still undone, snuggled in beside me. I got the shin to skin version. I like that. Barb whispered, "Are you watching?" I squeezed her butt. Tina had already taken her bra off and was easing her 'cheekies' below her cheeks. Her back was to me so I only saw her gorgeous butt as she slipped on a pair of standard issue white cotton briefs and the her big sleeping tee. Tina climbed on to the bed, lent and gave me a soft kiss, pulled my arm out and settled her head on my shoulder, her shoulders and butt against my side and my hand on the boob. In a few minutes she gently pushed and slid my fingers on her breast.

I drifted off to sleep with one hand kneading Barb's tush and one hand kneading Tina's tit. Another day in paradise.

Tina considerately went for a walk again next morning. Barb told me how much she enjoyed Tina lapping on her tits last night, but mostly they continued to talk about Tina's confusion. Barb surprised me by suggesting that I be careful as she didn't think Tina had ever had oral sex. Was Barb telling me to eat Tina's pussy or not to lick her sister? We each had enough horniness left from last night to exhaust ourselves before breakfast.

We headed down Pi'ilani Highway toward Mekena State Park.

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