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The Big Bed Room: they find the Player & another game.

"Damn you girls are loud! I was trying to sleep!" I said. By this time my cock was laying down but still quite full, probably almost full length.

"Oh shit!" Both girls said in unison. "Sorry bro!" said Jamie.

I just ignored her and walked over to Lolly and put my arm around her, "What's up babe?"

"Look at this guy!!" Lolly said to Jamie as she reached out and grabbed my cock through my shorts.

I looked at Jamie and saw her eyes glued to my groin area.

"Go ahead Lolly, pull it out," I said. She happily obliged. She pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang to life. It didn't take but a second for my cock to jump back to full mast. Immediately Lolly started blowing me with Jamie still staring.

"How's that cock taste?" I said to Lolly while I looked at Jamie. She looked up and met my gaze. "You love big cock don't you?" I said to neither one in particular, but while staring at my sis. Lolly took her mouth off me to say "Hell yes" and went back to sucking. I saw Jamie nod her head yes.

"What's that Jamie?" I asked.

"Your cock looks delicious Sammy" she said.

Lolly looked at Jamie and said, "Get your ass over here, slut!" Then Lolly took off her tank top and bra and let her huge boobs free.

Jamie was still hesitant. "Shit... I don't know guys...that's my little brother," she said.

Lolly took her mouth off my cock to say, "Trust me, he's not your little brother". Then she laid my cock over the length of her face. My balls were on her chin, cock head over her forehead. "If you can resist this, you're fucking crazy!" Lolly said from under my dick. Then she pulled her jeans off, panties going with them. "Jamie, if you're gonna be a pussy, at least eat my pussy!"

I laid down on the couch, and Lolly continued to blow me. She was hovering over me on her hands and knees with her juicy ass in the air. "Come on Jamie, let's have some fun..." I said to my sister. Apparently that was all she needed - I think she was on her way anyway. Just like that, she flashed her gorgeous smile and pulled her tank top off. Next came the bra, and for first the time I was finally treated to seeing her massive tits in the flesh. My jaw dropped. "Damn!!" I said. Her tits were incredible. So full, round, and perfect. There was no way boobs so big should defy gravity like they did. There was barely any sag, I guess that's what being 19 does for you.

Jamie followed her nipples pointing at us, and positioned herself under Lolly's pussy. "Let me taste this!!" she exclaimed.

While still blowing me, Lolly lowered her ass down to Jamie's face. I looked over at the action and saw Jamie's tongue to go work. My first thought was - Damn was that a hot sight to take in! Then I realized, my tongue is way more talented than Jamie's, and I couldn't wait to prove it to Jamie herself.

It wasn't much longer before Jamie was ready for some cock. She moved up to my dick, by Lolly's mouth and said "My turn hun..."

Then Jamie, with her face wet from licking Lolly's pussy, literally grabbed Lolly's face and shoved her tongue down her throat. They sucked face for maybe 10 more seconds before I decided I was ready for someone, anyone's mouth back on me. I poked their make out session that was taking place right above me with my huge dick. It was like I snapped Jamie back to realty, and she began to sink her face on my cock. She was going to town on me as if she was making up for lost time. It only took a moment before I realized this chick is a pro! As practiced as Lolly was, and as large as her tits were, Jamie was blowing her away in both categories. I was thoroughly enjoying the moment, but at the same time I couldn't wait to see how Jamie's pussy felt.

"Hey guys, let's move this to my room," I wisely suggested. The sluts followed my lead to my bedroom. Jamie shoved me on the bed and picked up where she left off - with her mouth on my meat.

While Jamie was blowing me, Lolly positioned her pussy over my face.

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