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The cheeky submissive gets her M'Lord's reward. ;)

Her hand rubbed up and down his arm lightly as her nipples hardened under his fingers. Nancy felt her desire rising up in her and pulled him closer against her body.

Paul reached up to slide the strap of her sun dress off her shoulder and down her arm, helping her to get free from it and reveal her breast to him. It seemed so small in his hand, but he felt his cock rising under his shorts as she slowly ground her bottom up against him. Rolling her over underneath him, he was able to face her and reach her exposed breast with his mouth. Sucking hungrily on it, his teeth and tongue teased and pulled on the nipple causing tingles of excitement and a little pain to flash through her tender flesh. He reached to engulf her breast fully in his mouth and sucked hard to hold it there. Raising up slowly, his teeth slid over the skin and the held onto the nipple long enough to pull her soft reddened breast up in the air before pausing and then letting the nipple slip out from his teeth.

Nancy had never felt the thrill and excitement of being with a man like she was feeling with Paul. True, she had never been with another man besides her ex-husband, but as much as she loved Ben when they were young, their love-making had never been very exciting. Ben's idea of foreplay had been for her to suck his thick cock to get him hard. He would then mount her and pump away for a minute or so before he came in her. When he was done, he'd roll off of her and soon fall asleep. He never asked what she wanted and she had rarely had an orgasm with him.

Finishing with her right breast, Paul slid her dress off her other shoulder and pulled it down low enough to let him access her left breast. It lay back somewhat flattened against her chest and looked very pale compared to the redness that colored her right breast. Her nipples were small brown buds with correspondingly small round aureole. Most of the girls Paul had dated were much younger and larger breasted. A surprising number of them had breast implants that made their tits stand up higher, even when they were laying on their back, and also made their breasts a lot harder and less comfortable to kiss and suck on. He then moved over her left breast and within minutes, she was moaning and holding his head tightly against her chest while he sucked and nibbled on its tender delights.

The couch was becoming a bit constraining as their activity heated up. Getting up, Paul removed his shirt and then helped Nancy to her feet, letting her light cotton dress fall to the ground around her feet. She immediately felt embarrassed standing in front of him wearing only what her oldest daughter laughingly called her "granny panties." Looking down at herself and not wanting to meet his eyes or see his face as he saw her like this, she saw her breasts hanging down with the nipples extended out further than she could ever remember and still feeling the heat in them from Paul's earlier attentions. Paul slipped his shorts off and then laid her back on the couch. She could see his cock straining up against the fabric of his boxers and immediately knew she wanted to feel it inside of her. Reaching out, she pulled his shorts down and took his cock in her hand. She stroked it slowly and enjoyed the feel of its warmth and hardness in her fingers. Pulling on it, she moved Paul closer to her so she could sit up and begin licking around the head of his cock. She held his shaft firmly and began working her mouth over it, taking time to tease and torture Paul a little by using her teeth and tongue over the sensitive head.

Paul held her head in his hands and wanted to pull her against him to fill her mouth with his cock, but her grip on him left her in full control of how much or how little of his shaft would go in her mouth.

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