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I Visit Emma in Vermont.

All in all it had been a good day and another small step on a journey I had yet to realise had started.

The next day I awoke and after peeling off my blue satin nightdress (my sister's) I showered and took the time to treat my legs with hair removal cream, then I thought, what the heck and applied it to my genitals. Maybe not the best decision I ever made but apart from a slight tingling sensation all my hair, not that I had much anyway was removed. The feeling of slipping into fresh panties after that was wonderful, like bathing in silk all over.

I thought I would treat myself today and wear something nice so I had chosen white satin bra and panties, then pulled some stockings out of my mother's drawer. I then located a suspender belt, it matched the bra and panties, with a frilly lace waist band and suspenders. The thrill of putting that on alone was heavenly, as I attached the stockings after carefully rolling them up my now smooth legs I at once felt more feminine that I ever had before. The gentle tugging on the suspenders across my butt was a constant reminder of being so femme and was responsible for my continual excitement. I slipped on a blue pencil skirt and white blouse before sitting and fussing with my hair and make up. I was getting more accomplished at both. In the short space of a few days I was making a really good effort at mascara and eyeliner, foundation and lipsticks and gloss all helped me to complete the illusion I was seeking. Finally finished I went downstairs.

I spent some time tidying the lounge and kitchen before I sat down with a coffee, sitting legs crossed I looked through a magazine when there was a knock at the door. Absent mindedly I rose to open it when I realised my state of dress, my heart pounding I froze then tried to reason and work out who was the other side of the door when a voice called out.

"Stevie, its me Mr Peters from next door, is it OK to come in?"

Breathing a sigh of relief I tried to answer, my mouth dry and voice now hoarse.

"Yes Mr Peters come on in"

With that a key entered the lock and the door opened, Mr Peters stepped in closing the door behind him, he walked through to the kitchen where he stopped open mouthed when he saw me.

"Wow, you do look good, my oh my, yes indeed very pretty."

I blushed and smiled at his comments, I couldn't believe I was enjoying his approval, but I was and it made me feel good.

"I do hope you are going to dress like that all the time now Stevie, I really like it mmmm" he eyed me from head to toe I felt his eyes taking in every detail. I turned away unable to watch him looking.

"Don't get embarrassed Stevie, you look great, I didn't want to barge in like I did before that's why I knocked if you were wondering."

I turned back to face him he saw my flushed face.

"I called by to ask if you had thought any more about that weekend trip I mentioned, I know you would like it"

"Oh I don't know Mr Peters" I began.

"Listen Stevie, it's a quiet and safe place especially for people like you" he looked meaningfully into my eyes "and for people like me who like people like you, now do you understand?"

"You mean you do it too?"

"Oh no I don't anymore but I did once, no now I like to help people like you, I can assure you it will be fun, you will learn a lot, and there will be others like you there too, please think about it, I know it is a big step but I can tell you are ready for it, Oh did I mention you would be able to dress the entire time there too?, let me know tomorrow OK?"

I tried to take in what Mr Peters had said, by the way my heart was pounding I was excited at the idea. I already knew my answer.

"Yes OK Mr Peters I would love to come, no need to think about it, I will have to let my mum know

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