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Pirate captain's threats to ravish married woman.

My arms around her waist, we pushed through the door as one being, in an odd quickstep. Once inside, I slammed the door shut with my heel and Mum was already turning round into me and my lips were at her neck and her lower body was thrusting up against mine. Kissing any bare flesh my lips could find, I pushed her backwards against the wall, dislodging the overcoat stand as we went. As we slid down to the floor, the stand came crashing down behind us.

We tried the impossible feat of relieving each other of blouse and shirt without releasing our mouths, then in a flurry, ripping off our own tops. I dove my nose down between the swells of her bra cups while my one hand traced the contours of her face and found its fingers being sucked into her mouth and her tongue curling round them like a snake. She didn't know what to do first, take her bra off or grapple with my belt, so I slid my arms round her back and jerked the clasp open while she used both hands to simultaneously stroke around my balls, pull at my belt, open the top button and rip my zip down. I flung her bra into the air and marveled at the beautiful pale globes now displayed and enclosed their warmth and weight in my hands. She for her part was tearing the pants down over my ass and taking my shorts with them. The only hold-up was that I was so excited that she had trouble pulling them over my dick until it was suddenly released and sprang back up like a diving-board.

We paused momentarily to admire one another before I started to pull at mum's skirt.

"Wait, wait..."

She lay back and flipped the side button and short zip, then lifted her bum. I reached for the waistband and pulled it down across the width of her hips along with her panties and tights. This I did surprisingly slowly as I wanted to savour the moment of her pussy coming into my view. She was watching my face and saw that this is what I wanted, and, bending her knees, lifted herself even further off the floor, knees together but then parting them as the bundle of clothes fell down towards her ankles. I was in awe. This was not the pussy Pete had attempted to capture so amateurishly; this was oh so much more succulent and alive and welcoming.

My kisses started somewhere around the inside of her thighs and made their way northwards, pausing only to lick into the damp groove surrounded by soft padded lips that was Michelle's cunt. Then over her mound and up in a straight line into the pool of her navel, circling it, delving inside. Her hands were pulling gently at my hair, urging me upwards. Then further, to where my hands had already been occupied fondling her nipples and appreciating the weight of each breast. I replaced them with my mouth and tongue and gave each the attention they deserved but I was still slithering northward, and by the time my tongue had passed her neck and chin and finally approached her waiting mouth, my dick which had been rubbing up to the top of her thighs was now poised at the entrance into her chasm. I gave one further heave upwards, and both my dick and tongue simultaneously thrust into her insides.
Michelle let out a gasp and I myself was momentarily stunned by the slipperiness, tightness and above all the heat emanating from the sheath in which my cock now found itself.

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