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Mother Nature pays a visit.

Standing over six foot tall he looked like an ex-footballer with a shaven head. Nancy thought he looked just like "Mr. Clean" from the TV commercials.

Nancy had spent the day preparing for the night's threesome. She was wearing the sexy black negligee she had picked up for the occasion.

The gown was short and very sheer doing little to hide her full breasts. Without the panties her freshly shaven pussy was barely hidden by the gown.

Both Nancy and Tim were pleased when they met Harry and invited him to join them in bed.

Tim and Nancy watched in awe as Harry disrobed. He was a hulk of muscles and his cock was the biggest Nancy had ever seen. He must have been ten-inches long and as thick around as Nancy's forearm with a beautiful mushroom head and she wondered to herself if she would be able to take him. Harry's pubic hair was also cleanly shaven.

Tim and Nancy had decided to go for something extra exciting with Harry. Nancy would fuck him bare cock, without a condom, even though she was ovulating. They knew it could result in Nancy becoming pregnant but that was what made it more exciting.

They started the evening with Nancy sucking both cocks. After Tim's seven inches Harry's monster felt like she was trying to fit a baseball bat into her mouth.

Nancy loved sucking cock and swallowing the rich sperm they spewed into her mouth. Through years of practice she was able to get most of Harry's cock into her mouth without blocking off her air passage. Harry's balls were bouncing off Nancy's chin when he fired his load down her throat.

Nancy had never received such a huge load from one man before, six or seven large ropes of sticky, gooey cum. The thick cream slid down her gullet like garden slugs on the way to her belly.

Nancy allowed Tim to kiss her and let his tongue scour her mouth for Harry's residual cum.

Tim invited Harry to fuck his wife first knowing his mammoth cock would stretch her fuck hole open further than it ever had been.

Lying on his back on the bed with his erection pointing skyward Nancy straddled his weapon and slowly lowered herself onto his pole. Guiding Harry's cockhead into her opening she grit her teeth and continued downwards.

Harry's cockhead spread her smooth pussy lips the massive cock bulldozed its way into her waiting hole.

Nancy's amazing cunt swallowed Harry's entire cock, a feat her mouth was unable to do. She lowered herself until she felt his balls press against her ass cheeks.

Full of the stranger's cock she leaned forward and kissed her husband.

"Fuck him!" Tim urged.

Nancy began rising and lowering her hips, the gigantic cock sliding in and out of her overloaded fuck hole. Her cunt was stretched around Harry's cock like an elastic band, gripping his pole as it moved in her.

"Oh fucking hell!" Nancy moaned in ecstasy.

"Fuck that big cock you slut!" Tim coached his wife.

Nancy liked to be talked dirty to when she was fucking, to be called a whore, slut and a cheap dirt cock-loving bitch. Tim knew it turned her on and she would give Harry the fuck of his life.

In minutes Nancy's cunt had adjusted to Harry's monstrous cock and he was sliding in and out of her greased by her ever-widening hole. Tim could hear his wife's body slapping together with Harry's as she approached her orgasm.

Tim could not believe the look of his wife's face, contorted in sheer pleasure as her climax struck her.

Harry gripped her hips securely as he released his fountain of cum up into her womb. The surge of warm sperm fueled Nancy's explosion.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" Nancy screamed as she came.

Tim's cock was throbbing as he watched his wife being inseminated by this stranger.

As her orgasm subsided Nancy rose off Harry's cock and offered her cream pie to Tim.

"Eat me!" she demanded.

Without hesitation Tim buried his face in his wife's messy crotch. Tim's tongue dipped into his wife's urn of fresh cum and scooped out a generous glob. Tim tasted the pungent sperm that his wife had swallowed directly from Harry's cock.

Tim looked up at his wife smiling, his face glis

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