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The day I got to give my mother-in-law a facial.

They were still talking when Amy moved a hand behind Chris's head, pulled him down to her and kissed his mouth. He prolonged the kiss, moving one hand lower and pulling her in. I knew that this might have been a point at which I'd feel dreadful and have to put a stop to things. But I didn't. I just felt very turned on by the sight. I realised my clit was actually throbbing.

Pretty soon - too soon - the music changed and they came back to the table. Chris leaned over and kissed me deep on the mouth. He sat back, smiled and started the egg vibrating again. That was too much. I was horny as hell and I didn't want to be pushed over the edge. Not yet, anyway. I asked Chris PLEASE to turn the egg off, which he did, and I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Caught sight of myself in the mirror - flushed cheeks and a flushed area at the base of my throat. Dirty slut. I went into a cubicle and pulled the egg out. It was slick and hot. I touched my tongue to it, trying to imagine what Amy tasted like, still not sure whether I would be able to handle the taste and feel of another woman's cunt ... I wiped the egg clean. Slipped it into my bag. In front of the mirror I straightened my clothes. My nipples looked obscene, poking into the weave of the shirt. I smiled and couldn't resist cupping my own breasts - just as the bathroom door opened. It was Amy. She looked at me and quickly ran her fingers over her own breasts. She looked very horny, very heavy-eyed. Chris must have been working on her while I was in here. Silently she took my hand and led me into a corner of the room. Gently pressed me against the wall and kissed my throat while she ran a thumb back and forth across my hard nipple. I couldn't believe how good that felt and, as I willed my legs not to buckle, she pulled back and I felt her fingers on my stocking, just above the knee ...
Her fingers travelled up my inner thigh, slowly, slowly, until they reached bare skin. She traced a little circle on the wet, sensitive skin there, so close to my hot cunt that I let out a little stifled moan. Someone came in. My eyes were closed. I heard a woman's low chuckle and then a cubicle door shutting. Amy pulled back and gave me the sweetest, horniest smile. "Chris is probably getting lonely", she said. She quickly pinched my nipple through my shirt, sending a thrill-shock though me. We went back to the table. Someone had turned the lights down lower, and the music was louder. I suggested to Chris that he and I swap places, so he'd be next to Amy and opposite me. They were sitting with their backs to the wall, close together. Under the table I handed the egg to Chris. He looked surprised. A little crestfallen. I leaned across and whispered "I thought maybe Amy would like it ..." and I heard a low, throaty "mmmm" from him as he turned to Amy.

It was dark but I saw it. With one hand he pulled her into him and gave her a long, deep kiss. His other hand, with the egg in it, was under the table. I saw his arm move quickly under the table and I saw her pull away in surprise, suddenly breathless, then I saw his empty hand on the table top. He reached his hand across and passed it in front of my face and I could see - and smell - that his fingers were slick with her cunt-juice. I took hold of his wrist and, my eyes moving from Amy's wide-eyed, flushed face to Chris's half-shut eyes and back again, I slowly licked his fingers clean. She tasted like me. Different but the same. The taste turned me on. The smell too. I smiled. My clit was throbbing again.

Chris asked Amy to dance.

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