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Not the way he wanted it.

"That's worth two hundred? That's all?" She seemed to be considering the proposal even though it was thrown out half in jest. As she paused to consider, it dawned on me why she was here. She was always running short on money. Maybe the reason she was here was to hit me up for some. That was fine with me; I had done it before, many times. I didn't care, she was worth it. Whatever the reason was, I was going to take advantage of it.

"It's easily worth that much. Maybe more. Make it four hundred." I wanted to impress her, so I bribed her. "You're worth it." Erotic images floated across my fevered brain. I expressed them. "Four hundred is more than a reasonable price for the exquisite pleasure of watching you ride me, while I play with your breasts and squeeze your ass." My talk became freer and looser with the aid of the alcohol. The vision of her on top of me helped too.

"Maybe it's worth more than four hundred then." Her eyes twinkled in a mischievous manner. She was taking advantage of the opportunity also.

"Probably. What more can I get if I up the price?" I had some other ideas in mind. Some particular things we did were recalled. We played many games when we were together.

"Hmm. That's an interesting question. Are you suggesting I can get more out of you if we do something else too? Is that what you're getting at?"

"That's exactly what I mean."

"In that case, maybe you should tell me what you want. After all, it seems to me that you were always the one with all the kinky ideas. What other 'things' do you want to do?" I had never seen her so playful, it was almost like she was directing the conversation instead of me. I loved it.

"Well, for a start, I want lots of kissing. Tongues in mouths, that sort of things. How much for a lot of soulful, full body kissing?" I loved making out with her. The first few dates we had were filled with passionate kissing.

"Kissing? Well that depends. Do you want your tongue in my mouth or mine in yours?" She remembered one of my favorite quirks. I loved it when she attacked my mouth with her tongue.

"Both." I responded moving around in my chair. The pressure in my pants was becoming quite uncomfortable. "But more of your tongue in mine." I recalled the time I taught her to attack my mouth with her tongue, with her becoming the aggressor. I loved the way it felt to be the one assaulted. The contrast was overwhelming. She is at least a foot shorter than my six-foot three frame but when she dominated the kissing, like she was the assertive one, it reversed the usual roles.

"Maybe for that kind of pleasure I should ask for another hundred. Don't you think?" She was getting better at this all the time.

"You bet." I was really getting turned on. I decided to go for broke. During our relationship, we had just started with the kind of sex acts I really enjoyed. But I never had the chance to complete the orientation. "Ok." I took a deep breath. "How much would you charge for oral sex?"

"Oral sex? I don't think that would be appropriate." Suddenly she realized what I meant. "What kind of oral sex?" I think she already knew.

"I want to lick your body. All over." There it was. It was out on the table. We hadn't done much of that, as she seemed contented with just the copulating. We hadn't progressed far enough for her to recognize my need to worship the female body with my servile tongue. The few times I took the chance and went down on her were far too seldom in my opinion.

Studying her face I suddenly thought that maybe she did know. The wise smile on her face was very wise, and more than a little wicked. Maybe she was a lot smarter back then than I thought. Maybe she was very aware of my particular needs.

"I should charge a lot more for that, don't you think? After all, that's sort of a special treat." Her eyes threatened to pierce my heart. "Usually 'men' want my mouth."


"You know how it works.

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