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The trip to New York and the move.

His dark eyes darted around my room, avoiding me as he shuffled from foot to foot, not leaving his spot just outside my doorway.

"Can I help you with something Aaric?" I asked him softly, leaning against the edge of the door. His eyes finally slid to mine, longing hiding there beneath the nerves. The muscle in his jaw continued its jumpy dance and my heart melted at his boyish nervousness. His eyes flitted over my body with obvious desire and I smiled. I angled my body in one smooth movement, cocking out my hip and emphasizing my breasts in a feigned stretch. With satisfaction I watched the heat build in his eyes as he noticed my every movement. He seemed stuck in his nervous silence. "Would you like to come in?" I ran a hand through my hair, shaking it out around me. He chewed his lip and nodded. I led him in and shut the door behind him.

"I didn't know if I should come or not." He murmured in the darkness. I could just barely see him in the dim light of the moon outside the window.

"I'm glad you did." He searched my face, as if to see if I was telling the truth. Seemingly satisfied he reached out hesitantly and stroked my hair off my bare shoulder. His hand, feverishly hot, brushed against my bare skin and skimmed down my arm, sending heat spiraling through me. When I made no complaint he continued, running his hand gently up and down my arm, his other hand reached for my waist, running his fingers down to my hip and gently feeling my skin along the way. His breath was fast and his hands hot. Desire flooded through me and for the first time that day I felt like things were going as they should. I tipped my head up and caught his lower lip between my own, tasting him for the first time. He was divine. I kissed his upper lip next, darting my tongue out just between his lips. He groaned low in his throat and kissed me back, his lips pushing against mine hungrily. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed my body against his. When I parted my lips and let his tongue in he lost all his nervous restraint. His hands wrapped around me, his fingers spreading as they slid down to my butt and squeezed, first gently, then more firmly. One hand remained there while the other crept up to cup my breast. He groaned again, a sound that spread heat between my legs. He squeezed my breast and massaged it with his palm.

He moved us back until my legs met the bed and we fell onto it. He held most of his weight as we kissed there, his hips pushing against mine in a frantic rhythm. His boner ground against me in a maddening way and I reached down a hand to grab it firmly. Aaric growled and pushed against my hand, nibbling gently on my lower lip. I rubbed firmly up and down his length, admiring the feel and his increasing fervor. When I tugged on the hemline of his shorts he pushed himself up off the bed and tugged them down. He wasn't wearing anything beneath them, and I couldn't help but grin at the sight of him, fully aroused and pressed up against his belly. Gently he leaned down and tugged off my little pj shorts and underwear and then slid my tank top up over my head. He tossed my clothes onto the floor beside the bed and took a moment to just look at me.

He looked at me so reverentially I couldn't help the swell of pride inside me.

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