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Sexual assault.

" She gave the crowd a look before heading off. She stopped at Zelinnia's feet. "Come on Sugar, I'm desperate for a hot soak."

"He gave you a bangle of teeth." Zelinnia said flatly. It had taken some effort, but Elunara had managed to convince the Blood Elf to join her and Tulani in the giant tub.

Elunara and Tulani were taking turns playing with Darguni. "I know!" Elunara exclaimed. "Isn't it awesome?" She looked down at her new adornment. "Best wedding present ever."

Tulani laughed. "It suits you."

"Elunara, are you in here?"

"Back this way."

Renwa stuck his head around the door. "We need to talk about your capture."

"That's fine. Take a seat." She gestured to a chair.

Tulani had gotten used to Renwa, so she just actively ignored him. Zelinnia ducked further under the water.

"We can do this another time."

"Sit, I'd rather speak now, while I'm relaxed."

"Do you have no shame?" Zelinnia grumbled.

"Honey, Johnathan and I are old friends. And the only reason I don't stroll around town naked, is it might offend other people. My body is just a tool that I use."

"She would." Tulani said offhandedly.

"Night Elves are weird." She muttered.

Renwa laughed. "She is not like any other Night Elf that has ever lived.

"In fact," Elunara grinned. "I was banished from my home, for being... too weird."

"By her own mother." Tulani added.

"Ouch." Zelinnia frowned.

"Back to the matter at hand." Renwa frowned. "How did they get to you?"

"I'm not entirely sure. I know that they caught me off guard. Judging from the lump on my head when I woke up, they cracked me pretty good."

"Soldier, report."

"Sir. I woke up in a secluded tent. I could see nothing from the inside except a pair of burly guards on my tent. Lorros was there when I woke. He treated me like an abused child. I went for brave but grateful, this seemed to be the attitude he expected from me. I tried the pee tactic, but found Lorros himself escorting me. He was paranoid, sir. Deeply paranoid. While he didn't directly stare at me, he did not let me out of his sight. The tent walls were buried into the ground so I could not escape there either. The only two times he led me out, He blocked my view so that I could see nothing of where I was, only snow."


"There were always two guards outside my door at all times. No one was allowed in or out and should I approach the door, I was shoved backwards. He spent the night in the tent, and the guards stayed there. He never shared anything with me. He treated me as if I was a child he had rescued, yet he always had sex with me and then pinned me under him. It was a ritual of sorts. He did nothing that wasn't directly related to sex with me. I tried all standard bargaining methods and he wasn't hearing it. I was not allowed paper, or pretty much anything."

"What was he doing there?"

She shook her head. "I could gather nothing from him. He rarely spoke. He usually tore off whatever I was wearing and had at me, went to sleep on top of me, and left in the morning. There were no grooming habits that I was even aware of."

Tulani slid her hand over Elunara's.

"When I asked for a visitor or a friend, he shoved Zelinnia in my tent, and then refused to let her leave. She became as trapped as I was."

"It was awful." Zelinnia mumbled.

"When I tried to give him an excuse to release her, he tried to kill her for not being a satisfactory companion." Elunara sighed. "He was paranoid. To levels I could only guess at. I did what I could, but it meant nothing. He seemed to think I was a pathetic child that needed protecting. When I saw a green fleck I thought might be Thrall, I let out a whistle. This seemed to enrage Lorros. I talked him back down, but once the troops attacked, I was able to summon my dagger and deal with my guards." She looked up at Renwa. "Was... anyone hurt because of me?"

He sighed. "We lost 3 good men."

"Bring me their names later." She bit her lip.

"I will."

"Zelinnia." Elunara turned to the Blood Elf. "What can you tell us of Lorros?"

"He was goddamned crazy is what h

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