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Changing the job description.

He squeezed slightly and then began to slowly stroke me up and down. I gasped at the feeling. It was one thing to do this to myself, another to have it done to me. I had fantasized about Margie doing this, but not her Dad.

Pretty drunk now, I closed my eyes and laid back. I heard the squeak of Chuck's lounge chair. I half realized through closed eyes he was kneeling next to my chair. I nearly blew my wad when I felt his mouth on my cock! My eyes snapped open. There was Chuck, sucking my cock. He continued for a moment, then began to lick my cock up and down. Then he would take my young balls in his mouth and suck. He went back to sucking me and I saw him wet a finger on his left hand. A moment later I felt it probing at my ass.

It was too much. I cried out, realizing I was coming. I tried to push him away, but he stubbornly refused to let go. With a gush, I came in his mouth. As I was coming, I realized he was slipping a finger up my ass.

After he had sucked me dry, he let me go and sat up on his lounge chair. "Did you like that?" I could only nod. "There's more," he smiled. He began to rub my chest in a circular motion. He would pause ever few moments and pinch my tits. He was getting me aroused again. I looked down and his cock was only inches away. He saw where I was looking. "Go ahead," he said softly, "hold it."

I reached out and tentatively touched him. His cock stirred at my touch. "Hold it," he whispered. I wrapped my hand around his growing erection. I could hear him moan softly under his breath. "Now stroke me, just like you'd bring yourself off". I started a jackhammer move on his cock. He grabbed my hand. "Maybe a little slower," he said and showed me what he wanted. I stroked him back and forth. I kept my eyes glued to his cock. After a few minutes of this, he suddenly wrapped his hand around mine. He stood and straddled my lounge chair. His hot cock was now inches from my face.

"Suck it," he said quietly, "take it in your mouth. Remember how good it felt when I did it to you?" I didn't even hesitate. He moved forward and I met him halfway. I opened my mouth and took a little of the head. I sucked on it, then licked around it with my tongue. He pushed forward gently and I opened as wide as I could. Slowly, I took in more and more. There was no way I could get all of it in, not this first time. He must have been nine or ten inches. But I worked up and down diligently. I even licked up and down the shaft, then took his balls in my mouth. He groaned and I sucked harder. Then I worked my way back up his shaft and took him in my mouth again. His hands clasped my head and he guided me. Eventually he held my head and pumped in and out. I took as much as I could, trying not to gag. His tempo gradually increased and I knew he was going to come soon. It didn't even occur to me to pull away. Suddenly he groaned loudly and my mouth was filling with warm, salty cum. For the first time. Not the last. I sucked as hard as I could and swallowed in self defense. He kept me on his cock until it was too painful for him and he pulled away. He flopped down on his lounge chair and sighed.

"Wow, that was great. Thanks." He reached for his unfinished drink. I felt strangely proud at his comment. After a bit he finished his drink, then went and got two more. I drank some to wash down the taste of his cum.

He rolled over on one side and, leaning on an elbow, talked some more.

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