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His college story continues,

My brain quite enjoyed being allowed to take a break, letting my mouth get into trouble all on its own without having to point out how dumb what I just might have said was.

"Come on. We're on a ship for two weeks. I assume that although you have old-worldly charm running out of every pore of you where the rest of us have mere sweat, you still know perfectly well that what you're looking at here is a two week fling at best."

Brandon's aloofness was replaced by something else, something with a bit more edge to it. It wasn't exactly anger, as much as maybe irritation. Like a poker player who just realized someone was onto his bluff.

"Crude words and sharp mind on you, aye?"

"Watch it, you're going full Irish on me there."

He laughed. "Screw you, Daniel."

It wasn't harsh words, it felt more like the way you'd tell a friend to fuck off. Kindly go fuck yourself, in the most friendly way possible.

Brandon drank, before speaking up again.

"But yes, you're quite right. I want to, as you said, tap that. And so do you, I guess."

"Would be lying if I said anything else."

"So here we are, still with the same problem."

It was my turn to drink, while I thought.

Clearly we weren't getting anywhere. And although Brandon was one of the good guys, he wasn't that good a guy that I'd be quite willing to walk out on even half a chance with Marie.

Despite having my fun being boorish, fighting over her wasn't a good option either. Especially since I was entirely lacking in fighting skills, despite what the caveman part of my brain would sometimes suggest. Making Marie choose between us was probably the best option, but still an asshole move. First and foremost, it could go either way, so half a chance was exactly what that left me with. Plus, making her choose would also make things awkward.

So I tried to look beyond the simple logic, and tried to tap into that thing from before. Not thinking and caring, and just making the best of things.

And that. That was exactly it.

Stop being logical of things, and make the best of it.

If me and Brandon stood half a chance each, the best option would be to pool our chances into a full one, wouldn't it?

Drunk logic was on its way to check with my brain if this added up, but I stopped it. Less of the thinking, more of the making the best of things.

"So what if we just skip the problem entirely? What do you say about splitting her?"

If I thought I'd seen Brandon taken aback before, then I'd been wrong. The question came swerving out of left field, and knocked his composure clean of his face.

His jaw actually fell open.

"Split... her?"

"As you said, you want to tap that. Well so do I. The way I see it, we can either have one of us walk away with nothing, or... and I must admit this is a bit of a fair shot, we can try working together and see if we can't all win."

Brandon collected his jaw from where it hung at his chest, and drank deeply from his gin tonic, not stopping until nothing but ice cubes and lime wedges were left at his lips.

"You're... you're suggesting what exactly? A threesome?"

I shrugged. "Probably, yeah. Got any other ideas."

Brandon tried drinking again, only to find his glass as empty as before.

He set it down at the table with faint disgust at its treachery.

He opened his mouth to start speaking, twice, but nothing came out.

"Work it over. I'm grabbing us another round."
I left him in the booth, and headed for the bar.

If I was gonna go through with this, I surely needed at least another drink.

While drinks were being whipped up, Marie came back from the bathroom.

"Hey... even more drinks?"

"Yeah. Turns out my key-card is magical."

"Wow. That's... new."

"Rare stroke of luck."

"Okay... uhm..."

She paused, a rare occurrence of being uncertain about what to say. She fidgeted with the hem of her skirt.

"Look..." she began. "I really don't know..."

I stopped her by handing

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