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Sje seduces Stepfather when mom is away.

I could tell he was getting close and pretty soon he shoved it hard into my mouth and started cumming. I had my tongue against the tip and Pow! The cum exploded into my mouth! It swirled around, filling my mouth and I tried to swallow but started choking. I pulled his cock out and it squirted a shot right onto my forehead. Cum was dripping out of my mouth and down my face and I started laughing again. Never in my life had I ever envisioned this happening to me. This was totally new and FUN!

I sat back and tried to recover, wiping the cum from my face, I licked my fingers clean. It was good! Salty and bitter, but I liked it. Looking up, there were now three cocks poking through three holes in a row in front of me. Snickering to myself, I got up on my knees again. I reached over and took a cock in each hand. One was similar to the first, maybe a little thicker. The other one, on my right, was uncut and maybe 8 inches long. Both were already hard. As I stroked the two in my hands I inspected the one in front of my face. It was longer than the other two but very thin. I immediately gobbled it up. I slobbered all over it and tried to take as much of it as I could in my mouth. Deciding that I was going to swallow the fucker, I gagged a little, but kept trying.

All three cocks were very hard now. Taking a break from the middle one, I moved over and took the large 8 inch cock into my mouth. I sucked that one for a while, then went over to the one on my far left. My own dick was hard as a rock and I was thinking of jerking off, but I didn't have any hands left! Back and forth I sucked the three disembodied cocks. I was in heaven. My jaw ached, but I didn't care. Without warning the big 8-incher suddenly started shooting into my mouth. I wasn't ready and lost some, but managed to swallow most of it.

Moaning, I jumped over to the other two and alternated sucking and stroking them. Some of the cum from the second cock was still in my mouth and it was helping to lubricate the other two. This was also an extreme turn on. Cum from one cock was all over two other cocks and I was licking it all up.

Deciding to give my jaw a rest I started stroking the two cocks and I yelled out, "I want you fuckers to cum on me at the same time!" Cheers rang out from behind the wall. After a few more seconds I heard, "Get ready!" and tried to aim both cocks at my face. Just then both dicks erupted. The one on my left hit me square in the face, covering my nose and getting in my eyes, the one on my right hit me in the neck and chest. After the first shot or two I licked them both, taking the rest of the cum in my mouth and savoring it as I swallowed.

Sitting back down again I Leaned against the back wall. My knees and Jaw ached and I was covered in cum, but I had the biggest smile on my face!

"Hey Sport!," I heard Jim's voice through one of the holes, "take a look on the table. That's a butt plug. Lube it up and shove it up your ass just in case you decide you want to get fucked later. It will get our asshole ready for my cock."

My first thought was "Wha...!!" But then I thought, "Shit, why not."

I took the butt-plug off the table and looked for some lube. Not finding any, I smeared it across my chest, covering it with cum. I took off my underwear and got on all fours. I got some cum on my fingers and was trying to lube up my ass when I heard, "Hey, let me do that for you." I looked up and a couple of fingers were coming through one of the holes in the box. I stood up and bent over positioning my ass to the hole. Slowly, I felt a finger poking at my little hole. Damn, it felt good! I squirmed around and pushed, letting him in a little at a time. After a few minutes he was finger fucking my ass and I was moaning again.

A voice said, "Give me the plug."

I got the butt-plug covered again in cum and placed it at the entrance to my ass.

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