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The Brockton campus is the latest addition to the system. UMass-Brockton is a rather small campus, with only ten thousand students. It offers over sixty different majors and Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees in many fields. I'm taking two courses there but Teejay is a full-time student. He joined the UMass-Brockton varsity football team last year. UMass-Brockton Department of Athletics offers Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Track, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Football and Bowling. For female student-athletes, they have Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Track, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Field Hockey and Bowling. I'd play a sport if I had time but I'm so busy these days it's not a possibility.

Anyway, I was at home with Teejay. He's one of my favorite guys. The guy's a bisexual and he doesn't hide it from me. A lot of brothers are on the down low and don't tell their girlfriends and wives. Truth be told, most females go psycho if their man tells them he's anything other than straight. However, some women can handle it and they shouldn't be kept in the dark. I'm one of those women who can handle honesty from a man without flipping out or going nuts. Teejay told me that he was bisexual and that's okay. I wasn't mad. Truth be told, I thought it was hot. I'm one of those females who likes to watch gay porn. Man to man sex is hot. Gay men are so hot. Bisexual men are the best of both worlds. I'm a fan of gay and bisexual black male erotica. Just check out my porno collection one of these days.

Anyway, I was polishing Teejay's knob. His eight-inch, uncut black dick. I love going down on him. He has a really nice cock. Big and thick, quite long and also smooth-smelling. I like playing with his foreskin. Teejay is my boy with the hood. I suck on his cock and lick his balls. He has big, hairy balls. I love suckling on them. He does too, judging by those happy sounds he makes. He loves it when I finger his ass while sucking his dick. Lots of guys think that if you do that to them, it makes them gay. Teejay is very comfortable with his sexuality. He's a totally cool guy. I work over his dick, speeding things up. Before long, Teejay cums. His cock spits out hot and sticky cum all over my face. Some females get mad when a man squirts all over them. Not me. I don't even like it. I love it! I slurp all the cum off Teejay's cock. He smiles and watches me work. I drain him dry. Until he's spent. Then, I smile. What can I say? I love my handiwork. Teejay pulls me to him and kisses me.

Next, we play cowboy and indian. I'm the Indian chick who's talking trash at the trading post and gets taught a lesson by a macho cowboy. Teejay tackles me on the bed, and grabs me roughly. I love it. What can I say, I love rough sex. Before I know it, I'm on my hands and knees. Teejay slides his fingers into my pussy and I gasp in surprise. He continues what he's doing. He whispers into my ears that he's going to fuck me. I tell him to fuck my ass. He grins. Teejay loves anal sex. It doesn't matter if the asshole in question belongs to a man or a female, he will penetrate it. That's why he's my kind of guy.

Grabbing a bottle of lotion off the night stand, I toss it to him. He greases up his cock and my ass, then rubs his dick against my backdoor. I take a deep breath. Then, I nod silently. Teejay presses his cock into my asshole. I wince. Anal sex hurts. Even when you're experienced and your man is gentle. Even with lube. But that's part of the fun. Don't be scared. Teejay places his hands on my hips and pushes his cock deeper into me. I grit my teeth as my asshole is stretched to accommodate the bulk of his cock. Teejay is a big man in every way. I will my ass to open, and slowly but surely, his cock slides into the forbidden depths of my backdoor. I sigh. This is getting good.

Inch by inch, Teejay's cock ventures deeper inside me.

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