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Sarah's journey into submission.

"Mmmm, Yummy," she replied

Nancy wrapped her lips around the engorged head of Rick's penis and started with a very sloppy, wet blowjob. When the entire shaft of his cock was dripping wet she began to stroke him. Rick's concern about not being able to keep it up in front of another man quickly faded. With Nancy's hand and mouth on his dick there was no way his erection was going away.

Over and over her lips and tongue caressed his cock, followed by her hand. The contrast between her soft, wet mouth and her firm grip was rapidly bringing him to orgasm. Each time her hand slide over the head of his cock he inched a bit closer. She had pulled his dick down until it was horizontal, and turned her head to the side so he had an excellent view. The sight of her lips wrapped around his penis was a huge turn on. He was on the very edge. It was that wonderful place where he felt the euphoria of orgasm without the erection ending ejaculation. With all his might he tried to stay in that place. He knew he was probably leaking into her mouth. She pulled her mouth off him.

"I can taste you, now give it all to me."

Her voice overwhelmed him, and his orgasm surged out of his body. The first spurt splashed onto her face. She quickly shoved his cock into her mouth, gulping down the rest of his climax. Her tongue pressed against him, milking the last drops out of his cock. She let his penis slide out of her mouth and she used her tongue and fingers to clean his cum off her face.

"Between the two of you I think I am owed two orgasms," Nancy proclaimed as she stood up and removed her dress. "Now, take off your clothes and come to the bedroom."

"Do not," she said sternly, "turn this into a contest to see who has the bigger dick. That's not important. But; for the record, Chance is longer and Rick is thicker, so you can both make the claim.'

By the time Rick and Chance made it to the bedroom Nancy was already laying in the middle of the bed.

"Alright boys, let's see what you can do," she said, stretching her hands above her head.

Rick climbed onto the left side of the bed and put one hand on her wrist. He kissed her softly on the lips, then on the cheek. He continued down her body. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Chance was doing the same thing. Rick put his other hand between her legs, slowly stroking the inside of her thigh. Again Chance followed him. Both of them began to kiss Nancy's breasts. Rick's erection was rapidly returning to full strength. Her swollen nipple seemed to beckon to him, but he resisted. Instead he continued to press his lips all over her tit. Nancy was moaning and squirming between them. He glanced over at Chance again. Seeing her with another man was nothing like what he expected. Rick thought he would feel self-conscious and threatened. Instead he felt aroused. He did feel like he was playing a game of chicken with Chance. Both of them were trying to be the last one to finish with her breast and move on to her erect nipple. Rick stopped for a moment and looked at Chance. Their eyes met. At the same time they both engulfed her nipples. Nancy squealed with delight as the two of them pinched her nipples between their lips. Rick could feel heat radiating from between Nancy's legs. He noticed Chance had finished with her breast and started to move down her body. Rick followed his lead, pulling her hand down to her breast. She began to pinch and tug on her nipple as Rick's lips pressed against her ribs.

Rick noticed Chance had put his hand between her legs with his fingers lying on top of her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

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