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Jason and Karen take another walk.

He had gone back to studying. Slowly I moved a hand to my sweater and undid the next button down. Now only the bottom two were holding my sweater closed, if you want to call it that. I was getting excited. Standing up I stretched with my arms over my head. I could feel the sweater open all the way down to my belly. Still standing I leaned over the table towards Nick, leaning on my elbows, to give him a great view. I looked at him quickly to make sure he had noticed before looking down at his books. He had.

"What are you studying?" I asked, still acting like nothing unusual was happening.

"Ah...a...chemistry, advanced chemistry." He stuttered. I'm not sure if he even knew what he had been studying 2 minutes ago.

"Looks hard." I said. Then I reached behind me with my right arm as if to scratch myself. This motion pulled the sweater off my right breast, it dropped plainly into his sight. The cool air caused my nipple to harden even more. Keeping my hand behind me I sat back down, my breast was uncovered for all to see. I pretended to look at my book. I could feel his stare. Looking around I noticed a guy on a couch was staring, obviously enjoying the show. Smiling at him I pulled the sweater closed. On the last note Nick had written, the one about seeing more of me, I wrote, 'now you have seen more of me - satisfied?' and pushed it across the table. He looked at it, looked at me, and then added to the note. He pushed it back to me. It said, 'No I want to see ALL of you.'

"You already did." I whispered back to him. Kicking off a shoe my foot found its way to his crotch. I applied light pressure causing him to sit up straight. He stared at me, I stared right back while massaging his cock through his pants with my toes.

"I want you." He whispered.

"I want you." I replied. His cock was hard now, my pussy was hot, getting wet.

"Now." He said.

"I've gotta go." I said, starting to pack my things. He stuffed his books in his book bag quickly, then stood up and waited for me. After I got everything put away I headed for the back stairwell, only 20 feet away. This led to the closest exit to my dorm, instead of going to the main staircase in the front of the building. Pushing the door open I started to head down. Nick was right behind, grabbed me and pulled me up a flight of stairs. This led to the roof exit, which probably sounded an alarm if it was opened. At the top landing he dropped his book bag, pushed me back against the wall.

"I want you right here." He said, leaning into me, kissing me. His tongue flickered over my lips, his hand reached inside my sweater and found a nipple. I dropped my book bag and wrapped my arms around him. I ran my hand through his hair, his hand found my ass. His other hand cupped my breast, then rubbed my nipple. He started to kiss down my neck, when suddenly the door beneath us opened. We froze, we didn't even breath, my heart was pounding. Someone entered the stairwell and headed down. We heard the bottom door open and the person exit. The door slammed shut, Nick kissed me again, then dropped to his knees. He tried to pull my skirt down but it only moved an inch. Reaching down I unzipped my skirt enough for it to slide down. I stepped out of it while he reached for my panties. He pulled these down, practically causing me to fall while stepping out of them. Leaning forward he kissed me at the top of my slit. Then he took a deep breath.

"You smell so damn good." Then his tongue slashed out at my clit, I spread my legs a little so he could have better access. Then the speaker over our heads crackled to life.

"Attention. The library will be closing in 15 minutes. Please bring any material you want to check out to the main desk now. Thank you."

Nick kept licking me, with one hand on my ass, the other trying to push a finger in my pussy.

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