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Becky is such a busty tease.

One hand slowly crept down her legs and snuck into her underwear feeling her wet as it diddled her clit. Her other hand traveled up to her full breasts and began to tease her nipples through the thin cloth of her shirt. She slipped two fingers inside of her tight canal and began to rub its length, wishing for a stiff cock. Her nipples grew hard and she slowly pulled down her shirt and slipper her hand down her bra pawing at her breasts.

She did not hear the door slowly open. The stranger made no exclamation and stopped moving immediately. He had not imagined that anyone was still in the school. He'd brushed a broom up and down the halls and then thought that he would sneak into Ms. Mark's classroom. He liked to go there when the quiet had set in and touch himself. He would sit at her desk. Sometimes she even left her green knit sweater by accident and he would ball it up and hold it to his nose as his fist pumped up and down his thick shaft. He would let his hot cum shoot over her desk and then shame facedly he would clean it up.

He couldn't believe that the object of his fantasies was reclining on her desk with her legs held wide, breathing heavily. He wanted to touch her. To draw her close and gently bury his teeth in her neck, nipping and licking at her exposed flesh...and those breasts. His hand slid down to his pants and he tried to pull down the zipper as soundlessly as possible. He grabbed his thick cock and began to stroke himself, desperately hoping that if she noticed him she would not scream in fear.

Heather imagined a pair of hands sliding down her body, twisting at her nipples and then entering her. Tried to imagine the fingers inside of her were in fact the thick cock of a handsome stranger feverishly plowing into her with a lust that could not be sated. She came with a few whimpering cries and a rush of blood to her fair cheeks. It was only in the moments of silence after her crescendo that she heard the sounds of someone else in the room. It was the panting of a man. There could be no mistaking the sounds of arousal in his hurried breathing. She slowly opened her eyes, her fingers still lingering in her pussy in a moment of shock and lingering arousal. The young man standing near her desk. He was tall with dark brown hair and he was desperately pumping the thickest cock she had ever had the pleasure of seeing. Their eyes locked and although his showed a hint of fear he did not stop pumping until finally he came with an enraptured lengthy moan as his hot cum spattered the floor.

Heather was met with two conflicting desires of equal intensity. To run screaming from the room, or to take shove his cock between her pretty red lips and suck it back to full erection so that he might pound her. He stood there breathing heavily, not daring to move at all lest he startle her. His innocent eyes showed no threat. She trusted the moment and sank to her knees. He exclaimed in shock as his cock sank into her pretty mouth and then as her tongue began to run circles around his length he allowed the moment to take him too.

She bobbed up and down, keeping up a constant suction-pull and twisting her tongue around him like a ribbon tying knots. After several moments she took one of his hands in hers and brought it to the back of her head, motioning that he should set the pace. He gently laced his fingers through her long red ponytail and brought himself further into her moaning his pleasure. His other hand found her naked breasts and he delighted in cupping them and twisting the nipples. Her hand sank back to her dripping pussy and she resumed her determined fingering. She came again and this time the moans traveled up through his cock. Her grabbed her head sharply. She looked confused and hurt for a moment as he pulled her to her feet, but relaxed when he quickly spun her around and bent her over the desk.

Her round full ass beckoned him, but he wante

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