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Nick sneaks into the room of his childhood fiancee.

Generally, she should be permitted to have a social life, but you may set a curfew, or an early bedtime, or decide whether she should be allowed to have sex with a date."

"It should be standard for you to subject her to what I call a full-pussy inspection after a date to see if she has been fucking," Kay stated rather bluntly. "You should have her hold her labia well part so you can carefully inspect her whole vulval area. This of course also applies to her anal area."


Karen's life soon became awful every day before she left for work and when she returned. The little brat Andrea was on her case all the time, making her expose herself so that her annoying sister could inspect her panty crotch. Andrea also started making remarks about Karen's most intimate areas, telling her older sister that if she misbehaved, her "landing strip" of carefully trimmed hair on her mons veneris might be shaved.

The spankings increased until Karen's poor bottom was red most of the time. Andrea was not at all reluctant to introduce new humiliations: now after each spanking Karen had to crawl between her seated sister's legs and kiss Andrea on her lower lips. Andrea did not yet shave or trim at all down there, so Karen always emerged with a mess of hair and her face smeared with Andrea's profuse secretions.

This Friday night, Karen had won approval to go out on a date with one of her favorite boyfriends, Dale. But late in the afternoon, after she came home to get ready, Andrea announced another panty inspection and smiled as she noted a slight yellow stain where Karen had allowed a smidge of urine to show on her now-mandated white panties.

"You're getting too old for stained panties," Andrea remarked superciliously. "I think that girls who stain their panties are not ready to go out on dates, so you will be staying in tonight. You'd better call that cute Dale and tell him that you're not able to go out tonight. Otherwise when he arrives, I will inform him that I have had to punish my naughty older sister," Andrea went on, as Karen steamed.

"You are such an awful bitch," Karen sputtered, in her furor.

"That will cost you, big sister," Andrea grinned. "Just for that nasty little crack, you will have an early bedtime, five o'clock," she pronounced. "Unless you want to take a hairbrushing too, if you aren't in your jammies right at 5," she added.

Now Karen thought her humiliation was complete. An early bedtime on a night when she had expected to escape from this horrible regime for a few hours and even to enjoy some sex with her favorite guy! It would have been bad enough to have had to lower her panties to have Andrea comment on her cream-filled pussy when she returned from the date by the curfew her bossy sister had set.

Karen quietly said she would call her date and then dialed on her cellphone. She got an answering message and left as nice a one as she could saying that an emergency had come up and she was awfully sorry she couldn't see Dale that evening. Now she began to worry that he might not get the message in time and show up to see her humiliated all the more.

Indeed, that was exactly what happened about three hours later. Karen had been ceremoniously been put to bed by Andrea and told she would be severely punished if she were found out of bed or with the light on. At about 7:30 the doorbell rang and Dale appeared.

Karen could hear the conversation from her room. Andrea very calmly said to Dale that Karen had left him a message that she could not go out tonight.

Dale looked confused.

Andrea smiled at him and said, "My older sister was naughty today so she has been made to go to bed early without her supper."

Dale now seemed amused and amazed. This family was quite something, he thought, if a 21-year-old woman was subjected to such juvenile punishments.

"Well," he said, thinking he might as well try something in this situation, "could it be that you are free?"

Andrea, whose social life had not been all she had hoped for, leaped with joy and said she would be delighted to go out with Dale.

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