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A DP in the back of a limo en route to a royal wedding.

Both men had broad grins on their faces as they looked their prey up and down.

"Let's see what she has to offer then" said Stuart, "she can flirt with the best of them, lets see if it lives up to the imagination".

He pulled my PJ top off my shoulders, giving my boobs a sharp slap as I struggled, trying to stop him.

"mmmmmmmmm very very nice" he murmured quietly "what about the honey pot?"

I realised what he meant and launched into another frantic struggle, anything to try and stop him from invading me down there. Both the men laughed loudly at my futile efforts and pushed me back onto the bed, they followed me and both held me there while they pulled down my bottoms, leaving me exposed to the world.

"I'm fed up with her screaming mate - we'll have to do something about that"

Bill dived into the drawer again and brought out a piece of fabric that he scrunched up and shoved in my mouth while I was mid scream, he used a thin piece of cloth to tie around my head securing the fabric in place. My screams were just a muffled whisper now, I glared at the pair of them and then I was plunged into darkness, it dawned on me that Bill had kept the sleep mask that we had used on the over night flight we took for our holiday earlier in the year. I was now totally helpless, but I wasn't going to give in without an almighty fight. I lashed out with my legs and somehow, I made contact with someone's leg - they let out a loud shout, I felt a sharp sting and I got a resounding slap for my trouble.

Then it was quiet, I couldn't hear anything at all, thinking that they had left me alone and that they had been having a joke all along I relaxed.

"They'll let me go in a sec" I thought, relieved that it was all going to be over very soon.

Suddenly the bed sank a little as someone sat on the mattress, a hand stroked my leg all the way from the ankle to the top of my thigh, and it brushed past my shaven pussy and continued up my stomach. It felt really good and I relaxed even more, allowing myself to enjoy the feelings it was creating in my body. As suddenly as it started it stopped; I heard a crude laugh and found myself being flipped onto my front. Two hands grabbed a leg each and I felt some cord being wrapped around the ankle, I struggled and thrashed around until someone sat on my back squeezing all the air out of my lungs. Once the cord was secure around my ankles they were pulled back and the cord was secured to the cord around the tops of my thighs, folding my legs in two and ensuring that I was open to the pair of them. Their hands caressed my back and arse, squeezing and slapping as they went. I could hear muted conversation but couldn't make out what was being said, I could hear Bill rummaging in our bedroom drawers and my heart sank as I knew full well what those drawers held. Two fingers found their way into my hot pussy, working their magic on my swollen clit; I could feel my body betraying me and was getting wetter by the second. The fingers passed over my arse covering it in my pussy juices, he pushed against my hole and I felt him invade me. Suddenly the finger was gone and in its place was my small butt plug, being pushed against my hole. I fought to keep it out but the muscles finally gave in and it was pushed in all the way, I was breathing heavily and this brought much amusement from the 2 men standing over me. With the butt plug secured inside they flipped me over onto my back and pushed my knees open, displaying my wares to them both. I could feel my juices running out of my pussy and down the crack of my arse, Stuart let out a laugh and some lewd comment about my behaviour at the BBQ and how this was more than he had imagined - and this was only the beginning. My heart sank as I realised that these two had plans that were not going to be over very quickly.

The bed sank as one of the men climbed onto the bed and pushed my tits together, I felt his

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