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Peggy returns, and a third member joins the party.

That was no problem at all. Jim grinned at me, a wicked grin that started my heart pounding all over again, He slid to his knees before me, his head level with mine, eased his mouth close to my ear, his breath hot on my skin.

"I love the panties you're wearing tonight, Cyndi, I want to take them off you with my teeth, very slowly." The way he whispered it, so slowly, almost lasciviously, took my breath away, left me flushed and speechless as he took his seat again.

Fan looked at my face and giggled. My mind was whirling. Cyndi? He'd said Cyndi? He knew? He remembered, he really did. Oh my god. Had he really seen my panties? Or rather my non-panties? Had he? Oh my god. Oh my god! My nipples ached, my pussy pulsed wetly at the thought. Jim grinned. In the end, I giggled, very weakly. Thank god it was Fan's turn next.

She pulled her block dexterously. Of course she would. "Remove article of clothing from them - their choice." She squealed. "Okay! Guys! Who gets lucky?"

I spun the bottle. Of course it pointed to Jim. He grinned. Stood up. Looked down at Fan who waited on his decision. Eagerly, I thought. She glanced at me, that wicked smile on her face, morphing into a laugh as Jim said "Sock."

She knelt before him, teased his sock from his foot and cast it over her shoulder into the outer darkness. Or, at least as far as the living room.

I giggled, sipping on my wine. "Kam, your turn," I said.

Kam withdrew very carefully. I wondered what he'd got. I hated to say it but I was starting to enjoy this game. It was fun. Kam grinned. "Get a lap dance."

God, I hoped it was Fan that the bottle pointed to. I couldn't dance. I couldn't. I had no idea how to do a lap dance. The bottle spun and it did point to Fan. Instant relief on my part. Fan bounced to her feet without even a moment's hesitation. Of course she would. Before I could blink, she was dancing right in front of Kam, her hands running over her body, her hips swaying, turning, dancing, as much for Jim as for Kam. "How long for?" she asked happily.
Jim looked at his watch. "Why not for one minute," he said. We all watched. Fan danced for what seemed to me to be a very very long minute. She was very sexy though. "Time," Jim said at last.

"That was longer than a minute," Fan accused him.

He grinned and nodded. "Yeah, but you were so good, I wanted you to keep going."

She hit him lightly. He chuckled. Chuckled and then slipped a finger under her chin, tilting her face up, kissing her for real. Fan looked surprised for an instant, then she was kissing him back, passionately. One of those mouth wide open, lips crushed together, his tongue halfway down her throat kisses that went on and on and on until Jim at last lifted his mouth from hers. For a minute there, I'd thought they weren't going to stop.

"You were good Fan," he smiled into her eyes. Then, "whose turn."

It was mine. I fumbled with my block, my fingers nervous. Clumsy. But I got it out. I read. My heart did a wild fandango. "Dry hump, them on top. Two minutes."

Kam was smiling when I glanced at him. I could see his physical reaction. Definitely this game was getting him excited. Fan spun the bottle, I waited. Nervous didn't begin to describe how I felt as it slowed, slowed ... And pointed to Kam. Instant relief.

"Lie down Isabelle." Fan was in command here. "Kam, get out of the way." I slid down on my back, Kam lay down beside me, then on me, above me. Oh yes, he was hard. I gasped at the feel of him pressed against me. I was so wet when I felt him. I was also tense. Tense with embarrassment.

"Okay Kam, hump away, set the timer Jim."

Kam moved against me, slowly.

"Why waste time watching.

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