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Decrease of genetic diversity in food crops.

"I feel so dirty for having it."

"That's okay."

"Well, there was me, you and another guy."


"You filled my holes."

"You mean..."

"Yes. You were both fucking me at the same time."

"And you're into that?"

"Well, I never really thought about it, bu that dream got me so wet!"

I lay back and think about it.

"Are you saying you want to try that?" I ask.

"Only if it's okay with you."

"Well... Your birthday is coming up soon..."

You jump on me right there and then, thanking me as you cover me with kisses.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!"

I push you over onto your back.

"No." I say as I slide my cock into your wet pussy. "Thank you."

* * *

I'm driving home when my cell phone rings. I answer and hear your sweet voice.

"Hurry up and get over here!" you say.

You explain to me that you've found someone to help fullfill your fantasy. My cock gets hard instantly. I tell you that I'll be there right away. I then hang up the phone and turn around heading to your house.

Ten minutes later I walk through your door. The house is silent, as I make my way towards your room. As I reach the living room I'm stunned to see you on your knees before a man who is sitting in one of your large plush armchairs. I stand there shocked.

"Oh, hey!" you say cheerfully after noticing my presence.

You then lower your mouth onto the man's cock, taking deep into your throat as he guides you with his hand. He looks at me and nods hello, before turning his attention back to you as your mouth slides up and down his cock. I can see that you're wearing the skirt I bought you for your birthday, along with a pair of black boots. You look beautiful, even if you do appear a little slutty. Reluctantly I make my way over to you.

"This is Zack." you say, pulling your mouth from his cock once again.

Again the man nods. He seems quiet, although it may be the fact that he seems focused on the spectacular blowjob he's receiving form you. He has dark hair and dark eyes,and actually looks a lot like me, although he seems taller.

As I get closer I reach under your skirt and notice that you have no panties on. My hand touches your soft pussy lips, and then slides up inside you. Your hole is so wet, I'm able to put three fingers right up inside you as my thumb rubs your tiny asshole. I can't take it. I need more.

Reaching around, I pull your skirt down off your ass. You moan in approval and raise your hips into the air. As I lower my face and begin to kiss your creamy white ass, I notice you sucking Zack's balls. His hand is holding your head down as if forcing to do it. I can hear the moans escape your mouth as I push a finger back up your pussy and touch your asshole with my tongue.

Subconsciously, I reach down and rub my crotch as my tongue travels back and forth up your crack. From your wet, willing pussy to your tight, puckered ass, my tongue roams, leaving a glistening trail of saliva in its wake.

Suddenly you are pulled away from me, as Zack coaxes you up onto his lap. You climb aboard eagerly, grabbing his face and kissing him deeply. Your kiss is not the long, loving type that you and I share, but a frenzied, lustful face fucking with you tongues. He pulls your shirt off and devours your tits, sucking hard on each nipple as your arms lock around his head.

Reaching down you grab his cock and point it upwards towards your waiting hole.

"Yeah," Zack moans. "Get on my cock!"

I see the lust in your eyes, as you lower your body onto his dick. I see your tender pussy lips part as they are invaded by his turgid shaft, forcing its way into your depths.

"Oh My God!" you exclaim. "Your cock feels so good!"

I take my time stripping down naked as I watch you fuck this other man. Your hips are gyrating on him, swallowing up his dick. I can see your asshole clenching and unclenching, just begging to be filled. You then turn and look into my eyes.

"Put that cock of yours right up my ass!"

I notice the bottle of lubricant that you have set out on the coffee table.

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