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Kai is taken, but why?

sniffing my ass!"

Without speaking, he reluctantly began inhaling the natural scent of my sweaty ass, shivering every so often, but never stopping for even a second. I smiled widely as he obediently sniffed deeper, causing a light breeze to pass over my asshole.

"Getting used to your new job," I mocked.

"Yes, Mistress," came the muffled reply.

I decided not to think to much of it and noticed my stomach was, once again, crying out to us. My Brother also seemed to notice this, and stopped sniffing to brace himself for the inevitable expulsions.

Of course, I immediately ordered him, "Get you nose back in there and sniff!"

After a brief pause, he eventually obliged, pushing his nose against my asshole. He began his first breathe and was immediately greeted by a loud, stinky fart, that forced it's way down his windpipe before he had chance to stop. At this point, he lost his composure, and began heavily gagging from the smell.

"God, Sis! What the hell did you eat?"

"Well, I decided I wanted more beans, so I heated up those bean burritos we had left over from the takeout last night!"

I couldn't help but laugh as my brother began coughing uncontrollably in an attempt to rid himself of the smell.

"That was just the first of many, Slave! You're going to adore your sister's farts by tommorrow!"

With that, I forced his nose back into my crack and released a silent fart into his nostrils, holding him in place to force the gas into him.

"Breathe it all in, Slave," I demanded from stop his chest.

Out of fear, he began sniffing once again, stopping every so often to cough.

Once the smell had faded, I released his head. He pulled his nose from my ass as quickly as he could and lay back on my pillow to breathe some fresh air.

"How did that smell, Slave," I asked, smiling evilly at him behind my shoulder.

"Terrible, Mistress," he answered with a defeated sigh.

I giggled once more before responding with a simple, "Good!"

I sat back down below his nose a continued farting into his nostrils for the proceeding half of the hour, briefly letting him up whenever he began flailing for air. I was impressed by the fact that he had remained conscious for so long, but saw it as more as an opportunity rather than an accomplishment. I blasted one more down his nose and lifted myself from my throne.

"Decided to listen to me now, have you? You're going to be my new was slave, and as such you will be tasked with breathing in each and every fart I let out, smelling my asshole after long days at work, and performing any other tasks I give you in future, understand?"

Knowing he would only be punished further if he refused, he forced himself to whisper, "Yes, Mistress..."

"Alright, then," I happily responded, feeling rather pleased with my brother's newfound obedience, "You're next duty is to open your mouth, and eat my putrid burrito farts! And don't worry, I've still got plenty left to give you!"

He didn't say a word, and simply nodded his head once. I removed the tape holding him to the bed and reminded him that he would be punished if he tried to run, before I lay on my stomach with my ass in front of him, and wrapped my feet around his neck to pull him closer.

"Lie flat with your mouth around my asshole!"

He followed my instructions diligently and was soon positioned with his head face-down in my ass, mouth resting open on my asshole. I tightened my grip of his neck with my legs, making him unable to pull away.

"Good boy," I teased, "Now don't let any of your Sister's delicious farts escape your mouth, understand?"

He nodded again and I began to push. It didn't take long for a wet eruption to flood into his mouth, echoing loudly as it squeezed out from my sweaty ass. Without even receiving any orders, he lifted his head from my ass, held his mouth shut, and showed me him swallowing the gas. He shivered as the taste travelled down his throat, before returning to his post and awaiting his next mouthful.

"It I didn't know any better, I'd say you were enjoying this," I remarked, flashing him another smile.

He gingerly shrugg

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