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When an online date goes wrong.


Curtis composed himself and a broad smile spread over his face. "Yes ma'am!" he said as he moved to the chair. Dana grinned at him. "Enjoy lover," said sighed. "I know I am."

Tamara now turned back to her work. She was spreading Dana's cunt open with her fingers as she lapped at it. Tam's tongue flicked over her friend's clit like a velvet buzzsaw. With her right hand, she inserted the vibrator into Dana, using it as a dildo, thrusting it in and out. Dana's eyes were closed, but her face had the unmistakable look of ecstasy written over it. With every new wave of pleasure Tamara set off, the small brunette squirmed and gave out a little sound of joy.

Curtis was watching it all, even taking some mental notes on new ways to pleasure his lover. He knew it would just be a matter of time until Eric would come down the steps to see what everybody was doing. How would Tamara's boyfriend react to all of this? Curtis wasn't even sure how he felt about it all, but if his rigid cock was any indication, he liked it.

Sure enough, as on cue, Eric descended the stairs. He was twenty-nine, but looked ten years younger. His dark, boyish good looks and cute smile had attracted Tamara the first time she ever saw him. He wasn't smiling now though. Like Curtis, he had stopped on the steps, surveying the scene. The girls were so into the delight of the moment, they hardly even noticed him. It was up to Curtis to deal with his friend.

"Don't even say it- I know what you're thinking. It all went through my mind a few minutes ago when I come down," his friend said to Eric. "Look, just sit down and watch."

"Sit down and watch? That's what you want me to do? Are you out of your fucking mind? Look Curt, in case you haven't noticed, that's your girlfriend being eaten out by my girlfriend, and you want me to just sit down and watch?"

"Trust me. In a minute, you won't be mad, just horny. Besides man, what the hell would you rather watch- this or a football game? Man, this is hot- I mean, fuckin' hot! Eric man, sit down."

Both men were now sitting, transfixed by the girls' passion. Dana seized the initiative. She pushed Tamara's face out of her lap and indicated for her to remain on her knees, supporting herself on the front of the recliner chair. With Tamara in a human bench position, Dana now straddled her friend and assumed a sitting position on Tamara's rump, facing the men.

Just the site of the hot brunette astride her friend, with Tamara's ass sticking out under her, would have been hot enough, but now Dana swung into action. She had taken the vibrator from Tam and was stoking herself with it while her left hand played with her pussy. She brushed the vibrator, which was now switched on, over her nipples, her thighs, and rubbed it across her clit as her fingers spread herself wide. Curtis made a moaning noise.

As predicted, Eric's blood now boiled with erotic passion instead of anger. Dana trembled and made little bouncing motions on Tamara's rump as she massaged the vibrator over her cunt. Every once in a while, her left hand would come up to grab and clench at one of her huge breasts as they swayed and bounced with her. Tamara held steady, with a broad smile on her face that no one else could see.

Smiles were also on the faces of the guys now. Both men had erections, but Eric was a little uncertain of how to react. After all, this situation didn't exactly come up every day, did it? Curtis was less inhibited. He had been rubbing his crotch and at one point had started to unzip his pants when Dana momentarily broke from her rapture. "Not now!," she barked at him. "Let me finish, then we'll take care of both of you." Curtis dutifully kept his cock in his pants, but it wanted out- really bad!

Dana rubbed her clit with her right hand and fucked herself with the vibrator in her left hand.

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