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He went over the vivid details of the dream one by one, and his terror returned when he recalled what happened concerning the shadowy figure.

The grave.

"Oh God," the elderly man moaned. It wasn't a dream. It was heartbreakingly real.

He quickly sat up again, slipped on his shoes and robe, and rushed from his bedroom. In his haste, he knocked down papers and other loose objects, but he did not care.

I have prayed against this. That THING was supposed to be gone from our lives forever. We were thought to be free from the pain and suffering that it brings. The being is back, and with it's return, almost all hope for salvation from the terror is gone. I have to get to a phone.

* * *

New York City

The sky is very beautiful and clear this afternoon, thought Keiko Nakimura as she stood out on the balcony overlooking Central Park.

She was taking a break from her sculpting to go out and get some fresh air. She sat in a patio chair and focused her attention on the park below, letting her mind drift. Her thoughts returned to her daughter, Grace.

28 years ago today, a miracle came into our lives. My, how fast time flies.

Keiko was pleased at the news that Grace was going to go back to school to work on her Ph.D., but she was surprised when she learned of the method that she chose to do it. Grace, out of the blue, had made the decision to continue her studies at the University of Munich.

Munich? What is there in Munich that could make Grace want to cross an ocean?

Keiko asked herself the question, but she already knew the answer.

It is because of that man, that writer. The one with the flaming red hair and the bedroom eyes.

Yes, Keiko knew about him. It wasn't that hard to piece together, with Grace's reluctance to return to New York and to Yale. Oh, yes. His reputation as a novelist and as a man was well known in many social circles; about him being a loner and a heartbreaker concerning women.

I wish that I knew what she was thinking, Keiko thought.

In the beginning, when Grace first moved to New Orleans and got a job at the St. George Bookstore, Keiko believed that it would be a good exercise in independence for her. But when she continued to stay...

With a sigh, Keiko stood up and went back inside the apartment.

"I hope he's worth it, honey," she said to the empty room.

Meanwhile, in another part of the apartment, Hiroshi Nakimura was sitting in his study. The daily newspaper was on top of his desk, and he was glancing at the New York Stock Exchange while sipping at his coffee. He slipped off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

Munich. It should be a good experience for her. She'll be able to see the world and meet new people, he thought.

Contrary to his wife's opinion, Hiroshi believed that Grace had changed for the better since her tenure in New Orleans. He also suspected that Grace's decision to move to Europe had something to do with Gabriel Knight, but he trusted his daughter's judgment.

I'll just sit back and see what happens for now Hiroshi decided. But if he hurts her in any way, I'll rip Knight's balls off and use them in my next tennis match!

He was interrupted from his reverie by the ringing of the telephone. Hiroshi had to stand up and rifle through a few papers before he could find the phone. He answered on the third ring.


An elderly man's voice responded. "Son, is that you?"

"Yeah, Dad. How are you?"

Hiroshi was glad to hear from him, but nothing could prepare him for what his father was about to tell him.

"Not well, Hiroshi. I need to talk to Grace. It's urgent."

A shiver went down Hiroshi's spine. "She's not here, Dad. She moved to Europe. What's this about?"

Yukio Nakimura took a deep breath. "Our worst nightmare has become a reality, my son."

Hiroshi suddenly felt the need to sit down. His breathing quickened, and he took a moment to find the ability to speak.

"You mean... the spirit has...?"

"Yes, my son

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