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A Gorean Tale of revenge served cold.


At this point I was fixed upon his ring, which looked to be an outstretched eagle talon, shielding his thumb and coming to a sharp point.


I looked back up to his eyes. I knew he was expecting an answer, but instead of stating plainly that I've been looking for a new owner, I ended up telling him everything about myself-things that I wasn't really thinking of in the foreground of my mind. He seemed very enthused with my every word, laughing and smiling, or casting looks of sympathy where it was appropriate. The entire time he didn't say a word, just let me talk.

" to make a long story short, that's why I'm here."

"haha! Oh, little one. You shouldn't try so hard. You are such a beautiful lady; men should be lining up to fill your void. What was your name again?"

I could feel the heat under my skin as I began to blush. Here I was rambling on to a complete stranger.

"I'm name is jade. And you are...?"

"Strix, just call me Strix."

He smiled at me, his teeth magnificently white. I had an odd connection to him immediately; it was if I had known him for if he knew everything about me-every intimate detail.

We talked for a bit more at the club, and I couldn't help but accept when he invited me back to his hotel room. As he stood up I noticed he was rather tall, or more so that I'm rather short; there was at least seven inches height difference between us. As we walked to the front room he placed his hand on my shoulder. The room was warm, and with the suit he had on I wasn't sure what I was feeling. His palm was cold on my skin. "I must still be blushing for some reason." To me, that was the only possible explanation.

We hailed a cab down the strip and he told the driver where we needed to go. The drive was short there, and nothing was really said between the two of us. We pulled up to hotel and I waited patiently as he paid the fare and led me inside. He had reserved a suite for the night, on the top floor. I stood in front of him in the elevator, and was a bit shocked as he grabbed my waist and pulled my body to his.

"Are you ready for some fun, my lovely jade?"

His voice was a whisper in my ear, which turned me on beyond belief. I could feel my cunt start to get wetter, and closed my eyes to envision the night ahead. The vision was short-lived though, as I heard the 'ding' of the elevator, and felt him guide me out into the hall.

He led me into the main room and asked me to sit. I removed my coat again, tossing it onto the sofa and went to sit on the bed. Before I got there he was again behind me-shirtless now, running his fingers along the seams of my skirt, up my back, and to my shoulders. There was no mistaking it, his touch was cold; it sent shivers throughout my body.

I turned around in time to meet his lips. They were cold as well as he pressed them to mine. Our kiss became more passionate as I wrapped my arms around his neck and his around my waist. Slowly he moved his hands to my hips and picked up my legs to wrap them around his back. His muscles were very defined, he was strong and lean. I was becoming more and more eager for his cock; despite the fact that it appeared he wanted to prolong my agony.

He carried me over to the bed and sat me down. I laid back as he moved over me, kissing down my body. Taking his thumb guard, he ran it down my corset, snipping the ribbon in two, letting it fall away from my body as he moved down. Gently tugging at each nipple, he worked down my stomach with his mouth, kissing and licking a trail that led straight to my skirt. Pushing it up over my hips, I felt the breeze from ceiling fan on my thighs and cunt. I pushed myself up toward his mouth, hoping he'd at least tease my clit a little with his tongue, but he spent more time paying attention to my legs, kissing the sensitive skin on the inside of them, only grazing my pussy now and then.

He was slowly driving me mad! I wanted so badly for him to do something-anything, to help calm my craving.

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