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Mindy has discovered her step-sister's secrets.

Her shirt was almost transparent at that point, and he could make out the dip in the center of her stomach.

He appreciated the fact that she didn't try for a "six-pack", but was happy with the fact that she had the "center line" that made a woman's flat stomach truly sexy.

Her nipples were standing at full attention, joined shortly thereafter by his cock. He took his large hands and placed them on her shoulders, and started to make his way down her arms.

He took his right thumb and ran it over one of her stiff nipples. When she closed her eyes and let a soft moan escape, he grabbed her around the waist and forcefully pulled her into him.

She couldn't speak as she felt his stiff cock pushing against her belly. She looked into his eyes and saw the stormy blue color that was a constant fixture in her fantasies. The same stormy blue that they'd turned their first night together, and every other time that he was hot for her.

No words were exchanged as he leaned in to kiss her. He purposely kissed her on the cheek, just outside of the corner of her mouth. Feeling his hot body enveloping her almost made her lose control; almost.

He breathed heavily as his kisses trailed across her cheek, down her long, slender neck, stopping at the dip at the base of her throat. He stuck his tongue in the crevice, and she grabbed the back of his head instinctively.

The water had really heated up, and the large bathroom was filling with steam. It only proved to make the situation hotter, in all aspects of the word, and although she hadn't planned to give herself to him the first night of their trip, she knew that the sight of a wet Jason was too much to bear.

He was slowly running his hands over her body, stopping only to palm her ass cheeks.

She was really losing it, losing herself in the moment, and she grabbed the hem of his shirt and started to pull it up. She paused when the glory of his tanned stomach was revealed.

She continued to pull it up and when she uncovered his muscular pectorals, he grabbed the shirt from her hands and slowly pulled it off.

She stood there, taking his body in when she couldn't resist the urge she'd had since the first time she'd seen him sans clothing.

She ran a finger down the center of his chest, down the center line of his abs, and then traced a path over the ridges. She started to lick and kiss his chest, but when she reached his stomach, she caressed each ridge with her tongue.

Jason almost blew his load at the new sensation. Her hot pink tongue moving over his olive-toned skin was turning him on more than he thought possible. She moved farther down, and started to undo his belt and pants.

She was surprised to find that he wasn't wearing any underwear and on top of that, his pubic hair was neatly trimmed.

It took a little maneuvering to free his hard cock from its denim enclosure, but when she did, she was elated by what she saw. It was the first time she'd been able to study his dick, and she was instantly wet when she felt its heft in her hands.

He knew what was coming next, but it still didn't prepare him for the sight of it.

She started at the base of his cock, and ran her tongue down the entire length of it. She ran her tongue around the ridge under the head, and slowly took the head into her mouth.

She was curious as to how much of it she could take into her mouth. With years of practice, she'd been able to take all of Brett's 8 inches down her throat, but Jason was almost twice as thick as her husband, and she only had days to master his huge member.

Jason felt his legs going weak, but was unable to locate something he could grab onto. He gently grabbed her head, and motioned for her to stop for a second, because his ability to speak hadn't returned.

She looked at him; quizzically at first, but then reassured when he took a seat on the ledge of the tub. She crawled over to his new position, and grabbed his cock again.

He sighed and moaned as she continued her work on his cock.

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