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A cruise is all about enjoying yourself, isn't it?

"The sites are back that way." She said with a crooked grin forming on her face. She leaned closer and whispered to me, "Looks to me like you were going someplace else."

"Huh? Why would you say that?" I asked, startled that not only was it obvious to her, but she was being brazen enough to say so.

"Oh, just a hunch." She said as she took hold of the waist band of my swim suit and pulled on it, stepping backwards to lead me around the corner of the bathrooms toward the back side. She held her finger to her lips and guided me quietly to the more secluded side. "You know. I have a really hard time expressing enough milk so my breasts don't hurt when I don't have baby around. Would you mind helping me?" She whispered as she reached behind her neck and untied the string holding the top up. The two black triangles of material fell away from her body, catching with the loop around her back and hanging at her waist, her full round breasts more fully on display for me than I had ever seen before.

I really couldn't help myself, my hands took on a life of their own as they reached out and cupped each magnificent breast, my thumbs rubbing back and forth across each erect nipple, making them dimple her dark areola as they bent to and fro.

"ohhhh god." She whispered as her hands fumbled with the knot on the string holding my swim suit around me. "I have wanted you to touch me like this for so long."

I gave her no answer as I stepped slightly to her side and leaned my head down to gently kiss one nipple while stroking the other. My tongue could taste the milk seeping from it, warm and almost sweet. I closed my lips around the tip of her breast and gently sucked her nipple into my mouth, suddenly receiving more of the warm treasure along with a gentle moan from her lips. Her hands pushed my swim suit off my butt, allowing it to slide down my legs until I was naked from the ankles up.

Her hands found my hard cock and wrapped around it, stroking it long and slow, rubbing the precum that was already leaking from it into the whole shaft. My own hands began roaming again, the one that had slipped around her back sliding down into the back of her shorts, pushing them part way down in the process, and the one caressing her other breast, slipping down her firm stomach and into the front of her shorts. Her hands left my cock long enough to push her shorts down, allowing my hands to now roam freely across her firm round ass and her shaved mound.

Her hands went back to my rock hard shaft as one of my left hand worked between her legs from behind, my finger stroking between her wet lips in search of her inviting tunnel. My right hand found and zeroed in on her clit, sending tingles of lightning through her body with each stroke across the hard nub.

"Oh god. Fuck me....Please fuck me!" She begged in a whisper, grabbing my arms and pulling my hands from her pussy.

I stood up and looked down at her, wondering what she had in mind. I didn't have long to wait, her flexible gymnasts body easily lifting one leg high and hooking it over my left arm. I lowered myself slightly while she grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy, rubbing the head up and down her slit, teasing her clit with the tip before pushing it back so my head was engaged in her tunnel. She let go and pulled herself against me, arching her back and pushing her sopping wet pussy over my fat cock a few inches.

"Oh god you're so big!" She moaned quietly rocking her hips in time with the short little strokes I started to make, working my cock into her a little bit at a time.

"Oh god.

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