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Lucky breaks in her yellow pumps.

.. snake oil... prig," My words sounded stupid even to me.

"Joey, I'm the one who should be jealous."

Had I said anything about being jealous?

"What?" I was still staring off at some distant spot on the horizon.

"While you loaded the wagon the young widow Ames stopped on some pretext or other. I saw her watching you, the way your muscles bunched and flowed as you picked up those big barrels and those heavy bags, with hardly any effort. If I hadn't been there she would have been scheming on how to get you in her knickers, for sure."


"That's not all. Did you notice those two prostitutes, the ones who work out of Clancy's."


"Well, brazen as hell, they stopped right near Mr. Jenkins and I. Then they proceeded to whisper, loudly I might add, that you were about the most desirable man they've seen in this town. The red-haired girl volunteered to her friend that she'd gladly do you for free! That was so rude!"

I was still looking at that spot. Then I looked down for a moment. Finally I turned to Becky.

"Babe, you are so full of manure, if you fall asleep too long we'll have the region's highest producing cornfield growing out of your ass!"

With that she turned to run. Too late!

I easily caught her and drew her, squealing for mercy, to me. She knows I know exactly where to tickle her. Despite her loud protests, between giggles, I had my way with her, stopping only to let her catch her breath.

We stood close, her eyes mocking me happily. I indulgently smiled down at her.

"Come here, cowboy."

I pulled her to me and kissed her. As always, her lips enchanted me. I can never get enough of her! Once I start with her it's like I'm drawn into a cyclone. It's so damn hard to escape. Her lips, her eyes, her neck, her ears, all became delicacies to taste, lick, and otherwise make love to.

As I moved aside a lock of her hair to better nibble at her smooth neck she whispered, "I lied... no don't stop. I lied about the widow. It was me who was watching you, your arms, so big and strong. Your broad shoulders. It was me who was imagining you picking me up, so easily, like you do those heavy sacks. I was picturing you setting me in the back of the wagon, where I could lay back and pull my dress up, baring myself for your pleasure, right there. If you would have me, I'd spread my legs wide. If you wanted, I'd pull my knees back against my breasts. You could check to see if I was wet enough by putting your tongue in me... no, don't stop yet... to check me very thoroughly, all around, 'cause I'd want to be very wet for whatever you wanted to do next."

I picked her up and carried her to a place we could comfortably lay down. As she reclined she pulled her dress up. In seconds she was bare from the waist down. I lay between her legs feasting at her warm and moist nest.

"Joey, the prostitutes were there. If I were one of them, maybe the pretty red-haired one, I'd want you. I'd want you so much I'd ask my friend if she'd do you too, just so I could taste your big, hard cock. I'd ask her to... oh, yes,... right there. I'd ask her to do anything you wanted, anything, Joey! Just so I could have that handsome cowboy's... oh, God... yes!"

I somehow managed to pull myself away from her and stand up.

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