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An older woman seduces and enslaves her daughter's tutor.

Mike's vision cleared and he saw the slender girl still mounted atop him. Somehow, even with all the thrashing about, he had kept filming.

"Did you like that, baby?" she cooed to him. "Did you like fucking me?"

She was such a pretty little doll. Mike grabbed her hand and pulled it from the dispenser. She reached out to touch him and he let her go. Julie fell to the restroom floor, cracking her head on the cold tiles.

"Not bad, you little whore," Mike said, harshly. "I expect that next time, you'll do much better."

She got to her knees and looked at the camera, a trickle of blood running down the side of her pretty face.

Mike turned off the video, stood up and fixed his clothes.

"From now on, Julie, I want you to be extra nice to Abby Prescott. And remember that all of this is our little secret, bitch."

"Yes, sir," she purred. "When will I see you again?"

Mike ignored her and hurried on to his class. As he did, he checked the contact list on Julie's email. There were a few names there, most notability the one that was labeled 'mom', that he thought would be interested a sexy little video.


The boys' locker room was usually quiet at lunchtime, but, as Jim walked towards it, he could hear voices coming from within.

"What are we doing here, man?"

"I got a surprise for you, buddy," Mike assured him.

"My birthday was two weeks ago," Jim muttered.

Mike smiled. He remembered taking Jim to that strip-club. They had a lot of fun there, but what he was planning next would blow that night out of the water. "Nah, this is an early present for next year," he said.

Mike stopped at the locker room door, cracked it and looked inside. He saw two figures inside, close together. Angling his view a bit, he could make out two women: Principal Robin Walsh and Coach Samantha Collins. They were embracing each other, lips pressed together and drinking each other's kisses. Miss Walsh, in fact, had her jacket and blouse unbuttoned, revealing her magnificent tits.

"Perfect," Mike thought. "And right on time."

"Jim!" Mike whispered. "Take a look at this!"

Jim ducked under Mike and pressed his face to the crack. And stared.

"Holy shit, that's hot," Jim said, after a moment. "Did you know about this? Is this what you wanted me to see, Mike?"

"Shut up and watch."

The two guys watched as Coach Collins, Sam, moved close to Robin, pressing her body and breasts into the taller woman's. Sam was about 30 years old, with thick hair, cut short and colored blonde, and dark eyes. She was about five-foot-six, with a tight, athletic body. Sam caressed and fondled the older woman, running her hands over Robin's bulging breasts.

Mike suddenly remembered Julie's Blackberry that he still had in his pocket and quickly retrieved it. He turned on the video and started filming.

Sam knelt before the principal and pressed her face to Robin's crotch, kissing and grinding her face into Robin's skirt. Sam's hands ran up Robin's legs, pushing the skirt up until it bunched around the dark-haired woman's waist. Sam smiled to find Robin's pussy shaved bare and absent of underwear.

Mike smiled, as well. The black lacy pair of panties she had worn this morning was bunched up in his jeans pocket.

Sam smiled up at the dark-haired principal and drew a long lick up her clitoris, leaving behind a glistening line of saliva. Robin shuttered as Sam pressed her tongue deeply into the wet folds of flesh. Sam shook her blonde head back and forth, driving her tongue ever deeper into the older woman. Robin moaned and grabbed at Sam's head, running her fingers through the soft blonde locks. Sam gave a sultry, slutty expression, her dark eyes flashing emotionally, and fucked her boss with rapidly flicking tongue motions.

Robin's breath came in heavy gasps and she arched her back, thrusting out her impressive chest and throwing her head back.

Pulling back, Sam licked and sucked at Robin's clit, driving the larger woman to a wild and shuddering orgasm.

Robin cried out and pushed the blonde's head to her crotch, her juices splashing and foaming, running down th

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