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BlackVelvet takes control.

In one swift motion, Heidi drew her sweater and bra over her head and stepped out of her jeans and panties. She stalked over to her husband, cock still buried to the hilt

in Van's wife. Heidi took Bren's face in her hands and gave him a deep, deep kiss.

"As long as I can watch, my love," Heidi whispered.

Bren smiled at her lovingly as she moved over to the bar stools with the now-naked-again Van. They poured a couple more drinks and sipped them slowly while they watched their spouses fucking on the couch. Bren had his typical look of concentration on his face, and was now stroking Gia deeply and slowly with his big cock. He was bent over her and his hands had moved from her hips. His hands were cradling Gia's breasts, her nipples caught between his squeezing fingers. Then one hand reached around her thigh and was stroking the upper part of her pussy. Heidi knew Bren's fingers would find Gia's clit like a homing beacon. After a little while, they did, and the moment was marked by Gia's gasp, followed by her moans, each one louder and in time with Bren's deep thrusts. Her mouth was partly open, and Heidi could see Gia's pink tongue glistening in the firelight.

"Your wife has a beautiful mouth, Van."

Van smiled, his eyes not leaving the sexy tableau in front of them. "I know."

Heidi leaned in and bit the flesh of his arm as she reached between Van's legs, squeezing his half-hard cock. "Maybe you should go make use of it," she whispered.

Van thought that was an excellent idea. He walked over to Gia, who was crying out in orgasm, her eyes closed. He positioned his dick at her lips and waited for her to open her eyes. Gia did so and immediately devoured her husband's waiting cock. She looked up at him with a twinkle and lust in her big brown eyes, her lips moving up and down on Van's cock as she was rocking back and forth with Bren's thrusts. Van thought she had never looked more beautiful.

Gia was an expert cock-sucker, and her tongue moved up and down his shaft as her lips contracted around him. Her groans and cries of passion only heightened the blowjob, as the vibrations from her voice were causing very pleasurable sensations. Gia had been coming before Van walked over, and she was on the verge of another now that his dick was down her throat. Bren thrust hard into her cunt and squeezed her ass. Gia was pushed over the edge into a rolling orgasm, and with every scream of ecstasy, she bit down hard on Van's throbbing hardness, sometimes raking her teeth, but the suction never letting up. She knew her husband was driven wild by being bitten.

Over and over again, Bren and Van pushed Gia to the edge of orgasm and beyond, each time her cunt massaging Bren's cock and her mouth and teeth working Van's. Van could feel the pressure building in him again, his balls drawing up, the tension succulent.

Heidi watched from a bar stool, the fingers of one hand rolling a hard nipple, the fingers of the other hand stroking her clit while her labia undulated against the leather stool. To be stuffed in each end by two big cocks! Her mouth and her pussy were both watering.

Gia's orgasms were coming faster and faster now, and stronger and stronger. She looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Her body was rocking and vibrating, her hips moving like they were separate from her spine. Suddenly, Bren stopped, having pulled mostly out of her hot pussy, leaving just the head in. Van smiled and did the same. Gia, just on the verge of coming, hovered there, whimpering and wordlessly begging. Heidi's fingers moved faster on her own clit and pulled her nipple harder, knowing what was coming, and wanting to come with it. Brendan and Van were still holding position, and Gia's moans and cries and wiggles were getting more feverish. Heidi's fingers were working feverishly, too, the heat building from her belly through her nipples and pussy.

Bren and Van looked at each other, then suddenly they both thrust, hard.

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