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Black Forest ends with Hungarian Goulash.

"You alright? You want me to stop? To leave? You look like you're ready to pass out."

"No," the woman whispered. "Just nervous."

"No need to be," Kate said as she looked at the woman's hands which had gone on top of her own. "Lower your hands."

Diane took a deep breath and with great reluctance put her hands down on her lap while the dyke undid the single hook in front which was under the pink flower, and as the harness opened up Kate's hands took the place of the foundation, cupping the small breasts in her palms and gently kneading the lemon-sized orbs while the pointy pink nipples surged under the affection. Diane brought her hands up onto Kate's hands again but this time instead of trying to get them off of her breasts, now she helped squeeze them.

"Wish I got implants like Rocky want..." Diane started to say but stopped when she saw the dirty look Kate gave her.

"Sensitive, aren't they?" the dyke noted, and after the diminutive blonde nodded Kate asked, "Would you rather I rip the rest of your clothes off here or should we go to your bedroom?"

"Bed," Diane replied breathlessly, and with that decided the rugged brunette pulled her hostess to her feet and held her by the back of the neck as they went down the hall and into the room, where Kate kicked the door closed behind them and pressed the older woman against the wall.

"I've been waiting to do this from the moment I first set eyes on you," Kate hissed before kissing the older woman hard, and as they kissed Kate reached down and under the scout skirt, pushing her hand up between Diane's legs and into the moist cotton. "Panties? You naughty girl. And did you soil yourself?"

"Yes. I mean no. I don't know," the petite blonde whimpered as the stronger woman lifted her up a bit with her hand and Kate chuckled to herself when she realized Diane was trying to sit on her lap while she was standing up.

Kate roughly yanked the skirt off while continuing to kiss Diane, smothering her mouth and neck with a whole lot of affection. When she was having trouble pulling down the wet panties with one hand she broke off the kiss and grabbed the undies with both hands to get them off, and after she straightened up held the panties up to her own face.

"Damn, I thought women dried up when they aged," Kate snickered as she squeezed the soggy fabric before briefly pushing them into the blonde's face. "Smells like a woman in heat, doesn't it?"

Kate nudged her hostess over to the bed and reached over to turn on the light. As the illumination filled the room the older woman recoiled and tried to cover herself at first before the dyke admonished her. Now standing there naked Diane's body looked even more petite than Kate had imagined, and the woman was trembling as she stood there by the side of the bed.

"The light," Diane asked softly while shrugging her shoulders.

"Why? You don't want to look at me?"

"No. Omigod no. It's just that..."

"The light stays on. Hell, if I looked like you I wouldn't even wear clothes," Kate opined as she grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and began to lift it up before Diane took a step towards her.

"Can I?" the timid woman asked as Kate came up to her, and so Diane raised the sweatshirt up and over the dyke's head, even folding the ratty garment as she looked in awe at Kate's upper torso.

"I've never seen a woman who looks like you before. You're so powerful - so erotic looking." Diane said as she put her hands on Kate's broad shoulders and moved them down her arms, gingerly trying to avoid the fading bruises from the rugby game.

"They don't hurt, and even if they did, who cares? Nothing wrong with a little pain," Kate suggested as she watched Diane's shaking hands come to her breasts, the round globes sitting like cannonballs on her chest, but as the woma

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