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Getting caught.

Quiet and discreet, designed to clip on to the inside of your underwear, allowing for free movement without fear of revealing what you're secretly getting up to!"

"Wow, they make it sound so sexy," I giggled and rolled my eyes. While she'd been reading I'd pushed my way between her legs and now sat with my elbows resting on her thighs.

Sally looked up from the package, "you want to use these?"

"Uh huh," I nodded.

"You mean now or when we get back from shopping?"

"Neither," I smiled devilishly. "It'll be a long train journey and I thought these might pass the time."

"Faye, are you serious, or are you just kidding with me?" She looked into my green eyes to find any hint of deception, she found none.

"Yeah, I'm serious," I got further between her legs until I was almost face-to-face with her breasts. I ran my hands up her now exposed body and took hold of her breasts, cupping them, with my thumbs over her stiff nipples.

It was not cold in here so that told me she was feeling turned on by the idea, and the moisture I felt on my belly that was up against her pussy all but confirmed it. She looked at the package again, then back at me and smiled.

"I guess... I guess it could be exciting," she murmured. "You really do bring out the bad girl in me y'know!"

"I know," I leaned forward and kissed each nipple. "Or we could just stay inside and fuck?"

"Now that you've got me all excited about this?" She laughed, waving the toys in my face. "Not a chance, anyway I want to see what you pick out for me."

This was sweet music to my ears. Up until now, I wasn't certain she'd be into doing this stuff, so I'd given her the perfect opportunity to get out of it. Now that I knew she was totally on board, I started getting nervous!

Now it was set in stone that we were actually going to do this; choose sexy outfits for each other and use sex toys on the train, it dawned on me that I'd never done anything like this before. I'd fantasized about it, but never actually made plans to do it! However, knowing we would be doing it together chased away the nervous feelings for now and gave way to excitement! I released Sally's body and stood up, giving her a quick kiss on the lips on my way.

While Sally got her dress on I picked out one for myself, a plain red dress that merges into a pleated skirt at the bottom with thin straps over the top and a neckline that shows an inch or two of cleavage. It's one of my favourites because it's really light and the bottom dances around my thighs when I walk... and because it makes my tits look bigger! When I had put it on I gave Sally a little twirl so she could glimpse my bare bum underneath it.

"Mmmm, very sexy," she grinned lecherously at me. "You better find some underwear though! Are you wearing a bra?"

"I'll wear that red thong you like," I smiled. "No, I'm not wearing a bra... and neither are you." I winked.

"But... this dress is a little tight on my boobs, my nips will poke out," she looked at me anxiously.

"Sally, we've just decided to use sex toys on a train and to pick out sexy outfits for each other to wear around the mall. I think we are beyond worrying about pokies!"

"I guess that's a good point," she laughed and nodded.

"Actually, it's two good points and they are both pointing at you," I stuck my chest out towards her and she threw her head back and laughed.

Soon we were ready to leave. We'd both put a small amount of make-up on; I had a nice wet-look pink lipstick on and Sally had a light red, and both were 'unsmearable' which was a tactical choice for obvious reasons.

I am sure we both looked over-dressed for a shopping trip, but who cares? We were both wearing sandals too, I wanted to dress to impress but no way am I walking around for ages in high heels!

I was pleased that it was a very warm day for this time of year.

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