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A woman is broken and turned into a cat.

" Then she put a hand behind my head and pulled my lips to hers, my eyes fluttering shut in anticipation as she pressed me against the front room wall.

The kiss was meant to last about five seconds, and at the end of that time the director called "And cut...okay girls, you can stop now." We had carried on for several seconds after he wrapped the scene. The thing is, when you kiss on Jubilee Court you either keep your mouth closed or you open your mouth but keep your tongue still. Anna had slipped her tongue straight into my mouth and gone on an exploratory mission with it. She had been drinking Baileys in Hospitality, and her tongue tasted sweet and felt like silk in my mouth. To be honest, at that moment I was happy to carry on kissing as long as she was. When the director explained to Anna about our way of kissing she blushed and apologised, saying she didn't know as they did it for real in shows in Poland. What nobody had seen, as far as I was aware, was Anna's other hand, behind my back, slip down the waistband of my trousers, and one of her fingers stroke very firmly up the crease at the top of my bum! That had sent shivers through me, another reason why I hadn't wanted to stop kissing her.

Anna was a good girl when we did the actual filming and it went perfectly, with us both keeping our lips closed. Even so, the director said he thought the kiss was so steamy we'd be lucky if the schedulers didn't insist we aired that episode after the nine p.m. watershed! Afterwards, as we sat having coffee in Hospitality, Anna played the innocent and I decided not to mention what had happened in rehearsal. We were due to film our next big scene, where Ewa got down to seducing Val for real, the following Monday. Anna said she was quite anxious to get it exactly right, and suggested we get together to do an extra, private, rehearsal on the Sunday. Without really thinking about it I agreed, and we said goodbye for the day. As I said, I thought nobody had seen Anna feeling me up; but just after she left Wyn drifted by and, with a wicked leer, murmured to me, "I don't remember a line in the script that said 'Ewa sticks her hand up Val's arse'! Enjoy your, erm, rehearsal on Sunday." I felt my face flush deep red and told her totally unconvincingly that I had no idea what she was on about.

I didn't have much time on the Saturday to think about the rehearsal. In the morning I opened a new supermarket, with the manager getting a public snog with me and a sneaky grope of my bum, cheeky little sod; then in the afternoon I opened a carnival near my 'lovely Essex manor house', as Hello Magazine described my home, and judged various competitions. On the Sunday morning I took my two beautiful Afghan hounds for a run, then prepared for Anna's arrival. I thought I'd better dress the part, so I wore the sort of short denim skirt that Val would, together with a silk blouse and my favourite front-clasp push-up bra that really accentuates my big boobs. When Anna arrived she looked stunning. Her mini-dress was so short that as she climbed out of her taxi I got a clear look straight up to her skimpy lacy knickers. She had long, fabulous legs, accentuated by high-heel sandals. She gave me a hug and kissed me on the lips before breaking off to pet the Afghans. I suddenly felt very nervous about the situation. Never mind the fact that I was nearly twice this girl's age, and that I've never fancied a woman in my life: the feel of her lips on mine, her sweet-smelling perfume, and her boobs nestling into mine as she hugged me had had a strange effect on my body. My nipples strained against my bra, and I felt a hint of dampness between my legs.

I made us a pot of coffee and we sat down at the kitchen table to talk ourselves into the scene we were about to rehearse.

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