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Cindy and Phyllis work on a cold case.

Parents say the cutest things. I'll call you in a couple of hours and we can plan on something."

Susan hopped out of the car slammed the door and leaned back in the window. "We're going to have a blast."

Connie sat in the car watching Susan go in the house. She felt tight in the chest and her breathing was shallow. She shut her eyes and saw her fingers sliding over Susan's spread pussy. She opened her eyes and backed out of the driveway. On the way to her house she would rub the fabric over her pussy and bring herself close to an orgasm and stop. She was looking forward to going home where she could finish the job and then nap or take a bath until Susan called.

When she got home, her family was having guests from church and since her room was off the kitchen and it was the most accessible bathroom, she remained frustrated. After using her parents shower, she spent the next three hours listening to her parents' friends tell her how wonderful they had heard she was doing in school. Then of course she had the benefit of listening to the stories about their children and when they were in school. At 8:15pm Susan called.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

Connie begged, "I'm being bored to death. Help."

"Sorry. Here's the deal. I want you to get that loose pleated plaid mini skirt, your black knit top, the tight one, your black pumps, and some of those thigh high sheer black stockings and get over here," Susan said earnestly.

"Susan... I think that's exactly how Mom and Dad want me to dress when they're entertaining their friends from church. Oh! Good idea! I'll tell you what, why don't you come over here and we'll look like sluts for these nice church going folks...," Connie said as sardonically as possible.

"Hey! No sarcasm. You'll scar me deep down inside. Why don't you use that gray pulpy thing in your head and do what you need to, but get over here!" Susan countered.

Thirty minutes later Connie was ringing the doorbell at Susan's house.

Susan answered the door wearing a white cropped top and a pink spandex skirt. "What do you think, would they like me at church? Aside from my jewelry and shoes, I'm only going to wear this. My brother always kids about wanting to date chics with "easy access." I don't think it will get much easier than this? Unless, I'm naked."

Connie walked in and inhaled Susan's perfume, she asked, "No bra?"

Susan replied by lifting the front of her shirt.

"Panties?" Connie looked with an arched eyebrow.

"Watch this! I've been practicing in front of the mirror."

Susan sat down on the edge of a bench in the hallway, crossed her legs and then recrossed them, with enough time for Connie to see her naked pussy. "Call me Sharon, Sharon Stone. Come on let's get you ready."

She dragged Connie through the hallway to her room. "Put your stuff on Connie. Hurry up."

Susan sat down on the bed and studied Connie as she undressed. Connie faced her and pulled her t-shirt off and then slid her jeans off. Standing in front of Susan in her panties and bra she asked, "Can you help me with this?"

"No! Pretend like I'm Mr. Lifeguard and you're undressing for me. Keep me interested. He said he had envisioned us getting naked with him," Susan leered.
Connie reached up and removed her bra. She locked her eyes onto Susan's and delicately touched her body.

"I want to see it," Susan said breathlessly.

Connie responded by stepping forward so there were only inches between them. She slowly pulled the fabric away exposing her pubic hair and her snatch. While holding the material to the side she slid her middle finger through her wetness.

"Susan, do you want to see me cum?"

Susan nodded and added, but not here. "I want both of us to cum in a public place. Lie down on the bed and I'll take off your panties."

Connie knelt down on the floor with her head and arms on the bed.

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