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A car breakdown in a storm leads to interesting experiences.

Any bigger and they said they wouldn't have let me within two miles of their backsides.

I got down on my knees and was presented with an ass that beat the pants off of J-Lo, Beyonce, or anyone else (pun only slightly intended). Partly because it was fuller, firmer, and perfectly curved...and partly because it was live, in front of me, and its owner wanted my cock inside it.

I spread her firm dark cheeks apart and in the moonlight I saw the butt plug inside the ass I had dreamed about, perched above her shaved pussy that was already glistening with her arousal. Grasping the plug with my teeth, I slowly pulled back, prolonging the removal.

"Nnnuuhhnn!!" she gasped as it slid out, her asshole closing tight.

"Lick me, papi... please!" she begged.

I leaned in and swiped my tongue from her labia up her rear crevice and over her rosebud. Back and forth I passed over it, generating sighs from her. I pressed my face against her and rimmed her. She gasped as I ran circles around it.

"Ay, que rico! Mas... mas!"

I pressed my tongue against her anus and it opened slightly for me, allowing me to stimulate it even further.

She rotated her hips, panting and wailing. "Ay... ay!!!

I continued as she began to shudder and I sensed that she was near orgasm. Just from me rimming her! She pulled away from me, panting and told me to stop.

"Yo te quiero! We don't have much time. I need you in me... I need to cum!"

She handed me a package of lubricant she had in the shirt pocket of her scrubs, and resumed her position, bent at the waist, her elbows now on the window sill.

"Lube me up," I ordered as I handed back the lube. I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to the floor. I moved in behind her and watched as she spread the slick gel around her asshole. She slowly slid one, then two fingers inside, ensuring she was well prepared.

"My fingers will be you in a moment, papi. Does that turn you on?"

I pressed forward, my cock making contact with her hand. She slid her fingers out of her ass and grasped my rigid penis.

As she lubed up my cock, sliding her soft moist hands up and down, she turned her head to look at me. She said, "Ooohh, you're kinda big. I hope I can fit you inside me."

I smiled and replied, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

Grasping my dick, she brought the head in contact with her anus.

"Fuck me, mi amor. Fuck my ass!"

She bent over, spreading her cheeks with both hands and arching her back so her asshole was perfectly lined up with me. I grasped her waist and pressed forward against her. Her muscle gave way and the head slid inside. I was entering heaven.

"Ay!!!!" she squealed. "Slow papi... sloooooow."

I rested for a moment, letting her adjust. Already, it felt softer than any pussy or mouth I had entered. I pressed forward, sliding in millimeter by millimeter. She grunted and I saw her face grimace. Concerned, I stopped.

"Are you sure you want to continue? I asked.

"Si... si.... It hurts, but it's getting better. Keep going."

I slid further in, and after a few moments, my thighs came to rest against her cheeks. She let out a deep breath, shuddering a bit.

I whispered, "It's in all the way in, mi amor."

"Dios mio, I feel so full!" she groaned. "Mi culo... te ama... te ama," she panted. "Do me. Make me cum!"

I pulled almost all the way out and then started thrusting gently back in forth inside her. I couldn't believe I was fucking her. The Boricua I had a crush on for months was not only letting me fuck her in the ass, she was enjoying it.

She started pushing back against me, grunting with each thrust.

"Unnhhh... unnhhh... unnhhh... mmmm... mmmm... si... si... siiii... AYYYYYYY!!!!"

She exploded, convulsing beneath me. I continued pounding into her, feeling her anus squeeze me, riding her orgasm out so she would experience it fully. The waves of orgasm diminished and she panted, groaning as I kept sliding in and out.

The sensations and emotions were swirling around my brain.

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