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As we talked I noticed more, both the prominence of her nipples against the soft material and the firmness and fullness of her tits uncovered at the sides of her halter neck revealed she wore no bra.

As we stood up for the Bridal waltz that preceded the speeches, I as the closest, though remote male relative, had to partner her, the rest of her dress was shown. It was skin tight with a slit on the right side to above mid thigh and was matched with towering high heels. Following the dance that made me all too aware of her tits and nipples resting against my chest, her stomach brushing against my groin and that she wore a suspender belt as it pressed against my thigh, I reflected on how stupid were middle aged Vietnamese men. They ignored women like Huon to marry and bring out to Australia a young, unsophisticated 19 old bride from Vietnam hoping to impress her and keep her subservient with their house and money.

Sensing my interest Huon devoted even more attention to me after we sat down and I appreciated her animated personality, flirtatious eyes, and exposed leg: Huon having sat so the table cloth no longer covered her legs.

The speeches were in progress and Ngoc the bride spoke. Suddenly a hush fell over every table, and I heard Huon's intake of breath, and felt her stiffen then slump beside me. Ngoc had taken this opportunity to state how lucky she was that she and Lam had a house, so she would not be living with her mother in law; how humiliating was this small 200 guest wedding paid for in Vietnamese tradition by the groom side, meaning Huon; how the jewellery and car given to her were little more than an insult. Huon who had worked up to 60 hours a week sewing at home for the past thirteen years supporting her spoilt son was publicly humiliated. Carried away Ngoc she said how embarrassing it was to be seen shopping with someone as old as Huon trying to be young.

I was aware of the movement beside me as Huon stood up and challenged Ngoc to prove she was a woman. An immediate buzz of nervousness mixed with anticipation went around the room. A challenge like this origin lay in the betting that was so important to many Asians including Vietnamese. As a small community with no traditional gambling venues and prior to the casinos we have now, card games and other traditional gambling activities were a regular feature of any party. One particular form of betting that evolved in Australia: I can't speak for other communities involved couples competing simultaneously with each wife attempting to make the other's husband cum first. Apart from these standard betting matches, I myself have watched 13 and 11-year-old sisters compete for a boyfriend, women fight for a job, or settle real or perceived insults or putdowns. Some of these took place out of sight in a bedroom, but most were settled in public in order to prove superiority and belittle the loser. Because the winner flaunted their success over the loser, this on occasions led to a fight between the women.

Ngoc contemptuously looked at Huon, and spoke to Loan her bridesmaid who reached into her handbag and pulled out a wad of banknotes - the red envelope money given by the guests that night- and handed it to Ngoc. "I bet $4000 you cunt, and I won't take you cheap jewellery," she responded. Ngoc knew Huon had spent everything on the wedding and relished the thought of Huon with no close relations having to ask and beg her few friends there for the money.

Call it providence, luck, fate whatever, but that Saturday I had picked the quadrella (four winners in nominated races) at the horses and had $5000 in my wallet. Not that this took any skill as I just used lucky numbers. I took this out and quietly slipped it under the table into Huon's hand. She glanced down, met my eyes and tried to give it back, but I closed her hand over hers t. Huon stood up proudly and to Ngoc's amazement countered out the money.

As Phuong and Loan negotiated the match Huon gripped my hand and sat with her leg pres

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