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Catwoman takes Nightwing for a Ride.

He noticed the first glass in my hand and said, "Ooops. Bert beat me to it. Have it anyway." so I finished the last sip of the first one and put the empty glass down.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Bert was still massaging my ass and occasionally letting a finger slide down the slit. I don't know if the wine was starting to affect me or if Bert was making me horny, but I moved closer to him. "That's nice, Bert." and glanced sideways at him and smiled.

In the meantime, the guy who bought me the second wine, Andy, was staring down my top to get a better view of my tits. This was just adding to my horniness. When he saw me looking at him as he was staring at my tits, I said, "Your hard-on is showing, Andy." He turned beet red and Bert just about blew a mouthful of beer at him.

While I continued to let Bert feel me up, I noticed Elaine looking in my direction. I know that she couldn't see Bert and quite frankly I didn't care. She stared at me and ran her tongue around her lips in a circle. I just smiled and nodded as if to say that I knew what she wanted and would consider it.

"Where are you staying, Michelle?" Bert asked. I told him and he asked if my husband was with me. I told him that he wasn't but my son was. He told me he felt sorry about that part because he thought we could hit it off. I just frowned at that and told him that I thought we would, too.

They told us to go into the diningroom because it was time to eat. In a flash, Elaine was beside me. "Want to sit together?" she asked.

"Sure, Elaine, I'd love to eat with you" I said and smiled at her. She took my hand and was squeezing it as we walked toward our table. Along the way, I picked up Scottie, my son. She spotted Zack, her son and got him to come with us. The two guys sat across the table from us and immediately struck up a conversation. Elaine sat on one side and along came Andy and asked if he could sit beside me and I told him it was okay.

During the meal, Elaine was paying a great deal of attention to me, sliding her chair as close as she could and letting our knees touch occasionally puting a little pressure on mine and I reciprocated.

You know, Bruce, I never even kissed a woman besides my mother and aunts, and I never even gave the thought of getting it on with a woman before that night. I know it wasn't just the wine that made me want to feel the touch of this beautiful lady. I actually wanted to feel her body on mine. I'll tell you more about that later.

On my right side, Andy was working quite hard at getting a glimpse of my tits, so I covertly undid one button so he could not only see the swell of my breasts, but a little more cleavage as well.

"Did anyone tell you how hot you are, Michelle?" he asked.

"Yes, but I don't let it go to my head. Has anyone told you how nice your hard-on looked today?" I asked him.

"No, but I think you just did. Do you want it?" he replied. I didn't answer him, but I turned my face back to Elaine and started a conversation while I reached my right hand over onto the inside of his thigh. I rubbed my hand up and down until I reached his cock and found him hard as a rock. With my hand under the tablecloth which was partially covering his lap, I slowly slid his cock up and down inside his shorts. I quickly turned to him and quickly asked him if that answered his question.

I went back to my conversation with Elain and was looking deeply into her eyes. Her beauty had me fascinated and she knew I wanted her. Without missing a beat, she put her hand over onto my leg, pulled up my skirt so that my bare thigh was at her disposal. She rode her hand up and down my leg all the time we were talking and I opened my legs to give her access to wherever she wanted to go.

She looked at me and said quietly, "You are so fucking hot and so fucking beautiful. I want you so badly. I want to taste every inch of you," and she slid her hand up even further. It felt so good.

"What do you say we put the two boys in one

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