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What do the Caverns hold?

Not missing a beat, you speedily take my nipple into your mouth.

I get slippery wet as your suck on me, rolling my hard nipple in your mouth. You then pull down the strap on the right side, resulting in the right breast popping out. You move your skills to my right breast, holding me while balancing yourself. Because my bra straps are down at my elbows, I am "pinned." I just let my head fall back, giving you full access to my breasts and nipples. I even start to wiggle my ass a bit in anticipation.

You stop what you are doing to ask me if I am okay, am I enjoying you? Yes, yes, I say to you, pulling my arms from the bra strap. You then unhook the bra, taking it from me and placing it with the rest of my clothes. Now, we are even you say. You take a few moments to look at me, stroking my face. You tell me how much you are enjoying yourself, how you love the fancy undies, and how you just want to give me pleasure.

Funny, I say, I was just thinking the same thing about you. . .

You start to take your glasses off, but I ask you to leave them on. I slide off the table, making you sit on it. You enjoy the sight of my bouncing, jiggly tits as I roll a chair back to where you are sitting on the table.

Do you think we'll get caught, I ask you. You start to say no, and I start to sing again. . . Stop it, you say to me. I know, I know, I say, there are "other" things I can be doing with my oral talents. . .

I sit in the chair, then unbutton the tiny button on the fly of your happy boxers. The fabric is already straining from your hard cock; I free you, into my mouth. You are so hard, and the tip of your cock already wet. I suck you in, licking you in the most enjoyable places on your dick. I use my hands as well.

I stroke your cock with my hand, using the other one to play with your nuts.

I know you are loving every nanosecond of me sucking on you-- your tip is getting wetter, and wetter, and wetter. Your cock is past the rock hard stage-- we are talking you could drill holes in cement with your tool. I can feel your nuts rising in their precious sack-- I don't forget them, giving them a lick as well. I also feel up and down your legs. You like that, moaning. . .I then break my grip on your cock-- I can feel you rising in my mouth, getting ready to cum. I can see the heartbreak on your face as I stop you cold. I jerk your happy boxers down, causing you to lift your hips. Your hard cock is waving in my face-- the head a strained purple in color. I climb onto the table with you. I straddle you. I know you can feel how positively fucking wet I am through my panties. You say something to me about taking them off. I feel your hands go to the sides of my hips, as your fingers hook into the side straps of the panties. You pull them down, not getting very far.

I smile, as I pull them back up on me, despite your pleadings. Oh, to tease is a woman's domain!

I step back from you. I ask you if you want me to remove the sopping wet piece of material formerly known as panties. I get a quick yes from you as you spring over to me, pulling off the offending panties. You decide to pull them off of me by pulling them down by the crotch, which causes a massive rush of my juice to where your hand was. . .

You guide me back over to the table, making me sit near the edge. You sit in the chair I was sitting in before, making a remark about how the chair is "soggy." I laugh, but my laugh instantly turns into an "ahhhhhhh," as I see you shed your glasses and slip your tongue into my red-hot snatch.

You use your hands to hold me open, as I put my feet up on your shoulders. I slide myself a bit closer to you, wanting to get as much pleasure as I possibly can from your expert tongue. You don't miss a beat, holding me firmly as you feel me cum, time and time again. I can hear your moans of pleasure, as you lick me clean, only to have to repeat your task time and time again with each orgasm.

I am finally breathing so hard I can barely stand it.

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