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Gwen could see the backlit screen over the girl's shoulder and she couldn't fail to miss Steve Wills' athletic naked body. He posed and displayed the mocking grin that had so infuriated Gwen. His penis was magnificent. It hung proudly between Steve's thick thighs and Gwen was startled by both its length and girth. Although it was soft, the younger man's cock was much larger than Darren's aroused penis.

That afternoon Gwen did something she had never done before: she sat in her executive bathroom and pleasured herself. The brunette rubbed a hard nipple and bit her lip as she rubbed her hard clit. She imagined herself in her college dorm. In Gwen's mind, Steve was kissing her as she rubbed his enormous penis beneath his slacks. He guided her to her knees and she began to unzip his pants.

The sound of Gwen's finger in her soaking pussy could be heard throughout the bathroom, and Gwen was worried that her assistant on the other side of the bathroom wall would overhear her. She bit her lip to stifle a moan and curled her toes inside her expensive designer heels. Gwen clenched her eyes shut and enjoyed a powerful orgasm as she imagined worshiping Steve's giant cock. The housewife briefly compared the fantasy penis to that of her husband's and she wondered how it would feel to be penetrated by something so much larger. Gwen bit her lip to stifle a moan as she gripped the handle with white knuckles.

After the waves of pleasure subsided, Gwen found herself blushing and shaking as she lifted herself off of the toilet on shaky legs. Hers cheeks were flush and her body tingled. It was the best sexual release she'd had in years.


Gwen couldn't get the image of Steve Wills out of her head. As months passed, Gwen lost interest in sex with her husband as the thought of giving herself to her co-worker began to dominate her thoughts. She often refused to have intercourse with Darren, claiming to have cramps or a headache.

It had been months since Gwen had last spoken to Steve. Her heart skipped a beat when he walked into her office. He smiled at her coyly, and she wondered if Steve somehow suspected that she had fantasized about having sex with him. It was the same smile that had so infuriated her some months ago, but now Gwen couldn't help but find it sexy. Why did that jerk have to be so confident and attractive?

"I thought I told you to leave me alone, Mr. W ills," Gwen said. He continued to smile and hold her gaze. Her panties moistened.

"I'm just thought you might want to know what your husband has been up to behind your back, Mrs. Wilson."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about Darren, your husband. He likes to hang out in the change-room and ogle the men. Maybe he has penis envy, I don't know. There have been complaints, and I thought you ought to know."

Gwen could feel the blood rush to her face. She wasn't sure why she even believed the younger man, but something told her he wasn't lying. She sat behind her desk and tried to regain her composure. "It's not true," she said.

"It is true, Gwen. You should have a talk with him. Put a stop to it before someone kicks his ass. I've seen him do it. He likes to watch the guys shower, and he gets aroused, Gwen. I think he has a little crush on me, to be honest. Your husband loves to stare at my cock."

Gwen couldn't look at the young salesman. "I'd like you to leave, please." She looked down at the pad on her desk as her eyes filled with tears. She was shaking and trying to catch her breath. When Gwen looked up, Steve was gone.


That Friday night Darren reached for Gwen as they lay in bed. He rubbed her leg and slid his hand up to towards her mid-section. She removed his hand and rolled onto her side. Their sex life had dwindled the last few months and Gwen could tell Darren was frustrated and annoyed. She had been making excuses more often when he wanted sex.

Darren moved towards Gwen to kiss her, but she pulled away. She looked at her husband. "Tell me about the gym."

"Umm, what do you

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