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Jessica competes at the conference.

So the morning it had to be.

After bathing, she had shaved her sex and (so very carefully) right through to her behind to make sure her whole pubic and anal area was totally depilated. This had taken her some time to perfect when her Master had demanded this of her. But now she had worked out how to position herself with a mirror such that she could complete the job without threatening injury to this sensitive area. When this was finished, she thoroughly lubricated herself "fore and aft" and inserted an anal plug. Later in the day, when she had finished her work, she would be required to insert a vibrator in her sex as well and turn it on. And now for the bra. On Fridays, her bra was required to be liberally sprinkled with itching powder; no wonder this young women had little interest in work on Fridays!

Next came her make-up. This always needed to be just a little less than subtle, just a shade whorish (oh how the boys would gather to the honey pot on Fridays and the senior staff would tut-tut and secretly wish they could get their hands on her). Of course the female staff all took it with a deal of bitching and let her know in all those little ways that women do that the men never notice. But Susan was far too pre-occupied with her coming weekend to care about the office gossip and anyway, she knew with that inner glow of satisfaction that they would really have something to gossip about if only they knew the truth about her. Of course they didn't know about the rouging of her nipples, the "stay-fast" lipstick on the lips of her sex and anus (the last being so very hard to get right and she had to be careful not to smear it with the lubricant and the butt plug).

A smart business suit, stockings and high heels completed her preparations for the day. Oh God how her breasts itched!! Sir was a wise Master to impose this discipline on her, but how she longed to tear her top off and her scratch her tits on the way to work. What a victory it was to get through an early client meeting without once losing concentration or fiddling with her blouse. Some mornings she would grab five minutes with the door to her office shut while she lay her head on the desk, clutched her hands behind her back and indulged in a long low moan. It was such a pleasure to focus her mind on the irritant and think "through" it to gain some peace. Five minutes usually brought such peace for an hour or so, though it also brought tears which she would hastily have to dry and then repair her make-up.

And Friday mornings also required her to pack an extra bag for the weekend. Not a lot, as Master didn't require her to dress a great deal, and most of what was required was already waiting for her at the house on the lake. Mostly it was things she needed for the afternoon for preparation and Monday's business wear. And things like a extra pairs of stockings. Sir would not appreciate her arriving with a ladder in her stockings - hell! these days she earned a dozen strokes of the birch for having crooked seams! Always there was a whip and a strap that Sir required her to have with her at all times. He would love her with that tawse more than once on the weekend. Oh how it stung, but oh how she loved him for the thrashings he gave her.

And here it was 4:30 with an hour to go.

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