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Samantha changes the definition of Spectator.

As Tara's skirt was pushed up Malene realized she had no knickers on. "Dirty bitch!" Malene said. "No knickers, you truly are a slut."

Sophie lifted Tara up onto her elbows and offered the dildo back to her lips. Tara eagerly flicked the bulbous head with her tongue, before sucking wantonly on it, whilst Malene kissed her way up to Tara's ass. Parting her buttocks Malene drilled her tongue up Tara's asshole making her squeal with delight.

"Do you like that?" Sophie teased, well let's see how you like it when he buggers your pretty little backside off.

Malene eased up off of Tara, and I knelt above her, pressing my cock to her wet asshole, she growled on the shaft as I pushed hard against her butt-hole.

"Do it, stick your hard cock deep into her asshole." Malene urged, before moving around to Lay on the floor below Tara.

Malene took a large brandy glass and lay on her back looking up at Tara's face. Sophie slowly started to ease the dildo deeper, and when Tara groaned as my cock slipped up her ass, Sophie took the opportunity to ram the dildo up Tara's throat.

"Yeahhh, a cock up your ass, and one down your fucking throat!" Sophie snarled taking hold of the back of Tara's head and pulling her down onto the shaft. Deeper and deeper until her nose rested against Sophie's belly.

Tara was croaking and gasping, spit dribbling from her mouth, dripping down onto Malene. She was below Tara, mouth open catching each splat of spit.

"I can't believe you're doing that Malene!" Sophie gasped, rutting the dildo deep down Tara's throat. "You really are warped."

My cock was buried to the hilt into Tara's tight ass, she was choking and squealing as I started to bugger her. I was banging away at her butt, while Sophie had hold of her hair, rutting about two-inches in and out deep down Tara's throat. Sophie drew the length of the strap on out, Tara heaved and spat out a thick stream of mucus, it splattered down over Malene's face, into her mouth, filling her right eye socket and stringing down her right cheek. "Woah!" Tara croaked before Sophie drove the shaft back down her throat.

"Fuckk!" Malene gargled before scooping up the spit and dropping it into the brandy glass. She spat out half a mouthful of spit and topped the glass up to halfway.

"Dammmn, that's nasty." Malene growled, before opening her mouth and taking the next drool of spit in.

I was pounding Tara's ass hard, slamming my cock into her backside, making her jerk forwards to meet Sophie's assault on her throat. Tara was whining and gasping her arms gripping the table top tight.

"Oh fuck yeah, Tara's coming!" Sophie gasped, gripping Tara's hair working the dildo down until her nose rubbed Sophie's belly. Tara's legs were kicking and she was squealing like a pig, while I rammed my cock up her ass, Sophie face fucked her and Malene caught her long stringy spit globs as the fell down from her chin. Sophie grabbed hold of Tara's hair for one final assault, before stepping back the huge dildo bouncing from her crotch.

"Malene looks full." She said, her busty blondes mouth was overflowing with spit, whilst the glass was full.

I eased my hard cock from Tara's asshole, and helped her to stand. "Ohhh fuck, that was good." She gasped.

Sophie lead her back to the sofa and made her sit down, gripping her head and tilting it back she forced her mouth open wide.

"Spit it back into her mouth Malene, I want to see her swallow it." Sophie instructed.

Malene straddled Tara's waist kneeling up on the sofa, she held her head an inch away from Tara's and slowly dribbled the mouthful of lumpy spit down into her open mouth. She struggled but Sophie held her still, until her mouth was brimming with spit.

"Don't swallow yet!" Malene said, taking the glass and passing it to Sophie.

Sophie drank half of the glass filling her mouth, before handing it to Malene, "We all swallow together." Malene said, filling her mouth with the rest of the glass's contents.

All three ladies sat on the sofa, looking at each other cheeks bulgin

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