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Everybody grieves in different ways.

When Lee looked up, Vy saw something in Lees eyes that felt like the look of a predator when their eyes met.

Lee offered the drink, and when Vy reached for it, Lee softly said, "Let me." And began to hold the glass to Vy's lips.

Vy had never had anyone hold a drink for her, and she found it very sexy. Here she was about to seduce Lee for an additional lousy 10% ($11,000) discount for having a date that would include sex. As she started to place her lips on the glass, Lee rotated her wrist in front of Vy's lips, so that Vy actually open mouth kissed Lee's wrist.

Vy was startled and apologized.

Lee said, "That was the best kiss I have had for days."

Vy immediately thought to wonder if 75% is possible.

Vy said, "I haven't kissed very many women, and never on the hand."

Lee chortled and replied, "Pray tell, then where have you kissed them?"

Vy took advantage to advance the conversation rapidly toward sex and replied, "In the bedroom."

Lee laughed and said, "I wondered about you when you kept staring at my body instead of my face when we first met. I hope you are as much fun as it seems like so far."

Vy replied, "I like to think I can take a joke as far and as well as anyone."

Lee replied, "Have you ever gone all the way to have that fun?"

Vy said, "I haven't yet negotiated without a happy ending."

Lee then said, "Let's talk about the timeshare and what we can do to make you a regular here as a happy-ending owner then."

She and Vy then sat at the table with Vy to Lee's immediate side so they could review the documents. As they sat, Lee shook her shoulders and wiggled around. She finally stood and as she began to loosen her belt remarked that she was really uncomfortable in her outfit and wanted to remove it since they were just two women, after all.

Vy didn't react, so Lee asked, "Is that okay with you?"

Vy replied that it not only was okay but that she thought it a great idea as she stood and removed her slacks and blouse so quick that Lee was still unbuttoning herself by the time Vy was removing her bra, also.

When Vy next looked at Lee, she knew the time to negotiate was now as Lee was staring at Vy's body and actually was slack-jaw-wide-mouth-stunned by the figure that Vy was showing more and more of as her soaked sheer thong was next to be set aside. Lee was just staring when Vy said that the inside of her was available for a 75% discount since she already had discovered she could get 40% by not dealing through salesmen.

Lee was so wanton that she quickly said, "I will give you the 75% discount on a few conditions."

Vy hadn't expected to negotiate about the sex, as she was 'all in' in the parlance of a gambling town. When Vy heard there would be conditions, her mind went to warp speed looking for something sexual that would prevent her from agreeing, and she came up blank. So she knew before Vy that the deal would be done. She hadn't considered any conditions that were not sexual.

She wanted this timeshare because it would be the gateway to a wilder and freer life for her and for Al when he came to the timeshare with her. She was already planning a trip without him though. Just the realization that she might just get a discount worth over seventy-five thousand dollars just for doing something she so desperately wanted to do, made her vagina soak the chair seat.

She realized that since she related the offer of sex as a negotiated dollar value she had become increasingly aroused and her nipples ached and her vagina was as slippery as it ever had been. She had a flash thought that maybe there was some way for her to convert sex for cash money here in this resort city if it was so easy for her to gain equity value in a timeshare by having sex.

As she signed the papers with the written conditions, Vy did not read the contract at all. She signed the papers, said, "I will bring Al down to sign when I come back to go on our date."

Lee said, "Oh no, no

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