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At dinner with a stranger, she is dessert.

Against she spun around, but this time grabbed my waistband and started moving through the crowd pulling me in tow until we had left the club. She continued to lead me around the corner and into an alley parking garage.

With the "privacy" afforded a few rows in, Sandrine unfastened my shorts, reached in and began to stroke my now unhindered member. No longer held back by the material, I quickly grew to full length, whereupon I leaned against a mini-van while Sandrine dropped to her knees and began to lick its shaft. Very masterfully, she took me to the brink of orgasm several times but always at the right moment, backed off the intensity. Sandrine tantalized my head not only with her tongue, I watched in amazement as she consumed the entire shaft to tease my tip with the back of her throat. Then she would slowly slide it out, increasing the suction and dancing her tongue against it until I popped free. Again and again and again until I nearly felt my knees buckle.

Rising she began stroking me again while I pulled her shirt off and removed her bra. Mmmm, I briefly reminisced about having last seen those breasts late at night in Paris at the conclusion of a strip poker game my wife convinced us all to play. While my left hand began to fondle and tweak her nipples, my right pulled her body against mine before sliding under her miniskirt. To my surprise, the G-string was gone and my fingers were met by bare flesh. Almost as soon as I pushed between her lips, she began to moan and grind against the palm of my hand. I laid her body back against the hood of a Mercedes and pushed her miniskirt up around her hips. With her feet planted on the hood and legs spread wide apart, I went down on her pussy, tasting her sweet juices.

Unbeknownst to me, you had followed us from the club and taken a vantage point behind another van across the lot. As you watched me burying my face in Sandrine's pussy, your own excitement began to get the best of you. While imagining the pleasure she must be feeling, you began to rub your own clit beneath your tight, silver pants. From a pocket, you pulled out a small, discrete vibrator you had brought along just in case the night got exciting. Satisfied with it's quick buzz, you settled yourself to enjoy watching us from the location you secreted for yourself.

My erection bulged as I flicked and sucked on her clit. I reached down to touch myself while furthering her ecstasy by burying my fingers deep into her pussy. Rising away from her, I heard a moan, letting me know the second finger was well received. My own arousal was heightened when I realized she was completely shaven - so taboo! There wasn't much time to admire it before Sandrine grasped my hair to pull my head back into her swollen pussy. As my tongue entered her, I could taste her orgasm, an extra sweet ejaculation of warmth mixed into her wet pussy. For a moment, her cries of "Mon Dieu" subsided and she relaxed her grip as I licked her clean again.

Sandrine guided me upwards and away as she reached down with her left hand and began pleasuring herself. Her back arched upwards, pressing into my chest as she re-energized herself. She moaned deeply as I caressed her breasts and tantalized her nipples while she frantically stimulated her clit. Suddenly, I felt her grasp my very erect penis and guide it into herself. The evening chill swiftly disappeared as I felt the hot, slick flesh envelope me. Buried entirely in Sandrine, she gyrated her hips, supporting herself only on her hands and feet atop the car hood. Orgasming again, she pressed herself fully into my hips until the convulsions subsided.

"I want to taste myself," she taunted while sliding down the hood to the ground, again taking me into her mouth.

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