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Lois's hands clasped the other woman's head and she quaked with pleasure as the assistant principal's lips and tongue adored her nipples.

Doreen's exploring lips and hands began a downward journey, moving across Lois's convex belly, pausing to explore her navel, adding sensation on top of sensation. Doreen was a skilled lover and her light, teasing, caresses and kisses soon had the auburn-haired teacher mindless with desire.

The soft full lips that were driving Lois wild continued to move slowly toward her vagina. Her hips rocked upward and her legs parted. She felt Doreen's lips and tongue moving through her pubic hair and thought the top of her head was going to come off.

"Oh, God!!!! Doreen!!! Doreen!!! Oh, God, Doreen!!!!"Lois screamed as her lover's lips and tongue moved onto her vagina, immediately triggering a powerful explosion. "I'm commmmingggggggg!!! Oh, Doreen!!!!! Doreen!!!! Doreen!!!!!!"

Doreen thrust her tongue into Lois's quivering vagina while her friend thrashed on the bed. She kept it up until Lois lay spent. Then she stretched out beside her lover and laid her head on Lois's heaving chest.

"You are splendid!" Doreen said.

"So are you" Lois replied. She was certainly learning a lot about passion lately.

Doreen rolled off and lay on her side, looking at Lois, toying absently with one of Lois's nipples.

Lois stoked Doreen's hair. "I can't believe how wonderful you make me feel," she said.

"You aren't so bad in that department, either," Doreen replied. "You are a marvelous lover."

Lois rolled against her friend and hugged the other woman hard. "I had no idea another woman could make me feel the way you do," she said softly.

Doreen kissed her fondly. "It is wonderful, isn't it?" she replied.

"Would you like to take a shower with me?" Lois asked.

Doreen was surprised by her friend's request, but liked the idea. It would definitely be fun to frolic with Lois in the shower. "I'd love to," she said.

The two of them got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, arms around each other. They got the shower running and stepped in.

"I can't get over how fantastic your body is," Doreen said.

"I...I never really thought my body was all that good," Lois replied softly. She thought Doreen's body was much better than hers, and was touched by her companion's compliment. She gazed at Doreen, standing there, droplets of water glistening on her skin. The assistant principal looked so lovely it made Lois feel a little weak.

Doreen lathered a washcloth and began to wash Lois. Lois looked around. Unable to find a washcloth, she picked up the soap and began lathering her friend's body with her bare hand. In no time, both of the beautiful women were shaking with desire, their soap-slick bodies bumping and sliding against one another.

"Ohhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhh!!!!" Lois moaned, "Doreen...Ohhhhh!!!!...that feels so...Ohhhhh!!!...wonderful!" She felt as if she were going to dissolve as Doreen's hands moved over her lather-covered nipples.

"Ohhhhhh!!!!" Doreen groaned, "Lois, please!!!!!"

Lois slid her soap-slick hand between Doreen's legs and touched her vagina. Her lover's body jolted and her hips rocked as Lois brought her closer and closer to orgasm. They leaned against each other, barely able to stay erect on their rubbery legs.

Doreen's slippery hand moved between Lois's legs causing fierce sensations to roar through her. They screamed in unison as their orgasms exploded. "Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

The two drenched, sated women clung to each other as their orgasms erupted, caressing each other's frothy vaginas. As their passion spent itself and their bodies calmed they sank to their knees and held each other, sated, while the warm water continued to pelt down on them.

They finished the shower and returned to the bedroom. As they lay on the bed, Doreen gazed fondly at Lois, embarrassing her.

"Your breasts are beautiful," Doreen said.

Her friend's compliment thrille

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