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Wife gets shared with husband's father.

Her armpits were totally shaved and no pubic hair was visible as she maintain it regularly. I was observing big tents in all the three pants.

After a couple of minutes when she still was sweating a lot, David advised to remove all the cloths. She just unhooked her bra, Gomez quickly removed that and before she even had a chance to pull down her panty, Henry tugged them down over her hips. When her panty was down around her ankles she simply stepped out. Vijaya stood completely naked in her high heels. She stood defiant and proud, her dark hair hanging luxuriously on her shoulders. Her breasts were big and hung heavily. She looked very, very hot with generous hips and her belly was almost flat. Their eyes travelled lower and they saw she had a trimmed pubic bush.

David took her by the hand and let her over to love seat. He sat her down, stood in front of her and started to take off his shorts. His shorts and underwear dropped to the floor. When he turned around to motion for the rest of us to join in, I could see his dick, and it was very large almost 10 inches. Vijaya, my loyal wife and mother of two, had already begun to fondle it as Gomez and Henry walked over. Henry smiled at me, "We are world soccer champion, but black people are champion in cock business. Isn't it?"

I couldn't answer, I was bit mesmerized. In my fantasy I always wished Vijaya to be serviced by long and fat black cock. I got my sense back when Gomez begun to cheer David on, "Give her that big cock. Let her suck it. Give her a taste of your love stick."

With that Vijaya took his cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking. I could not believe that my wife, giving a blow job to an almost stranger and a black man with a gigantic dick at that. He took her head in his big hands and started fucking her mouth with faster and deeper strokes.

By now Henry and Gomez started to shed their dresses, were getting ready to join in. Henry's dick was fat and round. Gomez was of average size. I understood why both of them were claiming David as the best in cock business. Gomez and Henry watched for some time while Vijaya continued to suck on David. They finally interrupted, saying that they wanted to join in.

David directed Vijaya to get on all four so that he could enter her from behind while she sucked off other two dicks. David started to enter her with very fast, hard strokes; gripping her cream colored boobs in his black big palms. Vijaya began to moan loudly. She took turns on Henry and Gomez, sucking one cock at a time. This lasted for about 5 minutes until Henry warned her that he was about to come. David sat Vijaya on the couch. Henry positioned his cock so that she could continue to suck him off. Within minutes he was shooting a huge load into her mouth.

It was too much for me. I pulled down the zipper of my pant and started to shake my cock.

As she lay there with come leaking out the corners of her mouth, Gomez crouched down in front of her, spread her legs and struck his cock into her wet, receptive pussy. He started with slow steady strokes and then picked up the speed. By the expression of Vijaya, I could tell she had reached orgasm there. After several minutes he stood up, told her to lean forward and open her mouth wide. I could tell by the way he was moaning that he was about to explode any moment. He told Vijaya he was going to shoot his come and he sprayed his sticky come on her face, big breasts.

At that point of time both David and Henry looked towards me. First David uttered, "Hey man, you are still with your clothes!"

Henry was bit stunned, "Your gorgeous wife is being taken up by three mature men, you are not enjoying at all! I don't believe it. Come on man, you also participate. This is beauty of sex!"

I was standing just beside David. David encouraged me;"You have a small, but a very cute dick." We all laughed including Vijaya.

David then gave one new idea, "Guys, you all carry her in your hands. I want to fuck her while she is in the air."

We trio lifted her, Henry and Gom

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