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"I know I can do that!" she said.

"What about you! Are you going to tell your wife about fucking a famous Hollywood actress? I doubt your wife even knows how to suck dick like me!"

God, she was such a bitch. He thought to himself while she rugged his shorts down and pushed his white underwear down. Katherine didn't waste a second to wrap her fingers around his cock. As he looked down, he saw the sparkle of diamonds to the pear shaped engagement ring on her left hand. It didn't matter at all to him that she was a married woman. She stroked his cock in her hand while dropping her lower lip and starring at him with her gritted teeth. She was hungry. The look on her face told him enough that her inner dirty side had been unlocked. She parted her lips and pushed the head of his rod into her mouth. Katherine looked in his eyes one last time as she moaned over the head. 'Mmmmmm'. Pulling her lips from his cock, she looked at him and spoke again.

"You like my big tits, James?"

"Fuck yes! They're amazing!"

She smirked while stroking his cock in her hand before answering him.

"Good, cause I like your big fucking cock!"

Her right hand moved over his ass from behind and gave it a slap, just as she brought his cock into her mouth. The smack on his ass was enough to get his attention, not that watching her suck him wasn't enough. Katherine used her hand and mouth at the same time. As she began to bob her head up and down on his meat, she used her left hand to stroke him at the same time. Together, she moved her lips and hand in perfect sync of giving him a dual hand and blow job. Her right hand moved over his leg while she continued to bob her head up and down. Slobbering on his dick while moaning into it. 'Mmmmmm'. Her moans sent vibrations through his body. James let out out a moan as he watched her.

Katherine's mouth sucked and slobbered over his rod. Sucking noises could be heard while streams of her saliva dripped down his thick rod. Her hand glided easily over his fat shaft thanks to the saliva running down it. The sucking and slobbering noises were driving him almost insane. James had to admit, his wife never sucked him off like this. Katherine proved how much she was craving a good cock. While sucking on it, she came up to the head and then turned her head a bit until the outline of his rod could be seen from her left cheek. Pushing her mouth, aside she sucked on it hard until it popped out of her mouth loudly. She then spit on his dick and continued stroking it while looking in his eyes.

"You like that, James?"

"Yes! Oh my god, this is so amazing!"

"I suck it better than your stupid ass wife, huh?"

"Ohhhhh, fuck yes you do!"

"Mmmmm, that's what I like to hear!"

She gave him a smug grin before she broke eye contact and took his dick back into her mouth. Over and over, Katherine quickly bobbed her head up and down. She pushed his rod all the way down her throat, proving to him that she had deep throat talents. Her fingers moved down to the base of his cock while she held herself down, pushing the head of his dick to the back of her throat. James couldn't stop himself from yelling out.


Her hands moved to play with his balls while she slowly moved her mouth off his cock. When she came up, her lips created a pop noise while strings of saliva dripped down his cock. Katherine moved her lips down to his balls and began to slobber all over them. She licked them and then pushed her tongue over his nuts and popped them into her mouth. At the same time, she moved her hand back over his cock to stroke it while she slobbered on his nuts. James' eyes rolled to the back of his head moaning as she sucked on his nuts.

"Ohhhhhhh, man! This is it right there!"

After moving her mouth from his nuts, Katherine let go of his cock.

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