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Peter's hands found Yvette's soft breasts and he carefully kneaded them through her cotton shirt. The touch of Peter's hands on her tender jewels made her moist in her pants and she returned his touch with a fierce kiss. She was the first to initiate it as she stopped for a moment and pulled her top off. She wanted to feels Peter's hands on her flesh and to let him see her naked chest. Peter's arousal grew as he saw and felt Yvette's perfect little titties for the first time. His touch on the lovely little orbs was heavenly and she gave a spine tingling shiver as his lips found her exquisite nipples, one as a time.

The pointy little nipples of Yvette's magnificent breasts tasted divine to Peter and intoxicated his senses. She was unbuttoning his shirt as he continued to admire her perfect chest with his hands & his eyes. Peter threw back his head as Yvette's lips found his chest. His handsome masculine beauty awed her and soon the two stood topless there in the apartment. Their kissing and nuzzling resumed as naked chest pressed against naked chest. Again she started it as her hands found the top of his jeans. They were both soon fumbling at each other's zippers, glancing up to look each other in the eyes then back down to the task at hand. Peter's hardness sprang out encased by his boxers. Yvette then went to her knees, as she pulled down his jeans and boxers in one slow tug. Peter stepped out of the pile and stood there in his naked hardness. Wearing only his white shell necklace his fantastic body radiated a sexual image that Yvette yearned for. She rose and encased his cock with the soft touch of her feminine hands, bringing forth a sexual moan from Peter. Yvette took his hand and led him to her bedroom.

The sight of the alluring Yvette topless in her faded jeans was magic on Peter's senses. Her long dark hair framed her white silky feminine chest and the jeans crowned this image for him. She stroked lightly on his cock as he helped her out of the jeans. Soon she was standing by him wearing only a simple pair of skimpy white cotton panties. Her feminine form was divine with lovely little titties, smooth taut stomach and gentle crease outlining her navel, tiny waist, gentle hips with their slight indentation in from the curve of the hipbones, her petite and rounded little ass and her slender and shapely smooth legs and calves. Her naked back was divine and the nakedness of it with her delicate shoulder blades was heaven to see and touch.

Peter cuddled her soft panty covered tush in his hands as they melted into each other's arms. They returned to kissing on the necks, behind the ears, shoulders, nibbling gently the earlobes, rubbing the sides of their faces together in out-and-out enchantment in uncovering the intimacy of each other's being.

Peter's fingers brushed across the front of Yvette's thin panties. The thin material clung to her femininity as he gently massaged her crease producing a whimper of gladness from Yvette and another bite on his earlobe, this time a more forceful one. With his middle finger Peter reached back as far as he could then brought it firmly along the dampened crease sheathed in the thin panties and then back again as Yvette quivered to the touch. With two fingers he rubbed the area tenderly with the fabric of the panties acting like a sensual sandpaper, smoothing and soothing her femininity as she pressed it again his fingers in direct proportion to her increasing desire. This affectionate massage between her legs with his strong but caring fingers made Yvette pull Peter down onto the bed as the intensity of her arousal made her weak in standing.

With Peter now on his back Yvette climbed over him and kissed him frantically and he continued to marvel at the softness of her ass in his hands.

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