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I loved chasing cock at the truck stop by my apartment.

A droplet of water formed near her right shoulder blade, and began rolling downward. I leaned in and licked it off. I began kissing her back, savoring the wet taste of her skin. I could feel my cock bumping against her thigh and leg, and heard her whimpering. I licked my way down her spine, until I reached her marvelous, rounded ass cheeks.

"Please just fuck me, Ellis," she begged, but I didn't answer. I planted kisses around her ass, periodically licking or sucking it. As I came closer to her sweet crack, I spread her damp ass cheeks, and savored the opportunity to look at her clean, puckered asshole.

"Hold your cheeks apart for me," I told her. She complied, clutching each cheek in her fingers. This forced her to lean forward even more, pushing her uncomfortably against the sink. I reached between her legs and began diddling her clit, and began tonguing her ass cheeks. I circled around her asshole, getting closer each time around.

"What are you doing, Ellis?" I didn't answer. I planted my lips around her asshole, tickling the anus with my tongue.

"Shit. Fuck," she cursed. She fell forward, letting go of her cheeks, .as she grappled to brace herself on the counter. Her cheeks smacked around my face and I slipped my tongue into her tight asshole. She bucked forward, knocking the liquid hand soap to the ground with her errant arm, but I pulled her back to me.

"What the fuck," she groaned. She sounded animalistic, and more depraved than I'd heard her before. As my tongue pushed its way through her ring, I slid a finger into her pussy. This seemed to relax her a bit and I was able to feed more of my tongue into her virgin hole. Her rectum was tight around my tongue, and she moaned louder than I'd ever heard her before. I wiggled my tongue in circles, and devoured her ass.

Alyssa quivered and shook, moaning low and steady. She was enjoying herself, I could tell. But I was assaulting her ass with such force, it was a bit overwhelming. She yelped as I shoved another finger into her pussy.

It wasn't long until I felt her body begin to tense. Her moaning grew louder, and more staccato, and I knew her orgasm was close. My fingers slipped from her pussy and I began diddling her clit again. I jabbed her ass faster with my tongue, and my free hand slid down her back, and came to a rest on her left cheek.

"Fucking damn," she growled, "I'm cumming. I'm fuuucck..." She trailed off. Her rectum tightened around my tongue, and her body quivered and shook. I pinched her cheek hard, and twisted slightly. She screamed out, in the midst of her orgasm. Her juices coated my arm, as her legs gave way. I pulled my tongue out of her anus, and she sank to her knees in front of me.

"How the fuck did you know I'd like that so much?" she asked me, panting like a dog. Sweat now mingled with the moisture from her shower. I looked at her sitting like that, and I realized I was foolish to think she wouldn't into this. This was right up her alley. She was up for anything.

"Because you're dirty," I joked. She laughed playfully, as I stood in front of her with my hard cock bobbing inches from her face. I got my toothbrush from the medicine cabinet adjacent to the mirror and began brushing my teeth.

"Well you're sure as shit right," she said, "I fucking loved that."

I looked down at her, nude on her knees in front of me. Her wet, sweaty body shone in the florescent bathroom light. I reached down to rub her back, and noticed her back was sticky. She leaned into my crotch and began licking the sides of my balls. You know, the dirty parts. Where it gets sweaty and sticky. She licked the sweat from the undersides of my balls, and even licked that space between my legs. She did so with eagerness, like a kitten lapping at a bowl of milk. My cock was so hard that it was beginning to hurt.

I spit into the sink, and rinsed the toothpaste from my mouth. She began sucking on my balls, slowly jerking my cock. What had to come next was very apparent to me, so I reached into the sink drawer, and handed her a small container of Vaseline.


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