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Mom learns about masturbation and orgasm.

I let my pressure continue, until the entire head of my cock had been swallowed by her asshole.

"Mmmm," she moaned, "More."

It was a simple command, and I was happy to oblige. I pushed more, slowly working my entire length inwards. We had to stop every now and then so her ass could adjust and stretch, but I eventually made it all the way to the base.

I started my thrusts and very small movements, maybe an inch outwards before coming back in slowly. Michelle appreciated my restraint, and moaned with pleasure as I gradually built up my thrusts. I had made it to the stage of pulling about half of my length out before thrusting in with a little force when she had her first orgasm.

I grabbed her hips and pushed in deep to keep my cock in her ass. Anal offered her much more stimulation, so I knew there were plenty of huge orgasms to come. I let her breathe for only a moment before I started thrusting again. I eventually abandoned all restraint, and I fucked her as hard as I could.

She loved my gusto, and she moaned and screamed as she was hit with wave after wave of pleasure. Her ass clenching around my cock was incredible, and I felt my own orgasm coming. I pushed myself to the fastest pace I could go, and then thrust deep and hard as I shot my load up her ass. Michelle screamed in response, her whole body shaking with an orgasm.

I pulled out once I was drained, and handed my wife some tissue to clean up any dripping with. She seemed content with my load deposited deep in her ass, and we didn't move for some time.

"No matter how far we go," Michelle began, out of the blue, "My ass will always be yours."

It sounded silly, sure, but I appreciated the sentiment, knowing that there would always be something that she wouldn't share.

"Thanks, hun," I said, smiling. I paused for a while, "So what should we do now?"

"About that," Michelle replied standing up briskly and walking to the dresser again. She came back with a piece of paper, "Here's the password to Taylor and Kim's wireless network, and this is the IP for their security system."

"Security?" I asked, blankly.

"Yeah, apparently, Taylor loves his technology, and he had a lot of real-time security cameras installed in their house." Michelle informed, "But anyway, I'm going to get ready and head over there in a few, Jay's out of the house for the weekend, and Kim figured this should be a good way for you to watch what happens."

She gave me a knowing wink, but I already knew what it meant. I was a little nervous, but we'd talked enough that I was okay with the idea. It was time to give Taylor his threeway with Kim and my wife.

Michelle's hair was a wreck, so she pulled it into a bun to keep from looking like she'd just been fucked senseless while she crossed the yard. She stepped into a pair of hot-red heels that I loved her in, and then she slipped a medium-length overcoat on to cover her nude body.

She looked incredible, and I got extra stimulation from how little she had on. The coat came just past her bottom, so she was covered, but just barely. The neck of the coat showed plenty of skin, and she fastened the thick belt around the waist of the coat to accent her hips and keep the whole thing closed.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"Beautiful," was all I could think.

"Thanks!" she said, doing a quick twirl, "Boot up the computer, and I'll head over once I know you can see everything."

I sat at my computer and pressed the power button. It wasn't long before I logged into their wireless and had full view of the goings on in the house. The picture quality was excellent, and I could tell I was going to get to see quite a bit of detail. I clicked on the view of the TV room, and the image filled most of the screen, leaving a side bar of other views to scroll through, all offering a birds-eye view from a corner in the ceiling.

The TV was on, but clearly muted.

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