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My peaky pointed stupid looking nose that I have hated for all 51 years of my life was smashed, it lay at an obscene angle against my face. There would be a small implant restoring one cheekbone, and some tightening that really assisted the implant. The side effect was I would lose some wrinkles, I can't say I minded that. But my nose, my long, thin, peaky nose!

I wanted it back!

I was almost nutty about it, insistent. The Doctors showed me options, I would have none of that, then on the screen appeared ME, with a nose I only thought of in dreams.

I went giddy, silly. All excited now, I wanted that! In the process, I decided to do implants, breasts. Actual lumps on my chest, no longer the tiny swellings with huge nipples I know for sure every man on the planet hates if they are honest with me.

Oh, they tell me all the crap about "more than a mouthful" and all of that, but they look at everyone else, never at me. Even when I do find a mate for a moment, hoping maybe they will be the one, they rub my breasts for seconds and then head for my crotch.

They miss the best and most responsive part of me, almost every time. Only Ted, my late husband knew, and he would spend literally hours playing with my nipples, until I was to the point where I would open my legs for anything, anywhere, anytime!

He knew me, and loved knowing me, I was like a fine fiddle to him. He played my body until it sang to him. That sweet song of pleasure only soulmates can hear, I did everything I knew to give him the same.

Together we would find that one moment when the body is totally, completely ready. Then and only then would come the mating, a mashing of flesh, each of us struggling to give everything.

I lay in my hospital bed thinking of that, of those days and times.

My thoughts were interrupted. A young Doctor came in. I looked at him, no idea who he was. I assumed he was night shift staff, not an uncommon situation.

He smiled at me, "Hello."


"How are you feeling?"

"Fine, considering." I gave him the standard answer.

"May I check your incisions?"

"Which ones?"

"The implants." He said, a trace of a smile crossing his face.

I looked carefully at him. He had the badge, the uniform, so I said, "All right."

He reached down and pulled the gown up above my breasts, nice 36C thank you very much!

He smiled and said, "Nice."

That sounded odd to me, I am a Doctor.

But I didn't object.

He brushed my new breasts, then actually reached up and allowed his thumb to brush one of my nipples. This made it instantly erect, of course.

He smiled. "Sensitive?"


He looked over my left arm, encased in bandages and a steel frame support.

"Does that hurt?"

Oddly, it didn't, they were still using localized pain killers so it was actually numb.


"Your ribs?"


"Good, any other needs?"

Feeling a bit wise, I cracked, "Just horny!"

He smiled and left the room.

I lay back, somehow feeling neglected, he was kind of cute. Plus he had seen my new magic breasts, inside I now expected all men to melt and fall into a drooling mass at the sight.

I moved my good right arm up and rubbed first one, then the other.


Then I slept. It was dark when I woke up to sensations, someone was touching me. I should have cried out, said something. But it felt good. I lay there quietly, wondering.

Hands brushed across me, avoiding the bandages that only covered the incisions on the bottoms of my breasts. He was paying attention to my nipples, tweaking and rolling them gently, which drives me nuts.

Then his hands went down, slid inside the gown, I wore nothing else. Between my legs, just like that, I threw my head back and moaned in allowance. My mind screamed out to protest, my body simply opened my legs to ease access.

God I needed it, his hands knew what to do, in just seconds I was into the first orgasm, followed by one after the other.

I sensed he had both hands in there working me, I was lost in the moment. Then I relaxed, collapsed, it had been far too long.

I opened my eyes, he was gone.

I had a moment

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