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Sangitta and Julie find their inner selves.

"Nah it feels good." She smiles brightly.

We separate when she sits down on the bench and I walk over and turn off the burbling valve, and then I reach down and pick up my somewhat crumpled bag of lunch sit on the grass and begin to examine the contents.

"Feel like a cucumber sandwich?" I offer.

"Mmm hmm." She answers and I thoughtfully pull out a large homemade bun that is well filled with finely chopped cucumbers and cream cheese.

"Wow that is a huge cucumber sandwich."

"Yeah I think she made the cucumber part in a food processor."

"A big food processor, what did you have to do to get this food?"

All of a sudden the horrible revelation from this morning floods back into my mind. "I mowed her yard." I say quietly trying to convince myself that was all I had done this morning.

"Compliments of Ms Elizabeth Banner." I elaborate at the second sandwich as I take a bite out of it.

"I believe she thinks I am a miner." I say between bites.

"You aren't? But you said you were."

"I said I worked at the mine. I do. I shovel slag."

"You are too smart for that job Alex."

"How do you know I'm so smart, what else could I do?"

"You were really good with computers in school."

"Not really besides I haven't kept up with that sort of thing since I graduated really I am obsolete".

"So how did it go today?"

Involuntarily I look at Nicky all of a sudden and spot a knowing gleam in her eye. I chew thoughtfully for a few moments.

"I am staying with Liz actually I asked her about you. She said you were still around, that you mowed her yard occasionally. She asked me if I knew anything about computers I don't so I told her to talk to you. I even got her to call you, I figured her yard could use some work and I wanted to see a familiar face. So... what was up with her computer?"

There is a moments pause as I re-evaluate where I stand. "Spy ware, I think it is more common these days. I had to search online for anti spy ware tools because I was so out of date."

"And that means her computer was running slowly?"

"And misbehaving" I reply ironically.

"Misbehaving? Computers can misbehave?"

"Yeah as usual the homepage had changed into a porn site with a bunch of stupid pop-ups attached to it." As I say the word porn I see a brief shudder pass through Nicky, for some reason a get a sudden surge of anger.

"You say my job is so beneath me you must have some rewarding work."

I see her blush deeply and look away. "I am unemployed."

"I worked in a warehouse stacking boxes for a while then in a greenhouse..." "That explains her strength and balance" my mind tells me.

"Not all that social yourself eh." I say.

"People suck." I raise an eyebrow at her seriousness.

"I admit they are a pain but they are our species." I reply. I feel angry and frustrated with this woman but I also felt I needed to be open and honest.

"I saw a picture that looked like you... on a porn site while I was cleaning up Liz's computer." The words reverberate in the air and then fly off with the next breath of air leaving nothing but absolute silence.

I can remember when my father came home one day laid off broke and drunk. We had had barely enough money to eat before. The shame in his face is permanently etched on my memory and what I saw in Nicky's eyes eclipsed that. Nicky stood up and turned to walk a way a hand on her cheek.

"No don't, you promised." I blurt stupidly as I jump to my feet and grab her shoulders.

She tries to shrug me off but I hold on. "Let me go." Nicky sobs.

"Nicky I am really sorry."

"What are you sorry for?" She growls angrily.

"I am sorry for acting like an idiot and humiliating you."

I hold my arms around her shoulders as she begins to sob I feel convulsions rise up from her diaphragm.

"Please Nicky don't go."

Slowly almost reluctantly she turns around and pushes her cheek into my chest, tears stream down her face. I pet her hair and rock her from side to side slowly.

"I wanted to be in a movie.

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