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Man meets woman whose nude photos he has accidentally seen.

But he insisted and said there'd be plenty of time that night. We ate burgers and he read some of his poems to me. I thought they were really good. We talked for a couple hours - there, and later as we walked through the park. He wanted to get a beer, and we wound up in a little bar. I didn't like to drink much, but he said there was a special drink he wanted to make me. He left me in a booth while he talked to the bartender, and when he came back, he gave me a drink that tasted a lot like lemonade. Well, the more of it I drank, the more drunk I felt, even though it was just that one glass. By the time we left, I could hardly walk.

"He had his arm around me, and I leaned against him and giggled almost continuously. I had no idea where he was taking me, but I just let him lead me, and of course, we wound up at this house he was staying at. As he was unlocking the door, I said 'You're trying to seduce me!' and he said 'Trying, hell! I'm doing it!' and I stopped giggling and thought: I can't resist him! He's really going to do it! This is it! I'm not going to be a virgin anymore!

"And then I just stood there as he finished unlocking the door. He took my hand and I let him lead me inside. As soon as we were in, he spun me around and kissed me. Kissed me hard. I didn't know what to do with my hands. I put them awkwardly on his arms, but he reached up and grabbed my wrists and lifted my hands up and around his neck. I left them there, and his hands roamed up and down my back as we kissed again, then my sides, and then my back again. As if by magic, the clasp of my bra let go. He put his tongue in my mouth, and I moaned. When one of his hands found my breast, my knees buckled. He laughed, then scooped me up as if I were Scarlet O'Hara and carried me off to the bedroom. I just buried my face in his shoulder, my arms still around his neck where he'd put them. I felt really weird; very drunk, and yet amazingly aware of what was happening to me. And God, I was turned on!

"I was only wearing a tee-shirt and shorts, and as soon as he put me back down, still shaky on my feet with my arms around his neck, he grabbed the lower part of my shirt, and in one easy movement I was naked above the waist. As the shirt and bra came free, I tried to lower my arms to cover myself, but again he grabbed my wrists and put them back around his neck. His hands moved over my body like his pen moved across a page; I was one of his compositions. He paid special attention to my breasts, which he'd been staring at all afternoon. His hands moved lower, and the snap of my shorts came undone. He was kissing me again, then a zip and a tug, and I was totally bare except for the sandals, which he took care of after he picked me up and threw me on my back on the bed.

"Then he was all over me! Touching and petting and licking and sucking and pinching and nibbling. The room seemed to be spinning, but I could feel everything! Everything he did! I gasped and moaned and tried to tell him that I hadn't done this before, that I wanted it to be good for him, to be special. I mumbled and groaned and stammered, and was really surprised when I found myself with my legs over his shoulders, his arms wrapped around the outside of my legs, his hands pinching and squeezing my nipples, and his tongue lapping wildly between my legs. No one had ever done that before. I'd never even been touched down there by anyone except - except - well ... me; and this feeling was an amazingly new experience. The orgasm hit me without warning. I didn't even feel it coming. I think I might have screamed.
"I was shaking, and the room was spinning, and I was still coming a little, and suddenly he was on top of me.

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