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A gambler loses control of his life to another man.

The woman was held just as her anal ring was starting to widen. The wider part of that dildo pulling her ring out and away from her body making an obscure and slightly obscene tableau . She was still, panting against that phallus in her mouth. Her breasts continued in their sucking and release. Julie tried to imagine the feeling this must be causing, her nipples untouched but now engorged. Was it a tugging pull, a pleasure over the whole breast or was it painful, it didn't appear so as, with no other movements assaulting her she seemed to almost dip her back into the pull as if enjoying the sensation.

Our host indicated to Ron to open a small case in front of him. He did so and there was a small multi tailed whip inside, the tails about 12" long. It was too short for any great weight to be put behind it; it must be for a different purpose.

"Ron, I want you to use that upon her buttocks. Focus your attention between them and if you strike her anus, so much the better. I would like that ring sensitised and struck repeatedly before those rods begin again." Charles said this without a trace of emotion in his voice, as if he merely were reading from a book. This, then, must be why the rods had stopped where they were, with her ring distended and exposed.

Ron glanced briefly at me and I tried to gesture that it was up to him without our host noticing.

Ron did not even need to stand but he swished the whip in circles to get a feel for it. He then flung the tails forward and they connected with her buttocks. The tails were thin and were knotted every few inches. A little red mark was left on her skin.

Julie jerked back slightly, her imagined link to the woman now so intense that she almost felt the blow herself.

He struck again and a little thrum of noise was made as the individual tails connected.

"Come, come Ronald." Our host said "Aim properly"

Julie realised that she actually found it strangely arousing that they could all sit around discussing this woman, Ron striking her, with no apparent consideration for her or of her own involvement. Totally unaware and uncaring whether she wished it or not. She was of no concern, she was flesh and for their pleasure only.

Ron stood up and swung the whip which landed as required between her buttocks in that smooth cleft with some tails splaying over that stretched ring, reddening it.

It cannot have hurt particularly but the woman jumped in reaction. Now that he had his aim Ron struck again and again until it glowed red.

"Julie" Said our Host. She started as her attention was drawn back into herself.

"Run your finger between her buttocks, touch her ring, tell me how it feels."

Julie trembled, she had not expected to be involved for some reason. She hovered on the verge of uncertainty but then a little Devil inside urged her on. She leaned forward and, starting at the base of her back ran her index finger down that lovely smooth skin. It was warm and slick. The flesh trembled under her touch. She reached the expanded ring, the white and now reddened flesh in stark contrast to that black shiny mass buried within. The ring was almost hard, the muscle so stretched and taut. She ran her finger as far around as she could go before the dildo prevented further exploration. It was hot, much hotter than the skin of her buttocks. She was languidly swaying to the touch and clearly enjoying this caress.

"Speak aloud Julie. Tell me how it feels." Insisted our Host.

"It is hot, tight and stretched". She said quietly. A little breathless at having to speak her thoughts aloud. She was hot and tight herself. She could feel her own arousal, slightly shocked that she would react so to the callous treatment of this woman.

"Julie," He said. "In front of you is a plastic ruler. "Pick it up." She did so.

"Now pull your dress up and strike it on your thigh." He looked at her intently. She hadn't expected to be the recipient of anything. She was hesitant, unsure if she wanted to do this.

"Come along.

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