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Wife seeks pleasure with another couple.

I'm really sorry."

"Fine fine. Just get the fuck out."

"I saw the food," she says. "You got spicy food deliberately didn't you?" Of course I did.

"What are you on about?"

"The food. You brought home Mexican and you know what that does to me." She says.

"Alice get the fuck out of my room...Now! I am in agony here." I say pointing to the door.

"I'll just leave the ice here." She says, placing the bag on the end of my bed.

I grab the ice and I gently place it on my nuts and it begins to ease my pain but it takes a few hours for my balls to look anything like normal and the following day I am walking around like John Wayne the cowboy and sitting is next to impossible. Jesus that woman, that bitch!

For three days I manage to avoid her and the peace and quite is wonderful but even that comes to and end. Getting home after work I get a wonderful scent of cooking when I open my door.

She has been busy, the place is clean the table is set and there's even a couple bottles of wine too. Alice comes out of the kitchen and I ask. "What's the story?"

"My way of apologizing Gerry," she says, "Sit sit, dinner is ready."

So I sit down and she brings out a steak dinner with all the trimmings for both of us and I crack open the wine and its pretty good. The steak is first class and cooked the way I like it and she even has cheesecake for desert followed up with coffee.

After dinner she gathers up the dishes and when I ask to dry she says no, so I sit in the living room drinking more wine and after a bit she joins me and I pour her a glass too.

"What brought all this on Alice?"

"I wanted to do something nice for you after the last night."

"There was no need, but thank you it was a nice meal. Best I had in a long time."

"I'm glad. Do you forgive me??"

"Already forgotten." I reply.

We crack open the other bottle and by the time we get to the bottom its clear Alice is a bit merry.

"Gerry," she says, "Do you think I'm sexy?"

"What kind of a question is that?" I ask, she is definitely drunk.

"You saw me naked and do you think I am sexy or not?"

"Alice for fucks-sake I'm your brother!" I reply, getting a bit impatient with her.

"I just want to know Gerry. Did you get hard looking at me? Well did you?" She asks, and she leans across and places her hand on my crotch.

"Alice!" I exclaim, "I'm your brother stop this shit."

Before this goes any further I help her up and insist she goes to bed and she goes out like a light when her head hits the pillow. I wonder what on earth had gotten into to her as I close her door behind me.

If someone asked me was my sister sexy I would honestly say yes and if I wasn't her brother I would fancy her. Sure she has a bit of a spare-tyre but she does have a nice ass and a fine rack. She's definitely a sexy girl.

I am up early as usual in the morning for work and I leave Alice a note before I go and it reads, "Call me if you need anything, love Gerry." I stuck the love thing in there to let her know I'm not mad or anything.

We manage to almost avoid each other for two weeks and except for exchanging pleasantries our conversations are practically nil.

Well anyway it was my weekend off and after work Friday I had a few beers with the guys followed by some food on the way home. Getting in about eleven I hear Alice talking on her phone as I head to bed and with all that beer I drunk I quickly nod off.

About two am I am awoken by crying and its Alice. I prop myself up and switch on the bedside light and I shout out to her. "ARE YOU OK ALICE?"

Without warning she comes storming into my room and she is bawling her eyes out and throws herself across me resting her head on my chest.

She is wearing one of my white shirts and her panties are see-thru and I can see everything, everything!

So I am lying here with my hands in the air not knowing where to place them on her body and she continues to sob uncontrollably. I finally put them on her back and ask.

"What the fuck is wrong Alice?"

Without saying a word she hands me her mobile and I look at the t

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