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You're opening up your shop when the morning takes a turn...

As the evening wound down, Susan saw James talking to her parents, and them nodding in agreement. She waited with a gnawing sense of anxiety as they walked over to her to let her in on what had them so cheerful.

"Your uncle James has decided to give the two of us a break from you for a few days, and to give you and Judy some time to work out whatever little issue you have with each other." Susan's mom held up a hand to show she wasn't done talking, when it looked like Susan was about to interrupt. "This could be the last time the two of you can spend quality time together, what with you going to college and Judy getting a job.

Long story short, the decision had been made, and Susan's parents got in the car and drove home, leaving Susan with Judy and James to help clean up. You could cut the silence with a knife as they picked up the garbage, took the dishes into the kitchen, and started washing up. Susan was beginning to once again notice the... focused attention that James paid her as well, staring at her tits and ass as she walked around the house and yard in her tight-fitting blue bikini.

Once they finished, Susan and Judy went upstairs to use the shower. That's when Judy chose to break the silence.

"So Blake's got a pretty nice cock, huh?"

If looks could kill, Judy would be naught but a scorch mark against the wall at this point.

"What... did you say?"

"I said... Blake... your boyfriend... has a pretty nice cock, huh? I got a pretty good grip on it before you butted in the other night."

"You shut the hell up. And stay away from my boyfriend!"

"I bet he doesn't stay your boyfriend for long. Another five minutes and I'd have had him on me, and you know it!"

"SHUT UP!" Susan took a swing at Judy, landing an open-handed smack across her cousin's face. Judy, in turn, ran at Susan and knocked her off balance, sending her tumbling onto the bed. Before Susan could get her bearings, her cousin was on top of her, and in the ensuing struggle, Judy managed to hook Susan's bikini, the clasp on the back giving way with a snap.

James came running in to see what the commotion was about, and had to stop cold to take in what he was seeing. His daughter was straddling Susan on the bed, Susan's youthful breasts exposed while her top hung uselessly from one arm. As he watched, Susan managed to get her hands on Judy's bra, ripping it down and exposing her own tits in turn. James decided he needed to put a stop to this before it got out of hand. He pushed Judy off of Susan, and held his niece down, eyes drawn to her heaving tits as she tried to catch her breath. Susan wasn't as well endowed as Judy was, but that wasn't to say she didn't have a fantastic pair just the same.


"Susan, calm down! What's going on here?"

"Daddy, that crazy bitch attacked me! Just because her boyfriend was flirting with me last weekend."

"That's not the way it happened and you now it!"

Susan started trying to kick at Judy, so James rolled her over onto her belly and put his legs over hers, incidentally shoving his crotch up against her ass.

"Susan, if you don't calm down, I'm gonna have to call the cops."

"That bitch started it!"

"And watch your language, young lady. In fact, if that's how you're gonna act, how about we just call the cops anyways and let them sort it out? How would your parents feel about that?"

Susan finally began to calm down, turning her head to the side so she wouldn't have her face smushed into the bed by her uncle's weight.

"Fine, I'm calm, please get off me?!"

"Oh Daddy, look what I found in her purse!" Judy pulled a zip lock bag with some green leafy stuff out of her panty drawer. It was obvious it had never been anywhere near Susan's purse, but she was beginning to see how this was going to go.

"Susan? You brought marijuana into my house? I KNOW your parents won't like that, especially once you get brought up on charges for drug possession.

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