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The man in black pays a visit on a dark rainy night.

She finally sank to her knees in front of the guys, I suppose to save the dress, but that put more of her within reach.

From my location over to the side, Ali was covered in hands from her waist down. Her skirt was pulled forward, so her ass was uncovered. Rather than fighting with the guys causing trouble, she was singing to them, charming all but the most reckless to take it easy.

Raff and Andrew sent urgent glances my way, but I shook my head. /Don't get involved./ Ali would handle the assault on her dress, or she wouldn't -- it was a win-win situation either way.

The club manager had finally gotten a clue, and sent out a line of bouncers to front the stage. By the time the bouncers had pushed the group away from the edge, the lace border of her neglige was gone, shortening it by several inches. There was a big tear up one side, to her hip, which disclosed that the strap of her underwear was down one thigh.

"Oh, no!" Ali sneered, standing. She backed up against Raff, who put a protective arm around her, fore-arm against her chest. "Those rotten boys wanted me naked!"

The crowd screamed.

Ali glanced at me just then, like I'd told her. I'd told her to look to me for queues, if she needed it. She hadn't. I'd also told her to look to me for queues right before 'Naked In A Window'. It was the third to last song in the set.

When she glanced, I mimed taking my shirt off. I was /almost/ sure it was the right decision. My pulse was pounding in my ears. This was so over the top, it would either work or it would flop.

Her eyes widened, and I nodded.

"Those rotten boys wanted to pull off my dress!" she said. She finally turned away from me. She shook off Raff's hand. "But it doesn't matter what they want, does it?" The crowd yelled, one solid noise. "What matters is what I want."

She crossed her arms across her body and grabbed her dress. The audience was going apeshit. There was a general rush for the stage. I was pressed against the edge, and then wedged along closer to her with my feet off the floor. The bouncers formed a tight knot in front of Ali's position.

With one swift move, she pulled the dress up over her head, and tossed it to the side. Andrew picked it up and draped it over the head of his bass.

I was only ten feet away from her. She looked magnificent. Her whole body was clad in a thin sheen of sweat that glittered in the lights. The fog machines were sending cottony billows across the stage. Her panties were pulled down on one side, pulled up on the other. Her tight little twat was half-visible through the soaked cotton.
She kicked off her clogs, and stepped forward. "Three, four!"

'Naked In A Window' sounded good, sped up and distorted. The music rolled into the crowd, galvinizing them into a frenzy. Ali was built like the shit. She had the ass, abs, legs, tits, arms for jumping around the stage almost fully naked. Her little feet were grabbed, held in the air, as she belted the lines balanced on one foot. Any time she came close to the edge of the stage, it was like an invitation for the guys to try to swarm her. The bouncers followed her back and forth on the ground level.

She came near, and almost laughed when she saw me. I was pinned against the stage, feet kicking the air with the edge of the stage in my gut, almost gagging from lack of air.

She risked the hands to step close to me. If anything, this increased the pressure behind me. With one foot on either side of my head, she crouched down and sang a few lines just for me.

All ya'll, I'm gonna fuck you,
Gonna suck you, gonna luck you.

She closed her knees over my ears (the sound all went dead) and twisted her body. Her sweaty thighs on my cheeks, my head was pulled back and forth, as she mimed riding my face. Of course the audience didn't know me from Adam. To them, I was just a lucky guy. I had a view up her thighs to her overworked underwear, which now hanged half an inch away from her sex.

When she stood again, she dislodged the wall of hands that had been on her t

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