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Greg fucks his wife & his stepdaughter at the same time.

Nora was quickly getting drunk as she had been out of circulation for so long and hadn't been out drinking like this in a very long time.

The kamikaze shots kept coming as the night went on. Nora bowed out of a few rounds but there were still plenty of shots to go around and the damage was done. She was pretty drunk but she was having fun.

Joann grabbed Nora and dragged her to the bathroom with her. They both laughed while they stumbled and staggered on the way. On the way back to the bar a guy came up to Joann and kissed her. He was about six feet two inches tall and dressed in a grey suit. He looked familiar to Nora but she wasn't quite sure.

Joann turned to Nora and back to the guy and said, "Thomas, do you remember Nora?" Thomas said" Nora? Holy shit! Wow! Nora, how are you? It's been so long, as he smiled and eyed her up and down. You look great!"

Nora was stunned at how Thomas had matured. As she thought back to when she dated him, she remembered him as a small skinny kid. He was actually a little shorter than she was back then. She liked him because he had a cute face and was always nice to her. They had the usual young teen relationship: tongue kissing and some light petting.

They all walked back to the bar and Thomas and Nora began talking. They talked about what they had been up to over the last thirteen years. They couldn't believe that the last time they saw each other was when they were thirteen years old! Thomas was actually the manager and part owner of the club.

As they talked, Thomas began to stare at Nora's now grown-up body. She was a real hot woman now! Nora didn't notice as the shots continued to flow. They talked for about twenty minutes and he said he had to make his rounds and would be back in a little while.

About an hour and half had passed and Thomas hadn't returned. It was getting close to closing time and there was still a crowd around the girls. It was mostly local guys who were dancing and still buying rounds. All of the girls were drunk now. Nora, drinking slower now but still pretty drunk, headed toward the bathroom because she had to go.

The club was emptying out now. On her way she passed by one of the offices. It was in a dark area and the ladies' room was just around the corner.

As Nora passed the last room on the left, the door opened and someone grabbed her and pulled her inside! She gasped and didn't have any time to cry out as a large hand covered her mouth and lifted her off the floor.

As dark as the hallway was on the way to the bathroom, the office was even darker! There were night lights around the perimeter of the office which gave off some light but not enough to see anything clearly. You could make out that it was an office and there was a desk in the corner of the room.

She was carried toward the desk in the corner. He turned her around to face him. It was Thomas! Before she had a chance to react, he kissed her hard. He drove his tongue into her mouth. Nora at first accepted Thomas' soft lips. All the kamikaze shots she had adding to her submission.

Thomas, realizing she was still out of it, wasted no time. He dropped to his knees and quickly lifted up Nora's already short white dress, holding it up with his left arm. Nora was standing against the desk now with her hands holding onto the desktop and holding her up. She dropped her bag to the floor.

With his right-hand Thomas grabbed and pulled down her panties. They pooled around her polished toes. With the outside of his left arm he spread her right leg. He grabbed under her right knee and lifted her leg higher holding it up and allowing him better access to her clean-shaven pussy. Her black sandal dropped to the floor and her right foot's painted toes dangled in the air. Her panties lay on the ground now wrapped around her left ankle.

Thomas buried his face into her pussy.

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