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"No this is fine. First time for everything right." She said putting a smile on her face. Seeing her smile made Tamir smile.

They walked in and instantly she knew just like the bedroom this entire house was his domain. Nothing was out of place and the carpet seemed as if it was never walked on. Keryn had to remind herself that she wasn't breathing.

"You like?" he asked seeing the smile forming on her face. Keryn just nodded in approval and went into the living room. "Now baby, what happened?"

Sitting on the sofa, Keryn took a deep breath and started her story. By the time she was finished, she was in tears. Tamir hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

"Baby, it'll be okay I promise. I just need to work on him and so do you. We have to let him know we can handle this."

"I just want Larry to understand. I don't want to lose you baby but I don't want to come between you two either."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore, Kay."

"What?" she asked sounding irritated.

"No, no, no it's not like that. I want to spend tonight with you and at least for a little while, take your troubles away. Will you let me?"

Again, she nodded. Keryn leaned into his arms and received the slowest, sweetest kiss. His hands trailed her waist up her back into her hair. Nothing mattered that moment to Keryn except they were together.

"I want you to see something," he whispered while kissing her neck. He walked behind her and led her up the stairs. She hesitated to walk down the long dark hallway, but Tamir nudged her on. She stood in front of his bedroom door almost breathless dying to know what was on the other side. Slowly the door opened and he came from behind her and stepped in. Keryn took his outstretched hand and walked in. Her eyes widened at the sight before her. An all black bedroom, the only break in the color scheme was the mirrored closet doors. A California king-plus sized bed stood in the middle of the room covered in black silk. It was evident what his favorite color was.

"So this is where you sleep every night?" she asked absorbing her surroundings. "Very nice."

"Yeah, when I'm in town. I spend most of my time in here," he said sitting on the bed. It wasn't until now Keryn realized he left home to get her in just pajama bottoms, his favorite Nike's and a leather jacket. "It's just aggravating waking up alone."

He pulled her close to him and raised her shirt. She moaned as he made circles around her navel with his tongue. She slid down and straddled his lap, smiling when she felt he was already hard between her thighs. Tamir pulled her shirt over her head and threw it across the room, letting out a low growl when he discovered she wasn't wearing a bra.

"I see you came ready for this," he said and took one of her nipples between his teeth. Almost instantly she was on her back, her black thong being slid off and joining her shirt on the floor. Tamir moaned as he pushed into her, his fingers entangled in her hair lightly tugging, as his strokes became deeper. Keryn's fingernails grazed his back as she began to shake in orgasm much sooner than she expected. Tamir smiled at this occurrence and went further into his mission putting one of her legs on his shoulder and teasing her clit with his thumb. Keryn cried out from the intense feeling going through her. She almost wanted to push him away but he felt too good to her to let it go.

"Mir, you're driving me crazy..." she whispered.

"That's what I'm supposed to do...thought you knew."

"You can have me baby, I'm all yours."

Tamir pushed into her harder bringing her closer to release again. Finally, they came together in a thunderous orgasm. They lay still and stared at each other both smiling.

"Hey you," he said brushing the hair from Keryn's face. Her eyes were half-open.


"Stay with me tonight."

"Really?" she asked now somewhat awake. Seeing the seriousness on his face made her smile. "You really want me here?"

"I wouldn't ha

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