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What is a poor slave to do?

"Sweetheart, Would you like to dance."

Brenda turned to me and smiled. "I would love to Bobby, but your tired. Thankyou, but I know that you would rather sit here and talk and drink. I'm okay. I'm having a good time."

"Hey, how about me then."

It was Bill Steadman. He was seated across the table from us. He was the new car sales manager at one of our dealerships. Bill was a very handsome man. You might say that he was the well muscled linebacker type.

"I love to dance and my wife stayed at home tonight. I could really use a dance partner. How about it Brenda. will you dance with me."

Brenda looked at me. "Baby, Do you mind if I dance with Bill. I would love to dance and this way you can sit here and relax with your friends."

"No sweetheart, I wouldn't mind at all."

She turned back to Bill, "I would love to dance with you Bill."

Bill stood up, walked around the table and pulled Brenda's chair out for her. As she stood up He took her hand and gallantly asked, "May I have this dance madam?"

Brenda laughed and said, "Yes please kind sir."

With that he led her off to the dance floor. I watched them leave then returned to the connversation at the table.

The time passed quickly. From time to time Bill and Brenda would return to the table, check in, have a quick glass of wine and return to the dance floor. Everyone was having a good time.

Finally, I was starting to get tired. I looked at my watch. It was after midnight. The crowd on the dance floor was thinning. Some people were getting their coats and leaving.

It had been a while since I had seen Brenda and Bill. I started to scan the dance floor. Finally I spotted them. They were in a dark corner on the far side of the floor. The band was playing a slow romantic ballad and they were dancing very close.

I started to watch them carefully. They were dancing like two high school kids at the prom. Brenda's arms were around Bills neck, her cheek was pressed against his chest. Bills right hand was massaging Brenda's ass. His left hand seemed to be between them. It appeared to be very likely that he was cupping her right breast.

My first wife divorced me eleven years ago. She came home one night and announced that she had been sleeping with another man. At the time of the divorce I was deeply hurt by this announcement.

Later on my attitude started to change. I still do not know why, but I started to fantasize about my ex wife and her lover. I started to have fantasies about her having sex with him while we were married. I found internet chat rooms and web sites that talked about cuckolding and hot wives. These fanatasies were secret. I did not share them with anyone, especially Brenda. I was afraid to. I also did not fully understand them, but I did know that the were very exciting for me.

As I watched my new wife being fondled by another man I realized that I should probably be angry, but I wasn't. I was fascinated and even more I was becoming very aroused.

I withdrew from the conversation at the table so that I could continue to watch them without being disturbed. They turned several times while they were dancing. There was no doubt anymore. Bill was fondling Brenda's ass and he also had his hand inside her blouse. Oddly, I wasn't jealous. I was excited. Deep inside of myself I knew that my cuckold fantasy was in a very small way becoming a reality.

The band finished its final number. As the dance ended I watched Bill take my wife into his arms and kiss her full on the lips. This was not a thankyou peck on the cheek. This was a full blown passion kiss.

Finally Brenda broke off the kiss. She took a moment to straighten herself before letting Bill take her hand and lead her back to the table.

As they approached the table, I noticed that Brenda's lipstick was smeared and that she had missed a button hole when she rebuttoned her blouse.

Several of the other wives looked up at Brenda and then glanced over at me.

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