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Love, adoration and domination in suburbia.

I got to know the house, every day was a new day for me, and I couldn't get enough.

What I didn't know was his dad had developed feelings for me he shouldn't have, although it was never apparent to anyone, until a year after we had moved in, Michael had gone away for 5 days on the Monday, it was now Tuesday afternoon, I had just got in from work, he gave me a small gift, beautifully wrapped. He told me to go upstairs and try it on, which puzzled me, but I went up, he called after to me, that when I had it on, could he come and see me wearing it?

I said yes over my shoulder, still now knowing what it was, I got to my bedroom, unwrapped it, and there it was, a fantastically beautiful negligee, made in what was obviously very expensive black silk that just shimmered in the light, edges trimmed with a red rose colour, the straps were, and under the arms, and around the flared bottom, also in there, were a pair of tiny lacy black silk panties, also trimmed in the red, with a tiny hand made rose in the centre at the front.

I loved them immediately, John must have timed my reaction and movements, because a moment later, he called out, 'got them on yet?' Without thinking I called back, 'yes I have.'

I heard him coming upstairs, and thought to myself, heck, Im in this very skimpy outfit and my father in law was on his way up to see me in it.

Well, I thought, what could I do about it now? Nothing, that's what!

He did knock, bless him, I said 'come in,' showed him, and did a little twirl in front of him.

He had one hand behind his back, and said, 'turn around honey, put your hands behind you, palms up, I have another present for you.'

I did as bid, he stepped up to me, I raised my arms, the next thing I knew was, I felt a softness on each wrist, and a clicking sound, what I wasn't aware of was, the clicking sound I heard was wrist cuffs fastening them selves to me.

I sort of looked behind me, and couldn't really understand what had just happened.

I was handcuffed, and immobile. Nonplussed is a word that sprang to mind after a short while.

There seemed to be a very thin chain or wire from one arm to my other, that's when what he had done made itself apparent in my mind, he had captured me, and I was practically helpless.

I said, 'John, what's going on?'

'Im sorry baby,' he said, 'but its something I have to do, something I have wanted since the day I first met you.'

Now it really did dawn on me what he wanted, and what he was after, for my part, I never knew I would respond the way I did, and after just a few minutes too.

I said, 'John, you are my husband's dad, please don't do this.'

He was near me, and just reached up to my shoulders, and pulled down the 2 little straps holding my lacy top, and did so until my boobs jumped out, he reached for them, took both nipples into his fingers and squeezed and rolled them before I could react to it.

I nearly died from embarrassment, and not in some little arousal either if I were to be honest.

I stepped backwards away from him a couple of feet, that's when the back of my legs collided with the bed, and I toppled backwards on to it.

As I did so, he reached underneath the top and just pulled the panties right down and off me.

'John,' I pleaded, 'what do you think you are doing, please stop right now.'

'Sorry honey, no can do' he replied.

He climbed on to the bed with me, always one step ahead it seems, I thought, he lifted me into the centre of it, wrapped me in his arms, and kissed me, I did manage to turn my head away, but he just went for my neck, which is one of my most sensitive places, especially the bit between, neck and shoulder, I couldn't help moaning and shivering when he quickly found that spot, I begged him to stop be fore it as too late.

'Sorry babe' he replied, 'it already is.'

He got me kissing him back, I couldn't help it, I was becoming more turned on by the second.

What with his necking me, and fiddling my nipples I knew it wasn't going to be very long before I was going to be joining in and loving it, and that happened

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