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Their husband's indiscretions.

Ralph also stuck his fingers up inside my cunt and told me I was certainly wet enough but if I wanted he would also squirt some KY there too! I told him it wouldn't be necessary but to my surprise he insisted so again with my legs wide apart he poured some of the KY into my cunt and then followed it in with his fingers making sure it was spread around inside me. I thought this was unusual but didn't ask why he had lubed me up so much.

Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door and Ralph walked over to open it. In came 6 very small midgets, one after the other, and they all shook hands with Ralph and then came over to me, sitting on the bed and kissing me lightly. They seemed very friendly and happy men but I couldn't judge their ages although I thought they would be in their 30's. The men all introduced themselves to me but I quickly forgot their names. The man who seemed to be the leader came over close to me again and kissed me again only this time it was much more passionate. His kiss seemed so sincere and I couldn't help but kiss him back. I was sitting on the bed and he was kneeling alongside me because he was so short and he was just right to kiss me there. Next he placed his hand on my tit and gave me a squeeze and asked if he could take off my dress. Of course I told him that was why we were there and, quick as a flash he had my dress off over my head, helped of course by myself. Now I was sitting naked on the bed next to the midget. He started caressing my breasts and for the first time I realised his hands were really normal sized hands. They certainly covered my breasts and the way he was playing with me was certainly exciting me. He almost laid in my lap so he could suck my nipples and I can tell you he knew what he was doing. I felt very excited with him doing that to me and I hugged his body to me.

This midget then sort of pushed me backwards on the bed and wriggled down between my legs and, after wiping away some excess KY, he started sucking and licking my cunt and my clit. I loved the way he was doing this and also realised his tongue was normal size too. It seemed there had been some discussion beforehand about who was going to fuck me first. One of the midgets came over and tapped the first man on his shoulder and took his place sucking on my clit! I came a couple of times while they were sucking me and then, for the first time, I saw most of the midgets were naked! They had very distorted bodies and were sort of misshapen but the amazing thing about it all was the size of their cocks! They were not only normal sized cocks but also quite long and thick cocks! This was a total surprise and suddenly it dawned on me why Ralph had lubed up my asshole and cunt with the KY. These cocks certainly weren't the biggest I had taken - the largest had belonged to a big black brute whose cock was at least 15" long and I just couldn't take it all in my cunt although I did my best. I did, however, take it all up my asshole after Ralph had lubed me up but I was sore up inside my rectum for about a week afterwards.

There wasn't really any foreplay unless you consider the sucking of my cunt and clit by the two men but now I was about to be fucked by the first man and he sure knew what he was doing.

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