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Our second Japanese slut/white guy threesome.

Steve went back to his dorm room and found Jeremy still in bed but his shorts had been removed and he was sure that Josh did that.

"Hey I got you a couple of donuts," Steve told him and he fished them out of his pocket.

"Thanks, I am hungry now."

"So how was Josh?"

"Relentless like you, my ass needs a break."

"I'll give you a few minutes," Steve teased and then said, "I have to tell you about this cute blonde guy Sandy."

Jeremy listened as he ate the donuts. Steve covered every detail from the time he saw Sandy with Josh until he bagged him in the classroom. Jeremy knew that he would have to meet Sandy. Both boys had erections from Steve's recap but Jeremy was serious about his ass so he gave Steve one of his signature blow jobs. Jeremy jerked off as he sucked Steve and they both came again that morning.

Steve suggested that they get some fresh air so he and Jeremy got dressed and went for a walk around the campus. They encountered other students doing the same thing and Steve spotted Sandy walking with the pretty Asian boy he had seen earlier. He wondered what their relationship was and he also thought that it would be fun to be in bed with both beauties.

"Jeremy, that blonde over there is Sandy the one I told you about earlier."

"I can see why you like him. He is scrumptious. Who is the other one do you know?"

"I don't know his name but I saw him with an upper classman earlier. I know that he was going to pork that Asian."

"Who could blame him? I would love to bed him too."

"The next time I see Sandy, I'll ask him."

"Maybe the four of us could hook up."

"Maybe, you never know."

Steve and Jeremy returned to their dorm room and changed clothes for lunch. Afterward they would study. Go for another walk, eat dinner and study some more before lights out. They had had enough sex for one day and they both slept soundly. Steve fell asleep with the image of Sandy on his mind. He was haunted by the blonde's good looks and he knew that he had to have him again. He hoped that he would see Sandy at breakfast in the morning.


The next morning Steve woke up thinking about Sandy. He had enjoyed fucking him and he was already thinking about doing it again. He loved both Jeremy's ass and Sandy's ass. They both had marvelous bottoms that most girls would kill for. Steve was stroking his dick in bed thinking about Sandy and decided to go to breakfast in hopes of finding him. Steve left Jeremy alone and let him sleep in again. He dressed quietly, left the room and headed to the cafeteria. As fate would have it he ran into Sandy on the way to breakfast.

"I was hoping that I would run into you this morning."

"Let's get a quick bite and then you can come to my room. Thai is not there this morning."

"Who is Thai?"

"He's my roommate. That's not his real name. He's from Thailand and we all call him Thai."

"Is he the pretty Asian I saw you with yesterday?"

"The very same, he is a fun lover and he has the cutest little dick you ever saw. Come on let's eat."

Steve and Sandy picked out their food and ate quickly as they were both anxious to get to Sandy's room. Steve wanted badly to fuck the pretty blonde again and Sandy was anxious to feel that big dick in him. Once in the dorm room they shed their clothes in record time and got in bed. Sandy handed Steve a tube of lotion and rolled over on his belly. Steve began to caress Sandy's shapely ass from behind. Sandy felt the lotion running down the crack of his ass just before Steve caught it and pushed it into Sandy's asshole. Sandy felt the welcome intrusion. Steve kept fingering Sandy's ass and applying more lotion until he was able to insert a second finger into Sandy's anus. Sandy groaned with pleasure. Steve fingered Sandy with two fingers until they moved easily in Sandy's ass. Steve next removed his fingers, coated his cock with lotion and added his saliva to make it as slick as possible.

Sandy felt Steve's presence behind him and then he felt the soft mushroom head at the entrance to his ass.

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