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With help from professor, Lea's sexual life begins.

I'd love a little girl, dressing her up and spoiling her. It would be pointless getting them lifted and firmed if I had another baby." She seemed wistful but there was a note of optimism in her voice as well.

Suzanne hefted each breast and gazed disapprovingly at them. But, when she looked at me, she saw the desire in my face.

"You really do like them," she exclaimed.

My face grew hot.

"Rick, you dear man, you're blushing!" she declared, and I looked away.

I hadn't felt this bashful around someone since my first sexual encounter when I was a teenager.

"How long has it been?" she asked me point blank and I understood.

"Longer than I care to think about," I answered pensively.

Suddenly I remembered the lyrics of a Crosby, Stills and Nash song;

"Love the one you're with... Don't be angry Don't be sad Don't go cryin' over good times you had... And, when you can't be with the one you want, honey Love the one you're with..."

I sat in front of Suzanne and absentmindedly sang in a very quiet voice.

"That sounds familiar." She cocked her head to one side, trying to recall the song.

Then it was if a light bulb went off in her head.

" the one you're with..." she trilled.

A coy expression revealed Suzanne's need, her desire and we literally fell into each others arms. With hers around my neck, I hungrily kissed her mouth and she in return. My hands were free and I tenderly squeezed and fondled her breasts. I was captivated by their fullness and weight as I held them. With care, I rolled the nipples between my thumb and forefinger, enjoying the exquisite hardness. I grazed the backs of my hands over them and she gasped her approval.

As Suzanne panted breathlessly, I lowered my head to a tit and drew the succulent firmness into my mouth. It's easy to understand why most men have a breast fixation. The beautiful orbs beckon and call us to delight in and suck like hungry babies.

The sensation of Suzanne's pebble hard flesh against my lips sent me into orbit. I was lost to the incredible pleasure that coursed through my body. I went back and forth, giving each teat my undivided attention. Sometimes, I sucked hard then soft; my tongue gently stabbed at the end of a nipple or rasped it like sand paper. Her groaning response was all the fuel I needed. Time seemed to stand still.

Finally, I stopped and stared at her nipples, swollen and purplish red from my intense suckling. Suzanne slumped against me, breathing very rapidly. I wanted to make her cum, really hard. I laid her on her back and kissed over her belly. She was pushing my head down toward her sex and I was thrilled that she wanted me eat her pussy.

I honestly couldn't remember the last time I dined at my wife's "Y". But, it's like riding a bicycle once you learn you never forget. Except for a young lass from the UK who I had a brief liaison with during a Study Abroad in France, I was strictly familiar with American pussy and wondered how a Canadian might taste.

A female is a female and each has her own unique flavor or scent. I distinctly recalled the girl from the UK, Jill. Her pussy had a piquant but sweet taste of youth and I thrilled at swallowing her plentiful juices.

Suzanne didn't give me a chance to remove her bottoms as she ripped them down her legs. She propped herself on her elbows and watched as my head disappeared between her thighs. She was hairless, shaved clean. Her puffy pink lips were open and saturated with moisture. I was barely able to restrain myself and dove in for the feast.

I lapped Suzanne's saucy slit like a sex crazed Saint Bernard. Her tangy, sharp secretions were just what the doctor ordered and I ferociously licked her pussy.

"Umm...oh...umm...oh...oh..." she chanted over and over.

I gripped her flexing butt and held on for greater access, concentrating more of my efforts on the "little man in the boat".

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