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Going to a wedding turns out different.

He thanked everyone for being there and made jokes about the recent storm that had blown over the city which drew appreciative laughter from everyone except Paul who'd been on a boat cruise around the Black Sea when it happened.

"It's been a challenging year of study and research," said the Director to almost universal agreement from the scientists gathered about him. "You might have wondered whether it would ever be over and whether the mission itself could possibly be more challenging than the work you've already engaged in. I know it's been a time of long hours dedicated to research where you've taken advantage of the wealth of classified data at your disposal, but the real mission is now about to begin. Soon you will be carrying out your research far closer to the Anomaly than any human has ever been before. Naturally, many of you will be frustrated that your valuable research has barely begun before you have to leave Earth, but you'll be delighted to know that there will be extensive research facilities for the entire mission and that you'll be able to continue just as well as you have at South Pacific City."

The audience expressed a general sense of satisfaction, while Paul felt slight tangs of guilt. What had all these scientists been doing for the last year that had kept them so busy? What was so valuable about their research? Was there literally nothing that he could have done other than travel haphazardly to the sights of planet Earth?

The audience were then introduced to Captain Miriam Deng of the Interplanetary Union Navy. She was a short woman with long yellow hair that flowed down to her ankles and a tight-fitting uniform that hid very few details of her petite but perfectly formed figure. It was this rather than her words that Paul focused on while the captain spoke.

"The space ship Intrepid is over five hundred years old, but it was built in an age when there was a short-lived craze for space cruises beyond the ecliptic. It is one of the largest space ships in the Solar System and has the capacity to journey even as far as a remote stellar system although it's never been employed for that purpose. Despite its advanced age, it has been fitted with the latest technology. So, what you will be living in for the next few years is a combination of Thirty-Second century luxury and the best that is currently on offer."

The captain went on to describe the space ship in more detail with the aid of holographic images that filled the entire auditorium but was so designed that everyone could get a clear view. Paul's eyes, however, stayed fixed on Captain Miriam Deng's remarkable embonpoint rather than the intricate and complex image floating above his head. He managed to hear enough to impress him about the scale of the space ship and the way in which each level was almost a miniature colony with lakes, rivers, parks and woodland. His mind wandered when the captain described how the ship was powered by antimatter and nuclear fusion energy and how the space ship utilised particles of matter that it gathered from deep space as it travelled. It was peculiar to imagine a space ship behaving like a huge vacuum cleaner. So much interplanetary matter had been converted into either the raw material or source energy of colonies and space ships that the Solar System must be a much less cluttered place than it once had been. Would there ever be a time when there was no longer enough free-floating matter, even in the Asteroid Belt, to satisfy the Solar System's demands?

"A space ship of the Intrepid's size cannot fly freely in the ecliptic," continued the captain.

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