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Captive to evil.

It was napping when I got to the cage. I gave it a kick and spat with disgust.

"You may have cost me a lot of money!" I doubted he understood me, but the growing rash on my wrist put me in a foul mood.

He snarled as I tossed him the meat.

"You're welcome," I snapped. It was lucky to be alive. I honestly wanted to end him, but no. I had to feed the bastard if I wanted to collect that bounty multiplier.

Day 12 -1,485,500 credits (in Debt)

I spent my pre-sleep night time delving a bit deeper into the records of this lizardman curse.

"Geez," I groaned looking over the pre-loaded library in my stone.

It never ceased to awe me just how much damn information the guild recorded and kept on different monsters. For a creature like the lizardman, which appeared as different varieties in an assortment of realms as a fairly common creature, it meant the amount of data was completely overwhelming.

I was never one to go this deep to research a monster. Normally I just stuck to essentials to help me complete a hunt. But my current predicament spurred me on.

A lot of their queer nature as monsters was prescribed to their original role as tools of ancient dragon masters. Lizardmen of Caldem, like my captive Scales, were used eons ago as a dragon's weapon to invade a realm. This is why they appeared in multiple realms while being too weak and primitive to transport themselves.

This was eons before the Guild Administrators domination of the realms. Generally, the ability to use this curse had diminished greatly since then.

"Lucky me," I noted sarcastically, as now a lizardmen capable of casting this curse was extremely rare. One in a million.

Maybe it was Scale's last ditch effort as I collared him? A thin red mist, one I never even noticed must have worked it's way between my bracers and gauntlets.

The curse worked on nearly any type of humanoid race.

And it was true, the curse was never fatal. Victims never died, but instead were transformed.

The scales spread all over the victim's body, encasing them in a new green skin. In a way that at distance it almost look like hybrids were wearing an ornate costume.

Navigating through the records, it was clear that the transformed never really became true lizardmen themselves. Instead they became a sort of lizardman-hybrid that depended on their original race.

Human Hybrids had dark green scales along the back, with more 'normal' and lighter green skin face and abdomen, almost simulating an underbelly. The pupils of the eyes were more narrow and snake like. The tongue was thinner and longer than a normal tongue. Their ears were pointed almost like an elf's. The teeth were sharper and longer, with a pair of small underfangs protruded between the lips even when the mouth was closed (almost like an orc's does, but not nearly to that extent). The biggest change was the growth of a thick tail that descended down the floor.

Yet there was no doubt, even with this massive change that the essence of their prior form was never really lost. The curse didn't make them grow, or shrink. They weren't hairless on the head like normal lizardmen and the overall bone structure of the victim stayed the same. And even with the discoloration and modifications to the face it was mostly recognizable. If you knew someone before the curse, you would no doubt recognize them afterward.

The victim was still 'there' in a way, just clearly 'tainted' by the lizardmen.

I read that the curse acted as a form of assimilation, incorporating the hybrids into the tribe. Hybrid men were often used as laborers and soldiers.

"Gross," I mumbled as I noted that for women like me, the hybrids were often used as mates!

I had to stop reading there. The idea of mating with a lizardman made me want to puke!

Day 13 -1,465,500 credits (in Debt)

As a hunter you really only ever have two real choices.

Go back or push forward.

Knowing the curse, and how it was changing me, a similar suited person may well have turned back. But I needed to push forward, to push as long as I possibly could.

Call me stupid, o

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