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Sue seduces a 'Toyboy'.

'Dance with us!' Susan says, standing.

'Girlfriend's coming into to her own.' Alice whispers to M.

Blondie holds Sally's hand. Susan pats Sally's bottom, palming the rolling flesh as they make their way to the stage, the entire bar staring at their strut.

Sally's floating, like she's had just about the best weed imaginable. 'Ever pole dance, Wing?'

'Teach me.'

On the stage, Sally is surprised that her favorite music comes on, deep base booming. The stage lights, usually broke, shine, really shine: she feels like a rock star, all in-your-face, bigger-than-life presence. The club feels it, too: Their attention fixed upon the fantastic trio, with Sally like an ebony goddess at their center.

The girls start slow, getting their grove, then they light up, a switch thrown: Their bodies undulate, crazy ballerinas devoted to the pleasure of their audience; they strip, their moves choreographed to blend grace with raw sex, bottom-to-pussy, that pressed together girl-on-girl gift, a turn and this bare breast-to-that, as graceful legs dance, each shimmer of flesh moving like lust itself: sweaty, hungry, hot.

The audience is breathless: beautiful bodies dancing, touching, moving as one, naked to the hard driving music...

When that music finally stops, the girls peer beyond the lights into stunned silence. Suddenly, cheers and wolf whistles, as they rush the stage, clapping harder as the girls bow, dazed by just how well they did.

Sally, like a queen before her subjects, smiles and smiles, not at all bothered as guys and even the girls touch her shyly, handing her money, gathering their thrown-about clothes, telling her how much they loved the show. Blondie and Susan follow, watching their star shine.

'See what you did, what fantastic strippers we are!' Blondie whispers.

'Our friends helped.' Susan says.

Sally knows it too, could feel the power that bounced around these strange girls, even Blondie. She walks to Alice and M and stops, awkward now, not sure what to say about something so wow.

Alice welcomes her with a kiss, lips lingering just enough to let Sally know that more, much more is to come. Sally blinks, tears momentarily clouding her version of what she supposes is some sort of angel...and white, no less, go figure...

Then M takes her hand, another shock of electric connection. Who are these people?

'Don't fret, she's a sex goddess, lucky you!' M tells Sally.

At the bar, the girl Annie rewinds the strange movie of what just happened.

Remembers first the elfin girl with red hair sitting in the booth in the back, remembers how she wondered who the new girl was, thought she was too pretty, too beautiful to be a dancer.

Next time she looks that way she's surprised to see more of them-including Sally, the one she's had a crush on ever since she the got up the nerve to come to the stage on a dare, where, blushing, she bent over backwards and put a folded dollar bill across her nose so that Sally could pick it up with her pussy lips. She still dreams of that earthy funk and the feel of Sally's smooth thighs framing her face.

The club suddenly comes alive: She's shocked to see the three of them, Sally, Blondie-another of her crushes-and the red-haired girl, her hand comfortably on Sally's bottom, a bottom she has a thing for (I want to be that hand!)... And now they're walking to the stage!

Everyone gets quiet, edgy with anticipation-just at the sight of them. No talking, they're all locked in on these three impossibly hot girls strutting, like fantastic models, the stage their catwalk. Annie looks in awe at them at how stunning they are, so right together. Then they're on the stage and suddenly that stripper sound booms across the bar, sounding like a full-on band, and then the lights, Annie hasn't seen them work in ages, but they're on, really on, just like downtown, big time!

All that's nothing, mere preparation, Annie remembers, as pure adrenaline shimmered down her spin, capturing her when they danced, whe

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