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Teasing Jackie in the office.

" I realized my dick was still hard. He lifted up again, hovering over me on all fours. I was bucking backward to meet his urgent thrusts. It was so hot, so animalistic. I felt his cock throb as he said "FUUUUUUUCCCK!" and unloaded inside of me. His thrusts were slower now. He pulled out. He kind of pushed me down as he used me for balance when standing up. He tossed the very full condom on the floor next to my face as he climbed into bed.

I laid there for a minute, recovering. My dick was still hard, so hard it was aching. I got up, grabbed the condom, and walked into the bathroom. The outside of the condom was pretty gross. But inside was his cum. I sat on the toilet to wipe my ass and see if there was any blood. There wasn't. I started to jack my cock while I held the condom upside down over my mouth. As soon as I tasted him, my dick erupted. My cum hit my chest and splattered all over shower curtain. I cleaned myself up a bit, flushed the condom, and walked back into his bedroom to retrieve my clothes. He was passed out on the bed.

The next day things went back to normal. We met up for lunch. "Shit, I was drunk last night," he said.

"You were plastered," I agreed. "Do you remember anything?"

His answer made me chuckle: "I don't think I want to."

That night I was back at his place. I wondered if he'd try to fuck me again. He didn't. We stuck with the old pattern: We went to his room after TV and a few beers. I took off my shirt and faced down on his carpet. He popped my back and gave me a quick back rub. He stood up, stripped to his underwear, and got back down. I popped his back. He got up and rested face down on his bed. I massaged him all over and then asked him to flip. I massaged his front side, working the muscles of his chest and abs. I went down to his feet and worked my way up to his tented briefs. "Lift up," I said, and slid his briefs down. I sucked his dick, ate his ass, and drank his cum that night and nearly every other night all the way up to graduation. It never got old.

Midway through my final semester, I had landed a great job about 500 miles away. He was still waiting tables but toying with the idea of applying to grad programs. The good thing we had going was coming to an end. He was my best friend. I really loved him. I was excited about the future, but I was going to miss him something awful.

My family was set to arrive on Tuesday night, four days before graduation. He had Mondays off and made it clear he had something special lined up. He said he'd pick me at 6 p.m. and that I should dress nicely. Around 5:30 I showered, shaved, and decided to wear my best pair of khakis and a nice dress shirt. I even put on a little cologne. I saw his car outside and went out to greet him. He had on dress pants and a form-fitting silk golf shirt that really showed off his pecs. "So what's going on?" I asked as I lowered myself into his passenger seat. "Tonight," he said, "is your graduation present."

We pulled into the parking lot of the best steak house in town. He gave his name to the ma__tre d', who found our reservation. We were seated in a quiet corner of the restaurant. I couldn't believe it. We didn't often eat out together, and when we did it was usually Wendy's or the local Mexican place. But now we were seated at a table for two, complete with cloth napkins, a candle, and more utensils than I'd seen since my high school prom.

He ordered a really nice bottle of Cabernet.

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