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I'm late to my appt. My doctor gives me special treatment.

This caused Candice to giggle, smack Mickie's big booty hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and call out, "Yee-haw, ride 'em cowgirl!"

Anyone with an ounce of self-respect would have told Candice to shut up, but Mickie just whimpered and kept bouncing her fat ass on the taller brunette's dick, again making Candice giggle with delight/feel like she was going to cum. Honestly, could there be another woman out there more perfect for her? Cute as a button, check. Tough wrestler, check. Big fat ass, check. Totally submissive, 1000 times check. Candice had never met anyone this submissive, and she could tell all it would take was a little training and Mickie would be the most submissive bitch ever. And Candice was going to make sure she got that training.

Candice had friends who meticulously planned out every detail of training a bitch using all sorts of techniques from painful spanking to long sessions of pussy lickings, and while all that had some fun her plan was really simple. Non-stop butt fucking. That was how she was going to permanently make Mickie her bitch. She would fuck this big fat ass of hers morning, noon and night until Mickie James knew her place. Then she would butt fuck Mickie some more. Because Candice was convinced Mickie had been designed to be an anal slave, Candice making sure that Mickie fulfilled her life's purpose by bending her over every chance she got and sticking huge toys up that big fat butt. Ok, so mostly it would be huge strap-on dildos, but that would just help Mickie remember who was the mistress and who was the slave.

Mickie certainly felt like a slave right now, a slave to her need for a cock up her ass. It didn't feel like a desire, something she merely wanted, oh no, it felt like she needed that big thick dildo up her butt like she needed to eat. And oh God, was her big butt starving for dick right now, that previously virgin hole hungrily gobbling up inch after inch of dildo like a shameless cock sucker. It even felt like a mouth to her, swallowing up the cock with every bounce of her hips back and forth, until finally her butt crashed against Candice's thighs, Mickie's meaty cheeks jiggling like a bowl of jelly as a result of the collision of flesh on flesh which announced Mickie had taken every inch of Candice's cock up her ass.

"Woo-hoo, mmmmmmmm, yeah Mickie, you take every inch of my big hard dick up your big fat ass!" Candice squealed with delight, "Ooooooooooh, you're going to make such a good bitch!"

Whimpering softly at those words Mickie realised that was exactly what she was becoming, a bitch. She was becoming Candice's bitch, and if she didn't do something soon to turn the tables on this worthless model all Mickie would ever be was Candice Michelle's anal loving bitch. She wanted to be so much more than that, win the women's title and the respect of her peers, but it just felt so good to have a strap-on dildo deep in her butt. It was incredibly unnatural, that man-made meat stretching her most intimate places, but it felt wonderfully dirty and was an incredible turn on. Regardless of the cost there was nothing Mickie wanted more than to bounce her fat ass on that cock.

Candice was only too happy to encourage her, the taller brunette giggling evilly, smacking Mickie's juicy cheeks hard enough to make them jiggle and ordering her, "Come on Mickie, bounce that fat little ass of yours! Bounce it! Mmmmmmm, yeahhhhhhhh, ride that dildo! Oh yes, you beautiful whore, that's it, mmmmmmmmm, bounce that ass! Bounce that big fat ass on my dick you fat assed dyke whore! Mmmmmmmm oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, ride that girl cock you lezzie slut! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, you love that dick, you love that big dick in your fat ass, don't you? Don't you? Oh fuck, what a slut! What a big fat ass, perfect for fucking! You hear me Mickie, your big fat ass was made for fucking, mmmmmmm, so be a little bitch and fuck it on my big dildo.

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