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Grandma tests new feelings when her grandson moves in.

It felt unusual exploring another woman's body. It was exciting and taboo.

"Do you like touching a woman's body?" almost reading my mind.

"Yes," I managed softly as she reached behind her to undo her bikini string, exposing her boobs, smaller than mine, still perfectly tan with pert nipples that stood out. I reached my hands up to fondle them and she gently pushed them away, shuffling closer and bringing them to my face as she leaned over me. I thought this might be what it feels like to get a lap dance. She pushed her breasts into my face, looking for my mouth, I complied, opening it to gently lick around her nipples, once, twice and then finally putting them in my mouth to suck on them.

"Mmmmmmm," she cooed and threw her head back in pleasure. Her response was what I wanted and gave me more confidence. Under my bra, my tits were screaming for the same attention that Kelly was getting.

"Mmm, that feels so good," she uttered from above, her grinding on my lap was more noticeable now, her breathing was hoarse. I released my mouth from her breast to do the same thing to her other one, replacing my mouth with my hand, tweaking her wet nipple while I teased the other with my tongue again before putting my whole mouth on her boob and suckling.

She held her breath, and I dared myself to be harder, increasing the suction and licking her nipple in my mouth. "Oh Jesus!" she gasped as she moved back breaking my hold on her. I wanted to be seductive so I licked my lips when we locked eyes again. Still straddling me, Kelly reached down to put her hand into her bikini bottoms; I was hypnotized and watched it all the way as it went down her front and beneath the cotton she began to rub herself, she closed her eyes and arched her back into it.

"You've made me so wet Kristy," she whispered, rubbing herself on my lap, shifting her hips with her fingers as her other hand moved up to squeeze her own breast. She looked phenomenal as she closed her eyes and moaned. After this quick show, she removed her hand and held it in front of my mouth, her first two fingers slick with her juice. I accepted the offer, licking the tips of her fingers, tasting another woman's cum for the first time. I can't describe to you the sensation it sent through me. It was the same familiar taste that came from my own, but it was a stronger aphrodisiac this time and I began to suck hungrily at her fingers.

"You like how I taste don't you?"

"Mmhmm" I replied, with her fingers still in my mouth. That was her cue. She got off of me, and pulled me into a standing position. I was amazingly still clothed through the whole thing, my body ached for attention but Kelly didn't seem to care, she backed up and sat down on the desk, the pillow making the desk comfortable. For the first time in a few minutes I noticed Zara again, she was intently staring at me, examining my every move with an impassive face. Kelly was leaning back on her elbows and Zara was behind Kelly, her beautiful face over her shoulder almost touching. Kelly spread her legs, her feet propped on the edge of the desk. She looked at me expectantly with her mouth slightly open.

My legs were weak and I almost wanted to kneel immediately, and take Kelly's sex into my mouth, just for some balance.

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