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The family comes together in sweet union.

Although his face remained still, Lady Victoria sensed michael's reluctance.

"You have something to say, michael?" inquired Lady Victoria, startling michael. How the hell did She do that, he wondered.

"No, Mistress. I am Yours to command," he responded appropriately.

Lady Victoria looked directly at michael as She said to the Others, "As a matter of fact, michael is going to be Our main entertainment this afternoon," shocking michael.

"michael has led a rather sheltered life," She told the Others, "and I think We should remedy that this very afternoon." michael's anxiety grew along with the Others' excitement.

Lady Victoria stood and walked up to michael, grabbed his hard cock and squeezed. The Others came and stood around michael, each touching and stroking all over his body. He felt a finger probing his sore asshole and fought to maintain his silence. Someone squeezed his balls while a different One pinched his nipples.

"Quite responsive, isn't he?" his Mistress asked proudly.

"How does he respond to the cane?" asked Mistress Elizabeth.

"He has yet to feel My cane, Elizabeth, but now would be a perfect opportunity to find out, don't You think?" replied Lady Victoria. At a silent hand signal, jacob arose and went to a section of paneled wall and touched a hidden latch. The panels swung open to reveal a wall covered with toys hanging neatly. There was a much larger selection in the dungeon, of course, but Lady Victoria liked to be prepared, no matter which room She was in.

jacob chose two canes and, kneeling before his Mistress, offered them up to Her. She chose the slender, whippy one. The sound it made as She swung it through the air a few times had michael fearing for his skin and the other Ladies clearly excited. jacob replaced the unchosen cane, then crossed the room to where michael stood. jacob led michael over to the padded bench where his asshole had been plundered earlier today. michael made no noise as he positioned himself against the bench, legs apart, his hard cock jutting against the soft leather. jacob led his hands down to the handgrips and michael grabbed them and waited.

Lady Victoria claimed the first position, as was Her right, and softly rubbed the cane over michael's waiting butt. She started lightly, just little taps really. She quickened the pace and michael's butt started stinging. She continued to warm his butt, alternating between quick and slow strokes. Just as the fire in his butt started calming down, another round of quick strokes brought the fire back full force.

He felt Her move closer and heard Her ask, "michael, do you accept what pain I decide to give you?"

Wow, he thought. He didn't know he had a choice. "Of course, Mistress," he replied.

"Thank you, little one," She said, then She moved back to Her position of power. He heard the cane whistle through the air and felt the impact which soon started burning like the very fires of Hell. Another hard stroke brought another line of fire to his butt. He gasped and groaned. She waited for him to compose himself, then brought down the cane with another hard stroke, and another.

He felt Her cool hand softly caress the burning flesh. "Such lovely welts, don't you think?" She asked of Her Friends.

"Very nice," replied Amber. "May I?"

Handing Her Friend the cane, Lady Victoria replied, "Be My guest," and moved aside.

Amber stepped up and quickly laid three burning stripes on michael's ass. She thoroughly enjoyed watching his ass cheeks clench and unclench. She laid another stripe, waited a few seconds, then laid another, and after another wait of several seconds, laid one last stripe.

michael was sure his ass was bleeding.

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