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Norm learns more about Tilly.

Addicted, I bet you would like me squatting over your face like that."

I couldn't have spoken if I had to. The answer was obvious.

She continued, obviously teasing me now. "I was thinking about rubbing that chocolate mousse we had at our dinner all over my pussy. Would you have licked it off, Addicted, if I let you?" She took her middle finger and moved it slowly between her pussy lips, then showing me the moistened finger, as evidence of her excitement with the imaginary scene.

She stepped away, but did not redress, teasing me with her erotic beauty.

Next to approach was Ms. Josephs, the TJMaxx supervisor and her clerk, who she called Becky. "Stand up, Addicted," she commanded. I stood up, now self-conscious of wearing the pink panties, identical to those I wore in the dressing room of her store and had purchased on that humiliating day.

"Do you know I touched that spot of cum you left on the panties?" Ms. Joseph asked in a threatening tone. I nodded that I knew.

"What punishment do you deserve for that maneuver?"

I stumbled, and then Becky reached into the panties, removed my rigid cock and stroked it briefly. When a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip, Ms. Josephs said suddenly, "Stop."

She took her forefinger, wiped the now rather large drop from the tip of my cock, and then said, "Stick out your tongue." Placing the drop on my tongue, she said, "Enjoy." Becky repeated her beating three more times, and each time another drop formed, for me to lick from Ms. Josephs forefinger.

Ms. Josephs then looked at me directly. "If I had my druthers, I would collect a whole cup of your cum for you to drink. But, the others have plans for you and they don't want me to have you ejaculate. They want you hard and frustrated."

The stripper came next, who had used her stiletto heel on my cockhead so effectively in the strip joint to make her point. She was wearing her glossy pantyhose, lurex shorts and halter top, the outfit she wore during my night at the strip club. The glistening of the lights on her legs was still as erotic as I had remembered.

"Hi, I'm Tanya." She looked at the pink panties I was wearing. "Do you like to wear women's panties?" as she grabbed by balls and started to twist. "Sit down you panty pervert."

She again went behind the chair I was now seated in, and lifted her leg over my shoulder as she did in the club, rubbing her stockinged leg against my cheek. "L told me you were embarrassed at the store when you bought these panties and you tried to hide them under a pair of pants. Is that true?"

I looked on the ground, and said, "I was just mortified when standing in line, when Becky held up the panties to show everyone what I was buying."

"L knew of your attempts at subterfuge and she wants us to go shopping again. She says you need some personal supervision this time."

"Oh-no, I could never do that again," I replied, "Someone I know might see me. I was so embarrassed." I started to reveal my severe anxiety when shopping and buying women's panties.

She then called over to Ms. Josephs, "When is the busiest time in your store?"

Ms. Josephs answered "4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, that's when all the young working women come to do their clothes shopping after work. The store is really crowded and the check-out line very long. ."

"Okay, Addicted we're going to meet there at 4:30 on Tuesday at TJMaxx. I have to buy many intimate items, make sure you bring enough money to pay for them. You can be my personal assistant."

"I don't think I want to do this again," as I tried to assert my reluctance at returning to the store and be humiliated again.

Tanya pulled out a cell phone and started to play the video of me at the stripper bar, in the panties, having a lap dance, with a puddle of cum after ejaculating. . "L says you're a doctor." L had guessed that after I wrote the story "Impassion" .

Unfortunately, I had told L her guess was correct.

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