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The Arabella flees with the Kraken in pursuit.

I could feel her eyes watching me as I undressed and even as we stood, bottled in the silence of her bedroom.

"A submissive, eh?" She said in a 'ya don't say' sort of tone.

I wasn't sure what to think. I didn't know if I should answer or not. Of course, I didn't but I knew the answer and so did she.

She proceeded. A complete stranger proceeded to look me over as I stood in a bedroom shivering from the chill of her stare.

I began to feel crushed by the quiet of the room until I heard her lick her lips. I never thought I would hear someone lick their lips.

"Turn around. Face the wall."

I began to turn around nervously and close my eyes. Her hands began to caress my ass. My body tensed. My mind screamed. " What the hell!?!?" I tried desperately not to move but felt my back arch slightly on it's own. Such betrayal.

Her fingers began to move between my cheeks. "Are you enjoying this silver?"

Taken back by the fact that she knew my name I wasn't sure how to answer. Before I could think to ask how she knew my name or even to protest the words "Yes, Ma'am" escaped my lips.

"Good girl" she rewarded before finding my asshole with her finger. I tried hard to relax as she drew feathered circles around my asshole with her finger.

"Nice ass you've got." She released casually. "Has anyone ever fucked it?" I could hear a smile curve over the end of her words with masochism.

"No, Ma'am" I answered more nervously than ever. 'Why was she asking? Surely she wasn't going to....' My mind raced.

"Do you want it fucked?" The same smile drenched this question while she rubbed my asshole.

Squirming at her fingertips, I nodded my head fretting over the decision immediately after nodding.

"Good girl. Get on your knees and wait here."

Kneeling where I stood I waited for her to return as the chill overtook my body.

She walked over to the closet and I heard her pull something out then close the door. I wondered what she was doing and what she removed but did nothing. I stayed, kneeling and facing the wall.

My ears followed her footsteps back across the room. When she got close to me she said. "Turn around."

I turned around as told and tried to find her collarbone. She lifted my chin, guided my eyes to hers and ordered, "Look at me". I fell hard into her eyes. Shortly afterward I was staring an 8" black strap-on in the eye. My eyes widened and I swallowed hard.

Grabbing it with her hand she asked "Like this toy?" then slapped my face with it. I closed my eyes and endured the slaps answering a weathered "Yes, Ma'am" in the between.

"Good Girl. Now, suck it!"

I didn't know what to think. I didn't know this woman. She didn't know me. Yet here I am nude, on my knees, about to take her strap-on into my mouth.

Three, four inches at first quickly progressing to 6 inches. I was pretty sure I could take no more of this intrusion and tried to stay steady at 6".

She played with her nipples and occasionally murmured, "Good girl". The phrase "Good girl" always sent chills down my spine, and this was no exception. I was obviously aroused.

"Like this cock?" She smiled evilly as she stroked it in and out of my mouth forcing all 8" down my throat, choking me a bit. I nodded best I could and leaked a "Yes, Ma'am" barely between thrusts.

"Mmmmmm. Kneel over the bed." Came suddenly but not surprisingly cloaked in her voice.

I immediately knelt, facing the bed lent over the bed and waited with my hands at the small of my back.

"Pull your cheeks apart" I was terrified hearing these words exit her mouth.

My back arched again from sheer natural reaction, and I turned my head to the side putting the side of my face on the bed. Just as I was making sure my hands were at the small of my back.....

"Pull them apart!" SMACK!

I felt the sting of her hand welling in my heart and quickly spread my cheeks gasping for a breath.

"Mmmmm" she seductively moaned with a clear view of my asshole.

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