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Every last part of Ace was worthy of worship. Enter Ryder.

I struggled, but he was twice my size.

"No need to struggle, sweetheart." He said. "You won't get away. Just let me have what I want." And he pulled some nylon rope from a jacket pocket and tightly bound my hands in front of me. Tears were still rolling from my eyes but I knew he was going to rape me, no matter what. He left me laying on the bathroom floor and took off his jacket and teeshirt. He was disgustingly hairy, I noted. He pulled off his shoes and jeans, and I saw, clearly, the outline of his penis through his boxer shorts. He pulled those off and was fully naked, hairy as a baboon and hard.

He started off my kissing my breasts, and I shivered with disgust but he continued anyway, slowly kissing around the nipples and finally taking one and then the other into his mouth and sucking. I couldn't help but make a gasping sound as he did this, and he took it as encouragement.

"Your tits are beautiful." He croaked, and I closed my eyes, letting the feelings swell in my chest as he cupped the firm E-cups in his rough, manual workers hands and lapped at them. Despite myself, his efforts on my nipples were making me wet and my pussy pulsated, much to my shame, beneath me. He kissed down to my stomach and then, his lips arrived at my mound, freshly shaven only half an hour before and already prickling slightly with stubble burn where I hadn't had a chance to moisturise it. He licked the bald flesh and commented on the lack of hair. "Only sluts have bald cunts." He chuckled. "I guess I know what you are." He moved down, between my thighs and I eased my legs open for him. "Oh?" He laughed. "You want it now?" I made no effort to make a sound, I just let him do what he wanted to do. He parted my lips and, to my shame, found me wet. He licked from my anus to my clit and I shivered, my hips bucking involuntarily. He did it again and I let out a long moan through my gag. My clit felt huge and I needed it licked and sucked. He moved himself up on his knees and began to untie my hands. "If you want it then I guess there's no need for this." He smirked, and undid the rope. As soon as he did my hands were on the back of his head, forcing him down to lick my engorged clit. I groaned out, longingly and he didn't let me down, lapping at the hard bud like a cat at a bowl of cream. I moaned and groaned and bucked beneath him, knowing I would cum soon. The shame was all encompassing, knowing that I now wanted this fat old man to make me orgasm, but the feelings in my pussy were stronger than the feelings of shame and guilt and I was blinded suddenly when he plunged two, thick, sausage-like fingers straight into my cunt, right up to the knuckle. Simultaneously he sucked hard on my clit and I came, gushing on to his hand and groaning around the gag.

The man moved his head from between my legs and looked up at me, straight in the eye.

"Do we understand each other now, sweetheart?" I nodded. I sat up and he helped me remove my gag. He kissed me deeply on the mouth, and I thrust my tongue into his mouth as he dragged me into a standing position. He was quite the most unattractive man who had ever made me cum, crazy eyebrows and no hair on his head, a hairy back and his crotch was bristling with unkempt, dark hair. He pushed me against the wall and mauled at my tits again, squeezing them and pinching the nipples. I moaned, sluttishly. I reached for his thick cock in the matted rug of pubic hair between his legs and wanked it up and down. He moaned as I did it and I tugged his balls. I fell to my knees and took his member in my mouth. It was short and fat, just like him and I could taste his precum. He pulled my hair as I bobbed my head on his cock and then forced it to the back of my throat so I gagged.

"Get up, you slut, and let me show how a real man fucks." He growled.

He bent me over the wash basin and entered me in one, swift movement.

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