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Mike and Heather appeared, Mike looking stunned, Heather had a smile on her lips and nodded to Jack.

Mike went to the changing room, looking at me Heather she said, "It's on." and smiled. When Mike came back he was dressed. "Come Elli time to go home."

"Oh, I'll just change." I said.

Handing me her wrap Heather said. "Go as you are, use this."

Silence all the way home, god, I hope that I haven't messed up.

When we got inside, Mike turned to me, put his hands on my shoulders, looked into my eyes, then hugged and kissed me. "Thank you, darling, thank you! Take that wrap off, let me look at you, god but you are gorgeous, when did you shave! So fucking hot. I love you so much!" He kissed me again, held me at arms length, "You are so, so sexy in that bikini. Jack will be here at eight. Why didn't you tell me?" He gabbled.

"Oh, darling. I didn't say anything because I was sure he would say no, I'm still not sure that I can cheat on you, can we phone and stop him?" I gabbled!

"He's coming to fuck you with my blessing and with Heather's as well, and I'm taking a double dose of Cialis now!"

Eight, golly that's less than two hours! "Honey, you sure about this?" He grinned and nodded. "Oh, hell, what am I doing? Um, going to shower, better get dressed, phew! This is crazy! Darling tell me it's a joke.

Grinning at me he said, "No joke, honey, go get showered."

I looked at myself in the mirror, I was still wearing Heather's bikini, I nearly died! my brea... Tits! were barely covered and as for my pussy, the material liked like it had been sucked in by my, um, cunt, it was obscene, yet they had all liked it! Taking it off I looked again, tit's sagging a little, nipples hard, pussy bald, yes, maybe I didn't look too bad.

After showering, I lay clothes out, looked at them asking myself what Heather would think, virtually everything she would say 'drab.' Hmm, I think I know. With that looked in the mirror, did a twirl, not bad. I went down to Mike who had a drink waiting.

"Wow, stunning!" He said.

Doorbell rang, Mike let Jack in, I felt a hot flush creeping over me, I downed my drink and went to meet Jack.

"Jack, hello." I said my heart hammering.

"Hello Elli, you look stunning." He said kissing my hand.

"Er, um, thank you." I squeaked, unable speak.

Mike, smiling said, "A drink anyone?" I nodded, staring into Jack's eyes. Jack said, looking at me. "Red wine please."

While Mike was away Jack held my arms, "This evening is about you, Elli, only you, if, at any time you say no, I'll stop, ok?" He said.

I nodded, I was shaking, my heart hammering.

"Good, now take off the wrap." He said.

As Mike came back I was shrugging the wrap off, it fell to the floor, I was standing naked.

I heard Mike hiss as he sucked in his breath. "Bloody hell, fabulous!" Said Jack.

Still shaking, I took the glass of wine, took huge gulp, felt it sliding down, warming... All my senses seemed heightened, I gulped the rest, handed the glass back to Mike, I stood feeling suddenly horny, thinking, oh, god why is he just looking at me, do something, please, someone, do something.

Jack stepped up to me, kissed me then knelt, "Spread your legs baby." I spread my legs. his hands went to my bum pulling me towards his face, I felt his tongue lick my pussy.

"Unnngg.ooh." I said pushing my pussy into his face, he licked my slit and then found my clit, my hands came to his head, held him. "Suck it, please, I need to cum." His one hand came off my bum, he stroked me from my anus (Would Heather say arse?) to my cunt, back and forth, putting pressure every time he got to my anus... arse, then he pushed his fingers into my cunt. "Aaargh, oooh yeeesss, ooh, umm, ung." I came, my legs buckling under me I fell to the floor.

Jack kissed me pushing his tongue into my mouth, I tasted myself, responded to the kiss, remembered Mike, broke the kiss, looked at a glazed Mike, "You ok babe?" I huskily managed to ask, realising that I had never allowed him to do what Jack had just done, giving such pleasure.

"Fuck yea." Was his response.


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